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October 15, 2010


A Photo Gallery
of the Boyer Family
of Easton, Pennsylvania

        This page presents photographs of the Boyer famly of Easton, Pennsylvania, going back to the1880s and forward, in this revision, to 2008. Textual descriptions of the members of the Boyer Family of Easton may be seen in a separate section.
The Boyers were a family of photo buffs. Everyone had a camera, beginning at least with Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948), who initially had a large format camera that used plate-glass negatives.  Lew took pictures not only of his own and related families, but he apparently was the primary go-to photographer in South Easton around 1900. He took photographs of floods along the Lehigh River in Easton and of development of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.   Lew also took photographs of company groups at Ingersoll-Sergeant Company, in South Easton, where he worked. Some of these photos are presented in the separate page on Lew's life.
        Lew's seven children followed in his footsteps with their own cameras. At first they used black and white film, and later almost all of them turned to color slides. The next generation followed suit, but by the year 2000, most were using digital  cameras. The pictures below show their fascination with the camera, not only in taking pictures of each other but also in posing in antic behavior. The photos presented here are primarily family pictures, collected with the assistance of many members of the family. To the best of my knowledge, no one has objected to inclusion of the photos in these pages, but I stand ready to make deletions or changes if family members so wish.

        A textual description of the lives of Lew Boyer, his father George Boyer (1839-1907), and each of Lew's seven children and their descendants can be found in the link below to The Boyers of Easton. A genealogy chart for each of the family groups may be found at the link below for these charts.

        The photos on this page are divided into the following sections:

NOTE: Most of the photos on this page can be enlarged by clicking on them, and many of the pictures can be enlarged yet again by a second click.


The Boyers of Easton (See more photos on these pages):

The Boyers of Orwigsburg
Neil Boyer's Home Page
Boyer Family Genealogy Charts

Boyers at the End of the 19th Century

George Boyer Family, 1880
George B. Boyer (1839-1907) and Family, in 1880: From left, Lew Boyer, George's wife, Sarah Ann Dreher Boyer, Emily, Sallie (in front), Lizzie and George. By 1890, within ten years of the
taking of this photo, Lizzie and Emily and their mother had died of "consumption."  Lew and Sallie were the only children to live to adulthood. George later was married to Adeline Apgar.

Joseph Waltman and Family, 1897
Lew Boyer (1869-1948) and his wife Henrietta Waltman Boyer, standing in the back, second and third from the left, posing with members of Henrietta's family in 1897. (The picture undoubtedly was taken by Lew.)

Seated in the center is Joseph Waltman (1806-1898), family patriarch and builder of bridges and churches in the area near Easton. Back, John F. Waltman, 38; Lew Boyer, 28; Henrietta Boyer, 23; Arthur Waltman, 31; Mame Waltman, 28; Henry Waltman, 34.  Seated: Daisy Waltman, 34, wife of John; Samuel Waltman, 65, Joseph Waltman, 91, Sabina Waltman, 62, wife of Samuel; Carrie Waltman, 30, wife of Henry. Front, Lena Waltman, 2, Claude Waltman, 14, Elwood Boyer, 3.  John, Henrietta, Arthur, Mame and Henry were all children of Samuel.

Samuel Waltman and Family, 1901 Henrietta Boyer with Church Group, 1900
Henrietta Waltman Boyer, seated left, with her parents, Sabina and Samuel Waltman (1832-1911), in 1900.  Standing: Henrietta's brother John F. Waltman, husband Lew Boyer (the photographer), sister-in-law Carrie Waltman and brother Henry Waltman, and sister Mame Waltman.  Children of Lew and Henrietta,  in front,  are Ralph, Elwood and Walter Boyer. Henrietta Boyer, seated in the first row, second from right, with three children in front of her -- Ralph, Walter and Elwood Boyer. The subject appears to be a church group from South Easton, probably about the same time, 1900, as the picture on the left.

Lew Boyer Family, 1905
Lewis E. Boyer and his family in 1905. From left, Lew, 36;
Ralph, 8; Jack, 2; Walter, 7; Elwood, 11; and Henrietta Boyer, 31.

Lew Boyer's Seven Children, Growing Up

        The photo above shows Lew Boyer's "first family," but later they added three more -- Art, Dave and Ruth.  The household was crowded and chaotic, and more children came on the scene after Elwood's first wife died and his three children -- Floyd, Walt and Shirley Boyer -- came to spend time at the Boyer house of Ferry Street. Besides being photographers, the Boyer crowd was prone to clowning, especially in front of the camera.

Boys by the River, 1910 Walt and Jack Fishing, 1910
Henrietta took the boys for an outing along the Lehigh River on Jack's 7th birthday, 1910. Next to Het, on the right, are her sons Walt and Jack. In the buggy is Art. Boys in hats are not identified. And the boys went fishing.  Walt and Jack are on the right.

Art, Dave and Ruth, 1914 Dave, Ruth and Art, 1928
Art, Dave and Ruth in 1914 Dave, Ruth and Art in 1928

Siblings on the Sidewalk, 1923 Boys in the Back Yard, 1923
Performing for the Camera, 1923: Walt,
Elwood, Jack, Raph, Dave, Art and Ruth.
Roll up the Sleeves, 1923: Art, Jack, Walt, Elwood

Ferry Street Family, 1920 Sibling Pyramid, 1920 Siblings, 1925
Sunday morning on the Ferry Street porch, 1920: Seated are Lew Boyer, Mame Waltman
(sister of Henrietta), Henrietta, and Ruth.
Dave and Art stand in the back.
Boyer Pyramid, 1920: Jack, Walt and Elwood on bottom; Art and Dave in the middle; Elwood's son Floyd on top. Ready for Church, 1925: In rear, Art, Dave, Jack and Ralph.
In front, Elwood's daughter Shirley, and Ruth.

Henrietta Hassled, 1925 Jack Plays Pool, 1925 Elwood and Jack, 1925 Ruth Plays the Harp, 193
Clowning in front of the camera was a favorite game of the Boyer family, and many attributed this fun-loving spirit to Henrietta.  From left, Art, Dave and Jack hassle their mother; Jack plays pool with a garden rake; Elwood and Jack fooling with the garden hose -- all in 1925. At right, Ruth, who was not to be out-clowned by her brothers, pretends to play a harp made with a dust sweeper, string and clothes pins, 1930.

Lew and Family, 1922 Lew and Gang, 1923
Lew Boyer took this family picture in 1923. Rear,
Aunt Mame Waltman, Elwood and his wife Marjorie, holding Shirley, Walter, Henrietta and Jack.
Front, Art, Elwood's sons Floyd and Walt, Ruth
and Dave Boyer. Marjorie died in 1927.
All dressed up, going out the back door in 1925. In rear, Elwood, Dave, Art, Henrietta, Jack and Lew Boyer. Front, Mame Waltman, Ruth Boyer, and Elwood's children Walt, Floyd Jr. and Shirley.

Lew and the Flag, 1922 Boyer Gang Dressed Up in 1925
Holiday on Ferry Street, although someone
hung up the flag backwards. From left, Lew, Ruth, Dave, Henrietta and Art, 1922.
Ready for church, 1925. Back, Jack, Dave,
Elwood and Art. Front, Ruth and Elwood's
children Shirley, Walt and Floyd Jr.

40th Anniversary, 1933
40th Anniversary of Henrietta and Lew Boyer's Wedding, on Ferry Street in 1933. (Actually, there is dispute about whether this is not a photo of their 50th anniversary, in 1943, but after a study of the faces and probable ages of the seven children, the consensus is that this is the 40th in 1933.) Front, Henrietta and Lew with their youngest and oldest children, Ruth and Elwood. Back, Art, Dave, Walter, Jack and Ralph.

Marriage and Children

            In time, all of the seven Boyer siblings were married. Jack was the only one who did not have children.  Family members loved clowning, and the six boys took advantage of their similar (balding) appearance to cause confusion among friends and neighbors. The family got serious when it came time for the 90th birthday of their Aunt Mame Waltman, the sister of their mother, Henrietta.  Mame had lived with the family from the time they moved from South Easton to Ferry Street in Wilson Borough. She treated the seven children of Lew and Henrietta and the three children of Elwood as though they were her own.  She kept clippings of their exploits and maintained scrapbooks and photo albums.  Lew and Henrietta Boyer had died in 1948, but when Mame's 90th birthday came around in 1959, the entire family convened at Dave's house, and they took these pictures of the individual families together with Mame.

Brothers with Mame, 1959 Elwood and Mame, 1959
Mame Waltman's 90th Birthday, January 1959, with the Boyer siblings: Back, Dave, Ralph, Walter and Jack.
Front, Art, Mame, Ruth and Elwood.
Elwood Boyer's Family: Back, Steve and Shirley Boyer Kovacs, Barbara Boyer, Walt Boyer. Seated, Mame, Enid Davies and Elwood Boyer. In front, Janet and Marjorie Kovacs.

Walter and Mame, 1959 Ralph and Mame, 1959
Walter Boyer's Family: Back, Donald and wife
Dolores, and Walter. First row, Mame and Walter's
wife Miriam Haas Boyer, with Donald's sons,
Michael and David Boyer.
Ralph Boyer's Family: Mame and Ralph, front, with Elizabeth (Betsy) (Robin) Boyer and
Ralph's wife Dorothy Flynn Boyer.

Dave and Mame, 1959 Jack and Mame, 1959
Dave's Boyer's Family: Front, Dave, Mame, and Dorothy Buss Boyer. Rear, Wayne and Nancy Boyer Sandt, David T. Boyer and Mildred Boyer Jack Boyer with Mame and wife Carrie Snyder Boyer

Art and Mame, 1959 Ruth and Mame, 1959
Art Boyer's Family: Back, Neil and Art Boyer.
Seated, Ann Lee Boyer, Mame, Anna Jackson Boyer.
Ruth Boyer Matchette's Family: Front,
Jim and Ruth Matchette with Mame.
Rear, Beverly, Sandra and Linda Matchette.

Elwood and Brothers, 1961 Siblings at Hummelstown, 1971
The boys congratulate Elwood at the wedding of his daughter Barbara to Paul Duhamel, 1961. From left, Art, Ralph, Elwood, Dave, Jack and Walter. Ruth was annoyed that her brothers forgot to include her in the picture. At the Stokes church in Hummelstown,
Pennsylvania, 1971: From left, Art, Jack, Ruth,
Walter and Dave. Elwood and Ralph had died.

The Boyer Gang at Ocean City

            Ruth Boyer Matchette's vacation home in Ocean City, New Jersey, provided the ideal forum for the Boyer siblings, their spouses, and a few of their children to get together for some madcap moments about once a year in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They took along outrageous constumes and paraded them on the street and especially on the boardwalk. Sometimes they organized the parade on bicycles and tried to confuse people, taking advantage of the fact that the Boyer brothers were very similar in appearance. The spouses had as much fun at the Boyer siblings.

Ruth's Steps, 1960 Bikers 1958
On the steps of Ruth's house, 1960: Front row, Art, Enid, Elwood, Dorothy, Ralph and Dot.
Back, Anna, Jack, Carrie, Miriam, Walter.
On the boardwalk, 1958: David T., Ralph and Dorothy
Boyer, Sandra Matchette, Jack Boyer, Betsy Boyer,
Bart Thompson, Beverly, Jim and Linda Matchette.

Bikers in 1958 Lady Bikers, 1958
Boyer sibling bikers, 1958: From left, Elwood,
Ralph, Dave, Jack, Ruth, Art and Walter.
The ladies, 1958: From left, Enid, Anna, Ruth,
Carrie (hidden), Dorothy (wife of Dave),
Dorothy (wife of Ralph) and Miriam Boyer.

Jack and Art on Bikes, 1959 Dot, Miriam and Walter, 1959 Dave and Jack on Bikes, 1958
Jack and Art in 1959 Castro on the Boardwalk!
Dot, Miriam and Walter in 1959
Dave and Jack in 1958

Ladies in Aprons, 1960 Boyers on the Beach, 1958
Showing some leg in 1960: Seated, Ruth Matchette. Standing, Enid, Dorothy, Carrie, Anna, Dorothy and Miriam Boyer. On the beach in 1958: From left, Miriam Boyer, Jim,
Beverly, Linda,, Ruth and Sandra Matchette,
Art, Anna, Enid and Elwood Boyer.
Art and Jack Play Dice, 1959 Walt and Dave, 1959 Walt and Jack, 1960
Elwood, Art and Jack play games, 1959 Walt and Dave (Fidel)
Boyer, 1959
Walter and Jack, 1960
(don't ask!)

Dave and Art Dance, 1959 Dot and Ruth with new Hats, 1959 Anna and Miriam, 1959
Dave and Art do the Hula, 1959 Dot and Ruth enjoy the fun Anna and Miriam with Hats, 1959

Anna and Art in Red, 1960 Jack with Ruth and Jim, 1959
Art Ready for Bed, 1958
Anna and Art, ready for the beach, 1960 Jack and Ruth have a surprise for Jim Matchette, 1959
Art ready for bed, with Anna and Enid, 1958

Walter and Carrie, 1859 Dave, Art and Jack in 1972
Walter (Fidel) with Jack's wife Carrie, 1959 Wigged out: Dave, Art and Jack still at it in 1972.

Family Reunions

            Besides the annual trips to Ocean City in the 1950s and 1960s, the Boyers tried to have occasional reunions that included all family members. In the 1980, the venue moved to Hugh Moore Park, along the Lehigh River near Glendon.  Below are some of the photos from those reunions.

Bushkill Park, 1934 Lehigh Park Picnic, 1948
Boyer picnic at Bushkill Park, outside Easton in Palmer Township, near Lew Boyer's farm, in 1934. Standing in the rear, Ruth, Jack, Ralph, Dave, Art, Floyd Jr. (son of Elwood), Elwood and Walter Boyer. Seated are Mildred Boyer (daughter of Dave), Henrietta
and Lew Boyer, and Jean Boyer (daughter of Walter). Behind the bench are Donald Boyer (son of Walter) and Shirley Boyer (daughter of Elwood).
Picnic at Lehigh Park in 1948. Left side from bottom, Ann Lee Boyer, Mame Waltman, Henrietta and Lew Boyer, Dave and son David and wife Dorothy, Floyd. Top right, Walter (seated), Enid and Elwood (standing), Barbara, Nancy and Mildred Boyer, Shirley and Steve Kovacs, Neil and mother Anna Boyer. This was one of the last family gatherings for Lew and Henrietta; both died by the end of 1948.

Picnic at Mudrun, 1936 Picnic in 1940
Boyers at Mud Run in 1936: Back, Jean, Miriam, Jack, Elwood, Dave, Shirley, Mame, Jim, Floyd, Lillian, Henrietta, Lew. Front, Carrie, Mildred, Dorothy, Enid, Ruth, Anna, Art, Donald, Ralph and Dorothy. Picnic in 1940: From left, Miriam,
Mame, Carrie, Henrietta and Anna.

Boyers at Dave's House, 1954 Art, Dave and Walter, 1973
Boyers at Dave's House, 1954: Top, Dave, Mildred, Nancy and Dot. Middle, Neil, Jack, Carrie, Dorothy. Front, David T., Anna, Ann Lee, Betsy, Art. Visitors at Dave's summer campground, 1973: Art, Anna, Dave, Dot, Walter and Miriam Boyer.

Fun at Jack's House, 1968
Fun at Jack's House in Lemoyne, 1968: Back, Jim Matchette, Carrie,
Walter, Miriam, Dave, Art and Anna Boyer. Front, Bob and Jean Stokes,
Jack Boyer, Ruth Matchette, Enid Boyer.

Reunion 1989 Hugh Morore Park
Boyer Reunion 1989 -- aboard the canal boat at Hugh Moore Park,
along the Lehigh River in Easton.

Reunion 1991 -- Canal Boat in Easton
Boyer Reunion 1991 -- also aboard the canal boat at Hugh Moore Park.

Reunion 1993 - Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunion 1993 -- Hugh Moore Park. Minerva and Charles Waltman are seated at left. By the time of this reunion,
Dave Boyer (seated right) was the only survivor of the
seven children of Lew and Henrietta Boyer.

Reunion 1995 - Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunion 1995 -- still at Hugh Moore Park.

Boyer Reunion 1997 - Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunion 1997 -- Hugh Moore Park in Easton

Boyer Reunion 1999 -- Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunnion 1999 -- Hugh Moore Park. The number of grandchildren was growing.
The patriarchs, the remaining members of the last generation, seated in the center, are Anna Boyer, Enid Boyer, Jim Matchette and Dave Boyer.

Reunion 2001 - Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunion 2001 -- Hugh Moore Park in Easton

Reunion 2003 -- Hugh Moore Park
Boyer Reunion 2003 -- Hugh Moore Park

Reunion 2005 -- Hugh Moore Park

First Cousins 1991 First Cousins 2001 First Cousins 2003
First Cousins, 1991: Front, Neil Boyer, Jean Stokes, Robin Boyer, Barbara  Duhamel, Mildred Harris. Rear, Shirley Kovacs, David Boyer. First Cousins, 2001: Neil Boyer, Barbara Duhamel, Nancy Sandt, Jean Stokes, Donald Boyer, Mildred Harris, Shirley Kovacs, David Boyer. First Cousins, 2003: David Boyer, Barbara Duhamel, Shirley Kovacs, Donald Boyer, Jean Stokes, Neil Boyer, Nancy Sandt.

First Cousins, 2008 First Cousins with Spouses, 2008
First Cousins, 2008: David Boyer, Mildred Harris, Jean Stokes, Barbara Duhamel, Nancy Sandt, Shirley Kovacs, Neil Boyer. (Plus Ginger and Jake.) First Cousins, 2008, with spouses: Standing, Suzanne and David Boyer, Don and Mildred Harris, Jean and Bob Stokes, Nancy and Wayne Sandt, Shirley and Steve Kovacs. Kneeling, Ginger and Barbara Duhamel, flanked by Neil and Johanna Boyer.

Boyer Reunion Oct 2010
Boyer Reunion in October 2010, near Klecknersville, Pennsylvania.  Standing: Jen Boyer, Nolan Montes, Sue Boyer, Dave Boyer, Don and Mildred Harris, Barbara Duhamel, Bob and Jean Stokes, Don Boyer, Sandra Campman, Shirley Boyer, Shirley and Steve Kovacs, Linda Haskins, Nancy Sandt. Kneeling: Debbie, Ethan and Bob Campman, Ed Haskins, Neil and Johanna Boyer.

Boyer First Cousins, 2010
Boyer first cousins in 2010: Mildred Boyer Harris, Barbara Boyer Duhamel, Don Boyer,
Jean Boyer Stokes, Nancy Boyer Sandt, Sandra Matchette Campman, Dave Boyer,
Shirley Boyer Kovacs, Neil Boyer, Linda Matchette Haskins

Female Cousins, 2010 Male Cousins 2010
The female cousins: Mildred, Barbara,
Jean,  Sandy, Shirley, Linda, Nancy
The male cousins: Dave, Don and Neil Boyer

Lew Boyer's Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

            Lew and Henrietta Boyer had seven children -- six sons and one daughter, as noted above. Lew and Henrietta both died in 1948. By mid-2008, their descendants included not just these seven children but also 16 grandchildren, 32 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. Here are photos of some of these descendants. More photos are included in the separate webpages for each of the seven children. Go to The Boyers of Easton and click on the individual names listed there.

Second Cousins, 1991 Second Cousins 2003
Second cousins. On left, 1991, standing, David Shields Boyer, Don Harris, Jen Boyer, Sue Boyer, Marge Kovacs, Jeff Harris. Seated, Craig Duhamel,, Sabrina Boyer, Ann Stokes McGuire, Gary Boyer, Tim Duhamel. On right, 2003, David Stanley Boyer, Tim Duhamel, David Shields Boyer, Jen Boyer, Sabrina  Boyer and Gary Boyer.

Elwood's Children,m 1967 Elwood Descendants, 1979
Elwood Boyer's children following his funeral in 1967. From left, Steve and Shirley Kovacs, Walt Boyer, Lillian and Floyd Boyer, Barbara and Paul Duhamel. Family gathering at Enid Boyer's house in 1979: Standing, Enid, Walter, Miriam, Dot, Anna, Lillian, and Art Boyer, Janet Kovacs, Robbie Lloyd, Shirley and Marge Kovacs, Karen Lloyd. Seated, Dave Boyer, Robin and Jeff Lloyd, Steve Kovacs and Floyd Boyer.

Anna and Enid at MHS 1993 Elwood Descendants, 1999
Enid and Anna Boyer both lived at Moravian Hall Square, in Nazareth, in 1993. Standing, Neil and Johanna Boyer, Stephanie Parks, Debbie,
Tim and Barbara Duhamel. Seated, Enid and Anna Boyer, Shirley Kovacs and Paul Duhamel. Front, Sabrina and Gary Boyer.
Elwood Boyer descendants at the 1999 reunion.
Standing, Deb, Leslie, Craig (holding Lindsey), and Barbara Duhamel. Lillian Boyer, Steve Kovacs, Karen Lloyd and Shirley Kovacs. Front, Josh, Nick and Tim Duhamel, and Enid Boyer

Stokes Family, 1971 Walter's Descendants, 1999
Walter Boyer's daughter, Jean Boyer Stokes, with her family in Hummelstown, 1971. From left, Donald, Richard, Dan, Jean, Bob and Ann Stokes. The Stokes family in 1999 in Easton. From left, Lisa Stokes, Katie, John, Robbie and Ann Stokes McGuire, Bob, Richard and Jean Stokes, Beth Stokes Jones,
Casey Stokes and Tom Jones.

Stokes Family, 2002 Stokes 50th Anniversary, 2005
Walter Boyer's children Jean and Donald and their families, 2002. Rear, Donald Stokes (holding Carter), Lisa Stokes, Tom and Beth Stokes Jones, Ann Stokes and John McGuire, Dan and Richard Stokes. Middle, David, Joanne and Heather-Ashley Boyer, Bob and Jean Stokes, Shirley and Donald Boyer. Front, Casey and Tucker Stokes, Robbie and Katie McGuire. 50th wedding anniversary for Jean Boyer Stokes and Bob Stokes, 2005. Standing, Lisa, Ben and Richard Stokes, Beth Stokes and Tom Jones, John, Katie and Richard McGuire, Donald Stokes. On sofa, Casey, Dan, Jean and Bob Stokes, Ann Stokes McGuire,
Stacy, Carter and Tucker Stokes.

Anna's Birthday, 2002 Anna's Family 2006
Art Boyer's wife, Anna Boyer, celebrates her 90th birthday at Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth. Front, Enid, Anna and Dave Boyer and Anna Yeager. Rear, Shirley Kovacs, Stephanie Parks, Johanna Boyer, Steve Kovacs, Sabrina, Gary and Neil Boyer. Anna's descendants at Moravian Hall Square after her memorial service  in 2006. From left, Art and Anna's grandchildren, Gary Boyer, Sabrina Boyer Foster, and Stephanie Parks. Sarah Jackson Bell and Liz Jackson Nowoj are nieces of Anna, daughters of Anna's brother Jack Jackson. Anna's son Neil Boyer is at right.

Hanoverville 2006
Art and Anna's Descendants in 2006:
Matt and Sabrina Boyer Foster, Johanna Boyer, Stephanie Parks, Emma Gerald, Gary Boyer, Alba Boyer.

Dave's Children 2006 Dave's Descendants, 2006
Dave Boyer's Children, after Dave's funeral in 2006:  Left, Wayne and Nancy Boyer Sandt. Middle,
Don and Mildred Boyer Harris. Right, David and Suzanne Boyer.
Dave Boyer's grandchildren and great-grandchildren in 2006:  Back, Sue Boyer (holding Ryan Ropella), Dino, Jen and Nolan Montes, Colin and Rachel Boyer Ropella and Eric Ropella, Rhonda Sandt DiGirolamo and Niko DiGirolamo. Middle, David Harris, David S. Boyer, Jeff and Don Harris. Front, Kevin and Kyle Harris and Alex Paul.

Four David Boyers, 2003 Mildred Harris and Family, 2008
Four David Boyers, 2003: David Thomas Boyer,
David Shields Boyer. Samuel David Boyer
and David Stanley Boyer.
Mildred Boyer Harris and her family, 2008: Back. Don,
Helen, Dave and Jeff Harris. Middle, Kevin, Don, Mildred and Kyle Harris. Front, Hannah, Emma and Drew Harris.

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these families, see the individual
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