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William Bowles of Carlow's Family Tree

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William Bowles b. ~ 1800
(based on his age of 86 given upon his death in the Carlow Workhouse in 1886; in 1851 he stated that he acquired his lot on Dublin Road in 1816 and built his house on it in 1829 so he might have been born even a little bit earlier)
m.(1) Elizabeth Smith (RC)
1.  James Bowles bp. July 16, 1831 Carlow (RC) (witnesses: William Smith, Bridget Hogan) (parents lived Castle Hill, Grague, Carlow)
(on the same day William Bowles and Rose Nolan witnessed a neighbour on Grave Lane's baptism (Park Lane today))
m.(2) Anne Byrne ~ 1836
(records show William lived on Dublin Road from 1829 until at least 1863)
1.  Anne bp. July 8, 1837 Carlow ref.
(the family is listed in the church register as living at Barnard's Lane which crosses the Dublin Road by William's Lot 80)
2.  Richard b. ~ 1838
m. Mary Donnelly (b. 1838 John, Margaret) May 4, 1863 ref. 
(Richard was a shoemaker and also lived on Dublin Road; probably in his parent's former house)
2.1  Harriet Bowles bp. Dec. 29, 1863 Carlow ref.
(did not marry)
d. Oct. 11, 1886 (age 22) bur. Carlow RC Cathedral ref.
(a seamstress on Dublin Road in burial record)
2.2  Margaret Bowles bp. Feb. 6, 1866 Carlow 
d. June 13, 1868 Dublin Road, Carlow (age 2)
(child of a shoemaker on Civic Death registration)
2.3  Mary Bowles b. Apr. 24, 1868 Carlow bp. May 5, 1868 Carlow Cathedral ref.
m. William Ellis (b. ca. 1871, father: John) Apr. 29, 1895 Carlow 
(Carlow Cath. Reg. vol. 3, p. 307)
(William is a Compositor and Mary a dressmaker on the Civic Marriage registration; William was the foreman in the printing works of "The Nationalist and Leinster Times" Ltd. )
(they lived on Dublin Road until about 1900 and then on Charlotte Street in Carlow)
2.3.1  John Ellis bp. May 24, 1896 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 8 p. 48)
(a founding member of the Old Carlow Society in 1946)
m. ? July-Sept. 1924  John Ellis  Brendan Ellis  William (Willie) Ellis b. ca.
Willie d. July 22, 2007 St. Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny tribute obit
2.3.2  Mary Ellis bp. May 30, 1897 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 8 p. 56)
2.3.3  William Ellis bp. Jan. 21, 1900 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 8 p. 75)
2.3.4  Harriet Ellis bp. Aug. 25, 1901 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 8 p. 86)
m. Henry Harvey July-Sept. 1924 Carlow
2.3.5  Richard Ellis bp. Apr. 5, 1903 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 9 p. 7)
2.3.6  Gertrude Ellis bp. July 25, 1905 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 9 p. 26)
2.3.7  Mary Ellis bp. Nov. 25, 1906 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 9 p. 37)
2.3.8  Joseph Ellis bp. Jan. 10, 1909 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 9 p. 52)
2.3.9  Francis (Frank) Ellis bp. Nov. 27, 1910 Carlow (Carlow Cathedral register vol. 9 p. 66)
Frank’s 90th Birthday, Carlow People, December 1, 2000
Frank d. 2001
William Ellis d. July-Sept. 1924 Carlow (age 53)
Mary d. Mar. 14, 1943 Carlow bur. St. Mary’s Cemetery obit
Richard d. April 7, 1869 (age 31) bur. Carlow RC Cathedral ref.
Mary d. Nov. 15, 1906 bur. Carlow RC Cathedral
(living with her daughter Mary Ellis' family on Charlotte Street in the 1901 census and "of Charlotte St." in burial record) 1901 Census
(Index to Carlow Cathedral Register vol. 11, p. 133)
(Mary and her daughter Harriet are buried with her Donnelly family in the Carlow Old Graves cemetery)  ref
3.      James bp. Nov. 14, 1841 Carlow RC Cathedral (Sponsor: Mary Neale)  ref.
(parents lived at The Quarries; 'spurious' by James' name means that he was illegitimate)
(alive in 1869 when he registered his brother Richard’s death with the civic authority)
4.      William bp. 1844 Carlow RC Cathedral  ref.
(possibly a shoemaker in Carlow in 1873)
William d. Apr. 24, 1886 (at age 86) Carlow Workhouse, Carlow

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