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Photographic Memoirs of Kitsap County, Washington 1976




front cover



page 1

North Kitsap Bicentennial Members: Wayne Estes, “K”, Dick Prine



page 2

Fordefjord Lutheran Church, Jorgen Eliason



page 3

Stener Thorson, Iver B. Moe, Ed Johnson, Jacob Jacobson, H.S. Myreboe, Knut Vaa, John Storseth, Andrew Moe

C.H. Ives, Nils Hanson, Anton Sulberg, Halvor Swenson, Lars Halvorson, Hnery Paulson, Jorgen Eliason



page 4

Children’s Home Booster



page 5

boats arrive at Poulsbo docks



page 6

Children’s Home Celebration



page 7

Luxury Liner



page 8

the Ship Hayak



page 9

Captain and crew of the Hayak



page 10

the boat Verona



page 11

Poulsbo Dock 1916



page 12

Grandview Hotel



page 13

Olympic Hotel



page 14

H.S. Myreboe’s dry goods store



page 15

Poulsbo bakery



page 16

Ted Matson



page 17

pre 1912 transportation



page 18

the Eliason boys



page 19

Fred Fredrickson, Chris Twedt



page 20

Medfords Shop, Tracy’s Recreation, T. Hegdal’s Saw Mill, Christenson

Christenson’s Dry Goods Store, L.S. Langelands Variety, Hostmark’s Store and Post Office




page 21

Poulsbo gets electric power



page 22

C.P. Christenson, Langeland



page 23

Oyloe’s blacksmith shop in Poulsbo



page 24

Poulsbo Fisherman



page 25




page 26

Poulsbo Pioneers (geoducks)



page 27

Paul Wahl



page 28




page 29




page 30

ox power



page 31

RR in North Kitsap



page 32

logs to the mill



page 33

mill in Poulsbo



page 34

Gudbrandsdalen (now Big Valley)



page 35

Mary Swenson, Vinland



page 36

Breidablik (Broadview) Pioneers

Jacob Shold, Gilbert Paulson, George Shold, Henry Paulson

Eric Bergman, Olaf Wistrand, John Molander, Paul Paulson



page 37

Puget Mill employees



page 38

Puget Hotel in Port Gamble



page 39

furniture of Puget Hotel in Port Gamble



page 40

Teekale (Little Boston)



page 41

Little Boston



page 42

Vinland before 1920



page 43

8 people waiting at Vinland Dock for Mosquito Fleet



page 44

Garthe Store Landing on Hood Canal



page 45

(Inland Flyer) part of Mosquito Fleet



page 46

planer mill at Port Ludlow



page 47

Port Gamble saw filer



page 48




page 49

Main Street in Port Blakeley



page 50

building the sailing ship Annie Campbell on Bainbridge Island



page 51

Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island



page 52

the Annie Campbell



page 53

Indianola Street Department 1918



page 54

Indianola Dock



page 55




page 56

aerial view- ferry boat from Seattle to Suquamish Dock



page 57

early Suquamish Baseball



page 58

Kingston 1909



page 59

Keyport 1913



page 60

Keyport 1913



page 61




page 62

Main Street Silverdale



page 63

Agatha and Tom Lewis on Yale Motorcycle, Girl and Charlie Lewis on Excelsior



page 64

Silverdale Dock



page 65

Hubbell’s Tire Shop of Bremerton 1920



page 66

Hubbell’s Tire Shop



page 67

Port Orchard