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April 18, 2009

Lora Nichols LaMance
and The House of Waltman

            Lora Sarah Nichols LaMance (1857-1939), of Indiana, Missouri and later Florida, wrote a very impressive but contested book called The House of Waltman and its Allied Families in 1928. [2]  The book focused on the family of Conrad Waltman, who journeyed to America in 1738 and apparently resided in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, probably near Kreidersville.  She considered that Conrad was born about 1715 and died about1796, but there is no evidence for these conclusions.

            The LaMance account  - 278 pages - has been the starting place for many research efforts on the Waltmans. Unfortunately, her book contained many errors and misinterpretations, and it has generated substantial confusion and misinformation among the students of the family. A three-part report on the family of Conrad Waltman, referenced below, attempts to point out and correct the errors and misinterpretations in LaMance's work.  A critique of her work on the Waltman family is presented in the link below.

            Hers is an interesting story in itself.  She not only did genealogical research but was a crusader for the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and a suffragette. A brief summary of her life and her family is also presented.

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