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So here's where I tell you about myself and how this site came to be huh.... 

We all owe this to my husband Clay and sons Joseph and Nathan for sitting outside all those antique stores so I could gather my collection.  Clay works hard as the Hot Cell Manager for IsoRay Medical so we can all enjoy the rare and unique finds that are out there.

I started buying these when I found one of the neatest books I had ever seen in a little shop years ago, from there it has become a second hobby (dinner bells come first, which just happen to be in these same places). I find such sadness that these great books are wasting away when so many of us are looking for such treasures. If we could all gather just a handful of them and make it available to others we would all be in a better place with our research. Please buy these books as you find them and share them.

I do take interest in any books you may have for sale also.  At this time none of my books are for sale. 

So far I am not related to anyone in any of the annuals or scrapbooks so I cannot help you with research, I just do it 'cause it's fun!  Please use what you find here to- that's why I buy them.  Good luck to you in your work and most of all- ENJOY!

I published Them to Us in October 2005 for my family as a Christmas gift (there are a handful of these available), it is simply an outline due to page constrictions- I do have all the information and sources on disk that comes with it upon request.  The Cummins family was published by my cousin- she is working on getting an amended copy published, there are no more of these.  The Huggins family is no longer available either.  I received the McGinty book a while back from a gal who was generous enough to send it to me, she bought two when they were published and we cannot get these anymore.  My husbands grandma and cousin put the Jungwirth, Erpenbach, Giesen, Kessenich, Bauer books together, they have both passed away and left us with a great little compilation...  I have removed to family books from this site but can share with you anything that may be useful to you upon request.

Contact me if the page is not scanned and I will update as I can.

Please help me to place names on the photo's that do not have them..

Clay and I have been together for since October 1993, with no children of our own.  He has raised Joe and Nate as if they were his own though and we look forward to expanding our family when the time comes.  We have a Boxer that is fun (slightly neurotic, but fun!!), Hope joined our family at 6 weeks in April 2005. 

We came to Washington State in December 1993 for a three week job, and have left only to pack and move here.  We have a ranch house on the East side of the state and a beautiful vacation home and an oyster farm on the Olympic peninsula where we hike, fish, clam, crab and just plain enjoy life.  We are surrounded by a lot of wonderful and supportive people in both our communities and in the Las Vegas, Nevada area where I was raised.

CAROYLE MARIE O'LAUGHLIN - We hope that you are okay.  We would give anything for you to be part of our lives.  Please know we are sorry the way things are and wish it were different, we have to be patient.  We love you so very much dear girl and pray for the day we are together.  There is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunications and changes can happen in this big world.  God Bless.  Please contact us when you are ready..