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The Owosso College Oak Scroll 1958

Owosso, Shiawassee County, Michigan





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1958 Oak Scroll


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no name, see next page


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page 4

Former Board of Trustees

J. C. Bayman, W. O. Bottenburg, B. Shattuck, H. Monroe, L. S. Steele, O. E. Rutledge, R. C. Hawkins, E. C. Swanson

R. Powell, M. E. Stiverson, M. L. Goodman, A. L. Davis, W. N. Miller, H. T. Mills, W. H. Neff, o. Jennings, R. A. Beltz


page 5

Present Board of Trustees

A. S. Joppie, P. W. Thomas, J. McCrory, A. Grout Sr., M. Horine, J. D. Abbott, M. Storey, W. N. Miller

R. A. Beltz, O. Jennings, B. Shattuck, P. F. Elliot, R. C. Hawkins, H. T. Mills

page 6

Otho jennings

page 7

Flloyd F. McCallum (typed as seen), John S. Dean

page 8

G. E. Stace, Esther Molin, Joshua Stauffer

page 9

Zetta A. Traver, Jamse E. King, Bertha Kienbaum

page 10

Elsie F. Eyler, Kenneth E. Eyler, Dorcas L. Silver

page 11

Rosa Jane Cashatt, Nelson O. Silver, Betty Messer

page 12

William Tromble, Edith Saneholtz, Elliott Nordgren,

page 13

Lucy J. Maddox, Eugene Erickson, Freda L. Reeves

page 14

Lois Long, Lenore M. Bean, Vada Lason

page 15

Mrs. Williams, Mrs Ward, Mrs. Wickman, Rev. M. L. Goodman, Mrs. M. L. Goodman

page 16

Dale Kessler, Mr. Jones, Mr. Neal

page 17

(photo - three young ladies in graduation attire)

page 18

Mr. Eyler, Russell Young, Even Downey, Ralph Baynum, Lyle Reynolds, Don Wood

page 19

Ralph Baynum, Evan Downey, Roy Elliott

page 20

Don Fuller, Robert Green, Ronald Moss

page 21

Darolene Reynolds, Lyle Reynolds, Donald Wood, Russell Young

page 22

Mr. King, Danny Pierce, Tom Foulk, Cathy (Kathy) Worden, Helen Williams

page 23

Don Beckwith, Walter Bixby, Robert Bushrow

page 24

Thomas Foulk, Dan Pierce, Helen Williams, Kathy Worden

page 25

Lyle Reynolds,Roy Elliott, Evan Downey, Bob Bushrow (this is a baby pic with another tot in the stroller)

Kathy Worden, Don Beckwith, Helen Williams, Don Wood, Walter Bixby, Don Fuller

Danny Pierce (another child standing with him), Darolene Reynolds, Tom Foulke, Russell Young

page 26

Russell Young, Helen Williams, Kathy Worden

page 27

Wayne Ostrander, Mrs. Molin, Ron Brooks, Mary Osburn, Janet Cliff

page 28

Donald L. Alley, Mark Batterbee, George Ford, John Bemis, Vern Frederickson, William Hill

page 29

Dorothy Downey, Carl Jones, V. Juanita King, Ronald King, Vada Lason, James Lynch

page 30

Milan Maybee, John Molin, Norman Nixon, Mary Osborn, Harvey Poling, Charles Roark, Richard Robinson, Duaine Samson

page 31

Robert Barrows, J. C. baynum, Bonnie Brenner, Doyle Brannon, Robert Brown

Janet Cliff, Harold Cox, Clifford Furness, Kyra Jackson

page 32

Dale Kessler, Norman Kessler, Harold McDonald, Philip Mitchell, Joann Moore, Howard Moser

Wayne Ostrander, Dorthy Pearson, Priscilla Phelps

page 33

Katheryn Raby, Priscilla Shelt, Clay Reeves, Bruce Srigley, Ruth Trainor

Joella Tromble, Ronald Webb, Richard Web, David Wermuth

page 34

Vera B. Banks, Clifford Batterbee, Carol Bauman, Calvin Bean, Lenore Bean

Alex Bellen, Beverly Bogard, Frankie Bowles, Ronald Bradford

page 35

Don Bradley, Ronald Brooks, Ralph Brown, Mildred Byers, Gayre Cardis, Mervyn Carver

Lowell Downey, Curtis Day, Calvin Christy

page 36

Cetora Edwards, Janice Eyman, Ruth Finney, Larry Fletcher

Barbara Gamble, Gerald Grindley, Elizabeth Heath, James Heath, Don Johnson

page 37

Elaine Johnson, Glenda Jones, David Leamon, Lois Kessler, Lois Long

Don McDonald, Emerson McIntyre, Nancy L. McKim, DuWayne Mead

page 38

Floyd Morell, Albert Morrett, Ken Mortimer, Tracy Petersmith, Russell Payne

David Powell, Burdette Price, J. Rathbun, Mary Rouse

page 39

Ferne Schwab, Richard Scott, Lois SHort, Grace Stauffer, Bruce Titus

Ronald Walker, Phyllis Watson, Rodney Weinert, Robert Witman, Richard Wynn

page 40

Donna Gardner, Sharon Greve, Kathy Nolan, Sharon Rickner, Carolyn Bennett, Harold Call, Herbert Diller, James Pego

Paul Beckwith, Daniel Bare, Lawrence Curell, Paul Ferrell, Dorothy Frost, Don Lichty, Wayne Brown, Don Coble

Eugene Hamblin, Doreen Brwon, David Dean, Carroll Johnson, Leonard Neil, Jerry Williams

page 41

Leonard Davis, Miss Traver, Marjorie Jones, Karon Rodgers, David Hollmann

page 42

Leonard Davis, David Hollmann, Thomas Innes, Marjorie Jones, Karen Rodgers, Orville Sickler

page 43

Sally Eyler, Mrs. Silver, Barbara Hodson, Melvin Vincent, Sharon Dawson, Betty Dean

page 44

Nancy Boismier, Sharon Dawson, Betty Dean, Clarence Everrett, Sallie Eyler, Ann Grantier

Kenneth Hildebrant, Barbara Hodson, Darrell Rodgers, Melvin Vincent

page 45

Miss Reeves, Marilyn Jennings, Sandra Reeves, Delia Phelps, Jerry Williams, Marcia Vanderveer

page 46

Larry Green, Carol Hancock, Marilynn Jennings, Delia Phelps, Richard Reeves, Sandra Reeves, Marcia Vanderveer

page 47

(photo of graduating class)

page 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

(photos of graduation and other functions)

page 56

W. W. Tromble, Elliott Nordgren, Edith Saneholtz

page 57

(photo of chorus)

page 58

Mr. Tromble, M. Osburn, P. Shelt, M. Byers, E. Johnson, B. Bogard, P. Watson, C. Worden, F. Schwab, J. Cliff, R. Finney

F. Bowles, P. Phelps, L. Fletcher, R. Wynn, M. Batterbee, B. Price, R. Robinson, E. McIntyre, B. Srigley, G. Grindley

K. Jackson, D. Powell, A. Bellen, R. Barrows

Robert Barrows, Alex Bellen, Kathy Raby, Mary Osburn, Dave Powell, Janet Cliff, Fern Schwab

page 59

Dave Powell, Beverley Bogard, Kyra Jackson, Alex bellen, Joanne Moore, Russell Payne, Bonnie Brenner

Nancy Boisner, Betty Dean, Dale Kessler, Joella Tromble, Danny Bare, Philip Mitchell, Mildred Byers, Robert Barrows

page 60

Larry Fletcher, Richard Wynn, Richard Robinson, Robert Barrows, Bruce Srigley, Gerlad Grindley, Don Bradley, Wayne Ostrander

page 61

Robert Barrows, Kyra Jackson, Philip Mitchell, Priscilla Phelps, Mildred Byers, Donna garnder

page 62

Ruth Phinney, Phyllis Watson, Beverly Bogard, Janet Cliff, Joella Tromble, Fern Schwab

page 63

(photo of Pilgram Holiness Church)

page 64

Mr. Tromble, Norman Nixon, Burdette Price, Janyce Eyman, James Lynch, Howard Moser, Lois Short, Don Lichty

page 65

(2 photos)

page 66

Mrs. Saneholtz, Wayne Ostrander, Mervyn Carver, Don Johnson, Lowell Downey, David Leamon

page 67 68 69


page 70

Miss Keinbaum, Harold Cox, Wayne Ostrander, Marilyn Jennings, Clifford Furness

Russell Young, Philip Mitchell, Ruth Finney, Leonard Davis, Sally Eyler

page 71

Priscilla Phelps, Mrs. Eyler, Kathy Raby, Nancy McKim, Mary Osburn

page 72

Mr. Stauffer, Philip Mitchell, Bonnie Brenner, Richard Robinson, Garry Cardis, Don Bradley, Nancy McKim

Mildred Byers, Jim Lynch, Vera Banks, Grace Stauffer

page 73

(4 photos)

Carl Jones

page 74

(4 photos)

Tom Foulk, Vada lason, Jackie Petersmith, Joanne Moore

page 75

(photo of basketball)

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page 81 82 83 84 85 86


Fern, Dale

page 87

ad: Best Wishes from Pilgrim Holiness Church

page 88

ads: Central Buisness Supply, Alumni Association; J. A. Byerley Co., State Savings Bank

page 89

ad: Charles Tarolli & Sons

page 90

ads: Weersing Heating; J. L. Cerveny, Jeweler; Royal Cleaners; Krib Funeral Home; Owosso Federal Savings and Loan

Geo Robbins; Irving's; City Product Corporation; Fulmer's

page 91

ads: The Owosso Savings Bank; Gospel Gift Shop; Standard Supply & Lumber Company

Hornus Floor Covering; Gordon Graham Flowers; Gute's Grill; Radio Station WOAP

page 92

ads: Himburg's, Inc.; Steck the Jeweler; Robbins Furniture Company; Weir Tailer Sales

Elton Allen, Inc.; Day Studios; Clay Reeves; Bob's Sport Shop

page 93

ads: Owosso Graphic Arts; Sunnyside Florists; Doc's Shoe Repairing; Ritzee Hamburgers

Owosso Canvas Company; Economy Shoe Store; The Mulhall Erb Company

page 94

ads: Voight's Rexall Drug Store; Roy G. Spiess & Son; Montgomery Ward & Company

Long's Nash Sales; The Craig Agency; Owosso Argus Press; Weir Tailer Sales; Indian Trails Bus Lines

page 95

ads: Mac Farlane Shoes; The OldCorunna State Bank; Storrer's; Western and Southern Life Ins. Co.

Jennings-Lyle Chapel; Osborn Cleaners; Louis Shell Service; Shattuck Music House

page 96

ads: Telfer Packing Company; Randolph and Company; Clark's Drug Store; W. D. Coen Pontiac Co.

Redmond Company, Inc.; Corunna Lumber Company; Arthur Ward Company

page 97

ads: Sturtevant & Blood Company; General Telephone Company; Shippee & Smith; S. S. Kresge Company; West Side Cleaners

Pantry Shelf Milk Depot; Owosso Optical Service; Wachter Shoe Company; Scarletts Funeral Home; Harrymans

page 98

ads: White's Bakery; Rundell Creamery; B. R. Sult and Son; Lee L. Omer & Company; D. M. Christian Co.

page 99

(photos of the Senior Trip)

page 100

ads: Ferris Bros.; Fine Arts Upholstering Co.; Knepp's; Hotel Owosso; Woodbury's Sheet Metal