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April 18, 2009

The Waltman Family 
of Northampton

Jacob Franklin Waltman (1835-1923)

        Jacob Franklin ("Frank") Waltman was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, in Northampton County, on March 22, 1835, the third-born of the ten children of Joseph Waltman (1806-1898) and Becky Bast Waltman.  He married Annie Moser, who had been born on September 11, 1841, in Williams Township, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Weiss Moser.  Frank and Annie were married, probably in Easton, on December 10, 1859.  Frank, at age 25, and "Anna," age 19, were listed in the 1860 census for South Easton, having been married just one year.

        They had three children: William Franklin Waltman (1861-c.1866), Marcus Hallbach Waltman (1865-1944), and Mary Margaret (Maggie) Waltman Pearce (1867-1959).  Frank and his son Marcus were at one time employed by the Thomas Iron Company of Glendon, north of Easton.  It  was said that this was the leading iron company in the nation until a new firm in Birmingham, Alabama, began to operate with lower costs and forced the Glendon company to close, about 1890.
Jacob Franklin Waltman 1835-1923, in Easton in the 1870s Jacob Franklin Waltman with a Grandson Burt, Jacob Franklin, Frank Monterville and Marcus Waltman, in Denver 1919
Jacob Franklin Waltman, 1835-1923, in the 1870s in Easton Jacob Franklin Waltman, about 60-65, around 1900, with one of his grandsons, possibly Burton or Herbert.

acob Franklin Waltman, center, in 1919 in Colorado, with his son Marcus Hallbach Waltman at right, holding his grandson Frank R. Waltman, and, at left, Burton Brassington Waltman, son of Marcus

Annie Moser Waltman with Marcus and Franklin, 1866, Easton Marcus Hallbach Waltman, in Denver, early 1890s Maria Brassington Waltman, in Denver, 1890s Maria Brassington Waltman, 1890s, in Denver

Annie Moser Waltman, wife of Jacob Franklin, with sons Marcus and William Franklin, in Easton  in  1866.  William died shortly afterward.

Marcus Hallbach Waltman, about 25, in Denver, early 1890s Maria Brassington Waltman, wife of Marcus, in Denver Maria Brassington Waltman, in Denver in the 1890s

        Knowing he would be out of work and having always desired to "go West," Frank decided to move to Denver.  He and his son Marcus left Easton in 1889.  According to a 1927 interview of Marcus in the Rocky Mountain News, Frank traveled to Colorado first and then was joined by Marcus.  Two years later, Marcus said, he felt safely enough established to send for his family.  Frank's wife, Annie, and Marcus' wife, Maria (pronounced Mariah), and Maria's two children, Harvey and Burton, moved to join them late in 1890.  But on the way to Denver, on December 4, 1890, Harvey, three years old, died in Chicago, and they returned to Easton to bury him in Hay's Cemetery. 

Goldie, Dorothy, Jacob and Annie Waltman, 1911 Jacob Franklin Waltman, about 1920 Jacob Franklin Waltman at hospital in Salida
At left, Jacob Franklin Waltman with wife Annie, right, and Goldie Waltman, who is holding
Jacob Franklin's great-granddaughter, Dorothy Waltman (Ware), in 1911.  The other two pictures,
taken in the 1920s, show Jacob Franklin Waltman in the D. & R. G. Hospital in Salida.

        About February 1891, they resumed the trip to Denver.  Jacob Franklin's third child, Maggie, remained in Easton to finish the school year and moved to Denver in the summer of 1891. Frank worked as a carpenter for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, building coach cars.  

        Jacob Franklin Waltman died in Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado, on September 21, William Franklin Waltman 1861-1866, about 18631923, at the age of 88.  He had had both legs amputated as a result of diabetic gangrene and had been confined to a hospitalFour Generations of Waltman Women: Annie, Goldie, Dorothy and Maria, 1918 for ten years.  One family member understood that his problem stemmed from a train accident.   Much of this time he was in the D. & R. G. Hospital in Salida. The hospital was later known as the "Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, a 25-bed critical access medical center, and it was beginning a major expansion in early 2007.  Frank's wife, Annie, had died earlier, on July 27, 1919, in Salida, at the age of 77.  The newspaper said she died of "dropsy." Both Annie and Frank were buried at Salida.  

        A long line of Waltmans can be traced to Frank and Annie.  See their family genealogical chart. Their children were these:

A. William Franklin (Frank) Waltman was born in Easton on January 19, 1861, and died in Easton of cholera about 1866.  One family member said he was buried in Hay's Cemetery.

B. Marcus Hallbach Waltman was born in Easton on July 24, 1865.  He was married on August 1, 1886, in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, to Maria Edytha Brassington, of Glendon.  She had been born in Harrisburg on May 8, 1863, and she died in Denver on February 28, 1930.  Marcus and his family moved from Easton to Denver with his parents in 1890 and 1891.  Marcus and his father both worked as carpenters.  He told the Rocky Mountain News in 1927 that he had worked as a carpenter's apprentice with his grandfather, Joseph Waltman, until Joseph became too feeble to continue.  Marcus lived, mostly alone, for 14 years after Maria died.  He died in Denver on August 26, 1944, just after his 79th birthday. Marcus and Maria were both buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver.

        Marcus and Maria had five children.  One died young, and the others moved west, away from Colorado.  These were their children:

(1) Harvey Wicke (Harry) Waltman, was born on April 10, 1887, in Easton and died in Chicago on December 4, 1890, atPlaque Honoring Harvey Waltman 1887-1890 the age of three.  At the time of his death, his family was en route from Easton to Denver. He was buried in Hay's Cemetery in Easton.

(2) Burton Brassington Waltman was born in Easton on January 8, 1889.  He married Goldie Ruanne Thayer, in Denver.  Her family lived in Oklahoma, but she went to Denver to stay with her brother, Warren Lionel Thayer, and there she met Burton.  Goldie had been born on March 23, 1886, in Athens, Tennessee. Goldie and Burton moved to Los Angeles in the late 1940s, and he opened a pattern shop near Long Beach. Later, they moved to Sunnymead, in Riverside County.  Burton worked for Kaiser Steel in Fontana, a large operation that produced steel plating for ships during World War II, and Goldie opened a roadside pottery stand. He died in Fontana, San Bernardino County, California, on July 11, 1958, at the age of 69. 

        After Burton died, Goldie went to live with her son Burt.  She died on January 17, 1960, in Hanover, New Mexico. Both Burton and Goldie were buried in Greenacres Cemetery in Bloomington, California. Burton and Goldie had four children: 

Burton Brassington Waltman 1889-1958, in 1910 Goldie Thayer Waltman, 1909 Dorothy Waltman Ware 1911-1994, in 1975 Dorothy Ware, about 1983
Burton Brassington Waltman, 1889-1958, in 1910,
and his wife, Goldie Thayer Waltman, in 1909
Dorothy Waltman Ware, 1911-1994, about 1975 Dorothy Ware,
about 1983

(a) Dorothy Edna Waltman was born in Denver on January 15, 1911.  She graduated from South High School in Denver in 1927, and on January 8, 1930, according to her DAR application, she married William (Bill) Clossen Ware. He had been born in Salineville, Ohio, on July 11, 1909, and moved to Denver about 1914-15.  

Bill Ware worked for Denver Fire Clay as a refractories salesman, and in 1930 the family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, when he became assistant manager of the company's branch there. The family moved back to Denver in 1961 and lived in Lakewood until 1967. William was a renowned expert on industrial kilns and was hired by W. P. Keith in Pico Rivera, California, to build a fledgling company.  He sold, built and installed kilns all over the world until he retired in 1984. Bill was active in the Masons and the Shrine and a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association.  He was an expert marksman and collected antique pistols and rifles.  He belonged to a black-powder re-enactment group in Southern California that provided assistance and extras to the movie industry in films such as "The Last of the Mohicans."After his retirement, Dorothy and William Ware lived in Whittier, California, until their deaths.  She died there on December 21, 1994.  He died in Whittier on July 29, 2000.  

Dorothy Waltman Ware was a genealogist who studied the Waltman family and an active member of the DAR.  From the time of her family's return to Colorado from Salt Lake City in 1962 until her death in 1994, she traveled extensively, doing research on the Waltman family and distributing copies of her research to family members.  Dorothy and William Ware had three children:

(i) Dorothy Joanne Ware, known as Joanne, was born December 1, 1930, in Salt Lake City.  She married Richard J. Romney (1927-2005) and had two children. She raised show-quality daschhunds.  In early 2007, she was living in Etna, California.

(ii) William Kenneth Ware, known as Kenneth, was born September 3, 1932, in Salt Lake City.  He married Betty Jane Bronzoni Bettilyon in 1951, and they had four children.  They were divorced in 1961.  In 1964, Kenneth married  Lynn Carstensen-Baker, and he adopted Lynn's four children from a previous marriage. Kenneth worked for Utah Power & Light Company, and in early 2007 the family lived in Salt Lake City.

(iii) Jeannette Katherine Ware was born in Salt Lake City on June 19, 1938.  She was a graduate of the  University of Utah, with a degree in pharmacy, and she spent 44 years working in retail pharmacy, retiring in 2002.  She was active in Scouting and Masonic organizations, as troop leader and harem dancer.  On June 10, 1961, in Salt Lake City, she married Dale Martin Ehrlich, who had been born in Chicago on January 28, 1934.  He was a graduate of Indiana University and a marketing management specialist who worked in banking and started his own marketing company.  Dale died in Contra Costa, California, on October 16, 1990.  In 2007, Jeannette Ware Ehrlich lived in Bend, Oregon, and was continuing the genealogical work begun by her mother, Dorothy Waltman Ware.  She provided most of the photographs in this section on Jacob Franklin Waltman.

Jeannette and Dale Ehrlich had two children: 

-- Virginia (Ginny) Lynn Ehrlich was born on April 20, 1969, in Alameda, California. She worked for state boards of education in Boston and Salem, Oregon, and in 2007 she was completing her PhD dissertation in education.  She married Anthony Lane Cooper, an architect in Portland, Oregon.  

-- Steven William Ehrlich was born on September 6, 1975, in Alameda.  He earned a master's degree in computer science and in 2007 worked as a hardware engineer in Bend, Oregon.  His partner, Carol Ziogas, owned a business, Kimono-Momo, specializing in hand-made silk fashions.  

Jeannette Ware Ehrlich, 1987 Dale Ehrlich, 1989 Bill Ware, 90, in 1999
Jeannette Ware Ehrlich in 1987,
and her husband, Dale Ehrlich, in 1989
Bill Ware, 90, Jeannette's father, in 1999

(b) Frank Robert Waltman, second child of Burton and Goldie Thayer, was born on January 14, 1914, in Denver.  He served in the Navy during World War II, in Long Beach, California.  He moved to Fontana, California, in the late 1940s to work for Kaiser Steel as head of the payroll department.  His father also had worked there.  Later, Frank was a hospital administrator in Upland, California. Frank married Charlotte Leo (1914-1994), who had been born in Moscow, Idaho, and they had four children: Glenn, Gene, Ralph and Karen Waltman.  Frank died on December 26, 1999, in St. George, Utah.  Frank's son Ralph Waltman assisted Harry Cameron with research on the family.

(c) Burton (Burt) Thayer Waltman was born on October 27, 1915, in Denver.  Burt and his brother Don were mining engineers, and they traveled where the ore was to be found. Burt graduated from Colorado A&M about 1937 and worked for Kennecott Copper in Utah in the 1950s, then in Arizona and New Mexico.  His mother, Goldie Waltman, was living with him at the time of her death in 1960.  In 1980, when he was 65, Burt married Helen Poore Crank, of Louisa, Virginia, and they ran a bed and breakfast in a historic home they had restored.  He died in Louisa on June 12, 1995.

(d) Fred Donald (Don) Waltman was born on March 10, 1921, in Denver.  he served in World War II and was also a mining engineer.  He was working in New Mexico in 1959.  He married Florence O'Malley of Boston in 1947, and they had three children, Donna, Thomas and David Waltman, all living in the Las Vegas area in early 2007.  Don died on April 11, 1985, in Las Vegas.

Burton and Goldie's Children, about 1958
Burton's four children at the time of his funeral in 1958:  Dorothy Ware, Burt Thayer Waltman, Goldie Waltman, Don Waltman, Frank Waltman

(3) Herbert Samuel Waltman
, third child of Marcus and Maria Waltman, was born on September 12, 1891, in Denver and died on October 17, 1968, in Ventura, California.  Herbert was a machinist for the Rock Island Railroad for a few years and then moved to Southern California.  In 1930, he was working in Taft, California, for Kaiser Industries.  He married Marguerite Didier, who was born on August 11, 1887.  She died on January 23, 1969, in Oxnard, Ventura County, California.  Two daughters died in infancy.

(4) Frank Monterville Waltman was born  on July 26, 1895, in Denver and died in Denver about 1946.  He was married to Jane (Jennie) Finnegan. She had been born on June 1, 1896, in Washington state and died on November 4, 1986, in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California.  They had no children.

(5) Myron Reed Waltman
was born on in Denver on April 2, 1897, and died in Los Angeles on June 12, 1960.  He was married to Evelyn Lavinia Stephen, who was born on September 25, 1896, in Central City, Colorado, and died on July 31, 1952, in Denver.  They had two children, John Thomas Waltman and Myra Edith Waltman.

Herbert Samuel Waltman, about 1910  Marguerite Didier, wife of Herbert Waltman, about 1910 Myron Reed Waltman, about 1915 Frank Monterville Waltman, about 1918 Jane Finnegan, wife of Frank Monterville Waltman, about 1918
Herbert Samuel Waltman, 1891-1968 Marguerite Didier, wife of Herbert Samuel Waltman Myron Reed Waltman, 1897-1960 Frank Monterville Waltman, 1895-1946 Jennie Finnegan, wife of Frank M. Waltman

C. Mary Margaret (Maggie) Waltman was born in Easton on December 23, 1867, and died in Salida, Colorado, on August 6, 1959, at the age of 91.  She was a teacher in Easton, but when she was 23, in mid-1891, she moved to Denver to  join her parents in Denver. An Easton newspaper account about 1930 reported that Maggie Pearce, formerly a school teacher in South Easton, and her husband had driven in from Denver for her first return visit to Easton in 40 years  

It was in Denver that Maggie
 married Lon Lovick Pearce on December 10, 1892. He had been born in Alabama on September 1, 1865, and died on April 12, 1943, in Salida.  Lon was a house carpenter in 1900 and water commisioner for the town of Salida in 1910.  Later he worked as a carpenter for the D&RG railroad until he retired.  Maggie and Lon had two children: Curtis Waltman Pearce (1893-1975) and Jean Lon Pearce (1895-1982).

Maggie Waltman, in Easton, 1889 Maggie Waltman in Denver Margaret (Maggie) Waltman, in 1889 Maggie Waltman Pearce, in Denver, 1892 Lon Novick Pearce in the 1890s
Margaret (Maggie) Waltman Pearce, 1867-1959.  The  photo at left
was taken in Easton, probably in 1889, and shows her looking very much like her mother, Annie Moser Waltman, 23 years earlier (see photo above).  The second
picture was taken in Denver, probably about 1891.  The third is believed to be Maggie.  The fourth, about 1892, was called "our  shocking Aunt Maggie" by one relative.
Maggie's husband,
Lon Lovick Pearce, 1865-1943, taken
in Denver in the 1890s.

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