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May 2, 2013

Ann Lee Boyer Parks
of Easton, Pennsylvania,
and Horseheads, New York


        Ann Lee Boyer, the second child of Art and Anna Boyer, was born in Easton Hospital on February 20, 1945.  She attended the Freeman School in Phillipsburg and, after the family moved to Wilson Borough, the Liberty Elementary School and Wilson High School, from which she graduated in 1963.  She played the trombone and sang in the mixed chorus in high school and the choir at Calvary Church.  Ann Lee later took the executive secretarial course and graduated from Churchman's Business College in Easton, which her mother also attended.

Neil has a sister, 1945 Neil, 8, Ann Lee, 2, in 1947 Anna and Ann Lee, 1948
Neil has a sister, 1945 Neil and Ann Lee, 1947 Ann Lee and her mother, 1948

Ann Lee, 3, in 1948 Wilson High School, 1962 Edd and Ann Lee, going to a dance, 1964
Ann Lee is 3, in 1948 Wilson High grad, 1962 Ann Lee and Edd Parks, 1964 dance

      On June 21, 1969 (just two months before the marriage of her brother), Ann Lee married Edward Allen (Edd) Parks, who had also graduated from Wilson High School and was then a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.   They were married by the Reverend Walter Stanley Boyer, Ann Lee's uncle (who had also married her parents), and the Reverend Robert Neely, in Calvary Methodist Church in Easton. She and Edd lived in various military installations while Edd was in the Army, including Schweinfurt and Wurzburg, Germany.  While in Germany, they had their only child, Stephanie Michelle Parks.

      Edd Parks had been born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, on July 4, 1947, the son of Marjorie and Howard E. Parks.  He was the oldest of three children. A brother, William Parks, was living in St. Augustine, Florida, in 2011. A sister, Gail Parks Herbert, born on May 29, 1954, died in St. Augustine on February 25, 2011, at the age of 56. Their father, Howard Parks, born on July 14, 1920, died on April 30, 1969, just prior to the marriage of Edd and Ann Lee.  He had been a leader in local Masonic activities. Edd's mother, Marge Parks, worked as an operating room nurse at Easton Hospital until the early 1990s and in 2005 continued as a leader in area activities of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Ann Lee's Bridal Party, 1969 Father of the Bride, 1969 Wedding at Calvary Church, 1969

Ann Lee and Edd Parks are married at Calvary Church in 1969.  The wedding party,
on the stairs at Ann Lee's home in Wilson Borough, includes Ann Lee's cousin,
Linda Matchette, center left, and Edd's sister, Gail Parks, top left.

The Bride, 1969 After the ceremony, 1969

      After his graduation from MIT, Edd joined the Army.  The family lived in Georgia, then at an Army base in Schweinfurt, West Germany, near Wurzburg and Frankfurt; later they were at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After six years in the Army, Edd was employed by the Corning Glass Works in Corning and Big Flats, New York, beginning in 1976.  His work took him on frequent trips to Sao Paolo, Brazil, to establish new manufacturing facilities for Corning Glass.  In 1984, he was named manager of manufacturing systems in Corning's science products division.  About 1987, Edd was given a formal assignment as technical manager for Corning Glass in Brazil.

Ann Lee and Neil Boyer, 1953 Ann Lee and Neil, 1961 Ann Lee and Neil, 1990
Ann Lee and brother Neil in 1953, 1961 and 1990
See other photos of Ann Lee in the section on her parents, here and here.

At Wedding of Janet Kovacs Matthews, 1978
Alba and Neil Boyer, Ann Lee and Edd Parks, at wedding of cousin Janet Kovacs Matthews and Jim Matthews, 1978

      On November 13, 1990, Edd was stricken with a heart attack while driving to work in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and he was pronounced dead at the Casa de Saude e Maternidade Santana, a hospital in Mogi das Cruzes.  Edd was 43.   A memorial service was held in Olivet Presbyterian Church in Easton, and another in Horseheads.  Edd's remains were cremated and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads, New York.

      Ann Lee's various jobs included being secretary to a purchasing agent and to the manager of Rock Drill Research and Development, both at Ingersoll-Rand Company in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, where her father, grandfather, brother, and many other relatives had worked.  She was also secretary to the director of marketing of the Alpha Portland Cement Company, in Easton, and secretary to the Gilbane Building Company's project manager during construction of the John Hancock Tower in Boston.  While in West Germany, she did volunteer work for the Red Cross and served as a teacher's aide.  In l987, she was employed as a bookkeeper and computer system operator for the Westinghouse Industrial and Government Tube Division, an assembly facility for cathode ray tubes near her home in Horseheads, New York.  Later, this company was operated under the name Imaging and Sensing Technology Corporation.  In her final employment, Ann Lee was a payroll clerk at ISTC.

Ann Lee and Edd Parks, 1977 Ann Lee, age 38, in 1983
Ann Lee and Edd Parks, in Easton, 1977 Ann Lee, 38, in 1983

Ann Lee, Steph, Anna Boyer, in 198 Ann Lee and Stephanie in Washington, 1990
Ann Lee, Stephanie and Grandma in 1986 Ann Lee and Steph, 17, in Washington, 1990

      While Edd was employed by Corning Glass, the family lived at 113 Lilac Drive, Horseheads, New York, between Corning and Elmira.  Later, he took an assignment for Corning Glass in Brazil and Ann Lee and their daughter Stephanie remained in Horseheads.  Ann Lee and Edd were divorced in February 1990. 

      In early 1990, Ann Lee suffered recurrent but mysterious pains in her back and elsewhere in her body.  Many months passed before doctors diagnosed the problem as rapidly progressing multiple myeloma, a relatively rare disease not common in young white women.  Ann Lee was hospitalized several times and provided with nursing care at home.  She was seriously stricken at her home on March 21, 1991, and pronounced dead at Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital, in Elmira NY, barely three months after the disease was diagnosed.  She was 46.

      Memorial services were held at the Barber Funeral Home in Horseheads.  Ann Lee was buried on March 26, 1991, in a grave next to the remains of Edd in Maple Grove Cemetery in Horseheads.  A tombstone bearing both their names sits in approximately the third row back from an interior road, behind markers bearing the names Arlene Olin Edger (next to the road) and Hetherton (between Edger and Parks).

      Stephanie Michelle Parks, the only child of Ann Lee and Edd Parks, was born on April 17, 1973, at the U.S. Army Hospital in Wurzburg, West Germany, where her father was assigned.  A few months earlier, her grandfather Art Boyer wrote to his siblings that “Ann Lee and Edd have announced the expected arrival of our first grandchild (children?) in April.  Since the event will take place in Germany, will the baby be German?  Speak German?”  Stephanie’s official birth certificate was written in German, like those of many of her Boyer ancestors, but she also had one in English from the Department of State.  Stephanie was baptized in an Army chapel on a base in Schweinfurt, on September 16, 1973, in the presence of her grandparents, Art and Anna Boyer, who had flown to Germany for the event. 

Fishing with Grandad Steph, 2, with ice cream, 1975 Steph and Uncle Neil, 1978 Steph, 4, in 1977
Stephanie Parks: Fishing with Granddad, 1976; with ice cream,
age 2, in 1975; with Uncle Neil Boyer in 1977 and age 4, in 1977

      After the family returned to the United States, she attended the Gardner Road Elementary School in Horseheads and then Horseheads Junior High School. She graduated from Horseheads High School in June 1991. Just before her graduation, her parents died within four months of each other, her father in Brazil and her mother at home in Horseheads.  Stephanie was 17. 

Steph, 9, in 1982 Sabrina, 4, and Steph, 10, in 1983 Steph, 10, in 1983 Steph, 15, coloring Easter eggs, 1988
Age 4, in 1977 With cousin Sabrina boyer, age 10 in 1983 Age 15 in 1988

Steph, 10, and dad, in 1983 Ann Lee and Steph, 1990 Steph, Grandma, 1991 Steph, 21, in Nazareth, 1994
Steph with her dad in 1983, with her mother in 1990, with Grandma in 1991, and age 21 in 1994

      In high school, Stephanie played clarinet and for a while played in the band.  Following high school, she moved to an apartment in nearby Corning and attended Corning Community College.  She received the degree of Associate in Applied Science in January 1994.  In September of that year, she entered Ithaca College, in Ithaca, New York, majoring in business administration.  She graduated in May 1996, and the following month she moved from Ithaca to St. Augustine, Florida, where she lived near the house of her aunt, Gail Parks Herbert.

      In September 1996, Stephanie began working in St. Augustine in the registration office of the Institute of Physical Therapy, a school that offers training programs in physical therapy around the country.  The school was later named the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.  In 1997, Stephanie reported that on weekends she was also helping arrange displays in an antique store.

      In mid-2002, Stephanie began working in real estate in the St. Augustine area. She received a real estate license and began working with Watson Realty Corporation.  In early 2005, Steph moved to Palm Coast, just south of St. Augustine, and was selling houses and lots in a popular area. 

Steph, at Christmas, 2005
Real Estate Agent, 2003 Steph with cousin Gary Boyer, 2006Stephanie Parks 2013
At Christmas,
Real Estate
Agent Card
Steph and cousin
Gary Boyer, 2006
Steph in 2013

           See other pictures of Stephanie here.


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