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Estate Records of John Coffee, 1822

Deed Book A, pp. 17-18, Rabun Co., GA

Georgia, Rabun County
Know all men by these presents that we Edward Coffee and Winneford Coffee and William Jones and Benjamin Odell are held and firmly bound unto their Honours the Judges of the Court of Ordinary for said County and their successors in office in the just and full sum of one thousand dollars for the judgements of which sum to the said judges and their successors the bond ourselvs our heirs Executors and administrators in the whole and for the whole sum jointly and severally and firmly by these presents sealed with our seal and dated this fifth day of December eighteen hundred and twenty two. The Constitution of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Edward Coffey and Winniford Coffey, administrator and administratix of the goods and chattles and credits of John Coffee, late of this county, decest, do make a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattles and credits of the said decest which have (sic) on shall come to the hands purcession on knowledge of the said Edward and Winneford Coffee or into the hands on purcession of any person or persons for them and the same so made do Exhibit unto the Said Court of Ordinary when they shall be there unto required and such goods, chattles and credits do well and truly administer according to law and do make a just and true account of there actings and doings therein when they shall be there unto required by the Courts of Ordinary for said County and all the rest of the goods, chattles and credits shall be found remaining upon the acoumpt (sic) of the said administration the same being first made aloude of by the court shall deliver and pay to such person or persons respectively as are entitled to the same by law and if it shall hereafter appear that any Last Will and Testament was made by the said decest and the same be proved before the court and the Executors obtains a Certificate of the probit there off and the said Edward and Winniford Coffees do in such if required render and deliver up the said Letter of the said administration the this obligation to be void els to remain in full force. Signed and acknowledged.

In open court                   Edward Coffee (seal)
Thomas Kelly senior D. P.       Winniford (her x mark) Coffee (seal)
     Cark C. O.                 William Jones (seal)
                                Benjamin Odell (seal)
                                Benjamin Odell, clk.

(the above transcribed on Deed Book Q, page 308)

Minutes, 1826-1839, Rabun County, GA pp. 1-4
Georgia, Rabun County
November Term 1822

Edward & Winniford Coffee did mak application for Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Coffee late of said county deceased the Court of Ordinary Thomas Kelly D. N. C. of C.

Georgia, Rabun County
Decemter #5, 1832 (sic) the fifth on thousand eight hundred a twenty two that Edward & Winiford Coffe did obtain Letters of Administration from the Court of ordinary on the Estate of John Coffee lat of said county deceased
Thomas Kelly D. P. COC

Inventory and appraisment of the Estate of John Coffe deceased
N01 Gray Horse                                             $100.00
2 fifty two hogs                                            102.00
3 ninteen head cattl                                        132.00
4 three potts two ovens                                       8.00
5 plows & iron tools                                          5.50
6 sum wooden vessels                                          5.50
7 wheel beadsted feet & cord                                  2.50
8 two peaces leather                                          3.00
9 six chears Augers & smoothen iron                           3.25
10 chest & drawrs furniture                                  14.00
11 bead & furniture & beadsted                               33.00
12 sifter bell pail churn                                     2.25
13 bell two chissles padlock lumbers(?) one heffer           10.00
14 cune(?) combs                                              2.80
15 bell one stat book lumbers (?) one heffer                  9.00

We do certify (illegible) upon oath that as fair as was produce to us by the Administrators the Above and foregoing contains a true appraisment of the goods chattls and credits of the estate of John Coffe deceased to the best of our judgment and understanding

                   William Jones}
                   David Mozley}    Appraisor
                   William Price

I do hearby certify that the Above Appraisers were sworn to perform the duty as Appraisors according to Law this ninth day of December one thousand eight hundred & twenty two

                   Thomas Kelly PP
                   Thomas Kelly COC

Inventory of the personally estate of John Coffe deceased sold at publick sail on the twenty fifth day of December at twelve month(?) credits

Andrew Miller, Nots                      $191.75
Winefed Coffee                             70.75
James Coal                                 35.00
Jacob Capehart                             17.80
John H. Henson                             15.87 
Samul Ward                                 11.00
Stephen White                              11.50
Chesly M. Kinsey                            9.75
William Godfey                              7.00
H. T. Mozly                                 4.25
James B. Henson                             3.62 
James B. Nevill                             3.00
Thomas Suffad (Swafford?)                   3.43 3/7
George Rusell                               3.00  (could be 30.00 )
William Price                               1.62
Elisha Coffee                             -- .50
Edward Coffee                               6.08 
Green Price                                 8.06 1/11

Reddy money to the amount of fore hundred and forty five dollar & fifty cents in the hands of Edward Coffee & Winifad Coffee of the estate of John Coffee deceased
Thomas Kelly CCO

Edward Coffee and Winiford Coffee Administrators on the Estat of John Coffee deceased and William Jones and Benjamin Odell ther suretys
Thomas Kelly Sr. DPCoC

Wills and Estate Records, Rabun Co., GA

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