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The Olympus 1928 Olympia, Thurston County, Washington

+ 50 year reunion 1978 for the Class of 1928









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published by..




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The olympus 1928




page 4

Miss Isyl Johnson




page 5

Administration and Classes




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page 7

Elmer L. Breckner, L.P. Brown, Clyde G. Campbell, Martin S. Miller, McClelland W. Rockey, Nellie C. Smith, Anna Stanford

Agnes Bushnell, Maude Chamberlen, Nina Crowley, Lily Everton, Mary Lucille Jenkins, Isyl Johnson, Elizabeth Macleay

Glenna Troy, Frank Hunt, Clark, Hay, Koenig, Miller, Summers, Brown, Smith, Rockey, Hunt, Gaines, Krous, Fuller

Burke, Chamberlen, Murland, Gibson, Werner, Robertson, Morse, Crowley, Everton, Campbell, Loomis

Stanford, Pierce, Macleay, Raichle, Jenkins, Lockwood, Johnson, Johnston, Bushnell, Readen, Troy




page 8

Nina Crowley, Hazel Gibson, Helen Murland, Winnifred Werner, Agnes Bushnell, Lucille Johnston

Stanley Summers, Mary Robertson, Katherine Morse, John Koenig, George T. Krous, Nellie C. Smith, Wesley L. Clark

L.A. Anderson, H.E. Gaines, R.P. Burke, Edna Readen, Katherine Raichle, John Fuller, Isyl Johnson

Frances Lockwood, Frank Hunt, Anna Stanford, M.W. Rockey, Aliene Pierce, Hazel Loomis, Ada E. Woodin

Martin S. Miller, William Winlock Miller, Elmer L. Breckner, Leland P. Brown




page 9

Bushnell, Jenkins, Loomis, Everton, Krous, Johnson, Raichle, Raden




page 10 page 11

Colleen Aiken, Agness Akehurst, Basil Ames, Irene Ames, Greta Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Maryon Askren

Ruth McRae Bailey, Al Beckland, Mary Berkey, Evelyn Blackman, Gerald Bock, Mary Bolster, Melbourne Bordeaux

Elizabeth Borgford, Edward Bowman, Hollys Brazeale, Alice Brown, Frank Brown, Richard Bryan, Robert Bussabarger




page 12 page 13

Thelma Butts, Beulah Cameron, Delores Carden, Richard Carpenter, Dorothy Chaplin, Ethel Chilen, Gertrude Cone

Norma Cook, Arthur Debruyn, Margaret Eells, Ruth Enbody, Mae Ensley, Elvera Erickson, Marie Foote

Eugene Freeman, Laura Rea French, Marie Fuller, Wilma Fulton, Kathryn Gibbons, Margaret Gillpatrick, Ruth Gregory




page 14 page 15

Meryl Griffin, James Hanlon, Bonney Hardman, Irving Hart, Dorothy Hart, Madoline Hays, John Hedges

Roy Hennings, William Hinkle, Charlotte Hoag, Marian Hoag, Blanche Honey, Verna Howey, Herbert Hubbell

Edna Huwald, Bonita Ikerd, Phyllis Jackson, Clarice Jones, Heldar Jones, George Kempher, Elisabeth Kevin




page 16 page 17

Edna Kimble, Denzil Kincy, Jerome Knox, Fred Kroll, Myrtle Kummers, Ellen Lee, Zilpha Lee, Geraldine Lehman

Mark LeMay, Everett Lightbody, Blanche Looker, Tom Lozier, Keith MacDonald, John McGowan, Leo Maguire

Lloyd Mallory, Kenneth McClarty, Ronald McLean, Marilou McWilliams, Wytska Mekkes, William Minear




page 18 page 19

Una Moody, Madeline Mounts, Edna Nelson, Robert Niesen, Emma O'Hare, Henning Osterlof, William Paige

Lois Peffley, Werdna Phillips, Harold Rambo, Annabelle Rawlings, Jeannette Reed, Carl Riesenweber, Alfred Rohrbeck

Ponce Sahagun, Jessie Sauerwein, Avabell Schultz, Robert Smith, James Stanford, Mary Stewart, Leonard Sundell




page 20 page 21

Ellen Swan, Ellen Teas, Aubrey Thomas, Frances Thomas, Melvin Tranum, Olive Trowbridge, Rubye Turner

Corrinne Underwood, Dorothy Ware, Avery Warren, Jack Watson, Dorothy Webb, Lawrence Wells

Melvin Wells, John West, Eileen Whittall, Curtis Williams, Margie Williams, Wanda Wizbicki, Lurena Woods




page 22

Raymons Wray, Charles Wright, Dominic Wynne, Robert Yates, Thelma Yocom, Mae Zamberlin, Louise Zarp, Leonard Berlin




page 23

Katherine Raichle, F.R. Hay, Jerome Knox, Edward Eads, Marie Foote, Mel Bordeauxm Maryon Askren, Aubrey Thomas

Ed Bowman, Charles Wright, Beulah Cameron, Margaret Gillpatrick, Bonney Hardman, Dorothy Chaplin, Ethel Chilen

Mae Ensley, Myrtle Kummers, Mark LeMay, Edna Nelson, Annabelle Rawlings, Frances Thomas, Melvin Wells, Eileen Whittall




page 24

(8 photo's - no names)




page 25

Jack Whittall, Doane Brodie, Lois Henderson, Neva Cameron




page 26

Walter Failor, Mary Lasher, Marie Parrott, Don McCaughan, Mary Lindley

Mrs. Myrle Chamberlen, Billy Parr, Robert Williams, Bjarne Nelson, Frank Hunt




page 27

(2 photo's of the Junior Class)




page 28

Burton Bowman, Adolph Schmidt, Lucile Failor, William Priestley, Richard Baker, Dorothy Cook

Don Smith, Rea Moore, June Dunning, Honora Bouley, Dorus Quasebarth, Nellie Smith, Clyde Campbell




page 29

(2 photo's of the Sophomore Class), signature of Rob't Grant




page 30

William Pifer, Remona L'Heureux, Wilma Lee, Leta Gifford, Arleta Satterlee

Hugh Hinkelman, Mary Tabor, Lorraine Koster, Mrs. Ada Woodin, Henry Gaines




page 31

(2 photo's of Freshman Class)




page 32

Benjamin Rush McClelland, Jack Gillmer, James Morris




page 33





page 34





page 35

Wallace Mills, Hollys Brazeale, Melbourne Bordeaux, Winnifred Werner, Edna Nelson, Keith Macdonald, L.P. Brown

Beulah Cameron, Eugene Freeman, Aubrey Ruddell, Dan Setchfield, Arleta Satterlee, Hugh Hinkelman, Dorothy Cook

Don Smith, Myrle Chamberlen, Bill Parr, Mae Ensley, Jerome Knox, Eileen Whittall, Hunt, Mills, Ruddell, Seward




page 36

(photo- 27 Olympus members)

Miss Isyl Johnson




page 37

Eileen Whittall, Mary Margaret Exile




page 38

Eileen Whittall, Ruth Enbody, Mae Zamberlin, R. MacRae Bailey, Dan McCaughan

Mary Lasher, Zilpha Lee, Ellen Swan, Mel Bordeaux, Ruth Anderson, Isyl Johnson




page 39

Margaret Eells, Maryon Askren, James Stanford, Frank Abbott, Richard Carpenter, Olive Trowbridge, Frank A. Hunt




page 40

Emmett Hughes, Arrell Griffith, Myrle Chamberlen, Wilma Neely, Frank A. Hunt




page 41

Mae Zamberlin, Katherine Raichle, Dick Baker, Howard Bolster, Jerome Knox, Wallace Mills, Bob Wren

Ed Short, Mabel Clyde, Edna Snickers, Ethel Chilen, Myrle Chamberlen, Clara Louise Schmidt

Emmett Hughes, Gordon Newell, John Lucas, Walter Davis, Elizabeth Borgford, Kathryn Gibbons




page 42

(photo- 10 students in the Senior Play)




page 43

Beulah Cameron, Maryon Askren, Eileen Whittall, Elizabeth Borgford, Jerome Knox, Tom Lozier, Fred Kroll

James Stanford, Ronald McLean, Melvin Wells, Gerald Bock, Coach Hay, Dan Setchfield, Keith Macdonald

Mae Zamberlin, William Minear, Robert Smith, Herbert Hubell, Edward Bowman, Hollys Brazeale, Dorothy Ware

John Fuller, Clyde Campbell, Ena Readen, May Lucile Jenkins, Elizabeth Macleay, Katherine Raichle, George Krous

Ruth Anderson, Ruth MacRae Bailey, Margaret Eells, Wilma Fulton, Kathryn Gibbons, Margie Williams, Charlotte Hoag

Elisabeth Kevin, Zilpha Lee, Werdna Phillips, Mary Isabel Stewart, Dorothy Webb, Wanda Wizbicki, Louise Zarp




page 44

(photo- 9 students in the Junior Play)

Mary Lucile Jenkins, Linnette Steere, Wallace Mills




page 45

Linnette Steere, Wallace Mills, Lincoln Flesher, Clara Louise Schmidt, Myrle Chamberlen, Charles Seward, Fred Moll

Claire Jones, William Dye, Mary Margaret Exline, Rubye Luff, Gladys Morris, Kenneth Norrie, Bertha Wren

Isyl Johnson, Mrs. Anna Stanford, R.P. Burke, Elizabeth Macleay, Edna Readen, Betty Boyles, Evadne Gifford

Alyce Crowley, Mildred Mesplay, Edna Spillman, Frances Clem, Gladys Stewart, Evelyn Lincoln, Betty Kuhns, Coach Jenkins





page 46

Frances Lockwood, Remona L'Heureux, Elizabeth Borgford, Dorothy Sylvester, Linnette Steere

Hollys Brazeale, Meryl Griffin, James Stanford, Dick Baker, Melvin Wells, Eugene Russell

Myrle Chamberlen, Bob Christopher, Bill Dye, Chester Lehman, Tom Lozier, Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs




page 47

(2 photo's- Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs)




page 48

Summers, L. Wells, Julson, Stoehr, M. Wells,  Kroll, Fry, Bussabarger, Jones, Turner, Reinke, Johnson, Fleming, Christopher

Tatro, Hoppe, Dilloway, B. Schincke, Cole, Erwin, Jennings, Satterlee, Lehman, Lockwood, Frisch, Cole, Peterson, Nelson

Grimm, Caughran, Lang, Snickers, Clyde, Madden, Bigelow, Seholm, Wallmark, Grinnell, Johnson, Lindbeck, Sleater, Lillas




page 49

Charles Seward, Kenneth Norrie, Charles Potter, Dan Setchfield




page 50

Mae Zamberlen, Jerome Knox, James Stanford, Dorothy Hutchinson, Al Beckland, Maryon Askren Mae Ensley

Ruth Enbody, Meryl Griffin, Henning Osterlof, Eileen Whittall, Lurena Woods, Lloyd Mallory

Ruth MacRae Bailey, Leo Maquire, Aubrey Thomas, Kathryn Gibbons, Elisabeth Kevin, Werdna Phillips

Melbourne Bordeaux, Ellen Lee, Heldar Jones, Orville Smith.Avery Warren, Curtis Williams, Jack Watson, Charles Wright




page 51

Enar, Joe Pale? (personal note)

Emmett Hughes, Myrle Chamberlen, Charles Potter, Avery Dickison, Norman Funk, Norman Schaeffer, Bob Williams

Betty Kuhns, Evelyn Lincoln, Marie Parrott, Ervilla Clark, Gladys Stewart, Betty Boyles, Beverly Barry, Evadne, Gifford

Wesley Fry, Mildred Mesplay, Genevieve Shewmaker, Dorothy Sylvester, Lillian Mitchell, Wallace Mills, Bill Dye

John Roper, Ed Short, Bill Millard, Orville Good, Loy Lock, Gladys Morris, Clara Louise Schmidt, Miriam Bigelow

Tom Lynch, Mary Lasher, Ruby Luff, Mary Baude, Frances Clem, Edna Snickers, Dan Setchfield

Queen Margie and Irving, Leonard Sundell, Kathryn Gibbons, Jeannette Reed, Hollys Brazeale, Mae Zamberlin

Beulah Cameron, Maryon Askren, Dorothy Ware, Waynette Bridgeford, Sally Roberts, Keith Macdonald, Hubbell




page 52

(10 photo's)




page 53

(11 photo's)




page 54

(11 photo's)




page 55





page 56





page 57

McClellan W. Rockey, Stanley R. Summers, Martin S. Miller, John Koenig




page 58

Coach Summers, Erwin Boone, Avery Dickison, Stewart Tatro, Eugene Freeman

Orville Smith, George Dickison, Bjarne Nelson, Chester baker, Wallace Mills




page 59

Summers, Boone, A. Dickison, Tatro, Freeman, Smith, G. Dickison, Nelson, Baker, Mills




page 60

Emmett Hughes, Avery Dickison, Maurice Jones, Dan McCaughan, Freeman, Warren, William Pifer

Charles Potter, Fritz Mottman, Edward Bachman, John Fuller, Ernest Rixe, Boone, Keith "Scotty" Macdonald




page 61

Hughes, Jones, McCaughan, Pifer, Potter, Mottman, Bachman, Fuller, Rixe, Macdonald




page 62

Summers, Fuller, Norrie, Jones, Freeman, Rixe, Baker, Potter, Lehman, Mills, Smith, Boone

Nelson, Dickison, Bachman, Pifer, Macdonald, Dickison, Mottman, McCaughan, Hughes




page 63

Johnson, Priestley, Williams, Rockey, Freeman, Ogle, Failor, Foote, Tranum, Bowman, Norrie, Fuller, Ruddell




page 64

Walter Failor, Eugene Freeman, Lyle Foote, Aubrey Ruddell, Coach Rockey, Alfred Ogle, Edward Bowman

John Fuller, Robert Williams, Oswald Tranum, Kenneth Norrie, William Priestley, Milnor Johnson




page 65

Failor, Freeman, Foote, Ruddell, Coach Rockey, Ogle, Bowman, Fuller, Williams




page 66

Coack "Chick" Rockey, Walter Failor, Wallace Mills, Avery Dickison, Erwin Boone, Dorus Quasebarth

Henry Costa, Eugene Freeman, Bjarne Nelson, Gwin Hicks, Kenneth Norrie, Ed Bowman

George Dickison, Chester Baker, Bill Pifer, Chester Lehman, Owen Gunstone




page 67

Coach Rockey, Freeman, Failor, Mills, Gunstone, Quasebarth, McGowan, Williams, Tranum, Coach Summers

Pifer, G. Dickison, Hicks, Bowman, Costa, A. Dickison, Nelson, Norrie, Boone




page 68

Coach Koenig, Williams, Mawson, O'Brien, Ogle, Jones, Johnson, Fry, Tegan, Hinkle, Julson, Hennings, Townsend, Fuller

Coach Martin S. Miller, Hurl, Moore, Parr, Hess, Grout, Moll, Russell, Stanford, Bussabarger, Kroll, Macdonald, Trowbridge




page 69

Moll, Hunt, Bowes, Zoissig, Mawson, LeMay, Fuller, Ogle, Jones, Fry

Parr, O'Brien, Moore, Grout, Russell, Hess, Hinkle, Johnson, Tegan




page 70

"Scotty", "Dick", Aubrey Ruddell




page 71

Dorothy Gold




page 72

(photo of the 78 Girl Athlete's)

Marie Foote, Evadne Gifford, Clara L. Schmidt, Mary Lasher, Mildred Mesplay

Nina Turner, Lurena Woods, Mae Ensley, Helen Carlson, Margaret Lindsay, Aliene Pierce




page 73

Mildred Mesplay, Jessie Ralston, Lorena Mitchell, Eileen Post, Gladys Martin, Bess Mayfield, Aliene Pierce

Marie Foote, Hollys Brazeale, Evadne Gifford, Mary Lasher, Evelyn Martin, Bessie Pruvey, Louise Schmidt




page 74

Jessie Ralston, Mary Lasher, Marie Fuller, Aliene Pierce, Mildred Mesplay

Lorraine Koster, Marie Foote, Hollys Brazeale, Nina Turner, Lurena Woods




page 75

Margaret Lindsay, Mildred Mesplay, Vivian Post, Eileen Post, Aliene Pierce, Marie Foote, Thora Horum

Helen Carlson, Lorena Micheal, Mary Lasher, Evadne Gifford, Lurena Woods, Evelyn Martin




page 76

(6 photo's)

Miss Pierce, G.A.A. officers




page 77





page 78





page 79

(12 photo's- Hi-Art, Radio, Tennis, Hi-Y, Le Circle Francais, Honor Society, Golf

Girls Auxiliary, Natural History, Knights of Oyster, Jr. Aviation, Mask and Dagger)




page 80

Maryon Askren, Hollys Brazeale, Dorothy Ware, Lurena Woods, Eileen Whittall, Elizabeth Borgford

Clara Louise Schmidt, Mary Lasher, Mae Zamberlin, Glenna Troy, Rose Glass, Evadne Gifford, Hutchinson




page 81

(photo of the Girls' Club)

John B. Ratto, Lowell Thomas




page 82

(photo of the Girls' Auxiliary)

Iona Easton, Remona L'Heureux, Essie Cheadle, Honora Bouley

Lucile Failor, Roberta Hutchinson, Verbena Hinkelman, Glenna Troy




page 83

Mary Lasher, Mary M. Exline, Clara L. Schmidt, Frank Abbott, Mary Lucile Jenkins

Carlson, Abbott, M. Wells, Hall, Smith, Bigelow, Millard, Seymour, Hardman, Neeley, Page, Shaw

Wiley, Huntamer, Priestley, Van Patter, Norrie, Hager, Nelson, Cheadle, Failor, Gregg, Weatjerbie, Kieffer

Chilen, Gillpatrick, Luff, Thomas, Moore, Baker, Roberts, West, Marshall, Akehurst, Askren, Whittall, Ensley




page 84

(photo- 33 Le Cercle Lafayette members)

Ethel Chilen, Nellie Brekke, Ruth Gregory, Annabelle Rawlings, Evadne Gifford, Helen Murland




page 85

(photo- Radio Club)

Rodney McArdle, Francis Baker, John Pinkerton, Orin Michael, R.P. Burke




page 8

(photo- 23 Jr. Aviation Club members)

Wayne Aiken, Ed Davenport, Howard Bolster, Don Fleming, Jay Allison, Merlin Knapp, George T. Krous




page 87

(photo- 30 Knights of the Oyster Club and a bear)

Bill Paige, Leonard Sundell, Allen Tish, William Millard, Bob Smith, Clyde G. Campbell




page 88

(photo- 23 members of the Golf Club)

Adolph Schmidt, MAry Lasher, Bertha Wren, Barbara Hutchinson, Lillian Mitchell, Rea Moore, Henry E. Gaines




page 89

(photo- 11 Knight of the Big O)

Eugene Freeman, Robert Williams, Avery Dickison, Stanley R. Summers, Jones, Foote, Hunt, Otis, Russell, Failor, Boone




page 90

(photo- 27 Hi-Y members)

Bob Williams, Bjarne Nelson, Bill Priestley, Burton Bowman, E.H. Burwell, Audie Cunningham, Buck Williams, Stanley Summers




page 91

(photo- 68 Tennis Club Players)

Paul Otis, Clara Louise Schmidt, Robert Smith, Mildred Mesplay, Lurena Woods, Wayne Aiken, Robert Wren, Lily Everton




page 92

(photo- 25 Hi-Art Students)

Mae Zamberlin, Betty Stanford, Betty Kuhns, Honora Bouley, Elizabeth Borgford, Ellen Lee, Mrs. Anna Stanford




page 93

(photo- 15 Natural History members)

"Joe" J. Daignearill (?), William Minear, Basil Ames, Albert Giles, Kenneth McClarty, R.P. Burke




page 94

(photo of the Mask and Dagger club- 37 students)

Beulah Cameron, Verna Howey, James Stanford, Elizabeth Borgford, Mrs. Maude Chamberlen

Wilma Neeley, Jeannette Reed, June Dunning, Maryon Askren




page 95

Beulah Cameron, John Roper, James Stanford, Charles Seward, Clara L. Schmidt

Emmett Hughes, Myrle Chamberlen, Dorothy Ware, Kanneth Norrie, Wallace Mills




page 96

A. Fred Brown, John Eaton, Walter Clark, Daniel Adair, Jakie Scott




page 97

unused autograph page




page 98

ad: Wil Wite and Olympia Knitting Mills, Inc.




page 99

ad: Weber-McCrea Company




page 100

ad: Western Engraving and Colortype Company







The 50 year reunion






inset 1

Jerome Knox, Louise Zarp McIntosh, Zilpha Lee Haycox, Mae Ensley Mann, Laura Rea Franch Ashburn, Wanda Phillips Finley

Denzil Kincy, Fred Kroll, Rubye Turner Kerns, Madeline Mounts Scott, Ellen Teas James, Kathryn Gibbons Schaefer, Ellen Lee Davis

Betty Borgford Ryan, Corinne Underwood Grout, Gerald Bock, Herb Hubbell, Bob Smith, Curtis Williams, Tom Lozier




inset 2

Colleen Aiken, Basil Ames, Irene Ames, Maryon Askren, Ruth Mac Rae Bailey, Mary Bolster, Melbourne Bordeaux, Frank Brown

Richard Carpenter, Gertrude Cone, Eugene Freeman, Marie Fuller, Meryl Griffin, James Hanlon, Heldar Jones

Elizabeth Kevin, Everett Lightbody, Keith A. MacDonald, John McGowan, Leo McGuire, Ronald McLean, Marilou McWilliams

Wytska Mekkes, Harold Rambo, Carl Riesenweber, Leonard Sunell, Aubrey Thomas, Eileen Whittall, Roy Woods, Raymond Wray

Elmer Breckner, L.P. Brown, R.P. Burke, Agnes Bushnell, Clyde Campbell, Maude Chamberlain, Wesley Clark, Nina Crowley

Lily Everton, John Fuller, H.E. Gaines, Hazel Gipson, F.R. Hay, Frank Hunt, Mary Lucille Jenkins (Mary Lou Mason)

Isyl Johnson (Mrs. J.D. Cooke), Lucille Johnston, John Koenig, George Krous, Frances Lockwood, Hazel Loomis, Elizabeth Macleay

Martin Miller, Katherine Morse (Mrs. Dewey Noblitt), Helen Murland, Dewey Noblitt, Atliene Pierce (Aliene)

Katherine Raichle (Mrs. Wm. E. Rue), Edna Readen (Mrs. Eugene Sisson), Mary Robertson, M.W. Rockey, Nelie Smith (Nellie)

Stanley Stanford, Stanley Summers, Anna Stanford, Glenna Troy (Mrs. H.E. Overton), Winnifred Werner, Ada Woodin




inset 3

Edward Eads, Marie Foote, Mel Bordeaux, Maryon Askren, Aubrey Thomas, Ed Bowman, Charles Wright, Katherine Raichle

F.R. Hay, Beulah Cameron, Jerome Knox, Margaret Gillpatrick, Bonney Hardman, Dorothy Chaplin, Ethel Chilen, Mae Ensley

Myrtle Kummers, Mark LeMay, Edna Nelson, Annabelle Rawlings, Frances Thomas, Melvin Wells, Eileen Whittall




page 1

Agnes Akehurst (Mrs. Emil Lovely), Greta Anderson (Mrs. Alex Gravelle), Ruth Anderson (Mrs. Fred Valley)

Al Beckland, Mary Berkey, Leonard Berlin, Evelyn Blackman (Mrs. Lester Chilson)




page 2

Gerald Bock, Elizabeth Borgford (Mrs. Hugh B. Ryan), Edward Bowman, Hollys Brazeale (Hollys B. McClellan)

Alice Brown, Richard Bryan, Robert Bussabarger M.D., Thelma Butts (Mrs. Fred Peterson)




page 3

Beulah Cameron (Mrs. Beulah Malone), Dorothy Chaplin (Mrs. Frank King), Delores Carden (Mrs. Bill Ritchie)

Ethel Chilen (Mrs. Ethel J. Holtz), Norma Cook (Mrs. Troy Saeger), Frank Darragh, Arthur DeBruyn

Margaret Eells (Mrs. Margaret E. Lamb), Ruth Enbody (Mrs. Harold C. Ely), Mae Ensley (Mrs. Ted Mann)




page 4

Elvera Erickson (Mrs. Fred Hatch), Marie Foote (Mrs. Etha Pratt), Laura Rea Franch (Mrs. Edward W. Ashburn)

Wilma Fulton (Mrs. Norman O. Koenig), Kathryn Gibbons (Mrs. Norman W. Schaefer)

Margaret Gillpatrick (Mrs. John C. Rhodes), Ruth Gregory (Mrs. James B. Guiles)




page 5

Anna Hangge (Mrs. William Carr), Bonnie Hardman (Mrs. Harvey Grief), Irving Hart

Dorothy Hays (Mrs. Bernard Lynn), Madoline Hays (Mrs. William Paige), John Hedges, Roy Hennings

William Hinkle, Charlotte Hoag (Mrs. Charlotte H. Hull), Marian Hoag (Mrs. William Warren Taylor)




page 6

Blanche Honey (Mrs. Albert Turner), Verna Howey (Mrs. A.E. Heirmann), Herb Hubbell

Barbara Hutson (Mrs. Woodie Dale), Edna Huwald (Mrs. Charles Hillman), Bonita Ikerd (Mrs. Roy F. Badham)

Phyllis Jackson (Mrs. GailBorden - no space in there), Clarice Jones (Mrs. Harold C. Jensen)




page 7

George Kempher, Edna Kimble (Mrs. Gene Connor), Denzil Kincy, Jerome Knox and wife Peg, Fred Kroll

Myrtle Kummers (Mrs. Walter McEvers), Ellen Lee (Mrs. Ellen Lee Davis), Zilpha Lee (Mrs. William Haycox), Gerladine Lehman




page 8

Mark LeMay "Mike", Blanche Looker (Mrs. William Akehurst), Tom Lozier, Lloyd Mallory

Kenneth McClarty, William Minear M.D., Una Moody (Mrs. Lawrence Bloom)




page 9

Madeline Mounts (Mrs. Dick Scott), Edna Nelson (Mrs. Joseph Kroll), Robert Niesen, Emma O'Hare (Mrs. Thoms Giles)

Henning Osterlof "Richard", William Paige and wife Madoline, Lois Peffley

Werdna Phillips (Mrs. Robert Finley), Annabelle Rawlings (Mrs. Wilmer J. Kimsey), Jeannette Reed (Mrs. John R. Larkin)




page 10

Al Rohrbeck, Ponce Sahagun, Jessie Sauerwein (Mrs. Robert Niesen), Avabell Schultz (Mrs. James Bradley)

Robert Smith and his wife Jean, James Stanford, Mary Stewart (Mrs. C.R. Rowley), Ellen Swan, Ellen Teas (Mrs. Howard James)




page 11

Frances Thomas (Mrs. Homer J. Hill), Melvin Tranum, Olive Trowbridge (Mrs. Marlin Rawlins), Rubye Turner (Mrs. A.J. "Bill" Kerns)

Corinne Underwood (Mrs. Corinne U. Grant), Dorothy Ware (Mrs. Gilbert V. Crumb), Avery Warren, P.J. "Jack" Watson




page 12

Dorothy Webb (Mrs. Leonard Casebier), Lawrence Wells, Melvin Wells, John West, Curtis Williams

Marjorie Williams (Mrs. Charles E. Anderson), Wanda Wizbicki (Mrs. William E. Grant), Lurena Woods (Mrs. George Deutsch)




page 13

Charles T. Wright, Dominic Wynne, Robert Yates, Thelma Yocum (Mrs. Ray Graham), Louise Zarp (Mrs. Malcolm E. McIntosh