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???, Elliza A. (marriage to Lewis Whitaker) (i3367), b.1824-d.1876
???, Flora L. (marriage to Robert Whitaker Sleeper) (i3420), b.1890-d.1965
???, Louisa H. (marriage to John Whitaker) (i3151), b.1828-d.1879
???, Lucreta (marriage to Henry Whitaker) (i3335), b.1818-
???, Mary (marriage to Williard Whitaker) (i3369), b.1854-
???, Rhoda (marriage to Hugh Whitaker) (i3313)
???, Susanna (marriage to Caleb Whitaker) (i3455)
???, Susanna (marriage to Jesse Whitaker Reverend) (i3505), d.1866


Allyn, Nancy Maria (marriage to James G. Whitaker) (i3384), b.1834-d.1920


Arnold, Jacson (marriage to Josephine Whitaker) (i3346)
Arnold, Laura Ann (i3448) (still alive)
Arnold, Lillian Joyce (i3437), b.1943-d.1961
Arnold, Percy (i3428), b.1889-d.1970
Arnold, Ray James (i3429), b.1893-d.1957
Arnold, Ray James (i3447) (still alive)
Arnold, Sheridan (marriage to Jeanette Whitaker) (i3427)
Arnold, Sheridan Ray (i3439), b.1947-d.1998


Attwood, John (marriage to Ruth Whitaker) (i2953)


Ballard, Charlotte (marriage to Jonothan Whitaker) (i3566)


Bartlet, Abigail (i3221), b.1742-
Bartlet, Christopher (i3224), b.1745-
Bartlet, Daniel (i3222), b.1743-
Bartlet, Hannah (i3223), b.1740-
Bartlet, Mary (i3219), b.1736-
Bartlet, Moses (i3220), b.1738-
Bartlet, Nathaniel (i3216), b.1730-
Bartlet, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Johnson) (i3205)
Bartlet, Phoebe (i3225), b.1748-
Bartlet, Sarah (i3217), b.1731-d.1799
Bartlet, Susanna (i3218), b.1734-


Bartlett, Stephen (marriage to Phebe Whitaker) (i3538)


Beane, Hannah (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i2251), d.1692


Beardsley, Catherine (marriage to Clark Whitaker) (i3319)
Beardsley, William (marriage to Abigail Whitaker) (i3317)


Bell, Albert David (i3146), b.1874-d.1874
Bell, Arthur (marriage to Eliza Ann Bradley) (i3141)
Bell, Laura Ann (i3142), b.1861-
Bell, Louise A. (i3144)
Bell, Margaret (i3143), b.1869-
Bell, William Alfred (i3145)


Black, Susanna (marriage to Samuell Johnson) (i3207)


Blaisdell, Geneva(Jenny) Adell (marriage to Edwin S. Whitaker) (i3651), b.1869-


Borman, Noelle Elise (i860) (still alive)


Bowen, Julia A. (marriage to Ezra J. Whitaker) (i3410), b.1858-d.1921


Bradley, Ebenezer N. (marriage to Sarah Whitaker) (i1928)
Bradley, Eliza Ann (i3140), b.1835-
Bradley, Joseph Noyes (i3150), b.1842-d.1846
Bradley, Laura Elizabeth (i3147), b.1838-d.1915
Bradley, Matilda Welch (i3149)
Bradley, Sophia (marriage to Amos Whitaker) (i1926), b.1809-d.1900
Bradley, Susanna (marriage to William Whitaker) (i2337)


Brandstreet, Thomas F. (marriage to Caroline Whitaker) (i3675) (living status unknown)


Brown, Estira (i3400), b.1884-
Brown, Ethel (i3403), b.1902-
Brown, Frank A. (marriage to Jennie S. (Jane) Whitaker) (i3399), b.1856-d.1911
Brown, Harry (i3396), b.1885-
Brown, Harry (marriage to Celia M. Chaffee) (i3396), b.1885-
Brown, Leigh (i3402), b.1887-


Bryant, Andrew (i3182), b.1776-
Bryant, Anna (i3176), b.1759-
Bryant, Battay (i3179), b.1767-
Bryant, Battey (i3177), b.1760-d.1764
Bryant, David (i3175), b.1756-
Bryant, Joanna (i3178), b.1763-
Bryant, Mary (i3181), b.1773-
Bryant, Mathew (i3183), b.1779-
Bryant, William (i3180), b.1770-
Bryant, William (marriage to Anna Whitaker) (i3108)


Bucannon, Sarah Agness (marriage to Benjamin Bradley Whitaker) (i3138)


Buechele, Christopher Ryan (i1629) (still alive)


Canfield, George H. (marriage to Antoinette Mary Currier) (i3358), b.1845-d.1903


Chaffee, Blanche E. (i3397), b.1893-d.1958
Chaffee, Celia M. (i3395), b.1889-d.1953
Chaffee, Celia M. (marriage to Harry Brown) (i3395), b.1889-d.1953
Chaffee, Floyd W. (i3394), b.1888-d.1961
Chaffee, Hannah Armington (marriage to Harrison L. Whitaker) (i3349), b.1821-d.1889
Chaffee, Inez (i3393), b.1884-d.1886
Chaffee, James "Polk" (marriage to Adelaide Stephens) (i3390), b.1844-d.1922
Chaffee, Ross A. (i3391), b.1882-d.1962
Chaffee, Susan (marriage to Truman S. Whitaker) (i3380), b.1828-d.1911
Chaffee, William A. (marriage to Blanche E. Chaffee) (i3398), b.1864-d.1940


Chase, Catharine C. (i3257), b.1827-
Chase, Edward Henry (i3259), b.1835-
Chase, Emma F. (marriage to John H. Hunt) (i854), b.1862-d.1901
Chase, Frances P. (i3261), b.1843-
Chase, George Samuel (i3260), b.1839-
Chase, Henry B. (i3256), b.1826-d.1826
Chase, Mary Josephine (marriage to Hiram Daniel Osborne) (i3484)
Chase, Robert Stuart (i3258), b.1831-
Chase, Samuel (marriage to Betsey Cogswell) (i3250)
Chase, Samuel (marriage to Priscilla Cogswell) (i3255)


Cilley, John C. (marriage to Lydia Whitaker) (i3542)


Clark, Amos (i3266), b.1720-
Clark, Ephraim (i3263), b.1728-
Clark, Ephraim (marriage to Ruth Whitaker) (i2338), b.1694-
Clark, Jonathan (i3267), b.1721-
Clark, Jonathan (marriage to Priscilla Whitaker) (i2944)
Clark, Ruth (i3264), b.1724-
Clark, Sarah (i3265)


Clarkson, Mark Steven (i3489) (still alive)


Clement, Ann (marriage to David Whitaker) (i2342)


Clifford, Timothy Joseph (marriage to Myrtle Angie Parker) (i821)


Cogswell, Abigail White (i3246), b.1796-d.1805
Cogswell, Betsey (i3242), b.1789-
Cogswell, Ebenezer (i3243), b.1793-d.1795
Cogswell, Elizabeth (i3236), b.1799-
Cogswell, Hannah (i3247), b.1797-
Cogswell, James Bartlet (i3239), b.1784-
Cogswell, John (i3229), b.1759-d.1801
Cogswell, John (i3248), b.1799-
Cogswell, John, Jr. (marriage to Sarah Bartlet) (i3226), d.1818
Cogswell, Lydia (i3235), b.1797-
Cogswell, Nabba (i3244), b.1794-d.1796
Cogswell, Priscilla (i3238), b.1803-
Cogswell, Priscilla (i3241), b.1788-d.1800
Cogswell, Robert (i3245), b.1791-
Cogswell, Sally (i3240), b.1786-
Cogswell, Sarah Bartlett (i3234), b.1796-
Cogswell, Thomas (i3230), b.1761-d.1761
Cogswell, Thomas (i3231), b.1766-
Cogswell, William (i3237), b.1801-
Cogswell, William (i3249), b.1801-d.1801


Colby, Sarah (marriage to Asa Whitaker) (i3535)


Corey, Laura (marriage to Andrew Jackson Whitaker) (i3375), b.1821-d.1919
Corey, W. (marriage to Polly Whitaker) (i3514)


Corliss, Huldah (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i2253), b.1661-


Currier, Amos (i3271), b.1734-d.1736
Currier, Ann (i3268), b.1724-
Currier, Antoinette Mary (i3357), b.1856-d.1914
Currier, Catherine E. (i3359), b.1859-d.1903
Currier, David (i3272), b.1737-
Currier, James U. (marriage to Betsy Whitaker) (i3356), b.1828-d.1892
Currier, John (i3269), b.1727-
Currier, John (marriage to Rachell Whitaker) (i2340)
Currier, Nina A. (i3360), b.1865-d.1940
Currier, Sarah (i3273), b.1740-
Currier, William (i3270), b.1730-d.1736


Curtis, Sarah (marriage to Caleb Whitaker) (i3457), b.1783-d.1870


Dodge, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Whitaker) (i1925), d.1873


Durling, Barbara Ann (i25), b.1966-d.1966
Durling, Shawn Clifford (i26) (still alive)


Duston, Elizabeth (i837), b.1844-d.1866
Duston, Hannah (i834), b.1833-d.1897
Duston, Harriet (i825), b.1838-d.1922
Duston, Laurens (i838), b.1848-d.1852
Duston, Obadiah (marriage to Anna Whitaker) (i832), b.1806-d.1888
Duston, Ruth (i835), b.1836-d.1873
Duston, Sally (marriage to Peter E. Whitaker) (i843), b.1767-d.1855
Duston, Thomas (i836), b.1841-d.1894


Eaton, Mary Gage (marriage to John Whitaker) (i1927), b.1818-d.1889


Edward, Arthur (marriage to Laura Elizabeth Bradley) (i3148)


Edwards, Cleon G. (i3592), b.1916-d.1925
Edwards, Frank Millard (i3617) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Gladys Ruth (i3616) (still alive)
Edwards, Jane Earle (i3613) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Leon Fremont (marriage to Gladys Beatic Giles) (i3590), b.1891-d.1919
Edwards, Mary Ellen (i3615) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Robert Eugene (i3591), b.1913-d.1995


Emerson, Abigail (marriage to James Whitaker) (i3124)
Emerson, Sarah (marriage to William Whitaker) (i2255), b.1665-d.1702


Endicott, Sally (marriage to Andrew Bryant) (i3184), d.1809


Eno, Jane (marriage to Harrison Whitaker) (i3161), b.1842-d.1893


Fical, Blanche (i3409)
Fical, Glenn (i3408)
Fical, Sidney (marriage to May Stephens) (i3407)


Files, Freola Katherine (i3466) (still alive)


Foot, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Bartlett Cogswell) (i3253)


Frost, Don (i3654) (living status unknown)
Frost, Edger (marriage to Gladys Beatic Giles) (i3611) (living status unknown)
Frost, Elizabeth (i3653) (living status unknown)
Frost, Ruth (i3652) (living status unknown)
Frost, William (i3667) (living status unknown)


Galutia, Corntine (marriage to Lucinda Whitaker) (i3338)


Gardner, David W. (marriage to Hannah Whitaker) (i2943)


Garland, Charlotte (marriage to Winslow Whitaker) (i3601), b.1838-d.1909


Gerry, Elsie (marriage to Atwood Whitaker) (i3608), b.1838-d.1875


Gevert, Ronald Charles (marriage to Lillian Joyce Arnold) (i3438), b.1944-d.1961


Gibson, Barbara Ann (i11) (still alive)
Gibson, Jasper Ewart (marriage to Harriet Hunt Parker) (i798), b.1893-d.1971


Giles, Garnett Faustina (i3610) (living status unknown)
Giles, Gladys Beatic (i3595), b.1893-d.1975
Giles, Willis Alden (marriage to Mary Addie Whitaker) (i3612), b.1867-d.1945


Gilman, Molly (marriage to David Bryant) (i3185)


Godner, Clarence (marriage to Estira Brown) (i3401)


Goodwin, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Albert Eaton Whitaker) (i3162), b.1848-d.1922


Graves, Lucinda (marriage to Henry Whitaker) (i3332), b.1799-d.1876


Griffin, Betty (marriage to John Cogswell) (i3232), d.1836
Griffin, Mary Augusta (marriage to Thomas Duston) (i841)


Guile, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Whitaker) (i969), b.1721-d.1791


Hadley, Abel (i3170), b.1737-
Hadley, Abner (marriage to Lucy Whitaker) (i3541)
Hadley, Amos (i3171), b.1739-
Hadley, Elizabeth (marriage to Alvin Whitaker) (i3531)
Hadley, Ezekiel (i3173), b.1744-
Hadley, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Whitaker) (i2946)
Hadley, Sarah (i3174), b.1747-
Hadley, Simeon (i3172), b.1742-


Hall, Derick (i3450) (still alive)
Hall, Kristophor Michael (i3451) (still alive)
Hall, Megan Eileen (i3452) (still alive)


Hallowell, John (marriage to Hannah Duston) (i839), d.1866


Hand, T. Cromwell (marriage to Elizabeth Whitaker) (i3412)


Hardic, Clarence J. (i3405), b.1892-d.1943
Hardic, George T. (marriage to Catherine E. Currier) (i3404), b.1862-d.1924
Hardic, Josephine (i3406), b.1894-d.1971


Harding, Lula M. (marriage to Rodney C. Whitaker) (i3631), b.1871-


Hardy, Oliver (marriage to Easther Whitaker) (i3137)
Hardy, Sarah (marriage to Asa Whitaker) (i3497), d.1828


Harriman, Lydia (marriage to Thomas Cogswell) (i3233), d.1810


Harrimon, Sarah (marriage to William Whitaker) (i2348), d.1854


Harrington, Anne (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i3301)


Herriman, Mehetable (marriage to William Whitaker) (i2292), b.1686-


Hobart, Caroline (marriage to Augustus Greenleaf Whitaker) (i3573)


Howard, Claude Raymond, Jr. (marriage to Sylvia E. Jones) (i3440), b.1920-d.1986
Howard, Claudia (i3441) (still alive)
Howard, David E. (i3443) (still alive)
Howard, John L. (i3445) (still alive)


Hoyt, Aaron (i3160), b.1895-d.1965
Hoyt, Charles M. (marriage to Ida Belle King) (i3159)


Hunt, Annie J. (i859), b.1872-
Hunt, Edith (marriage to Delestine Whitaker) (i3597), b.1858-
Hunt, Elizabeth Duston (i851), b.1873-
Hunt, Eva May (i850), b.1868-
Hunt, Frank N. (i858), b.1868-
Hunt, Hattie B. (i857), b.1864-
Hunt, John H. (i849), b.1866-
Hunt, John N. (marriage to Harriet Duston) (i824), b.1830-d.1896
Hunt, Lewis A. (marriage to Ruth Duston) (i840), b.1832-d.1890
Hunt, Lewis Eugene (i848), b.1862-d.1881
Hunt, Lola Hannah (i818), b.1862-d.1933
Hunt, Loren Leonder (i846), b.1857-
Hunt, Ruth Isabel (i847), b.1859-d.1886


Johnson, Elizabeth (i3212), b.1754-
Johnson, Floyd (marriage to Doris Whitaker) (i3389)
Johnson, Hannah (i3209), b.1746-
Johnson, John (i3210), b.1749-
Johnson, Jonathan (marriage to Anna Bryant) (i3188)
Johnson, Lydia (marriage to David Whitaker) (i3537)
Johnson, Mary (i3208), b.1744-
Johnson, Ruth (i3201), b.1711-
Johnson, Samuel (i3211), b.1751-
Johnson, Samuell (i3203), b.1716-
Johnson, Sarah (i3200), b.1709-
Johnson, Stephen (i3202), b.1713-
Johnson, Stephen (i3213), b.1742-
Johnson, Stephen (marriage to Sarah Whitaker) (i2945)
Johnson, Susanna (i3214), b.1742-
Johnson, Timothy (i3215), b.1747-
Johnson, Zechariah (marriage to Easther Whitaker) (i2947)


Jones, Addie (marriage to Ruel G. Whitaker) (i3421), b.1863-d.1948
Jones, Ernest C. (marriage to Josephine Hardic) (i3432), b.1887-d.1947
Jones, Sylvia E. (i3433), b.1916-d.1998
Jones, Thelma (i3434), b.1919-


Judkins, Elisabeth (marriage to William Bryant) (i3187)


Kellogg, Abigail (marriage to David Whitaker) (i3275)


Kelly, Holdridge (marriage to Hannah Whitaker) (i3291)


King, Auther (i3156), b.1866-d.1866
King, George Harrison (i3155), b.1865-d.1865
King, Hebert Starr (i3158), b.1876-d.1876
King, Ida Belle (i3157), b.1867-
King, Joseph Starr (marriage to Louisa Whitaker) (i3153)
King, Mary Louise (i3154), b.1861-
King, Patricia (i3486) (still alive)


Lambert, Abigail (marriage to Jonathan Whitaker) (i3293), b.1693-d.1790


Leavitt, George E. (marriage to Laura Anna Whitaker) (i3164)
Leavitt, Urban Whitaker (i3167), b.1886-d.1955
Leavitt, Vard Bernard (i3165), b.1880-


Leone, Francis Pasquale (i863) (still alive)
Leone, Jeffrey Michael (i864) (still alive)
Leone, Katie Marie (i865) (still alive)
Leone, Mark Nicholas (i866) (still alive)


Lewis, Sardis Miller (marriage to Rachel Whitaker) (i3459)


Lufkin, Susanna (marriage to Stephen Johnson) (i3206)


Marble, Daniel (marriage to Ann Currier) (i3274)


Marsh, Moses (marriage to Hannah Whitaker) (i2949)


Maynew, Lovina (marriage to Harrison L. Whitaker) (i3350)


Mckenney, Marcia (marriage to Lindley Hoag Whitaker) (i3603), b.1841-


Merk, Charles N. (marriage to Thelma Jones) (i3435), b.1915-d.1988


Merrick, Charles (marriage to Ruth Isabel Hunt) (i853)
Merrick, Lizzie (marriage to George Trafton Whitaker) (i3605), b.1850-d.1908


Miller, ??? (marriage to Eva Whitaker) (i3418)


Mitchell, Dorcas (marriage to James Whitaker) (i3671) (living status unknown)


Morse, Christina Lynn (i872) (still alive)
Morse, Jason John (i873) (still alive)


Morton, Betsey (marriage to Isaac Whitaker) (i3669), b.1779-d.1853


Murphy, ??? (marriage to Delphine Whitaker) (i3344)


Myrick, Willis Stephen (marriage to Lydia W. Whitaker) (i3625), b.1855-d.1935


Nichols, Nancy (marriage to Harrington Whitaker) (i3352), b.1832-d.1895


Noël, Aaron Richard (i868) (still alive)
Noël, David Scott (i16) (still alive)
Noël, Diane Elise (i13) (still alive)
Noël, Elise Jolene (i867) (still alive)
Noël, Emily Dixie (i4) (still alive)
Noël, Emma Nellie (i8) (still alive)
Noël, Faith Marissa (i967) (still alive)
Noël, Judith Susan (i17) (still alive)
Noël, Kenneth Alan (i12) (still alive)
Noël, Lee Ann (i861) (still alive)
Noël, Loren James (i7) (still alive)
Noël, Megan Alice (i5) (still alive)
Noël, Nancy Jean (i14) (still alive)
Noël, Peter Jacob (i6) (still alive)
Noël, Richard Ernest (i15) (still alive)
Noël, Robin Ann (i862) (still alive)
Noël, Samuel Jasper (i9) (still alive)
Noël, Thomas Joseph (i3) (still alive)
Noël, Thomas Joseph (i3080) (still alive)


Osborne, Daniel (marriage to Sarah Whitaker) (i3493), b.1809-d.1876
Osborne, Delphene (i3501), b.1879-d.1963
Osborne, Eldene (i3499), b.1865-d.1967
Osborne, Freola (i3478), b.1882-d.1919
Osborne, Heman (i3500), b.1867-d.1939
Osborne, Hiram Daniel (i3483), b.1843-d.1930
Osborne, Jesse Benton (i3503), b.1840-d.1906
Osborne, Louise S. (i3520), b.1862-d.1938
Osborne, Percy (i3502), b.1884-d.1980
Osborne, Susan W. (i3504), b.1836-d.1868
Osborne, Susie M. (i3543), b.1868-d.1871


Parker, Harriet Hunt (i799), b.1897-d.1962
Parker, Myrtle Angie (i819), b.1898-
Parker, Ruth E. (i820), b.1899-d.1988
Parker, Walter Chandler (marriage to Lola Hannah Hunt) (i817), b.1868-d.1930


Pelton, Arlene Virginia (i3479), b.1905-d.1960
Pelton, Elmer Winslow (i3481) (still alive)
Pelton, Grover Cleveland (marriage to Freola Osborne) (i3586), b.1887-d.1923
Pelton, Jessie Evelyn (i3480), b.1907-d.1977
Pelton, Priscilla Thelma (i3472) (still alive)
Pelton, Robert Fillmore (i3482), b.1910-d.1980


Pendleton, Masie I. (marriage to Harrison J. Whitaker) (i3430), b.1874-d.1953


Prinitz, Alton (i3511), b.1927-d.1996


Purinton, Almeron A. (marriage to Louise S. Osborne) (i3521), b.1858-d.1913
Purinton, Freddie E. (i3544), b.1878-
Purinton, Georgie G. (i3545), b.1880-
Purinton, Gladys (i3547) (still alive)
Purinton, Goldie (i3546), b.1885-
Purinton, Jamie (i3548) (still alive)


Ramsdell, Mary (marriage to Isaac Whitaker) (i3679)


Robinson, Joel (marriage to Celia Whitaker) (i3311)


Robitaille, Ann Elizabeth Marie (i3464) (still alive)
Robitaille, Charles Laurier, Jr. (i3460) (still alive)
Robitaille, Deanna Lee (i3475) (still alive)
Robitaille, Eve Christine (i3477) (still alive)
Robitaille, Gary Lee (i3467) (still alive)
Robitaille, Gregg Kenneth (i3462) (still alive)
Robitaille, Jennifer Marie (i3476) (still alive)
Robitaille, Mark Charles (i3463) (still alive)
Robitaille, Mathew Lee (i3473) (still alive)
Robitaille, Michelle Elaine (i3474) (still alive)
Robitaille, Susan Jeanne (i3468) (still alive)


Rogers, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Whitaker) (i3326)


Rowell, Elijah (marriage to Sarah Whitaker) (i3550)
Rowell, Robert (marriage to Hannah Whitaker) (i3549)


Russell, Albert (i3262), b.1832-d.1834
Russell, James (marriage to Lydia Cogswell) (i3254)


Schofield, James I. (marriage to Susan W. Osborne) (i3518), d.1876


Shoemaker, Florence (marriage to Ross A. Chaffee) (i3392)


Simmonds, Susanna (marriage to James Whitaker) (i2346)


Simmons, Elizabeth (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i2254), b.1635-d.1683


Simons, John (i3198), b.1740-
Simons, John (marriage to Mehetable Whitaker) (i2343), d.1742
Simons, Love (marriage to Jonathan Whitaker) (i2951), b.1717-d.1750
Simons, Mehetable (i3199), b.1742-


Sleeper, Catherine (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i3320), b.1796-d.1882
Sleeper, Laura Maria (marriage to Wellington Whitaker) (i3413), b.1852-d.1902
Sleeper, Robert Whitaker (i3419), b.1889-d.1957
Sleeper, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Eva Whitaker) (i3417), b.1847-d.1891


Smith, (marriage to Katie Whitaker) (i3628) (living status unknown)
Smith, Norman W. (i3629) (still alive)


Soule, Perlin W. (marriage to Eldene Osborne) (i3509)


Spinney, Cora W (marriage to George Trafton Whitaker) (i3650), b.1859-


Sprage, Phebe (marriage to Ebenezer Whitaker) (i2347)


Stephens, Adelaide (i3348), b.1852-d.1928
Stephens, Flora (i3366)
Stephens, Frederick (i3363)
Stephens, Harry (i3365)
Stephens, John B. (marriage to Mary Whitaker) (i3361), b.1824-d.1870
Stephens, May (i3362), b.1857-
Stephens, Minnie (i3364)
Stephens, Thomas (marriage to Mary (Polly) Whitaker) (i3340), b.1815-
Stephens, William W. (marriage to Sabra Whitaker) (i3347), b.1814-d.1905


Stone, Lydia (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i3289)


Stoning, Lucinda B. (marriage to Jesse Benton Osborne) (i3519), b.1838-d.1913


Taber, Eunice N. (marriage to Isaac Whitaker) (i3677) (living status unknown)


Taft, Mabel (marriage to Carl Whitaker) (i3415)

Trask Archer

Trask Archer, Sarah (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i2252), d.1704


Tredwell, Catherine (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i3309), b.1770-d.1848


Veasey, Mildred (marriage to Vard Bernard Leavitt) (i3166)


Wagner, Harriett Ellen (marriage to Robert Eugene Edwards) (i3614), b.1926-d.1994


Waning, Evelyn (i3621) (living status unknown)
Waning, John Maurice (marriage to Alice Faustina Whitaker) (i3620), b.1881-d.1928
Waning, Ralph Frederick (i3665), b.1910-d.1991


Ward, Mary Jane (marriage to Edwin Whitaker) (i3599), b.1840-d.1860


Watkins, Edwin (marriage to Carrie Whitaker) (i3355)


Watson, Sarah (marriage to John Whitaker) (i3539)


Webb, Barbara (marriage to Jacob T. Whitaker) (i3589), b.1809-d.1895


Webster, David (i3193), b.1829-
Webster, Gideon (marriage to Joanna Bryant) (i3186)
Webster, Harriet (i3192), b.1825-
Webster, John Walter (i3195), b.1832-
Webster, Jonathan (marriage to Sally Whitaker) (i3191)
Webster, Leverett (i3194), b.1827-
Webster, Mary (marriage to Jacob Whitaker) (i2280), b.1670-d.1763
Webster, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Whitaker) (i2952)
Webster, Sarah Elizabeth (i3197), b.1836-
Webster, Urinia Francis (i3196), b.1833-


West, Almeda (i3640) (living status unknown)
West, Delmont (i3639) (living status unknown)
West, Frances (i3641) (living status unknown)
West, Gertude (i3643) (living status unknown)
West, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Carolyn Whitaker) (i3638) (living status unknown)
West, Maria (i3642) (living status unknown)


Whitaker, Abigail (i3089), b.1696-
Whitaker, Abigail (i3118), b.1796-d.1847
Whitaker, Abigail (i3294), b.1722-
Whitaker, Abigail (i3307), b.1766-
Whitaker, Abigail (i3316)
Whitaker, Abraham (i2249), b.1626-d.1701
Whitaker, Abraham (i2250), b.1656-
Whitaker, Abraham (i2270), b.1711-
Whitaker, Abraham (i3081), b.1683-
Whitaker, Abraham (i3290), b.1717-
Whitaker, Abraham (i3299)
Whitaker, Abraham (i3306), b.1764-d.1840
Whitaker, Abraham (i3314), b.1791-d.1869
Whitaker, Abram (i3331), b.1840-d.1902
Whitaker, Adin (i3287), b.1806-
Whitaker, Agatha (i3386), b.1868-d.1876
Whitaker, Albert (i3632) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Albert A. (i3618), b.1859-d.1862
Whitaker, Albert Eaton (i3134), b.1845-d.1923
Whitaker, Alice Faustina (i3619), b.1877-d.1961
Whitaker, Allan (i3431), b.1904-d.1905
Whitaker, Alvin (i3330), b.1836-d.1864
Whitaker, Alvin (i3525), b.1818-
Whitaker, Amos (i962), b.1799-d.1872
Whitaker, Amos Bucannon (i3139), b.1890-
Whitaker, Andrew J. (i3423), b.1890-
Whitaker, Andrew Jackson (i3336), b.1822-d.1901
Whitaker, Ann (i2333), b.1722-d.1723
Whitaker, Ann (i2334), b.1725-d.1737
Whitaker, Anna (i833), b.1811-d.1870
Whitaker, Anna (i3087), b.1698-
Whitaker, Anna (i3107), b.1740-
Whitaker, Anna (i3296), b.1728-
Whitaker, Anna (i3351), b.1876-
Whitaker, Anna G. (i3382), b.1862-d.1863
Whitaker, Anne (i3305), b.1762-
Whitaker, Asa (i970), b.1744-d.1825
Whitaker, Asa (i3532), b.1776-
Whitaker, Atwood (i3607), b.1837-d.1900
Whitaker, Augustus Greenleaf (i3568), b.1823-d.1872
Whitaker, Benjamin Bradley (i3128), b.1844-
Whitaker, Bessie A. (i3659) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Betsey (i3278), b.1783-d.1848
Whitaker, Betsy (i3324), b.1827-d.1897
Whitaker, Betty (i3121), b.1801-d.1891
Whitaker, Blanche A. (i3662) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Blanche E. Smith (i3649)
Whitaker, Caleb (i3113), b.1745-
Whitaker, Caleb (i3456), b.1784-d.1860
Whitaker, Carl (i3414), b.1877-
Whitaker, Caroline (i3674), b.1814-d.1845
Whitaker, Caroline Irene (i3576), b.1854-
Whitaker, Carrie (i3354), b.1856-
Whitaker, Carrie (i3373), b.1862-
Whitaker, Celia (i3310), b.1786-
Whitaker, Charles H. (i3660) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Chester (i3285), b.1799-
Whitaker, Clark (i3318)
Whitaker, Cora A. (i3622), b.1861-d.1865
Whitaker, Cynthia (i3286), b.1801-
Whitaker, Cynthia Hobart (i3578), b.1860-
Whitaker, Daniel (i2264), b.1699-
Whitaker, Daniel (i3103), b.1736-
Whitaker, Daniel (marriage to Mehetable Whitaker) (i2264), b.1699-
Whitaker, Daniel Baxter (i3571), b.1831-
Whitaker, David (i971), b.1753-d.1826
Whitaker, David (i2329), b.1712-d.1752
Whitaker, David (i3123), b.1804-d.1888
Whitaker, David (i3276), b.1779-d.1823
Whitaker, David (i3508), b.1778-
Whitaker, David (i3672), b.1812-d.1858
Whitaker, Delestine (i3596), b.1845-d.1915
Whitaker, Delphine (i3343)
Whitaker, Doris (i3388)
Whitaker, Easther (i972), b.1749-d.1774
Whitaker, Ebenezer (i973), b.1742-d.1753
Whitaker, Ebenezer (i974), b.1758-
Whitaker, Edith (i3636) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Edwin (i3598), b.1831-d.1901
Whitaker, Edwin L. (i3658) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Edwin S. (i3634), b.1867-
Whitaker, Edwin Thomas (i3585), b.1872-
Whitaker, Effie M. (i3623), b.1867-d.1880
Whitaker, Elisha (i975), b.1751-d.1753
Whitaker, Elizabeth (i2263), b.1698-
Whitaker, Elizabeth (i2278), b.1669-
Whitaker, Elizabeth (i3112), b.1743-
Whitaker, Elizabeth (i3297), b.1730-
Whitaker, Elizabeth (i3411), b.1886-
Whitaker, Elizabeth Carolyn (i3587), b.1835-
Whitaker, Ella (i3422), b.1889-
Whitaker, Ella U. (i3378), b.1856-d.1877
Whitaker, Emma L. (i3635) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Esther (i3529), b.1774-
Whitaker, Eugene Fayette (i3574), b.1852-
Whitaker, Eunice (i3277), b.1781-d.1846
Whitaker, Eva (i3377), b.1854-d.1925
Whitaker, Ezra J. (i3370), b.1854-d.1913
Whitaker, Frances Jane (i3569), b.1825-
Whitaker, Frances Jane (i3583), b.1870-
Whitaker, Fred C. (i3664) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Frederick (i3329), b.1833-d.1846
Whitaker, Geneva (i3633) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Geneva E. (i3661) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, George (i3372), b.1860-
Whitaker, George (i3426)
Whitaker, George Trafton (i3604), b.AUG-d.1926
Whitaker, Gustavus (Otis) (i3588), b.1843-d.1860
Whitaker, Hannah (i963), b.1802-d.1881
Whitaker, Hannah (i2260), b.1693-
Whitaker, Hannah (i2269), b.1708-
Whitaker, Hannah (i2277), b.1664-d.1664
Whitaker, Hannah (i2279), b.1668-d.1668
Whitaker, Hannah (i2283), b.1675-
Whitaker, Hannah (i3084), b.1688-d.1749
Whitaker, Hannah (i3085), b.1690-d.1693
Whitaker, Hannah (i3092), b.1705-
Whitaker, Hannah (i3100), b.1748-
Whitaker, Hannah (i3534), b.1770-
Whitaker, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Whitaker) (i3092), b.1705-
Whitaker, Harrington (i3323), b.1826-d.1886
Whitaker, Harrison (i3133), b.1841-d.1921
Whitaker, Harrison J. (i3387), b.1872-d.1948
Whitaker, Harrison L. (i3322), b.1823-d.1898
Whitaker, Harrison Marshall (i3579), b.1861-
Whitaker, Harry A. (i3383), b.1870-d.1874
Whitaker, Harry A. (i3416), b.1879-d.1902
Whitaker, Hazel (i3663) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Henry (i2282), b.1672-d.1695
Whitaker, Henry (i3300), d.1757
Whitaker, Henry (i3315), b.1797-d.1858
Whitaker, Henry (i3334), b.1821-d.1885
Whitaker, Henry Delestine (i3646), b.1885-
Whitaker, Hobart Karl (i3582), b.1868-
Whitaker, Hugh (i3312), b.1788-d.1846
Whitaker, Ira (i3284), b.1796-d.1867
Whitaker, Irenay (i3302), b.1757-
Whitaker, Isaac (i2276), b.1661-
Whitaker, Isaac (i3668), b.1779-d.1862
Whitaker, Isaac (i3676), b.1818-d.1886
Whitaker, Jacob (i2281), b.1665-d.1742
Whitaker, Jacob (i3083), b.1687-d.1687
Whitaker, Jacob T. (i3594), b.1808-d.1859
Whitaker, James (i976), b.1756-d.1835
Whitaker, James (i3122), b.1802-d.1877
Whitaker, James (i3670), b.1807-d.1886
Whitaker, James G. (i3342), b.1832-d.1900
Whitaker, James Henry (i3606), b.1834-d.1865
Whitaker, Jeanette (i3385), b.1866-d.1953
Whitaker, Jennie (i3169), b.1862-d.1866
Whitaker, Jennie S. (Jane) (i3353), b.1854-d.1930
Whitaker, Jesse (i3530), b.1815-
Whitaker, Jesse, Reverend (i3495), b.1784-d.1868
Whitaker, Joal (i3093), b.1728-d.1736
Whitaker, John (i964), b.1804-d.1884
Whitaker, John (i2284), b.1679-
Whitaker, John (i3082), b.1685-
Whitaker, John (i3129), b.1833-d.1895
Whitaker, John (i3515), b.1788-
Whitaker, John (i3678), b.1822-d.1879
Whitaker, John (marriage to Mary Whitaker) (i3082), b.1685-
Whitaker, Jonathan (i2330), b.1714-
Whitaker, Jonathan (i3086), b.1696-d.1786
Whitaker, Jonathan (i3110), b.1740-
Whitaker, Jonathan (i3298), b.1731-
Whitaker, Jonathon (i3567), b.1821-
Whitaker, Jonothan (i3560), b.1794-d.1872
Whitaker, Joseph (i965), b.1797-d.1879
Whitaker, Joseph (i968), b.1716-d.1774
Whitaker, Joseph (i977), b.1747-d.1774
Whitaker, Joseph (i3281), b.1790-
Whitaker, Joseph (i3325), b.1829-d.1864
Whitaker, Josephine (i3345)
Whitaker, Josiah Appleton (i3570), b.1828-
Whitaker, Julia Anne (i3374), b.1866-
Whitaker, Katie (i3627), b.1866-d.1900
Whitaker, Kenneth C. (i3648) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Knapp Blain (i3647), b.1890-
Whitaker, Lans (i3673), b.1812-d.1813
Whitaker, Laura Anna (i3163), b.1854-d.1912
Whitaker, Leo Summer (i3645), b.1882-
Whitaker, Lewis (i3333), b.1818-
Whitaker, Lindley Clyde (i3637) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Lindley Hoag (i3602), b.1841-
Whitaker, Louisa (i3132), b.1838-
Whitaker, Lousie Field (i3581), b.1865-
Whitaker, Lucinda (i3337), b.1824-
Whitaker, Lucinda Irene (i3572), b.1833-
Whitaker, Lucy (i3540)
Whitaker, Lydia (i3517), b.1778-
Whitaker, Lydia (i3522), b.1812-
Whitaker, Lydia W. (i3624), b.1857-d.1942
Whitaker, Marietta (i3125), b.1837-
Whitaker, Martha (i3115), b.1757-
Whitaker, Martin (i3371), b.1858-
Whitaker, Mary (i2258), b.1689-
Whitaker, Mary (i3088), b.1694-
Whitaker, Mary (i3102), b.1731-
Whitaker, Mary (i3303), b.1757-
Whitaker, Mary (i3327), b.1831-d.1870
Whitaker, Mary (marriage to John Whitaker) (i2258), b.1689-
Whitaker, Mary (Polly) (i3339), b.1824-d.1903
Whitaker, Mary Addie (i3593), b.AUG-d.1943
Whitaker, Mary Eliza (i3127), b.1839-d.1916
Whitaker, Mary Jane (i3131), b.1837-d.1837
Whitaker, Mehetable (i2331), b.1718-
Whitaker, Mehetable (i3091), b.1701-
Whitaker, Mehetable (i3106), b.1742-
Whitaker, Mehetable (marriage to Daniel Whitaker) (i3091), b.1701-
Whitaker, Mehetible (i3114), b.1747-
Whitaker, Melissa (Gerry) (marriage to Atwood Whitaker) (i3609), b.1842-d.1902
Whitaker, Melissa (Gerry) (marriage to James Henry Whitaker) (i3609), b.1842-d.1902
Whitaker, Moses (i3099), b.1744-
Whitaker, Moses (i3453), b.1750-d.1751
Whitaker, Moses (i3454), b.1758-
Whitaker, Nathan (i3096), b.1735-d.1736
Whitaker, Nathan (i3116), b.1761-
Whitaker, Patty (i3279), b.1785-d.1852
Whitaker, Peter (i3105), b.1739-
Whitaker, Peter E. (i842), b.1764-d.1829
Whitaker, Phebe (i3516), b.1782-
Whitaker, Polly (i3533), b.1772-
Whitaker, Priscilla (i2262), b.1696-
Whitaker, Priscilla (i3098), b.1741-
Whitaker, Rachel (i3458), b.1828-d.1867
Whitaker, Rachell (i2267), b.1703-
Whitaker, Raymond H. (i3425), b.1899-
Whitaker, Rodney C. (i3630), b.1868-d.1900
Whitaker, Romeyn Baxter (i3580), b.1863-
Whitaker, Ruel G. (i3379), b.1859-d.1938
Whitaker, Ruth (i961), b.1795-d.1874
Whitaker, Ruth (i2259), b.1691-
Whitaker, Ruth (i2332), b.1720-
Whitaker, Ruth (i3424), b.1894-d.1898
Whitaker, Sabra (i3321), b.1822-d.1864
Whitaker, Sally (i3117), b.1794-
Whitaker, Samuel (i3090), b.1699-
Whitaker, Samuel (i3104), b.1736-d.1788
Whitaker, Samuel (i3120), b.1799-d.1846
Whitaker, Sarah (i966), b.1806-d.1846
Whitaker, Sarah (i2257), b.1687-d.1716
Whitaker, Sarah (i2335), b.1710-
Whitaker, Sarah (i3097), b.1738-
Whitaker, Sarah (i3101), b.1730-d.1737
Whitaker, Sarah (i3130), b.1835-d.1904
Whitaker, Sarah (i3295), b.1724-
Whitaker, Sarah (i3494), b.1810-d.1886
Whitaker, Sarah (i3524), b.1769-
Whitaker, Sarah Abbie (i3126), b.1842-d.1892
Whitaker, Sarah P. (i3328), b.1831-d.1899
Whitaker, Silas (i3282), b.1792-d.1862
Whitaker, Solomon (i3109), b.1742-d.1745
Whitaker, Son (i3575), b.1853-
Whitaker, Son Whitaker (i3584), b.1874-
Whitaker, Stella M. (i3657) (living status unknown)
Whitaker, Stephen (i2261), b.1696-
Whitaker, Stephen (i3095), b.1732-d.1736
Whitaker, Stephen (i3304), b.1759-
Whitaker, Stephen (marriage to Hannah Whitaker) (i2261), b.1696-
Whitaker, Susan (i3528)
Whitaker, Susan Isabella (i3577), b.1858-
Whitaker, Susannah (i2268), b.1706-
Whitaker, Thomas (i2265), b.1702-
Whitaker, Thomas (i2336), b.1727-
Whitaker, Thomas (i3094), b.1729-
Whitaker, Truman S. (i3341), b.1828-d.1888
Whitaker, Wallace M. (i3381), b.1861-d.1864
Whitaker, Warren Franklin (i3152), b.1856-d.1916
Whitaker, Wellington (i3376), b.1849-d.1934
Whitaker, William (i978), b.1761-d.1814
Whitaker, William (i2247), b.1685-
Whitaker, William (i2248), b.1658-d.1723
Whitaker, William (i3111), b.1738-
Whitaker, William (i3119), b.1797-d.1883
Whitaker, William (i3280), b.1787-d.1844
Whitaker, Williard (i3368), b.1850-
Whitaker, Wilmot (i3626), b.1860-d.1880
Whitaker, Winslow (i3600), b.1829-d.1897


White, Betsey (marriage to Abraham Whitaker) (i3308), b.1766-
White, Florence A. (marriage to Urban Whitaker Leavitt) (i3168), b.1887-d.1972


Whitney, Mary (marriage to Joseph Whitaker) (i2344)


Whittaker, Eliza A. (i3526)
Whittaker, Elizabeth E. (i3523)
Whittaker, Emma C. (i3527)
Whittaker, William H. (i3507)


Wilder, Martha (marriage to David Whitaker) (i2345)


Wilford, Mary (marriage to William Whitaker) (i2256), b.1667-


Wolff, Brian Files (i3492) (still alive)
Wolff, Katherine Freola (i3491) (still alive)


Wright, Jeremiah (marriage to Lydia Whitaker) (i3536)

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