Selected Records Transcribed From the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (selected counties in Ireland)
Important Note:  These transcriptions have not yet been proof read so occasionally the information given represents best guesses by volunteers working from sometimes very poor copies of very hard to read original documents.  If you find something of interest on this page, please check it by returning to the Index Page and then select the Original Image graphic for this page.
Please also note that Quaker dates did not follow our current calender until 1752.  For dates before 1752 please refer to Important Note Re: Quaker Date Formats
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Image County Book Page Given Name Surname Residence Description Names of Parents Parents' Abode To Whom Married Where Married Date of Marriage
                  Given Name Surname Residence Year Month Day
TipM-G4.jpg Tipperary - 121 Thomas Grubb - - Thomas (S.) & Elisa Grubb - Jane Haughton Kelvin Grove, Carlow Carlow 1846 6 17
TipM-G4.jpg Tipperary - 122 Anne Grubb Clonmel - George & Hannah Grubb Clonmel Thomas Shannon Clonmel Clonmel 1850 1 10

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