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Kelly Cemetery
Rabun Co., GA

Kelly Cemetery, Rabun Co., GA

Surveyed April 2, 2005

Directions: From Dillard, GA, go north on Hwy. 441. Turn right onto Hwy. 246 toward Sky Valley. Go 9/10 mile. Turn right onto Kelly's Creek Road. Go 1.1 miles. Turn right onto a gravel road marked with a brown sign reading "Kelly Cemetery". Cemetery is up the road directly to your right and at the top of the hill.

The cemetery is laid out approximately as follows:

09    10
03    04 05 06 07 08

[01] [picture]
Son  Christopher Robert Moore  May 14, 1989  May 14, 1989; Hunter
     Funeral Home marker: Christopher Robert Moore  1989  1989

[02] [picture]
Howard F. Kelly  Mar. 24, 1925  Sept. 13, 1976  I have kept the 
     faith; Hunter Funeral Home marker: Howard Kelly  1925  1976

[03] [picture]
Lucy J. Kelly  Aged 7 mos. & 5 dys.  [inscription faded]; footstone:
     L. J. K.

[04] [picture]
Sallie Kelly  Died Aug. 13, 1892 Aged 19 years  A precious one from
     us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in
     our home, Which never can be filled, God in His wisdom has
     recalled [remainder buried]; footstone: S. K.

[05] [picture]
Geo. W. Kelly  Born Dec. 11, 1843  Died Aug. 4, 1897  Kind father of
     love thou art gone to thy rest, Forever to bask 'mid the joys 
     of the blest; footstone: G. W. K.

[06] [picture]
Nancy wife of George W. Kelly  Born March 22, 1849  Died June 22, 
     1896  Gone but not forgotten; footstone: N. K.

[07] [picture]
[Tombstone fallen over]; footstone: L. S. K.

[08] [picture]
Belle Kelly  June 7, 1876  Feb. 5, 1940  Gone but not forgotten;
     footstone: [blank]

[09] [picture]
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Lucy Brownson who departed this life
     July 6th 1858  Aged 50 years; footstone: L. B.

[10] [picture]
In memory of John Kelly was born 5th April [1771?]  Departed this
     life December 13th 1848  Age 78 years 8 months [&?] 8 days;
     footstone: J. K.

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