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November 17, 2016

The Boyer Family

of Easton, Pennsylvania

by Neil A. Boyer

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        This website continues genealogical research on the family of Johann Friedrich Boyer, who traveled from Europe to America aboard the ship Nancy  in 1752, and focuses on the Boyers who migrated to Easton. The section on the Boyers of Orwigsburg covered information on the immigrant Johann Friedrich Boyer (1718-1804), his children, and his grandson, David Boyer (1806-1883), a gunsmith of Orwigsburg.  

        This section focuses on two of David Boyer's children -- George B. Boyer (1839-1907) and William B. Boyer (1843-1925) -- who moved from Orwigsburg to Easton about 1872 to work on the Lehigh Valley Railroad.  It then presents information on the two children of George B. Boyer who lived to adulthood, and in particular his son, Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948), of Easton, Pennsylvania, and his seven children, 16 grandchildren, and (as of the end of 2010), 32 great-grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren, and 10 great-great-great-grandchildren.  

NEW: This site now includes a photo gallery of the Boyers of Easton, ranging from the family of George B. Boyer in 1880
to photos of George's great-great-grandchildren in 2008


        The pages of this site are organized into several sections:

The fifth child of David and Hannah Beck Boyer, George was born in 1839 in Orwigsburg, the fourth generation of the family started by the immigrant Johann Friedrich Boyer.  He married Sarah Ann Dreher in Orwigsburg and about 1873 they moved to Easton.  They had six children.  Two boys died young.  In 1886, tuberculosis took two older daughters, and then, in 1890, claimed George's wife Sarah.  George continued to work for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, and in 1895 he married Adeline Apgar, of New Jersey.  Of his two surviving children, Sarah (Sallie) Boyer married George Apgar, of the same Apgar family, and Lewis Elmer Boyer married Henrietta Waltman.

William Boyer was the sixth child of David and Hannah Boyer, and he moved from Orwigsburg to Easton about the same time as his brother George.  He also worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad.  William married Martha Yeager and they had eleven children, greatly increasing the population of Boyers in South Easton.  

In the fifth generation of his family, Lew was the only son of George B. Boyer to live to adulthood.  He was a creative man who designed tools, made photographs, and developed a number of new inventions.  He worked for many years for Ingersoll-Rand Company.  Lew married Henrietta Waltman of South Easton, and they had seven children. A separate section of this report presents the history of the Waltman family. This section draws upon Lew Boyer's voluminous diaries and expense records, and describes the chaotic and humorous ambience of a home with his many children, grandchildren and visitors. See pictures of the family in the Photo Gallery.


This section describes the families of each of the seven children of Lew and Henrietta Boyer, including their descendants, down through mid-2010.  They are members of the sixth and subsequent generations of the family.  

Cousins 2010
The surviving grandchildren of Lewis Elmer Boyer in October 2010.
Cousins Mildred Boyer Harris,  Barbara Boyer Duhamel, Donald Boyer, Jean Boyer Stokes,
Nancy Boyer Sandt, Sandra Matchette Campman, David T. Boyer, Shirley Boyer Kovacs,
Neil Boyer and Linda Matchette Haskins. (The only cousin missing is Elizabeth (Robin) Boyer.
Five other cousins were deceased.)  See other photos of Boyer reunions here.  

About the Author

        Neil A. Boyer was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1938.  He grew up in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, then graduated from Wilson High School in Easton, Moravian College in Bethlehem, and New York University School of Law.  He was a teacher and lawyer in the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers to go to Ethiopia in 1962.  Upon his return, he worked for the Peace Corps in Washington and then spent nearly 40 years with the Department of State, representing the United States at meetings of the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Universal Postal Union.  He retired from government in 2003 and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. For more information on Neil Boyer, go here. 

        Neil Boyer is the author of The Boyers of Easton, a 319-page book, published in 1987, with more than 300 photographs, focusing on his grandfather, Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948), of Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. That book traced the Boyer family backward from Lew Boyer to his ancestors, as far as Johann Friedrich Boyer (1718-1804), who sailed to America from Rotterdam aboard the Nancy in 1752.  The book also went forward to Lew Boyer’s children and their children.  This paper grew out of an effort to bring the Boyer book up to date, drawing on new information and the growing potential of the internet for genealogical research.

        Neil Boyer's lineage in the Boyer family is as follows:

Johann Friedrich Boyer (1718-1804)
George Boyer (1769-1847)
David Boyer (1806-1883)
George B. Boyer (1839-1907)
Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948)
Lewis Arthur Boyer (1909-1985)
Neil Arthur Boyer (b. 1938).

        Corrections to this material and supplemental information are welcome. 
Please contact Neil Boyer at 702 Twin Holly Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910,
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