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Cymru : Wales

The FreeCEN Census Project

FreeCEN's aim is to provide a free-to-view on-line searchable
database of the census returns for the whole country. 

The FreeCEN Project CD's have been freely loaned by the LDS 
to  volunteers  for transcription purposes only.  

Volunteers from all over the world are transcribing  the census 
 into  specially  designed Spreadsheet. 

The Spreadsheet will work on any Windows and Mac Apple PC that has 
that can save a .CSV file Format.

Without the volunteers invaluable support this project would not exist

June 30, 2014 

!!!   Volunteers Urgently Required   !!!

 Can you spare a couple of hours per week to help us Transcribe the Census.

If you or anyone you know would like to join us  please contact me
by clicking on the following email link to  Brenda  

Also you can click on any of the following links to go to that page

FreeCEN Search

 FreeCEN Statistics

Wales County Coordinators

Brenda's FreeCEN Index Page 

Example Spreadsheet

Useful Tips for Transcribing

Some Basic Welsh Meanings


Wales County Coordinators

Glamorganshire 1891

Elsie Isaac

Monmouthshire 1871

Marlene James

Monmouthshire 1891

Click on this email link to help with
 any of the following Counties

Anglesey 1861 & 1891

Caernarvonshire 1861 & 1871 & 1891

Cardiganshire 1861 & 1871 & 1891

Carmarthenshire 1871

Denbighshire 1861 & 1871 & 1891

Flintshire 1861 & 1871 & 1891
Glamorganshire 1871
Merionethshire 1871 & 1891

Montgomeryshire  (Part Only)

Pembrokeshire 1861 & 1871
Radnorshire 1861 & 1891

Some Basic Welsh Meanings

If you wish to add to the following list please email me direct.

Welsh Basic meaning   Welsh Basic meaning
Aber a river mouth or
 confluence of waters
Gwaelod bottom or foundation
Aelwyd hearth or home Gwyn  white or holy
Afon a river    Gwynt & wynt wind
Allt a hill Hafod summer dwelling or summer pasture
Awel a breeze Haul the sun 
Bach & Fach small little Hen old
Bae a bay Hendre winter dwelling
Betws a house of prayer Heulog sunny
Blaen the source of a river or
head of a valley
Hyfryd pleasant agreeable delightful
Bodlon satisfied content Llan a church or parish
Bron the breast of a hill Llyn a lake or pool
Bryn a hill Llys a hall court  or palace
Buarth farmyard Maes a field
Bwlch a pass or gap Mawr & Fawr big large
Cae a field Melin a mill
Caer & Gaer a fort Minffordd the wayside
Canol mid or centre Mor sea
Capel a chapel Morfa sea marsh or bog
Caredig kind Mynydd a mountain
Carreg stone Nant a stream or brook
Cartref abode residence Newydd new
Castell a castle Ochr beside
Cefn a ridge Pant hollow dent or valley
Celyn holly Pen head top or end
Cloch a bell Pentre a village
Coch & Goch red Perllan Berllan an orchard
Coed a wood Pistyll a waterfall
Craig & Graig a rock outcrop or crag Plas mansion large house
Croes a cross Pont a bridge
Cwm a valley Pwll a pool
Derwen oak Rhestr a row or line
Draw yonder beyond Rhos moorland
Dyffryn a valley Rhyd a ford
Dwr water Tan under beneath
Eglwys church Teg fair fine beautiful
Fan & Ban summit peak Terfyn end or boundary
Ffordd road Tirion gentle gracious
Ffydd faith confidence or belief Tre a homestead or town
Ffynnon a well Ty a house
Glan river bank or seashore Tyddyn a small farm or smallholding
Glyn a glen or valley Ucha(f) highest

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