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The 1952 Winona High School Pirate

Winona, Whitman County, Washington





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page 1

Charles Coffey


page 2 - 3

C. C. Coffey, W. H. Bell, Miss Ethel G. Jack, Mrs. Myrtle Lowary, Mrs. Gladys Johnson, Miss Laura Brinker

Miss Gwen German, Mrs. Norva Fox, Mrs. Lizzie Scheuerman, Pete Scheuerman


page 4 - 5

Effie Lowary, Verdell Walker, Lorraine Fox, James Fox, Dawn Means, Helen Jane Setters, Gary Storment

CLaudina Layton, Darlene Scheuerman, Janice Maxwell, Frances Storment, Miss Jack


page 6



page 7



page 8 - 9

Frances Storment


page 10

Senior Class History

Dolores Weidrich, Ethel Rice, Frances Storment, Gene Parks, Gerald Fox, Manfred Marsh, Darlene Scheuerman, Barbara Cole

Donald Berg, Stanley Kee, Dolores Wood, George Harrison, Al Murcar, Mary Lou Robinson, Gerald Fox, Tom Hawk


page 11

Class Prophecy

Janice, James Fox, Lorraine Fox, John Means, Gary Storment, Frances McCormick

Claudina Layton, Effie Lowary, Verdell Walker, Helen Jane Setters, Frances Storment


page 12

Class Will

Frances Storment, Effie Lowary, Gary Storment, Mr. Coffey, Darlene Scheuerman

Billy Repp, Effie, Janice, Claudina, Mr. Bell, Jimmy, Verdell, Mr. Coffey, Miss Jack


page 13



page 14



page 15

Janice Maxwell, Mrs. lowary


page 16 - 17

Claudina Layton, Helen Jane Setters, Lorriane Fox, Mrs. Johnson, Effie Lowary

Verdell Walker, Dawn Means, Gary Storment, James Fox, Miss Jack


page 18



page 19



page 20 - 21

Activities Calendar


page 22 - 23

Paper Staff

James Fox, Miss Jack, Darlene Scheuerman, Verdell Walker, Effie Lowary, Gary Storment

Claudina Layton, Lorraine Fox, Janice Maxwell, Dawn Means, Frances Storment, Helen Jane Setters


page 24 - 25


"Miss Jimmy" & "Lay Down, You're Dead!"


page 26 - 27

Girls' Chorus

Darlene Scheuerman, Lorraine Fox, Deanna Brown, Dawn Means, Corlene Jordan, Frances Storment

Janice Maxwell, Effie Lowary, Joann Wattles, Claudina Layton, Judy Lowary, Claudia Knott, Helen Jane Setters


Lewis Gaiser, Effie Lowary, Judy Lowary, Duane Cook, Lorraine Fox

Gary Storment, Wesley Jordan, Bobby Neace, Billy Reap, Jerry Walker

Christmas Chorus

Darlene Scheuerman, Lorraine Fox, Joann Wattles, Corlene Jordan, Frances Storment

Effie Lowary, Judy Lowary, Claudia Knott, Helen Jane Setters


page 28



page 29



page 30 - 31

Winnie Wise, Corlene Jordan, Billy Repp, Verdell Walker, Mr. Bell, Jimmy Fox, Gary Storment

Duane Cook, Duane Weidrich, Gary Messinger, Larry Wattles, Allen Layton


page 32

Girls' Physical Education

Frances Storment, Lorraine Fox, Mrs. Johnson, Dawn Means, Joann Wattles, Deanna Brown, Corlene Jordan

Claudina Layton, Judy Lowary, Helen Jane Setters, Effie Lowary, Janice Maxwell, Darlene Scheuerman


page 33


page 34 - 35

Grade School

Junior High

Mrs. Lowary, Corlene Jordan, Joann Wattles, Billy Repp, Deanna Brown, Judy Lowary


Gary messinger, Wesley Jordan, Billy German, Alan Layton, Billy Borne, Duane Wiedrich

Larry Wattles, Jimmy Storment, Jerry Walker, Barbara German, Joan Leinweber, Winifred Wise, Maryellen Johnson

Mrs. Johnson, Lois Lee Lowary, mary Storment, Duane Cook, Bobby Neace, Lewis Gaiser, Dianne Cook


page 36 - 37

Third Grade

Allen Stilson, Laura Lou Robertson, Cheryl Leinweber, Karen Fox, Dennis Wise

Ronnie Ann Curtis, Vicki Messinger, Richard Maxwell, Miss Brinker, Donna Lamb, Reed Wattles

Randy Phelps, Roger Krouse, Ronald Schaal, Glen Storment, Marjorie Bafus


Norman Storment, Sylvia Jordan, Collene Nitz, Barbara Dellwo, Dwight Fowler

David Messinger, Duane Wiedrich, Charles Layton, Mrs. German


page 38

Junior High History

Deanna Brown, Claudia Knott, Judy Lowary, Joaane Wattles, Billy Repp, Corlene Jordan


page 39

Intermediate Grade History

Donna and Doreen Knott, Barbara German, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Scheuerman, Winnie Wise, Billy Borne, Joan Leinweber

Lois Lee Lowary, Mary Storment, Maryellen Johnson, Bobby Neace, Jimmy Storment, Duane Wiedrich, Mrs. Lowary, Mr. Bell


page 40 - 41

Third Grade

Vicki, Ronald, Ronnie Ann, Dennis, Cheryl


Alan Stilson, Wayne and Michael Nicholson, Alan Knott, Charles Layton, Dennis Wiedrich, Norman Storment


page 42 - 43

Grade School Operetta


Deanna Brown, Jerry Walker, Lois Lee Lowary, Judy Lowary, Allan Layton

Winifred Wise, Duane Weidrich, Cheryle Leinweber, Dennis Wise

Italian Dancers

Mary Storment, Corlene Jordan, Joann Wattles, Marjorie Bafus, Vivki Messinger

Karen Fox, Ronnie Ann Knott, Donna lamb, Maryellen Johnson

Irish Dancers

Wesley Jordan, Billie Borne, Diane Cook, Joan Leinweber

Gary Messinger, Barbara German, Sally Nitz


Dwight Fowler, Norman Storment, Collene Nitz, Sylvia Gordon

Charles Layton, David Messinger

Apple Blossom Dancers

Karen Fox, Maryellen Johnson, Lois Lee Lowary, Ronnie Ann Knott, Donna Lamb

Sally Nitz, Vivki Messinger, Marjorie Bafus, Laura Lou Robertson


page 44



page 45



page 46



page 47

(14 mini photo's - no names)


page 48

(13 mini photo's)

Frances, J. F., G. S., Pete, C. L., E. L., Gary, F. S., H. J. S., C. L., Verdell, Daisy Mae, Claudina, C. L., D. M.


page 49

(13 mini photo's)

F. S., Helen, Gary, Claudina, Effie, Lizzie, H. J. S., G. S.


page 50



page 51



page 52



page 53



page 54



page 55

ads: Fonks five & dime; S. & S. Grocery, Stapleton & Short; Model Steam Laundry

G. E. Humphrey & Sons, Colfax Motor Company; Endsley's fine gifts; Schneidmiller & Faires


page 56

ads: Western Stores; Gretencort's Clothing; Cyril Alden, photographer; Colfax Furniture

Potlatch Yards; Grady Drug Co.; Kincaid & Glasier, jewelers; Dr. Conrad Weitz, Jr


page 57

ads: Standard Lumber Company; Dave Burns Auto Electric; Hamilton Drug Store

L. L. Bruning Funeral Home; Deysenroth florist; Ralph S. Owens, insurance; Dr. Raymond Forrey


page 58

ads: Colfax Hotel, Tref Roberge; Colfax Hotel Coffee Shop; Brown & Holter Chevrolet


page 59

ads: 195 Cafe, Andy Zubwick; Moore's furniture; City Tavern, James Fox

Powell Plumbing & Heating; Perry & Lee, furniture, clothing and shoes


page 60

ads; Dr. E. C. Wessels; Colfax Print Shop; S. & S. Grocery, Stapelton & Short

Dr. Robert T. Henry; Elliott's Paint Store; Brookhart's Dept Store


page 61

ads: Colfax Grange Supply Co.; H. M. (Hank) Ulevog & E. A. (Ed) Huchsprung real estate and insurance

Johnson & Rouse electrical; McEuen & Edgren, musical and elecrical appliances


page 62

ads: Sliter's grocery; Endicott Hardware & Implement Company; Wally's Cheveron Service, Walter Given

Rosser & Sutton, L. S. Rosser, W. A. Sutton, Paul Lyon, J. H. Peterson; L. & L. Market


page 63

ads: Endicott Drug Company, Fred S. Wilkinson; George Weitz, barber; Dr. W. C. Meuli

Henry Bafus, Standard Oil Products


page 64

ads: Gail's Fountain; Colfax Dairy Products; Bank of Endicott

Endicott Tavern & Cafe, Guy, Millie & Jimmie Devaney; Lamont Bank of St. John


page 65

ads: Byrne-Ferris Machinery Co.; Cold Storage Market

St. John Hardware and Implement; Denton's Drug Store; Dr. C. W. Hayward


page 66

ads: Palouse Rock-Lake Soil Conservation District; LaCrosse Graine Growers, Inc.


page 67

ads: Freeburg Service; Pierce's grocery; Tony Baenen general store; Olmstead's Grocery

LaCrosse Truck & Tractor; Jones Truck & Implement


page 68

ads: LaCrosse Drug, George Tower; LaCrosse Clipper, Donald Dodd; LaCrosse Hardware

Woodward Insurance Agency; Shaver Electric Service, H. C. Little


page 69

ads: C. V. Kuehl; Winona Grange; Phelp's Grocery, Bob & Jean Phelps


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The End

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