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The Pasco High School Sinewesah 1925 Pasco, Franklin County, Washington



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Bernice Sanderson


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Page 1

Sinewesah coverpage


page 2

(photo) Aeroplane view of Pasco, WA


page 3



page 4



page 5

Dedication to Miss Emalie Fries and Miss Alma Olson


page 6

E. J. Reynolds, F. L. Pyles, E. W. Landt


page 7

Dorthea D.


page 8

C. H. Lillie, Mr. Ross Page, Miss Anna B. Ruppenthal, Miss Beatrice Barnes


page 9

Miss Emalie Fries, Miss Carolyn Churchman, Mr. C. Raymond Carter, Miss Alma Olson


page 10

Miss Elizabeth Rohden, Mr. Harry Benson, Miss Lillian Rademacher, Mr. B. C. Neustal


page 11

D. D. (Dorthea D. -?)


page 12

Fairwell to Seniors


page 13

Bertha Lundberg, Edith Klundt, Eva Weakley, Myrtle Wernett


page 14

Ida Wommack, Eleanor Klinge, Ruth Hue, Marion Cady


page 15

Helen Chapman, Leighton Stone, Minnie Ross, Chiyoko Yamauchi


page 16

Price Anderson, Anna Beck, Walter Birdwell, Frances Hoffman


page 17

Wren Pyles, Warren McFadden, Geneva Cole, Roger William Rodgers


page 18

Dorothy Lytle, Claude Taylor, Lois 'Fordie' Meyers, Leslie Shaw


page 19

Mary Hales, Frances McCord, Elmer Hawker, Mary Kennett


page 20

Vola M. Weakley


page 21

Warren McFadden, Price Anderson, Ida Wommack, Frances McCord


page 22 - 23

Senior Class History by Mary E. Kent


page 24

(photo of 20 people- no names)


page 25

Howard Graham, Ruth Wager, Robert Rolfe, Alfred Buchanan, Katherine Cole, Mr. Carter, Miss Rohden

Mr. Charles McCauley, Miss Elizabeth Blanton, William Devereaux, Marguerite MacCullock, Francis Conner


page 26

(photo of 46 people- see next page)


page 27

Walfried Anderson, Harold Barnes, Walter Barnes, Ramon Beatty, Angus Clarke, Charley Clayton, Charley Custer

Donald Curtis, Willard Eustus, Robert Gemmel, Billy Gibbons, Jack Hurley, John Johnston, Ronald Kelly, Walter Klundt

Harold Liberty, Joe Leach, Bjarne Overlie, Floyd Perry, Arthur Swanson, Fred Smith, Raymond Sharp, Harold Shupe

Clyde Wager, Alvin Wellman, Ingwald Anderson, Max Marks, Edward Overlie, Roy Simpson, Thomas Vails, Grant Wager

Helen Barnes, Avis Bigwlow, Lois Bigelow, Lillie Bresko, Beula Collins, Dorothea Davis, Mary Greenup, Gertrude Haag

Patricia Leonard, Sadie McFadden, Florence Norling, Alice Nelson, Martha Opie, Katherine Norsworthy, Gladys Palmer

Neva Root, Irene Simpson, Laura Wernett, Leonta Whitehorn, Katherine Williams, Nary Yanauchi, Margaret Evans

Beatrice Hazelton, Nuana Hazelton, Carolyn Keys, Frances Lehne, Wilma Linn, Marguerite MacDonald, Iva Mahon

Goldie Magnuson, Dorothy Morissee, Pearl Schuneman, Ruth Thomas, Harriet Washburn, Lorene Welsh


page 28

(photo of 67 people- see next page)


page 29

Ingwald Anderson, Elma Lawrence, Ruth Sargent, Loren Welch, Ercil Daniels, Persus Crowell

Irene Shupe, Grant Wager, Ernest Rowe, Charles McKenzie, Kathryn Eddings


page 30

Ralph Austad, Juanita Arnold, Rictor Anderson, Margaret Argent, Leigh Beamer, Ralph Holderied, Harold Barnhart

Dorothy Jahnke, Wilfred Kelly, Daryl McCabe, Lela Moretz, Geneva Neff, Roseda Neuman, Marjorie Perry

Marian Reynolds (Mrs. L. Minkiewitz), Raymond Rolfe, Ada Sargent (Mrs. C. Harmon), Gladys Sutton

Neil Shaffer, Mabel Wommack (Mrs. R. Wade), George Wehe, Ruth Young


page 31


page 32

Geneva Cole, Catherine Cole, Robert Rolfe, Claude Taylor, Miss Rohden, Charles Minkiewitz, Catherine Williams

Lois Bigelow, Helen Chapman, William Devereaux, Robert Gemmel, Byron Snyder, Price Anderson

Warren McFadden, Edith Klundt, Dorothy Lytle, Marguerite MacDonald, Irene Nagle, Lillie Bresko

Florence Morrison, Kathryn Eddings, Donald Curtis, Marguerite MacCulloch, Mary Kennet


page 33

Geneva F. Cole


page 34

Louise Schanno, Edwin Coyne, Marguerite MacDonald, Marion Cady, Billy Gibbons, Howard Graham, Robert Rolfe

Irene Nagle, Sadie McFadden, Katherine Cole, Dorothea Davis, Persus Crowell, Walter Barnes, Claude Taylor, Lillie Bresko

Angus Clark, Ruth Sargent, Neva Root, Floyd Perry Greenup, Donald Curtis, Price Anderson, Kenneth Rogers, Helen Chapman

Walter Birdwell, Dorothy Morrisse, Chiyoko Yamauchi, Ernest Boyle, Byron Snyder, Edwin Coyne, Ernest Sawyer


page 35

Marguerite MacDonald, Ruth Hue


page 36 - 37

Lois Bigelow, Marguerite MacDonald, Howard Graham, Miss Olson, Katherine Norsworthy

Angus Clarke, Mary Greenup, Walter Birdwell, Frances Hoffman, Marion Cady


page 38

Geneva Cole, Eva Weakley, Frances McCord, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Palmer, Louise Schanno, Eleanor Klinge

Bertha Lundberg, Wrenn Pyles, Dorothy Lytle, Mary Hales, Mrs. H. Blanton, Mrs. Shupe, Mrs. Cady

Katherine Cole, Neva Root, Margaret Evans, Helen Chapman, Mrs. Simonds


page 39

Mr. Page, Neustal, Miss Barnes, Mr. Carter, Miss Fries, Miss Rademacher, Mr. Benson, Miss Rohden


page 40

Miss Churchman, Mr. Lillie, Mr. Page, "Olga", Byron Snyder


page 41

J. L. DeForce


page 42

Jas. Shannon, C. S. Davis, Dan McLaughlin


page 43 44 45

story by Ruth Thomas


page 46 - 47

story by Walter Barnes, A. Swanson


page 48 - 49

story by Dorothy Lytle


page 49 - 50

story by Myrtle Wernett, Charley Custer


page 51

story by Hannah Yamauchi


page 52

(photo of 46 people - no names)


page 53

Miss Carolyn Churchman, Miss Emalie Fries, Miss Mable Stromme, Angus Clarke, Margaret Hulbert, Irene Nagle, Raman Beatty

Floyd Parry, Lois Bigelow, Catherine Cole, Leslie Shaw, Neva Sue Root, Gertrude Austin, Roger Rogers, Ruth Sargent

Thelma Liberty, Lucille Boyle, Martha Opie, Lucille Crawford, Ada Haag, Zella Cady, Nettie Lawrence, Elma Lawrence

Helen Chapman, Frances McCord, Patricia Leonard, Marguerite MacDonald, Ruby Wellman, Kathleen Anderson, Margaret Evans

Audrey Barnes, Alice Nelson, Edith Klundt, Lois Meyers, Mary Hales, Katherine Norsworthy, Evelyn Abrams, Bernice Sanderson

Pearl Schuneman, Leighton Stone, Bob Gemmel, Howard Graham, Myron Culver, Clarence Arbogast, Clyde Wagar

Dorothy Wirth, Mr. Carter, Mrs. D. Burt Bryan, Miss Snook


page 54 - 55

Leslie Shaw, Warren McFadden, Anna Beck, Helen Chapman, Price Anderson, Miss Emalie Fries

Miss Alma Olson, Lew Wells Jr., Ida Wommach, C. Raymond Carter, Leslie Shaw, Leighton Stone

Geneva Cole, Marion Cady, Frances McCord, Elmer Hawker, Walter Birdwell


page 56

Opal McCullock, Pearle Schunneman, Lucille Crawford, Zella Cady, Lois Billings

Delores Strauss, Genevieve Lind, Miss Elizabeth Blanton


page 57

Marion Cady, Walter Birdwell, Lucille Rehburg, Charlie Custer, Katherine Cole, Marguerite McCullouch, Ruth Hue, Nauna Hazelton


page 58

Coach Neustel, Mrs. Neustel, Bob Gemmel


page 59



page 60

(photo- 11 football players)


page 61

Perry, Kelly, Jensen, Smith, Boyle, McFadden, Shaw, Clark, Gemmel, Wager, Hawker,Coach Neustal, Van Slyke


page 62

Coach Benson, Katherine, Edyth


page 63

Miss Rademacher, Helen Chapman, Marguerite McDonald, Chiyoko Yamauchi, Katherine, Edyth, Ruth, Helen, Lois

Ada, Marguerite McCullouck, Coach Benson, Lois Meyers, Ada Haag, Ruth Wagar, Katherine Cole, Katy Williams

Edyth Klundt, Hannah Yamauchi, Kathryn Eddings


page 64

Coach Carter, Van Slyke, Buchana (Buchanan), Boyle



page 65

Alfred Buchanan, Elmer Hawker, Forrest Jensen


page 66

William Devereaux, Lawrence Van Slyke, Ernest Boyle, Harold Shupe, Fred Smith, Coach Carter


page 67

Clarke, Wager, Snyder, Perry, Custer, Jacoby, Gemmel, M. Boyle, Kelly, Jensen, Devereaux

Buchanan, Shupe, Van Slyke, Boyle, Smith, Hawker, Cady, MacKenzie, Gabert, Gardiner


page 68

(photos -24 mini shots)


page 69

Edyth Klundt, Eleanor Klinge, Mary Kennett, Ida Wommack, Myrtle Wernett, Leighton Stone, Leslie Shaw

Roger Rogers, Minnie Rose, Helen Chapman, Marian Cady, Geneva Cole, Walter Birdwell, Wrenn Pyles

Price Anderson, Anna Beck, Dorothy Lytle, Bertha Lundberg, Chiyoko Yamauchi, Eva Weakley, Claude Taylor

Warren McFadden, Lois Myers, Frances McCord, Frances Hoffman, Elmer Hawker, Ruth Hue, Mary Hales


page 70

(photos- 18 mini shots)


page 71

Geneva Cole, Evelyn Abrams, Charles MacKenzie, Rictor Anderson, Katherine


page 72

Mr. and Mrs. Neustel, Schanno-Blanton marriage, Haig Arklin, Eleanor klinge


page 73

Olga Twins, Billy Gibbons, Marion Cady, Miss Alice, Dr. Nalder, Mr. Twitmyer, Fred Smith


page 74

(photos- 19 mini shots)


page 75

Irene N., Forrest J.


page 76

Bobby Burns, Irene N., Miss C., Miss Rohden, Harold, Dorothy W., Bob G.

Kelly, Opal G., Miss B., Floyd Perry, Harold S., Price A., Mr. Page


page 77

Joe L., Lois Bigelow


page 78

Babe D., Katy W., Thelma L., Claude T., Nauna H., Miss Rup, Francis C., Mary Hales


page 79

Kelly, Loren S., Miss Barnes, Babe D., Roger R., Ramon B., Miss Rademacher

Nouna (Nauna) H., Miss R., Alfred B., Martha Opie


page 80

Fred S., Price A., Neustel, M. Cady, Miss Olson, Floyd Perry, Paul J. Marie L., Ida W., Ruth W., Harold Liberty



back inset 1

Marguerite MacDonald, Mayme McGelvin (?), Ernest Reeve, Charles MacKenzie, Irene Shupe, Bob Gemmel, Elma Lawrence

Lois Bigelow, John Morrison, Audrey Barnes, Robert Rolfe, Ruth Sangr?, Zella Cady, Carolyn Churchman

Gertrude Austin, Nettie Lawrence, Ernest Sawyer, Lattie Chladek, Mildred French, William Gibbons, Mabel Pritchard

Lucille Boyle, Sam Davenport, Evelyn Abrams, Brighton Mann, Lillie Bresko, "Marthie" Opie, Ada Haag Dutchie

Pearl Schunemann, Neva Root, Chiyoko Yamauchi, Frances Lehne, Beatrice Hazelton, Chaude Taylor, Katherine Norsworthy


back inset 2

Lorene Welsh, Floyd Perry, Gertrude Haag, "Mugs" Evans, Thelma Liberty, Hannah Yamauchi, Margaret Hulbert

Ruby Hellman, Nllie MacDonald, Irene Nagle, Marian Rolfe, Esther Klundt, Ernest Roberson, Gladys Palmer

P. W. Crowell, Cyrus Grant, Mauna Hazelton, Kathryn Eddings, Goldie Magnuson, Florence Morrison

Mary Greenup, Mary Goodge, Mary Livermore, Marie Lane, Marguerite MacCulloch