Selected Records Transcribed From the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (selected counties in Ireland)
Important Note:  These transcriptions have not yet been proof read so occasionally the information given represents best guesses by volunteers working from sometimes very poor copies of very hard to read original documents.  If you find something of interest on this page, please check it by returning to the Index Page and then select the Original Image graphic for this page.
Please also note that Quaker dates did not follow our current calender until 1752.  For dates before 1752 please refer to Important Note Re: Quaker Date Formats
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Image County Book Page Given Name Surname Residence Description Names of Parents Parents' Abode To Whom Married Where Married Date of Marriage
                    Given Name Surname Of    
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 412 266 James Beskett         Anne        
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 13 31 Margaret Bennett Kinsale Formerly of Brinswall James Bennett Kinsale Frances Randall      
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford   17   Barnes Preston, Westmoreland         Ruby Newcross, Co. Cork    
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 12 240                      
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 18   Barnards     John & Esther Barnards   Edward Faucett Yorkshire    
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford   5 Roger Boucher     William & Elisabeth Bougher Warminster, Wiltshire Mary Downett Ballycarney, Co. Wexford Ballycarney 1676-8-16
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 12 284 John Barker Davidstown, co. Wick.       Hannah Webster Ballinalars, co. Wexford Ballycarney 1678-
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 319 Joseph Berry Little Killane, Co Wexford   William Berry   Susanna Chamberlin Little Killane, Co. Wexford John Goulbys in Wexford 1678-10-8
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford   34 Anne Browne Killeeren, Co Wexford       John Arnold Davidstown, Co. Wexford Old Booley, Co. Wexford 1682-5-9
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 2 288 Abigail Barrett         Jn Thompson     1688-2-18
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 53 George Bishop Ballinamoney, Co. Wexford       Elisabeth Chamberlin Castletown, Co.Wexford Newgarden 1693-4-14
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 44 Mary Bonds Athy, Co. Kildare       Joshua Chamberlin Little Killane, Co. Wexford Newgarden 1693-6-9
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 9 70 Joseph Bound New Ross       Charity Varman Askasillagh, Co. Wexford Ballinabarney  
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 49 Joseph Bound New Ross       Charity Varman Askasillagh, Co. Wexford Ballinabarney 1698-5-1
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 48 Margaret Bevin Co. Wexford       Daniel Fossey Wexford Forrest 1698-5-7
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 53 Andrew Browne Lambstown       Elisabeth Reed Bregorteen Forrest 1703-7-9
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 86 Elisabeth Butler Raheen, Co. Wexford       John Ever Enniscorthy Ballinclare, Co. Wexford 1704-3-18
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 109 Mary Bevin Raheen, Co. Wexford       Samuel  Green Co. Wexford Forrest 1706-3-3
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 58 Mary Boles         Jonas Chamberlin      
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 16   Berry Ballykelly, Co. Wexford       Anne Fountain   Wexford 1707-12=25
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 60 Elisabeth Banfield Cooladine       John Williams Cooladine Cooladine 1718/9-1-13
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 3 Rachel Bancroft Lambstown     Lambstown Robert Woodcock Killmon Lambstown 1718-1-19
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 16   Barrington Co. Wexford       Mary Varman   Lambstown 1718-5-3
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 62 Nicholas Barrington Ballymasans?   Thomas & Susanna Barrington Ballymacane, Co. Wexford Mary Bancroft Lambstown Lambstown 1720-1-24
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3   Mary Bancroft Lambstown   Jacob & Ruth Bancroft Lambstown Nicholas Barrington Ballymacane Lambstown 1720-1-24
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 121 Alice Boardman Combelough, Co. Wexford       Thomas Almont Growtown Cooladine 1720-2-1
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 65 John Britton Late of Dublin       Sarah Leary Medofhall, Co. Wexford Ballinclare, Co. Wexford 1722-10-26
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3 46 Andrew Brown  Newtown       Margaret Poole     1722
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3   Sarah Brown Ballygaman       Jacob Martin      
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3   Joseph Berry Little Killane, Co Wexford   Joseph &  --- Berry   Hannah Wheeler Ennisccorthy Cooladine 1726-1-26
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3     Browne Ballygarvan, Co. Wexford   Andrew & --- Browne   Thomas Poole Ballygorman Wexford 1726-11-10
WexM-B1.jpg Wexford 3     Boardman Courtlough       Samuel  Simmons   Cooladine 1726-11-10

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