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April 18, 2009


The Waltman Family
of Northampton County

The Battle of Fort Washington,
November 16, 1776,
Conrad Waltman
of Northampton County, Pennsylvania
by Neil A. Boyer

            Pennsylvania Archives documents,[38] that provide records of the Revolutionary War, show that “Captain Rundio’s Company, Northampton County, Flying Camp, 1776,” participated in the War of the Revolution. The documents show 43 privates and three officers.  “Conrad Waltman” was one of the privates.  It is clear that the company was involved in the infamous Battle of Fort Washington on November 16, 1776, but it is not clear whether Conrad Waltman was then with the company. Also, there has been confusion about which of two men named "Conrad Waltman" was with Captain Rundio.

            There is much information on the internet about the battle. Search on "Battle of Fort Washington."

            Specific research into the Waltman family of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, led to the discussion of the Battle of Fort Washington that is provided below.

The first part of the Waltman research focuses on the Conrad Waltman who arrived in America in 1738 and demonstrates the difficulty of locating genealogical evidence to clarify his activities. Some researchers believe the older Conrad Waltman was born in 1715 and died about 1796, but there is no proof of either date. 

Part II looks at the numerous children of Conrad Waltman, with special emphasis on his son Valentine Waltman (1733?-1810?) and on Valentine's son Conrad Waltman (1759-1785), who is called "Conrad Waltman Junior" in this text for purpose of distinguishing the two men of the same name. This second "Conrad Waltman" would have been a grandson of the first one, and the conclusion of this paper is that it was the younger Conrad who was part of the Pennsylvania Flying Camp.

Part III looks at Peter Waltman (1779-1836) of Allentown, the son of Conrad Junior, and at Peter's son Joseph Waltman (1806-1898) of Easton, and at his descendants.

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