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The 1929 Pasco High School Sinewesah

Pasco, Franklin County, Washington






front inset 1

Jo Sanderson


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page 1

Sinewesah cover page


page 2



page 3

Mrs. Ruth Livingston, Harry Livesey, B. B. Horrigan


page 4



page 5

(photo) Pasco Airport and Mail Planes


page 6

Mr. Elmer Miller


page 7

C. H. Lillie, C. L. Booth


page 8

Harry T. Benson, Aalma M. Olson, Albert Miller, Elizabeth Rohden


page 9

Earl A. Dunlap, Carolyn Churchman, Raleigh A. Baldwin, Eleanor Gage


page 10

Paul A. Blauert, Hazel M. Harris, Joseph T. Pederson, Claire Torpey


page 11



page 12

Senior Poem


page 13

William Marshall, Elsie Anderson, Edgar Haag, Faye Stoneman


page 14

Fred Moretz, Lois Welsh, Loyd Burnett, Audrey Stoneman


page 15

Roy Nelson, Mabel Harwood, Kenneth Livermore, Goldie Magnuson


page 16

Donald Bryan, Josephine Sanderson, Leslie Gartin, Nellie MacDonald


page 17

Roy Rasmussen, Norman Lucas, Querita Cowles, Charles Yamouchi (Yamauchi)


page 18

Mary Horrigan, Bertha Hodge, Kathryn 'Betty' Schunemann, Dorothy Sager


page 19

Charles Roberts, Ellen Wade, Robert Bannerman, Eva Schwartzkopf


page 20

Harry L. Goodman, Caroline McDonough, Alan Ainey, Edeath Curry


page 21

Dan Putnam Jr., Esther Gough, Donald Norling, Maxine Fogg


page 22

Mary Horrigan, Robert Bannerman, Elsie Anderson, Bertha Hodge, Loyd Burnett, Harry Goodman, Fred Moretz


page 23

Mr. Devereaux, Elsie Anderson, Janelle Hill, Alan Ainey, Pyles News Stand, Bob Bannerman, Joe Torrence, Don Bryan

Howard Barnhart, Loyd Burnett, Rachel Desmytere, Edeath Curry, Tennessee Pyles, Querita Cowles, Orlyn Wold

Maxine Fogg, Edna Coffey, Leslie Gartin, Tim Newman, Esther Gough, Mona Kelly, Harry Goodman, Janet Newton

Edgar Haag, Bill Myers, Mabel Harwood, Helen Minkiewitz, Bertha Hodge, Catherine Covey, Mary Horrigan, Tessie Stone

Kenneth Livermore, Ray Gemmel, Norman Lucas, Glen Norling, Goldie Magnuson, Alice Swanson, Nellie MacDonald

Kathleen Petterson, Caroline McDonough, Rena Wade, Bill Marshall, Ralph Smith, Fred Moretz, Hubert Hales, Roy Nelson

John Henry O'Brien, Don Norling, Calvin Coolidge, Dan Putnam, Mel Perry, Roy Rasmussen, Harry Livesey, Charles Roberts

Helen Livingston, Jo Sanderson, Elsie Haag, Dorothy Sager, Betty Davenport, Kathryn Schunemann, Lenore Burnett

Eva Schwartzkopf, Carolyn Mellin, Audrey Stoneman, Letha Brown, Faye Stoneman, Sir Henry Lauder, Lois Welsh

Delma Judson, Kenneth Wold, Jerry Rolison, Charles Yamauchi, Vernon Chisholm


page 24

Charlie Ransom, Norman Lucas, Charlie Yamouchi (Yamauchi), Fred Moretz, Don Bryan, Loyd Burnett, Alan Ainey

Edeath Curry, Eva Schwartzkopf, Keneth Wold, Leslie Graham, Dan Putnam, Bertha Hodge, Bob Bannerman

Bill Marshall, Don Norling, Esther Gough, Audrey Stoneman, Lois Welsh, Mary Horrigan, Jo Sanderson

Elsie Anderson, Roy Nelson, Roy Rasmussen, Charles Roberts, Harry Goodman


page 25

Edgar Haag, Mabel Harwood, Caroline McDonough, Nellie MacDonald, Goldie Magnuson, Querita Cowles

Maxine Fogg, Dorothy Sager, Elizabeth Schunemann, Ellen Wade, Kenneth Livermore, Faye Stoneman, Mary Horrigan


page 26

(photo - 59 people)


page 27

Ned Roberts, Kenneth Hudson, Irene Davis, Emerson Morgan, Glen H. Norling, Ray Gemmel

Raymond Lewis, Leslie Steckel, Joe Torrence, Marvin Quincey, Seeley Albertson


page 28

(photo - 63 people)


page 29

Elsie Haag, Robert Johnston, Tim Newman, Howard McGhee, Harry Livesey, Janelle Hill, Tennessee Pyles, George Graham


page 30

(photo - 49 people and a dog)


page 31

Hubert Hales, Carolyn Mellin, Warren Curry, William McQuillan, Albert Patrick, Jeanne Welsh, Orville Olson


page 32

(photo's - 35 mini shots)


page 33



page 34

(photo's - 17 mini shots)

Sinewesah Staff


page 35

(photo - 10 people)

Associated Student Body


page 36

(photo - 21 people)

Lettermen's Club

Raymond Gemmel, Kenneth Hudson, Emerson Morgan


page 37

(photo - 35 people)

The Wasco

Miss Olson, Dan Putnam, Kathleen Petterson, Catherine Landt, Mary Horrigan, Elsie Anderson, Bob Bannerman

Harry Goodman, Donald Norling, Janet Newman, Esther Gough, Elizabeth Barnes, Irene Stromme, Alice Swanson

Harry Livesey, Eldon Billings, Veronica Selch, Orville Olson, Harry Hauschild, Charles McFadden, Ralph Smith

Howard Marks, Mel Perry, Lenore Burnett, Loyd Burnett, Carolyn Mellin, Hubert Hales, Ellen Wade, Mabel Harwood

Audrey Stoneman, Ned Roberts, Bob Richardson, Howard McGhee, Gladys Jones


page 38

(photo - 13 gentlemen)

The Hi-Y Club

Mel Perry, Fred Moretz, Bob Bannerman, Alan Ainey, Ralph Smith, Ned Roberts, Emerson Morgan, Herbert Hutchinson

George Smith, Clifford Diemond, Mr. Miller, Mr. Cole, Mr. Skill


page 39

(photo - 8 ladies)

Girls Athletic Club

Nellie MacDonald, Elsie Weltz, Inga Overlie, Gladys Jones, Orlyn Wold, Elsie Anderson, Elizabeth Schunemann, Kathleen Petterson


page 40

(photo - 19 people)

The Torch Society

Elsie Anderson, Irene Davis, Miss Rohden, Mary Horrigan, Caroline McDonough, Edgar Haag, Dan Putnam, Elnore Edwards

Catherine Landt, Mary Stewart, Alice Swanson, Oliver Butler, Juanita Eddings, Elsie Weltz, Mary Keyes, Eldon Billings

Clifford Diemond, Howard Marks, Howard McGhee, Mel Perry, George Smith

The Seniorita Club

Anita Minkiewitz, Jo Sanderson


page 41

Ned Roberts, Mrs. Benson, Miss Janelle Hill, Miss Mary Keyes, Superintendent Lillie, Miss Gage

Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Nellie McDonald (MacDonald), Raymond Gemmell


page 42

Elsie Weltz, Maxine Fogg, Elizabeth Schunemann, Nellie MacDonald, Carolyn Mellin, Janet Newman, Elsie Anderson

Ellen Wade, Beth Barnes, Loyd Burnett, Mel Perry, Ralph Smith, Dan Putnam, Esther Gough, Lenore Burnett, Alan Ainey


page 43



page 44

Dan Putnam, Don Norling, Mary Horrigan, Caroline McDonough, Alan Ainey, Bertha Hodge, Harry Goodman

Goldie Magnuson, Audrey Stoneman, Loyd Burnett, Querita Cowles, Nellie McDonald (MacDonald)


page 45

Lois Welsh, Josephine Sanderson, Elsie Anderson, Glen Norling, Emerson Morgan, Mel Perry, Dan Putnam

Mr. Pederson, Miss Churchman, Miss Harris, Fern Marvin, Donald Norling


page 46

(photos - 27 mini shots)


page 47



page 48

(photo - 22 Football Players)


page 49

Coach Dunlap, Livermore, Marshall, Bill, Hue, Goodman, Harry, Hudson, Norling, Morris, Gemmell

Johnston, Barnhart, Torrence, Chisholm, Welsh, Steckel, Graham, O'Bien, Myers, Quincey


page 50

(photo - 9 gentlemen)


Hue, Steckel


page 51

Goodman, Hue, Gemmell, Albertson, Morgan, Steckle, Barnhart, Graham

Fred Anderson, Chisholm, Olson, Livingston, Skill


page 52

(photo - 10 ladies)

Nellie MacDonald, Ellen Wade, Mabel Harwood, Dorothy Sager, Eizabeth Schunemann

Maxine Fogg, Jo Sanderson, Audrey Stoneman, Caroline McDonough


page 53



page 54 - 55

story by Jo Sanderson


page 55 - 56

story by Eldon Billings


page 57 - 58

story by Alice Falk

Miss Rohden, Mr. Dunlap, Miss Olson, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Miller, Mr. Benson, Mr. Booth, Bill Marshall, Pederson

Miss Torpey, Miss Harris, Mr. Deveraux, Miss Gage, Miss Churchman, Emerson Morgan, Elsie Anderson

Jo Sanderson, Glen Norling, Lois Welsh, Leslie Gartin, Mel Perry, Dan Putnam


page 59

Sine HaHa


page 60

Herman Krug, Miss Churchman, Les Gartin, Charlie McFadden, Don Norling, Vernon Chisholm


page 61

Mel Perry, John Henry O'Brien, Fat Norling, Nig Morgan, Miller, Ainey, Tut, Eldon, Warren, Howard

Wesley, Janet N., Charles McF., Mr. Benson, Don R., Mr. Robertson, Mr. Miller, Jessie Mae


page 62

Jo Sanderson, Leola Arbogast, Maxine Fogg, Esther Gough, Lois Welsh, Mary Horrigan, Dr. O'Brien, Mr. Driscoll


page 63

Mr. Lillie, Supt. Booth, Professor Ruby, Rev. M. C. Obert, Dr. N. D. Showalter


page 64

Lucille Greenwood


back inset 1

Leslie Garten, Dan Putnam, Mel Perry, Emerson Morgan


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back inset 3

Jo Heimlich, Oliver Butler, Norma Liveland, Kenneth Wold

George Smith, Letha Brown, Sarah M. Cuperus, Delma Judson


back inset 4

Glen Martin