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Bowles DNA Project
The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England

The Bowles Families in Canada

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Welcome to my Web site!

My Story, why have I made a web site specifically about the Bowles in Canada?  Do I mean all Bowles in Canada?  How about Boles, Boals, Bolds etc?

My Bowles Family, my particular Bowles family tree plus what I've been able to learn about their lives including many connections to Bowles in other parts of Canada.

Bowles in Canada, this is a province by province and county by county (or municipality) collection of miscellaneous Bowles information which I have collected.

Bowles in Ireland, an Irish county by county collection of Bowles references with particular stress on any which may connect to Canadian descendants.

Bowles in England, many of the Bowles in Canada emigrated directly from England and most, but probably not all, of the Bowles in Ireland originated in England.  This section tries to sort out some possible linkages.

Origin of the Name, presents the theory which I like about the origin of the Bowles name as well as some other possibilities.

Index of Names, (future project) as an aid to finding correlations between one particular Bowles and another of the same name in another area, I have assigned a number to each Bowles in Canada with any information about their birth date, birth place, spouse, date of death etc....information which may help to put the puzzle pieces together.

Related Links, links to other Bowles sites, historical background sites or other selected sites of possible interest to Bowles researchers.  Please send me any you would like to see included.

New Additions, the most recently added or significantly updated pages on this site.


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