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1963 Miss Washington Pagent




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Jacquelyn Mayer


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Today Tonight Tomorrow


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Albert D. Rosellini, Larry Hobbs, Nancy Wolf, Bob Wilson, Harold Corwin, Mel Shevach

Ed Fischer, Don Tilson, Don Kallstrom, Dwight Baird, Ruth Seibel, Howard Brock

Bill Muyskens, Jack Campbell, Claire Dennis, George Goodrich, Bob Bates


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Bob Davies


page 4

Dart Goin, Nancy Wolf, Chuck Miller, Jim Hart, Wes Rainey, Ken Doane, Don Taylor, Bud Morgan, Gene Taylor

Joe Raabe, Ron McGraw, Walt Sheffield, Tony Chase, Frank McCafferty, Art Martel, Ron Burgess, Larry Anderson

Roger Behm, Brian Budde, Dale Whitesides, Dick Hilton, Les Wolf, Jerry Finley, Lloyd Nelson, Dan Marsh

Dean Ellis, Walt Gehring, Dick Green, Donna Cantonwine, Carol Taylor, Carol Haskell, Betty Wheat, Lois Swanstrom

Carol McGraw, Doreen Miller, Arlayne Lundgren, Gene Morris, Fred Swanstrom, Phil Jones, Ken Doane

Duane Tye, Ron Burgess, Vern Emter, Dick Lundgren, Ron McGraw, Cliff Pluard


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Susan English


page 6

Larry Hobbs, Ann Henderson Anderson, Jerry Stone, Gail Hannuk

Connie Hughes, Ann Anderson, Susan English, Ken Golden


page 7

Miss Washington 1963 Pagent Awards


page 8

Betty Haralampus, Mrs. D.L. (Jessie) Acrea, R.H. Peck, Ben Padrow, George Cavalier, Robert Curtis


page 9

Miss Washington Pagent 1960 (photo of 19 ladies)

ad: Toni/Ban-Lon fashion award


page 10

Susan English, Gail Hannuk, Connie Hughes, Jerry Stone, Ann Anderson, Larry Hobbs, Walt Sheffield

Gene Morris, Ken Golden, Bernie Wayne, Larry Anderson, Hank McCann, Jim Van Hoose

Hadley's Inc., George Cavalier, Donna Cantonwine, Carol Haskell


page 11

Donna Cantonwine, Mrs. Les Wolf, Ann Net Worden, Nell Louise Fuller, Mrs. Lynn Marzynski, Cheryl Mills, Mardi Hagen

Mrs. Don Taylor, June Cragun, Karen Joy McCrohan, Mrs. Lloyd Nelson, Donna Ailport, Judith Saunders, Mrs. Chuck Miller

Carolyn Joyce Driver, Sheryl Anne Coburn, Mrs. Ron McGraw, Caroline Wagner, Janice Laakso, Mrs. Wm. Wiswall

Jacklynn Berube, Gayle Yuckert, Mrs. Wes Rainey, Joyce Lorraine Aase, Colleen Mary Thacker, Mrs. Ernie Johnson

Kippy Lou Brinkman, Corrinne Kay Mattila, Mrs. Ken Andrews, Susan English, Colleen Sharon Kendall, Mrs. Fred Swanstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil V. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Abernathy, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Harris, Dr. and Mrs. Chas Stecher

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Shevach, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Long, Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Baird, Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Muyskens, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Wiswall, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin J. Zeller

Mr. and Mrs. John Ketterling, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Seibel

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wolf, George Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arndt, Gail Hannuk Gores


page 12

Mardi Hagen, June Cragun, Cheryl Mills, Caroline Wagner, Kippy Lou Brinkman, Janice Laakso, Judith Saunders

Karen McCrohan, Corrinne Mattila, Ann Worden, Joyce Aase, Donna Ailport, Louise Fuller, Sheryl Coburn

Colleen Thacker, Gayle Yuckert, Carolyn Driver, Jacklynn Berube, Carol Erlandson, Gail Hannuk

Mary Ellen Vinton, Wayne, Ann Anderson, Larry Hobbs, Connie Hughes, Susan English


page 13

Mary Ellen Vinton, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Alderman, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight C. Baird, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Bakke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bates, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burnham

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Camp Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Don Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd B. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Corwin, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Durkee

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Firstenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fischer, Garside Florists, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Good

Mr. and Mrs. George Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Don Kallstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Keller

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Kimm, Mayor and Mrs. Rudy Luepke, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Marshall, Mr. Gene Morris, Mr. Don Morris, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Muyskens

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Piele, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Runyan

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Seibel, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Shevach, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Smythe, Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Tilson

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whitfield, Mr. and Mrs. P.L. (Bob) Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Zapp


page 14

Wayne, Jerry Stone, Mr. Lous De Moise, Carol Erlandson, Gail Hannuk

Mary Ellen Vinton, Ann Anderson, Larry Hobbs, Connie Hughes


page 15

Ann Net Worden

Oldsmobile Ad


page 16

Cheryl Diane Mills

Pepsi Ad


page 17

Joyce Lorraine Aase

Olympic Mink Breeders Ad, Seattle First National Bank Ad


page 18

Sheryl Anne Coburn

J.C. Penny Ad


page 19

Donna Louise Ailport

Vancouver Oil Co. Ad, Vancouver Federal Savings & Loan Ad


page 20

ads: Evergreen Laundry and Dry Cleaners; McCoy Auto; Holland Restaurant; Morris Wolf Radio & Electric

Hi-School Pharmacy; Firestone Stores; Anderson Glass Company; Hannah Motors


page 21

Jacklynn Ann Berube

Richfield Boron Test Car Ad


page 22

Carolyn Joyce Driver

Hadley's Inc. Ad


page 23

Caroline Ann Wagner

Dick & Lloyd's Used Cars Ad; Hazel Dell Lanes Ad


page 24

ads: Clark County Public Utility District; 1st Independent Bank


page 25

Janice Carol Laakso

ads: Knapp - Gunderson Funeral Chapel

Gilbert & Seibel Volkwagon & Porsche; Swan General Agency Inc.; Vancouver Auto Glass & Upholstery


page 26

Corrinne Kay Mattila

ads: First Federal Savings; Clark County Title Company


page 27

ads: Pacific Northwest Bell; Seattle First national Bank


page 28

Karen Joy McCrohan

ads: Fuller Paints; Billy King Insurance Agency; Melvin's Men's Shop


page 29

ads: Key Radio; Prothero Auto Parts; Hall's Hiway Pharmacy

General Office Supply Co.; 99 Strip Association; Studer's Floor Coverings; The Don Fraser Co.


page 30

Nell Louise Fuller

ads: Ed Fischer's Appliances; Patio Beauty Salon; Evergreen Funeral Home; Shop'n'Save


page 31

Mardi Hagen

ads: Sparks Company; The Quay


page 32

ads: Runyan's Jewelers; Penney's; Vancouver Funeral Chapel; National Bank of Commerce


page 33

Colleen Mary Thacker

ads: S.S. Richfield; Onslows Restaurant; Rex Buick; Larry L. Pruitt, builder


page 34

Gayle Anne Yuckert

ads: Pay'N-Takit


page 35

Kippy Lou Brinkman

ads: Public Finance Corp.; Robt W. Bingham, Realtors; House of Burgess floor coverings; Magruder Hahn Motor Co.


page 36

Judith Eileen Saunders

ads: Mr. Lee's Beauty School; Custom Painting & Picture Framing; Grandy Ford; Modern Upholstery & Mattress Shop


page 37

ads: 4th Plain Bowl; Pederson Motors, Inc.; El Paso Natural Gas Company


page 38

June Elayne Gragun

ads: Travel Lodge; Brodway Auto Body; Kay Hoff, Ramble Sales & Service; Falconer & Bailey Shell Service


page 39

(photo of Miss Washington Pagent 1959)

special thanks to: Totem Pole Restaurant; Holland Restaurant; Onslow's Restaurant; Frontier Room Restaurant

Brad's Restaurant; New Method Cleaners; Griffee's Cleaners; Evergreen Cleaners; Runyan Cleaners; Pay 'N Takit Stores

Super Valu; Pay 'N Save; Lornee Dune Beauty Lounge; Mardi-Gras Beauty Salon; Patio Beauty Salon; Ona's Beauty Salon

Glennie's Beauty Salon; Mission Beauty Salon; Miller's Beauty Salon; Mr. Lee's Beauty Salon; Lucille's Hair Fashion

Coiffures by Shir Lee; Gilbert & Seibel; Broadway Fur; Hadley's Inc.; Vancouver Police Department; Vancouver Columbian

Radio Staion KISN; Radio Station KKEY; KGW TV; Bruno Studios; Vancouver School District; Burgess Floor Covering

Columbia River Paper Division of the Boise Cascade Co.; Oldsmobile Division of General Motors; The Toni Company

Joseph Bancroft Company; Washington State Pepsi-Cola Bottlers; Richfield Oil Corporation; Olympic Mink Breeders

City of Vancouver; Washington State Jaycees; Mr. George J. Cavalier; Miss Lenora S. Slaughter; Vancouver Yacht Club

Washington Art Society; Jantzen Inc.; Seattle-First National Bank; National Bank of Commerce; Acker Lumber Company

Scott Bros. Richfield Oil Company; Vancouver Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.; Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Mrs. Thelma O'Donnell; Mrs. Sam Jones; Bruce Washington, County Auditor; Aluminum Company of America

Clark College, Clark County P.U.D.


page 40

(photo's- Miss Washington Pagent 1961; 1963 Contestants at Seattle Center)


back cover inset

1963 Miss America Jacquelyn Jeanne Mayer

in an Oldsmobile Ad


back cover

1963 Miss America Jacquelyn Jeanne Mayer

in an Ban-Lon brocade Ad






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