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THE FREECEN Census Project

FreeCEN's  aim is to provide a free-to-view on-line searchable
database  of the census returns for the whole country. 

The FreeCEN Project CD's have been freely loaned  by the LDS
to  volunteers  for transcription purposes only.  
Volunteers from all over the world are transcribing  the census 
 into  specially  designed Spreadsheet. 
The Spreadsheet will work on any Windows and Mac Apple PC that has 
that can save a .CSV file Format.

Without the volunteers invaluable support this project would not exist.


Friday, August 19, 2016

!!!   Volunteers Urgently Required   !!!

 Can you spare a couple of hours per week to help us Transcribe the Census.

If you or anyone you know would like to join us  please contact me
by clicking on the following email link to  Brenda

Also you can click on any of the following links to go to that page

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Channel Islands 1861 Status

Piece Number Island Comprising Transcribed Checked Validated Online
RG094374 Alderney St Anne Angela Kathleen Jenny Online
RG094375 Guernsey St Andrew Ray John Mary Online
RG094376 Guernsey St Martin John G Angela Mary Online
RG094377 Guernsey Catel Angela Kathleen Mary Online
RG094378 Guernsey The Vale Angela Mary Libby Online
RG094379 Guernsey   St Peter Port Susan Angela Mary Online
RG094380 Guernsey   St Peter Port Jan Angela Jenny Online
RG094381 Guernsey   St Peter Port John Seakins Janet Hogan Brenda  Online
RG094382 Guernsey   St Peter Port Angela Kathleen Jenny Online
RG094383 Guernsey   St Peter Port Angela Kathleen Jenny Online
RG094384 Guernsey St Peter in the Wood John G Angela Mary Online
RG094385 Guernsey St Sampsons Angela Carol Mary Online
RG094386 Guernsey The Forest Angela Kathleen Jenny Online
RG094387 Guernsey St Saviour Angela Kathleen Jenny Online
RG094388 Guernsey Torteval Ray John G Mary Online
RG094389 Sark Le Marchant Missing No Records      
RG094390 Jersey Grouville Neil Schooling

Checker Required

RG094391 Jersey St Brelade John J Kathleen Mary Online
RG094392 Jersey St Clement John J Kathleen Mary Online
RG094393 Jersey St Helier Neil S

Checker Required

RG094394 Jersey St Helier   Brigitte K

Checker Required

RG094395 Jersey St Helier  Brigitte K

Checker Required

RG094396 Jersey St Helier  Brigitte K

Checker Required

RG094397 Jersey St Helier  Brigitte K

Checker Required

RG094398 Jersey  St Helier  Brigitte K

Checker Required

RG094399 Jersey St Helier  Brigitte K
June 2016
 RG094400 Jersey St Helier      Pam Kathleen  Jenny  Online
 RG094401 Jersey St John      Mary Kathleen   Jenny Online
RG094402 Jersey St Lawrence      John J Kathleen   Jenny  Online
RG094403   Jersey St Martins      John J Done  Online  Online
RG094404 Jersey St Marys      John J Kathleen  Jenny  Online
RG094405 Jersey St Ouen      John J Kathleen  Jenny  Online
RG094406 Jersey St Peter      John J Janet Hogan Brenda Online
RG094407  Jersey St Saviour  Kate

Checker Required

RG094408 Jersey Trinity      John J Kathleen Jenny Online

Channel Islands 1891 Status

Piece  Island Comprising Transcriber Checked Validated Online
RG12/4693  Jersey  St Helier  Neil Schooling Checker required    
RG12/4694  Jersey  St Helier  Larraine Santos
Aug 2016
RG12/4695  Jersey  St Helier  Transcriber Required      
RG12/4696  Jersey  St Helier  Transcriber Required      
RG12/4697  Jersey  St Saviour
St Clement
Transcriber Required      
RG12/4698  Jersey  Grouville 
St Martin Trinity
Transcriber Required      
RG12/4699 Jersey  St John,
 St Mary,
St Ouen
Transcriber Required      
RG12/4700  Jersey  St Peterport
St Brelade Port
St Laurence
 St Martin
St Helier 
Transcriber Required      
RG12/4701  Guernsey  Herm Jethou  St Peter Port  John Seakins Marian Seakins Brenda Online
RG12/4702  Guernsey  St Peter Port
 to ED26
John Seakins Marian Seakins    
RG12/4703  Guernsey  St Peter Port  John Seakins Marian Seakins    
RG12/4704  Guernsey  St Sampson  John Seakins Marian Seakins    
RG12/4705  Guernsey  Vale St Mary Castro/Castel  John Seakins Marian Seakins    
RG12/4706  Guernsey  St Saviour  St Pierre du Bois  St Andrew St Martin  John Seakins Marian Seakins    
RG12/4707  Guernsey  Forest  Great Sark  Little Sark   Brechou Torteval  Alderney St Peter Port  St Sampson  John Seakins
Marian Seakins    

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