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August 16, 2017

OF LEWIS E. BOYER (1869-1948)

This listing of ancestors and descendants focuses on Lewis Elmer Boyer, of Easton, Pennsylvania.  It begins with the direct line of his ancestors -- from the immigrant Johann Georg “Friedrich” Boyer (direct ancestors are in bold face) -- and continues with all known descendants of Lewis E. Boyer.  Each person is numbered by generation. There is also a shorter version of this table.  For a text providing details on each family, see the  Boyers of Orwigsburg and the Boyers of Easton.


1.  Johann Georg "Friedrich" Boyer

Birth:    26 Apr 1718, Germany
Death:    11 Sep 1804, Orwigsburg PA
Burial:    Orwigsburg PA, Old Red Church
Occ:    Immigrant, Farmer

Spouse:    Anna Maria
Birth:    26 Dec 1728, Jagsthausen, Germany
Death:    18 Nov 1805, Orwigsburg PA

    Johann Boyer (1754-)

    George "Frederick" Boyer (1756-)
    Johann Peter Boyer (1758-)
    George "Michael" Boyer (1760-)
    Johann Boyer (1763-)
    Maria Barbara Boyer (1765-)
    (Unknown Boyer) (<1769-)
    Johann "George" Boyer (1769-1847)
    Johann "Jakob" Boyer (1771-1852)
    Johann "Gottfried" Boyer (1774-1826)


2.  Johann "George" Boyer

Birth:    6 Apr 1769, Rockland Township PA?
Death:    9 Aug 1847, Orwigsburg PA
Burial:    Orwigsburg PA Reformed Cemetery
Occ:    Farmer

Spouse:    Anna Maria Hartinger
Birth:    15 Mar 1775
Death:    21 Sep 1845, Orwigsburg PA
Father:    Peter Hartinger
Mother:    Catherina

    Catharine ("Kate") Boyer Schock (1798-1884)

    Daniel Boyer (1799-1874)
    Henry Boyer (1803-1869)
    David Boyer (1806-1883)
    William Boyer (1809-1830)
    Magdalena Boyer (1813-1835)
    Maria "Polly" Boyer Traub (1814-)
    Peter Boyer (1816-1895)


3.  David Boyer

Birth:    8 Apr 1806, Manheim Township, PA
Death:    23 Jun 1883
Burial:    Orwigsburg PA, St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Occ:    Gunmaker

First Wife:    Susannah Montgomery

Child:    Joseph Boyer (1829-1908)

Second Wife:    Hannah Beck
Birth:    19 Nov 1810, Carbon County PA
Death:    29 Dec 1891, Orwigsburg PA

    Violetta Boyer Schock (1832-1904)

    Lawrence Boyer (1837-)
    Matilda Boyer Elliot Jenkins Dietrich (1838-1920)
    George B. Boyer (1839-1907)
    William B. Boyer (1843-1925)
    Marie Barbara (Annie) Boyer Gerber (1847-1935)
    Charles Boyer (1850-1869)
    Thomas B. Boyer (1854-1857)


4.  George B. Boyer

Birth:    29 Oct 1839, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Cty PA
Death:    6 Feb 1907, Allentown PA
Burial:    9 Feb 1907, Easton PA, Hay's Cemetery
Occ:    Lehigh Valley Railroad Fireman, Blacksmith

First Wife:    Sarah Ann Dreher
Birth:    3 Aug 1843, W. Brunswick Twp, Schuylkill Cty PA
Death:    10 Sep 1890, Easton PA
Mother:    Elizabeth Feagley (1822-1904)
Marr:    1 Feb 1862, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Cty PA

    Walter Ellsworth (1862-1870)

    Elizabeth Hannah (Lizzie) Boyer Schrantz (1864-1886)
    Emily Augusta Boyer (1866-1886)
    Lewis Elmer (Lew) (1869-1948)
    Sarah Ann (Sallie) Boyer Apgar (1871-1924)
    William James Boyer (1874-1877)

Second Wife:    Adeline Apgar
Birth:    29 Jan 1844, New Jersey
Death:    2 Sep 1915, Lebanon NJ
Father:    George A. Apgar (1808-1896)
Mother:    Martha Tiger (1819-1893)
Marr:    21 Feb 1895, Lebanon NJ Reformed Church


5.  Lewis Elmer (Lew) Boyer

Birth:    26 Oct 1869, Gordon, Butler Township, PA
Death:    26 Nov 1948, Easton PA
Burial:    29 Nov 1948, Easton PA, Hay's Cemetery
Occ:    Ingersoll-Rand Co. Tool Designer, Foreman

Spouse:    Henrietta (Het) Waltman
Birth:    14 Mar 1874, Easton PA
Death:    16 Dec 1948, Easton PA
Father:    Samuel Waltman (1832-1911)
Mother:    Sabina "Bine" Taylor (1835-1920)
Marr:    24 Jan 1893, Newark NJ

    Floyd Elwood
Boyer (1894-1967)
    Ralph Waltman Boyer (1897-1968)
    Walter Stanley Boyer (1898-1984)
    John Wesley Boyer (1903-1976)
    Lewis Arthur (Art) Boyer (1909-1985)
    Samuel David (Dave) Boyer (1911-2006)
    Ruth Marian Boyer Matchette (1913-1997)


6-1. Floyd Elwood Boyer

Birth:    16 Apr 1894, Easton PA
Death:    25 Jul 1967, Easton PA
Burial:    1967, Easton PA, Hay's Cemetery
Occ:    Machinist, Tool Maker, Ingersoll-Rand Co., Phillipsburg NJ

First Wife:    Marjorie Hendershot
Birth:    7 May 1895
Death:    2 Jan 1927, Philadelphia
Marr:    18 Feb 1913, Washington NJ

    Floyd Elwood
Boyer (1915-1986)
    Walter Ralph Boyer (1918-1973)
    Shirley Anna Boyer Kovacs (1921-)

Second Wife:    Enid Gertrude Davey
Birth:    1 Sep 1909, East Bangor PA
Death:    31 Mar 2005, Nazareth PA
Father:    Granville Davey
Mother:    Jane Lang Kostenbader
Marr:    27 Oct 1928, Allentown PA

Child:    Barbara Irene Boyer Duhamel (1938-)

6-2. Ralph Waltman Boyer

Birth:    22 May 1897, Easton PA
Death:    29 Nov 1968, King Of Prussia PA
Burial:    Easton PA, Easton Cemetery
Occ    Religious Bookstore Operator

Spouse:    Dorothy C. Flynn
Birth:    25 Dec 1905
Death:    15 Apr 1990, Pottstown PA
Father:    Charles H. Flynn (1878-<1930)
Mother:    Emily Heidelburg Chidsey (1871-)
Occ:    Bookkeeper, Easton Hospital, Univ. PA Hospital
Marr:    12 Oct 1928, Doylestown PA

    Joyce Emily
Boyer (1929-1929)
    Elizabeth Ann Boyer (1937-)

6-3.   Walter Stanley Boyer

Birth:    26 Oct 1898, Easton PA
Death:    6 Jun 1984, Allentown PA
Burial:    9 Jun 1984, Easton PA, Hay Cemetery
Occ:    Missionary, Minister, Evangelical United Brethren Church
Educ:    Lafayette College, Princeton Theological Seminary

Spouse:    Miriam Irene Haas
Birth:    15 Mar 1898, Easton PA
Death:    18 Aug 1990, State College PA
Father:    Newton R. Haas
Mother:    Emma Jane Wagner
Marr:    5 Aug 1925, Easton PA

    Donald Stanley
Boyer (1926-)
    Jean Elizabeth Boyer Stokes (1931-)

6-4.   John Wesley (Jack) Boyer

Birth:    7 May 1903, Easton PA
Death:    2 Jan 1976, Harrisburg PA
Burial:    6 Jan 1976, Harrisburg PA
Occ:    Life Insurance Salesman

First Wife:    Carrie Snyder
Birth:    28 Jan 1900
Occ:    Pennsylvania State Government Employee
Death:    2 Nov 1971, Lemoyne PA
Marr:    28 Jan 1929

Second Wife:    Martha Barner
Birth:    4 Jan 1910
Marr:    6 May 1972
Death:    3 Jul 2006

6-5. Lewis Arthur (Art) Boyer

Birth:    3 Jun 1909, Easton PA
Death:    2 Jul 1985, Easton PA
Burial:    5 Jul 1985, Easton PA, Northampton Mem Shrine
Occ:    Tool Engineer, Ingersoll-Rand Co., Phillipsburg NJ
Educ:    Wilson High School, Easton PA

Spouse:    Annie (Anna) Jackson
Birth:    25 Dec 1912, Bolton, England
Death:    28 April 2006, Nazareth PA
Father:    William Jackson (1879-1944)
Mother:    Sarah Ann Wilkinson (1879-1942)
Marr:    5 Oct 1935, Easton PA

    Neil Arthur Boyer (1938-)

    Ann Lee Boyer (1945-1991)

6-6. Samuel David (Dave) Boyer

Birth:    5 Apr 1911, Easton PA
Death:    15 May 2006, Bethlehem PA
Occ:    Skilled Machinist
Educ:    Wilson High School

Spouse:    Dorothy Irene Buss
Birth:    26 Dec 1914, Easton PA
Death:    27 Dec 1987, Easton PA
Father:    William T. Buss
Mother:    Mary Smith
Marr:    17 Nov 1931, Allentown PA

    Mildred Elizabeth
Boyer Harris (1932-)
    Nancy Louise Boyer Sandt (1937-2017)
    David Thomas Boyer (1943-2016)

6-7. Ruth Marian Boyer Matchette

Birth:    12 Feb 1913, Easton PA
Death:    24 Apr 1997, Cornwall PA
Burial:    28 Apr 1997, Quentin Cemetery, Cornwall PA
Occ:    Minister's Wife
Educ:    Wilson High School, Churchman's Business College

Spouse:    James D. Matchette
Birth:    29 Oct 1908, Hokendauqua PA
Death:    6 Jan 2003, Cornwall PA
Father:    Richard Kay Matchette
Mother:    Mabel Louise Gower
Occ:    Methodist Minister
Marr:    26 Jun 1937, Easton PA

    Beverly Ann
Matchette Thompson (1941-1993)
    Sandra Ruth Matchette Campman (1944-)
    Linda Louise Matchette Haskins (1948-)


6-1. Family of Floyd Elwood Boyer (1894-1967)

7-1. Floyd Elwood Boyer, Jr. (“Floyd,” “June”)

Birth:    25 Mar 1915, Easton PA
Death:    27 Nov 1986, Lexington KY
Occ:    Dixie Cup Plant Manager, Lexington KY
Educ:    Wilson High School

Spouse:    Lillian Adele Buckley
Birth:    1 Mar 1916, Paterson NJ
Death:    12 Aug 2003, Lexington KY
Father:    George Buckley
Mother:    Adele Roomy
Marr:    7 Sep 1935, Pottsville PA

Child:    Karen Lee Lloyd (1945-)

    8-1. Karen Lee Boyer Lloyd

Birth:    10 Mar 1945
Educ:    University Of Kentucky, Journalism 1966
Occ:    Real Estate Agent
Residence 2006:    Vero Beach FL

Spouse:    Robin Adair (Rob) Lloyd
Birth:    7 Mar 1946, Louisville KY
Marr:    12 Aug 1967 (divorced)

     Robin Adair Lloyd  (1969-)

    Jeffrey Miles Lloyd (1971-)

        9-1.  Robin Adair Lloyd Jr.

Birth:    30 Sep 1969, Lexington KY
Occ:    Lionbridge, Newton MA - VP for Solutions Development
Educ:    Williams College 1991
Residence 2008:    Mumbai, India

Spouse:    Wendy Otto
Marr:    29 Apr 2004, Granada, Spain

        9-2. Jeffrey Miles Lloyd

Birth:    2 Apr 1971, Lexington KY
Occ:    Vignette Corporation, Regional VP for Consulting
Educ:    University Of Richmond 1993
Residence 2008:    Washington, DC

Spouse:    Hanh Nguyen
Birth:    15 Nov 1972, Saigon, Vietnam
Occ:    Associate Dentist
Educ:    Virginia Commonwealth Univ., BS
    Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, 2005
Marr:    29 Sep 2007, Annandale VA
Residence 2008:    Washington DC

    Alexandra Lloyd  (2008-)
    Lisa Uyen-Giang Lloyd (2010-)

                                                        10-1. Alexandra Uyen-sa Lloyd

                                                                Birth: 6 June 2008

      10-2. Lisa Uyen-Giang Lloyd

   Birth: 26 October 2010

7-2. Walter Ralph Boyer

Birth:    15 Nov 1918, Easton PA
Death:    19 Nov 1973
Burial:    23 Nov 1973, Easton PA, Hay's Cemetery
Occ:    Car Dealer
Educ:    Wilson High School 1937, North Carolina State Univ.

First Wife:    June Edith Young
Birth:    10 Jun 1921
Death: 13 Feb 2012, Easton PA
Father:    John Wesley Young
Mother:    Sarah Ashworth
Marr:    10 Jun 1941, Easton PA, Calvary Church

    Walter Ralph (Wally)
Boyer (1943-2008)
    June Edythe Boyer (1952-)
    Stephen John Boyer (1959-)

Second Wife:    Lucy Allen Scrocco
Death:    abt 1990
Marr:    6 Mar 1958

    8-1.  Walter Ralph (Wally) Boyer Jr.

Birth:    26 Aug 1943, Easton PA
Death:    12 Mar 2008, Saylorsburg PA
Burial:    Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Annville PA
Occ:    Car Dealer
Educ:    Easton High School, Churchman's Business College

Spouse:    Barbara Ann Hughes
Father:    Elias Hughes
Marr:    11 Jul 1963, Easton PA
Residence 2008:    Saylorsburg PA

    Tammy Lynn Boyer Mitchell (1964-)

    Daniel Stephen Boyer (1966-)

        9-1. Tammy Lynn Boyer Mitchell

Birth:    8 Feb 1964, Easton PA
Educ:    Easton HS, Kutztown State, Northcentral Tech., Wausau
Occ:    Interpreter for the Deaf, Student, North. Comm. Coll
Residence 2007:    Lewisburg PA

Spouse:    Herman Kyle Mitchell
Birth:    18 Jul 1971, Phillipsburg NJ
Father:    Kenneth Richard Mitchell
Mother:    Carol Ann Wright
Occ:    Fast Food Manager, Lewisburg PA
Marr:    16 Mar 2002

        9-2. Daniel Stephen Boyer

Birth:    6 Aug 1966
Occ:    Car Salesman, Phillipsburg NJ
Residence 2009:    Cebu City, Philippines

First Wife:    Jojit (Jet) Meguillo
Birth:    Philippines
Marr:    13 Jan 1989 (divorced 2006)

    Jordan Christian Boyer (1992-)

    Genesis Abigael Boyer (1995-)

            10-1. Jordan Christian Boyer

Birth:    19 Feb 1992, Bethlehem PA

            10-2. Genesis Abigael Boyer

Birth:    7 Apr 1995, Tampa FL

Second Wife:     Regina Lasas
Birth:    Negros, Philippines
Marr:     March 30, 2007, Cebu City, Philippines
    David Yeshua Boyer (2007-)
    Samantha June Lasas Boyer (2009-)
    Daniel Stephen Boyer, Jr. (2010-)

            10-3. David Yeshua Boyer

Birth:    25 Dec 2007, Cebu City, Philippines
                                 10-4. Samantha June Lasas Boyer

                                        Birth: 26 Jun 2009, Philippines

                                 10-5.  Daniel Stephen Boyer, Jr.

                                        Birth: 6 Nov 2010, Cebu City, Philippines

8-2. June (Junie) Edythe Boyer Browning (Beth Ashworth)

Birth:    9 Jun 1952, Easton PA
Occ:    Model, Actress, ran clothing boutique, writer in Scotland, and California
Educ:    Easton High School 1970, UC Berkeley,1977 MA creative writing
Residence 2009:    Easton PA

First Husband:    Lawrence Edward Barrett
Marr:    31 Dec 1971, Big Sur, California
Div:    1975

Second Husband:    Phillip Browning
Birth:    abt 1933
Marr:    27 Mar 1982, Pacific Palisades, California
Div:    2002, California

Child:    Jonathan Ashworth Browning (1983-)

        9-1. Jonathan Ashworth Browning

Birth:    6 Aug 1983, Santa Monica, California
Occ:    Film industry -- video producer, music arranger

8-3. Stephen John Boyer

Birth:    25 May 1959
Educ:    Easton High School, Penn State University
Occ:    English Teacher, Japan

First Wife:    Renee Postiglone
Marr:    13 Jun 1981, Easton PA (divorced about 1984)

Second Wife:    Emi
Birth:    Japan
Marr:    3 Jan 1993, Easton PA (divorced)

7-3. Shirley Anna Boyer Kovacs

Birth:    26 Oct 1921, Easton PA
Death: 20 Feb 2014, Bethlehem PA
Occ:    Admin. Asst. To Easton Superintendent of Schools
Educ:    Wilson High School
Residence 2010:    Easton PA

Spouse:    Stephen Louis Kovacs
Birth:    31 Dec 1916, Passaic NJ
Father:    Joseph Kovacs
Occ:    Master Plumber; Technical Staff of Moravian College
Marr:   14 Feb 1942, Phillipsburg NJ

    Marjorie Ann Kovacs (1949-2010)

    Janet Louise Kovacs (1953-)

    8-1. Marjorie Ann Kovacs

Birth:    23 Sep 1949, Easton PA
Death: April 4, 2010, Allentown PA
Occ:    Psychiatric Nurse Therapist, Health Administrator
Educ:    Easton High School, Nursing School
  8-2. Janet Louise Kovacs

Birth:    18 Apr 1953, Easton PA
Occ:    Remedial Reading Teacher, Easton Public Schools, College Professor
Educ:    Master's Degree in Education, Kutztown PA State College
Residence 2010:    Easton PA

Spouse:    James W. Matthews
Birth:    12 Aug 1952, Easton PA
Father:    James W. Matthews
Marr:    17 Jun 1978, Easton PA

Child:    Michael James Matthews (1984-)

        9-1.  Michael James Matthews

Birth:    3 Jan 1984, Easton PA
Occ:    Automobile Parts Sales
Educ: Penn State
Residence 2011: Los Angeles CA

Spouse: Patcha (Anita) Boonpoom
Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Father: Uthai Boonpoom
Marr: 20 Nov 2011, Los Angeles CA

7-4. Barbara Irene Boyer Duhamel

Birth:    16 May 1938, Easton PA
Occ:    Medical Technologist
Educ:    Wilson HS; Albright College; St. Joseph's Hosp. Med Tech Sch
Residence 2010:    Somerville MA

Spouse:    Paul Louis Duhamel
Birth:    4 Jun 1939, Providence RI
Death:    21 Apr 1996, Somerville MA
Father:    Elmer R. Duhamel
Mother:    Anna E. Hendrickson
Occ:    Minister, Social Service Director, Somerville MA
Marr:    17 Jun 1961, Easton PA

    Timothy Paul
Duhamel (1962-)
    Joel Alan Duhamel (1964-1964)
    Craig Eugene Duhamel (1965-)

    8-1. Timothy Paul Duhamel

Birth:    25 Mar 1962, Newton MA
Occ:    Quality Control, Catalytic Converter Manufacturer
Educ:    Univ. Of Lowell; M.A. Analytical Chem., Univ. Mass 1987
Residence 2010:    Somerville MA

Spouse:    Debra Arline Rollins
Birth:    9 Apr 1961, Boston MA
Father:    Wayne A. Rollins
Occ:    Hypertension Clinic, Mass General Hospital
Marr:    30 May 1987, Medford MA

    Joshua Timothy
Duhamel (1993-)
    Nicholas Paul Duhamel (1998-)

        9-1. Joshua Timothy Duhamel

Birth:    10 Sep 1993, Malden MA

        9-2. Nicholas Paul Duhamel

Birth:    13 Feb 1998, Boston MA

    8-2. Joel Alan Duhamel

Birth:    4 Aug 1964, Newton MA
Death:    27 Aug 1964, Newton MA

    8-3. Craig Eugene Duhamel

Birth:    26 Jul 1965, Providence RI
Occ:    Safety Inspector, Systems Analyst, American Express
Educ:    Somerville HS, Univ. Of Lowell
Residence 2010:    Stoneham MA

First Wife:    Andrea Joan Forestier
Father:    John A. Forestier
Marr:    26 Oct 1990, Somerville MA
Div:    1992

Second Wife:    Leslie Anne King
Birth:    28 Mar 1967, New York, N.Y.
Father:    Thomas R. King
Mother:    Janet M. Palpini (-1998)
Occ:    Information Technology Account Manager
Marr:    25 Oct 1997, Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

    Lindsey Jan Duhamel (1999-)

    Valerie Rose Duhamel (2003-)

        9-1. Lindsey Jan Duhamel

Birth:    20 Jan 1999, Boston, MA

        9-2. Valerie Rose Duhamel

Birth:    28 Dec 2003, Boston MA

6-2. Family of Ralph Waltman Boyer (1897-1968)

7-1. Joyce Emily Boyer

Birth:    Sep 1929
Death:    Sep 1929

7-2.   Elizabeth Ann Boyer (“Betsy,” “Robin”)

Birth:    3 Jul 1937
Educ:    Wilson HS, Bob Jones Academy, West Chester State College
Occ:    Real Estate Agent, Pottstown PA

6-3. Family of John (Jack) Wesley Boyer (1903-1976)

No children

6-4. Family of Walter Stanley Boyer (1898-1984)

7-1.   Donald Stanley Boyer

Birth:    9 Aug 1926, Kuling, Kiangsi, China
Occ:    Worked For Atlantic Refining For 35 Years
Educ:    Lebanon Valley College, Muhlenberg, Univ. Of PA
Residence 2010:    Jonestown PA

First Wife:    Dolores Diane Davies
Birth:    13 Feb 1932, Allentown PA
Mother:    Evelyn F.
Marr:    2 Apr 1950, Allentown PA
Div:    1987

    David Stanley
Boyer (1951-)
    Michael Robert Boyer (1957-)

Second Wife:    Shirley Ann Waltermyer
Birth:    16 Sep 1936, Green Point PA
Occ:    Insurance Company Secretary
Father:    Russell F. Waltermyer
Mother:    Grace Mae Kohr
Marr:    25 Jul 1997, Ono, PA

    8-1.   David Stanley Boyer

Birth:    25 Oct 1951, Allentown PA
Occ:    Air Products, Sun Refining, Citgo Petroleum
Educ:    Allen HS, Bucknell 1973, Economics

Spouse:    Joanne Hall
Birth:    7 Mar 1953, Chadds Ford PA
Marr:    25 Aug 1979

Child:    Heather-Ashley Boyer (1992-)

        9-1.   Heather-Ashley Boyer

Birth:    25 Nov 1992, Bryn Mawr PA

    8-2.  Michael Robert Boyer

Birth:    28 Jan 1957, Allentown PA
Occ:    Hotel Management
Educ:    Allen HS, Bucknell Univ 1980

Spouse:    Rebecca Ann Colpitts
Birth:    Bakersfield CA
Marr:    31 Dec 1987, San Francisco, CA (divorced)

Child:    Colin Davis Boyer (1989-)

        9-1. Colin Davis Boyer

Birth:    17 May 1989, Redwood City CA

7-2. Jean Elizabeth Boyer Stokes

Birth:    5 Jun 1931, Pawtucket, RI
Occ:    Teacher, Minister’s Wife
Educ:    Allentown HS, Bob Jones University 1954
Residence 2006:    Hummelstown PA

Spouse:    Robert Paul Stokes
Birth:    4 Mar 1931, Danville PA
Occ:    Evangelical United Brethren Minister
Marr:    18 Jun 1955, Allentown PA

    Ann Louise
Stokes McGuire (1956-)
    Daniel Robert Stokes (1958-)
    Richard Paul Stokes (1961-)
    Donald James Stokes (1964-)
    Beth Eileen Stokes Jones (1971-)

    8-1. Ann Louise Stokes McGuire

Birth:    22 Aug 1956, Allentown PA
Occ:    Teacher, Special Education
Educ:    St. Cloud State Univ., Minnesota, Special Education
Residence 2010:    Rochester MN

First Husband:    Kenneth Grundon
Marr:    28 Aug 1976, Hummelstown PA

Second Husband:    John Talford McGuire
Birth:    2 Dec 1953, Northfield MN
Father:    Paul Talford McGuire
Mother:    Marlys Ann Edmonds
Occ:    Catholic Charities, Rochester MN
Marr:    25 Jun 1982, Minneapolis MN

    Kathryn Ann McGuire (1985-)

    Robert Talford McGuire (twin) (1989-)
    Christopher Stokes McGuire (stillborn) (1989-1989)

        9-1.  Kathryn Ann (Katie) McGuire

Birth:    2 Apr 1985, State College PA
Educ: College of St. Scholastica, Duluth MN
Occ: North St. Paul School District, MN, Human Resources

        9-2.  Robert Talford McGuire

Birth:    13 Nov 1989, State College PA
Educ: St. Mary's University, Winona MN

        9-3.  Christopher Stokes McGuire

Birth:    13 Nov 1989, State College PA
Death:    13 Nov 1989, State College PA
Burial:    Hummelstown PA

    8-2.  Daniel Robert Stokes

Birth:    27 Jun 1958, Allentown PA
Occ:    Director of Music Ministries, Organist
Educ:    Messiah College, BA, Music; Scarritt College, MA, Music
Residence 2006:    Nashville TN

    8-3.  Richard Paul Stokes

Birth:    10 Oct 1961, Reading PA
Occ:    Trucking Dock Worker, Teacher
Educ:    Penn State, Political Science 1984

Spouse:    Lisa Marie Kennedy
Birth:    21 Aug 1961
Occ:    Entertainment Broker
Father:    Gary L. Kennedy
Mother:    Maxine C. Payne
Marr:    17 Oct 1981, Hummelstown PA

    Benjamin David
Stokes (1982-)
    Casey Britton Stokes (1986-)

        9-1. Benjamin David Stokes

Birth:    13 Aug 1982, Harrisburg PA
Educ:    Widener University
Occ:    Teacher

        9-2. Casey Britton Stokes

Birth:    30 Dec 1986, Harrisburg PA
Educ:    Wagner College

    8-4.  Donald James Stokes

Birth:    27 May 1964, Harrisburg PA
Occ:    Trucking Dispatcher
Educ:    Penn State University, 1988

Spouse:    Stacy Leighty
Birth:    8 Apr 1968
Occ:    Bank Loan Officer, York PA
Father:    Dennis E. Leighty
Mother:    Carlene E. Runkle
Marr:    26 Dec 1993, Red Lion PA

    Tucker James Stokes (1997-)

    Carter William Stokes (2001-)

        9-1.  Tucker James Stokes

Birth:    1 Jan 1997, York PA

        9-2.  Carter William Stokes

Birth:    12 Dec 2001, York, PA

    8-5.  Beth Eileen Stokes Jones

Birth:    20 Nov 1971, Harrisburg PA
Educ:    Lycoming College, Wesley Theological Seminary
Occ:    Minister, Scranton District Superintendent, United Methodist Church
Residence 2010:    Kingston PA

Spouse:    Thomas A. Jones
Birth:    27 Nov 1955, Avoca PA
Occ:    Insurance Officer
Father:    Edward Jones
Mother:    Alyce
Marr:    2 Aug 1997

6-5. Family of L. Arthur Boyer (1909-1985)

7-1.  Neil Arthur Boyer

Birth:    22 Apr 1938, Easton PA
Occ:    International Organizations Officer, Department of State
Educ:    B.S. Moravian College 1959, LL.B. NYU School of Law 1962
Residence 2010:    Silver Spring MD

First Spouse:    Alba Julia Giovacchini
Birth:    18 Oct 1944, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Father:    Julio Giovacchini (1909-1997)
Mother:    Iris Ferrari (1910-1989)
Occ:    Language School Business Manager
Residence 2010:    Washington DC
Marr:    31 Aug 1969, Washington DC
Div:    Aug 1991, Washington DC

    Sabrina Nicole Boyer Foster (1979-)

    Gary Steven Boyer (1983-)

Second Spouse:    Johanna Louise Misey
Birth:    23 Nov 1961, Washington DC
Father:    Edward Gabriel Misey (1918-2009)
Mother:    Rachel Louise Long (1924-2004)
Educ:    Carleton College, Northfield MN, 1983; Univ. MD School of Social Work
Occ:    Medical Social Worker
Marr:    4 Apr 1992, Washington DC

    8-1.  Sabrina Nicole Boyer Foster

Birth:    23 Aug 1979, Washington DC
Educ:    Swarthmore College, 2001; Univ. of Virginia, M.A. env. sciences, 2009
Occ:    Skeo Solutions, Environmental  Services, Charlottesville VA
Residence 2010:    Charlottesville VA

Spouse:    Matthew Nathaniel Foster
Birth:    17 Jan 1973, Rockford, Il
Educ:    University of Illinois, 1991, Tufts University 1999
Occ:    Conservation International, Washington DC
Father:    John R. Foster (1937-), Rockford IL
Mother:    Mary Ann
Marr:    10 Jul 2004, Washington DC

    Elijah (Eli) NIcholas Foster (2015)
    Tobias (Toby) Julian Foster (2017)

    8-2.  Gary Steven Boyer

Birth:    6 Nov 1983, Washington DC
Educ:    St. John's  High Sch., St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 2005
Occ:    Weatherization consultant, Edge Energy
Residence 2017:    Georgetown SC

Spouse:  Emma Gerald
Birth:  17 Jun 1983, South Carolina
Educ: St. Mary's College of Maryland, 2005
Occ: Riverkeeper,
Winyah Rivers Foundation
Father: William Levi Gerald (1954-2008)
Mother: Lucta Johnson Allen
Marr: 18 Sep 2010, Hendersonville NC, Camp Ton-A-Wandah

       Iris Monroe Boyer  (2015)
      Maren Wade Boyer (2017)

7-2.  Ann Lee Boyer Parks

Birth:    20 Feb 1945, Easton PA
Death:    21 Mar 1991, Horseheads NY
Burial:    26 Mar 1991, Horseheads NY, Maple Grove Cemetery
Occ:    Secretary/Administrative Asst., Westinghouse
Educ:    Wilson HS, Easton PA; Churchman's Bus. College

Spouse:    Edward Allen (Edd) Parks
Birth:    4 Jul 1947, Amesbury MA
Occ:    Engineer, Project Manager, Corning Glass Co.
Death:    13 Nov 1990, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Burial:    Horseheads NY, Maple Grove Cemetery
Father:    Howard E. Parks (1920-1969)
Mother:    Marjorie Gray
Marr:    21 Jun 1969, Easton PA, Calvary Methodist Church
Div:    Feb 1990

Child:    Stephanie Michelle Parks (1973-)

    8-1.  Stephanie Michelle Parks

Birth:    17 Apr 1973, Wurzburg, West Germany, US Army Hospital
Educ:    Horseheads NY High School; Corning Comm. Col., Ithaca Col.
Occ:    Real Estate Agent, Palm Coast, FL

6-6. Family of S. David Boyer (1911- 2006)

7-1. Mildred Elizabeth Boyer Harris

Birth:    16 Mar 1932, Easton PA
Occ:    Treasurer, Belvidere NJ
Educ:    Wilson High School
Residence 2010:    Belvidere NJ

Spouse:    Charles Donald (Don) Harris
Birth:    27 Dec 1933, Belvidere NJ
Death: 28 June 2014, Tulsa OK
Occ:    Accountant
Father:    Gilbert Osmun Harris (1898-)
Mother:    Gwendolin Youlond Transue (1898-1996)
Marr:    2 Dec 1961, Good Shepherd Church, Easton PA

    Donald Gilbert Harris (1962-)

    David Charles Harris (1964-)
    Jeffrey Allen Harris (1967-)

7-2.  Nancy Louise Boyer Sandt

Birth:    25 Jun 1937, Easton PA
Death: 15 Aug 2017, Easton PA
Educ:    Wilson High School
Occ:    Accountant, Genealogist
Residence 2010:    Easton PA

Spouse:    Wayne Harold Sandt
Occ:    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Birth:    8 Nov 1936, Easton PA
Father:    Albert Sandt (-<1959)
Marr:    23 May 1959, Easton PA

Children:    Rhonda Louise
    Todd Harold (1967-)

    8-1.  Rhonda  Louise Sandt DiGirolamo

Birth:    Easton PA
Occ:    Model, Nursing Assistant, Easton Hospital
Educ:    Easton High School
Residence 2008:    Easton PA

First Spouse:    John Jeffrey ("Jeff") Paul
Birth:    Easton PA
Occ:    Electrician, Milford, NJ
Father:    John Jacob Paul Jr.
Mother:    Elaine
Marr:    28 Feb 1987, St. Paul's III Lutheran Church, Easton PA
Div:    28 Jul 1994

    John Jeffrey Paul (1987-)

    Alexander Nicholas Paul (1989-)

Second Spouse:    Michael DiGirolamo
Birth:    1 Dec 1966, Easton PA
Occ:    Chef, Pino’s Italian Restaurant, Easton PA
Marr:    26 May 1996, St. Paul's III Lutheran Church, Easton PA (divorced)

Child:    Nicolo (Niko) Giuseppe DiGirolamo (1998-)

        9-1.  John Jeffrey Paul II

Birth:    22 Jun 1987, Easton PA
Educ:    Tracy Elementary School, Easton PA
& Amber Heater
Julianne Paul (2006-)
Kadence Paul (2009-)
Jacob Alan Paul (2010)

10-1. Julianne Paul

Birth: 6 Jun 2006, Easton PA

10-2. Kadence Paul

Birth: 2010, Easton PA

10-3. Jacob Alan Paul

Birth: 7 Dec 2010

        9-2.  Alexander Nicholas Paul

Birth:    18 Jun 1989, Easton PA
Educ:    Tracy Elementary School, Easton PA

        9-3.  Nicolo (Niko) Giuseppe DiGirolamo

Birth:    26 Apr 1998, Easton PA

7-3.  David Thomas Boyer

Birth:    29 Jul 1943, Easton PA
Death: 11 Nov 2016, Allentown PA
Occ:    AT&T Software Development
Educ:    Wilson HS, Rider College

Spouse:    Suzanne Shields Boyer
Birth:    22 Sep 1943, Staten Island NY
Father:    John Patrick Shields (1911-1957)
Mother:    Frances Annette Spiro (1916-1984)
Marr:    13 Jun 1969, Easton PA
Residence 2016: Bath PA

    Rachel Ann Boyer Ropella (1970-)

    Jennifer Marie Boyer Montes (1970-)
    Susan Elizabeth Boyer (1975-)
    David Shields Boyer (1979-)

    8-1.  Rachel Ann Boyer Ropella

Birth:    25 Jan 1970, Easton PA
Occ:    Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Kelly Services
Educ:    Easton HS, Bloomsburg (PA) State University 1991
Residence 2009:    Burke VA

Spouse:    Eric John Ropella
Birth:    17 Apr 1970, Yokosuka, Japan
Occ:    Helicopter Pilot, U.S. Marine Corps
Father:    John Ropella
Mother:    Elizabeth Pagel
Marr:    3 Sep 1994, Easton PA

    Ryan Frances Ropella (2001-)

    Colin David Ropella (2003-)

        9-1.  Ryan Frances Ropella

Birth:    24 Feb 2001, San Diego CA

        9-2.   Colin David Ropella

Birth:    22 May 2003, Monterey CA

    8-2.  Jennifer Marie Boyer 

Birth:    19 Dec 1970, Easton PA
Educ:    Kutztown (PA) State College, 1994

Child:    Nolan Nicolas Montes (2005-)

    9-1.  Nolan Nicolas Montes

Birth:    25 August 2005, Allentown PA

    8-3.  Susan Elizabeth Boyer

Birth:    9 Dec 1975
Educ:    Easton High School
Occ:    Day Care Center
Residence 2006:    Bath PA

    8-4.  David Shields Boyer

Birth:    2 Feb 1979, South Charleston WVA
Educ:    Easton HS, Northampton Cty. Comm. College
Occ:    Employee of Car Dealer, Allentown PA
Residence 2006:    Bath PA

6-7. Family of Ruth Boyer Matchette (1913-1997)

7-1.  Beverly Ann Matchette Thompson

Birth:    8 Nov 1941, Ashland PA
Death:    31 Dec 1993, Houston, Texas
Burial:    7 Jan 1994, Englishtown NJ
Occ:    High School Physical Education Teacher
Educ:    West Chester State College

Spouse:    Robert Barclay (Bart) Thompson
Occ:    Textile Designer
Birth:    9 Aug 1939, Philadelphia PA
Marr:    22 Jun 1963, Hatboro PA

    Tristin Ruth Thompson Spencer (1966-)

    Todd Barclay Thompson (1969-)
    Tige Douglas Thompson (1970-)

    8-1.  Tristin Ruth Thompson Spencer

Birth:    17 Sep 1966, Englewood NJ
Educ:    University of Delaware
Occ:    Chiropractor, Hebron KY

Spouse:    Brian Spencer
Occ:    Chiropractor, Hebron KY
Marr:    14 Apr 2002

    8-2.  Todd Barclay Thompson

Birth:    12 Mar 1969, Neptune NJ
Occ:    Chef, Marriott Hotel, Atlanta GA
Educ:    Manalapan HS, Johnson & Wales College

Spouse:    Jennifer Marie Gruber
Marr:    5 Oct 2002

Children:    Tyler Everett Thompson (2007-)

        9-1 Tyler Everett Thompson

Birth:    5 Jun 2007, Atlanta GA

    8-3.  Tige Douglas Thompson

Birth:    24 Apr 1970, Neptune NJ
Occ:    Deputy Sheriff, Marco Island, FL; Real Estate Agent

Spouse:    Staci Leah Mullen
Birth:    26 Jul 1975, Naples FL
Marr:    30 Apr 2005

7-2.  Sandra Ruth Matchette Campman

Birth:    16 Feb 1944, Ashland PA
Residence 2010:    Warminster PA

Spouse:    Carl Wesley Campman
Occ:    Printer
Birth:    6 Aug 1943, Abington PA
Marr:    16 Oct 1965, Hatboro PA

Children:    Robert Wesley (1975-)

    8-1.  Robert Wesley Campman

Birth:    5 Mar 1975, Abington, PA
Occ:    Teacher, Hatboro-Horsham School District
Educ:    Temple University, Philadelphia PA
Residence 2010:    Warminster PA

Spouse:    Rebecca I. (Becky) Abel
Occ:    Social worker, Abington Hospital
Marr:    13 Apr 2005

            9-1.  Ethan Wesley Campman

Birth: 15 Oct 2008

            9-2.  Jonah Abel Campman

  Birth: 15 August 2011

7-3.  Linda Louise Matchette Haskins

Birth:    19 Sep 1948, Pottstown PA
Occ:    Hair Stylist, Bethlehem PA

First Spouse:    Thomas Edward Mohr
Birth:    12 Jan 1945, Easton PA
Marr:    4 Apr 1970
Div:    1974

Second Spouse:    Edward Jacob Haskins
Birth:    25 Nov 1944, Easton PA
Occ:     Hair Stylist
Father:    Arnold Edward Haskins (1915-1972)
Mother:    Ellen Esther Kimenhous (1919-)
Marr:    31 Jul 1977, Margate NJ

For details on each family, see the text at the Boyers of Orwigsburg and the Boyers of Easton.