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The Tamahnawus 1925

Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington






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Page 2

Orville Fields, Millard Crabtree, Margaret Shirley, Sarah Alberta Winslow, Robert Grewelle


Page 3

John Chatterton, John Dahlquist, Myrtle Dahlquist, Harold Dolph, Esther Dukes


Page 4

Enoch Dumas, Ruth Dumas, Frederick Elwell, Mary Gordon, Raymond Byrnes


Page 5

Vernice Grim, Clara Grose, Lucille Hedrick, Florence Hose, Roy Hurst


Page 6

Blanche Johansen, Ellsworth Johnson, Alvin Jones, Hubert Keithley, Robley King


Page 7

Richard Kingsbury, Luella Klawitter, Mina Letsinger, Frank Libby, Mary Martin


Page 8

Gilbert Martin, Allen McDonald, Winifred McFarlane, Frank Medlock, Cleo Mooney


Page 9

Archie Mowrey, Eva Orem, Kathryn Peters, Roy Phillips, Theodore Plomasen


Page 10

Wesley Rice, Richard Roche, Mona Smith, Frank Wagner, DeLoyce Young


Page 11

Miss Hosner, Mrs. Regnell, Miss Buchanan, Robert Paul Grewelle


Page 12

Blanche Johansen, Frank Libby, Vernice Grim, Mary Gordon, Raymond Byrnes, John Chatterton, Millard Crabtree

John Dahlquist, Harold Dolph, Myrtle Dahlquist, Esther Dukes, Enoch Dumas, Fred Elwell, Margaret Shirley, May Martin

Mina Letsinger, Orville Fields, Robert Grewelle, Clara Grose, Florence Hose, Roy Hurst, Ellsworth Johnson, Alvin Jones

Robley King, Hubert Keithley, Luella Klawitter, Dick Kingsbury, Allen McDonald, Gilbert Martin, Frank Medlock

Archie Mowrey, Cleo Mooney, Winifred McFarlane, Eva Orem, Kathryn Peters


Page 13

Roy Phillips, Ted Plomasen, Mona Smith, Frank Wagner, Alberta Winslow, DeLoyce Young, Lucille Hedrick

Ruth Dumas, Wesley Rice, Richard Roche, Robert Paul Grewelle, Mr. Matters, Raymond Byrnes, Herbert Willey

John Chatterton, Victor Snyder, Millard Crabtree, Melvin Shepard, John Dahlquist, John Dixon, Myrtle Dahlquist

Francis Slater, Clyde Dale, Harold Dolph, Dora Harte


Page 14

Esther Dukes, John Payne, Enoch Dumas, Ruth Dumas, Martha Knapp, Fred Elwell, Floyd Snyder, Orville Fields

Arthur Anderson, Mary Gordon, Gwendolyn Furbish, Robert Paul Grewelle, Orem Eubanks, Vernice Grim, Edgar Payne

Clara Grose, Bessie Grose, Lucille Hedrick, Carol Moore, Florence Hose, Glen Leitzen, Roy Hurst, Harold Letsinger

Blanche Johansen, Mary Spooner, Ellsworth Johnson, Charles Baker, Alvin Jones, Francis Slater, Robley King, Cedric Robarts

Dick Kingsbury, Elizabeth, Luella Klawitter, Myrna Ward, Mina Letsinger, Frank Libby, Buddy Lee, Gilbert Martin, Evelyn Swartz

Allen McDonald, Willey McDonald, Clara Cunningham, Winifred McFarlane, Alfred Thompson, Frank Medlock, Roy Ward

Cleo Mooney, Margaret Saunders, Archie Mowrey, Geraldine Peters, Eva Orem, Faye Johansen, Kathryn Peters, Andy Anderson

Roy Phillips, Theodore Plomasen, Neoma Plomasen, May Martin, Wesley Rice, Florence Rothwell, Richard Roche

“Rats” Boyd, Margaret Shirley, Margie Saunders, Mona Smith, Nina Smith, Faye Johansen, Frank Wagner

Albert Winslow, DeLoyce Young, James Catlin, Robert Paul Grewelle


Page 15


Robert Paul Grewelle


Page 16

Lee F. Jones, W. J. Matters, Ethel R. Baird, Thelma V. Boggs, Larna M. Buchanan, D. E. Carlile, Louisa Echkart

Bertha R. King, Marion R. Locker, Jean MacKenzie, L. J. Morgan, Esther O. Olsen, Ann G. Pallett, Lois E. Payne

Mrs. Ruth E. Regnell, Mary J. Reith, E. J. Solstrom, Grace E. Scroggin, Martha A. Smith, Mabel E. Spink


Page 17

(photos of faculty)


page 18

In Memoriam of Warren Jasperson and Boyce Gano


Page 19

The Other Classes


Page 20

Class of ’26 (photo of 36 students)

Class of ’26 (photo of 32 students)


Page 21

Edgar Payne, Harold Letsinger, Barbara Rogers, Jean MacKenzie


Page 22

Edgar Payne, Harold Letsinger, Barbara Rogers, Jean MacKenzie, Arvy Lothman, Pete Miller, Walter Doxsie

Melvin Shephard, Charles Baker, Earl Taylor, Dillard Storrie, Roy Gould, Kenneth Craig, Ted Edmunds, Alice Orem

Frances Slater, Wm. Armitage, Gwendolyn Bacon, Roy Stillmant, Aline Carroll, Helen Sears

Evelyn Bennett, Gladys Shulz, Floyd Snyder, Barbara Rogers, T. W. Bishop, Faye Dalton


Page 23

Carl Moore, Helen Phillips, Eva Gray, Anna Pallett, Myrna Ward, Allan Parson

Miss Pallett, Bill Dubendorf, Clyde Dale, Oren Eubanks, Arthur Anderson


Page 24

Sophomore Class

(photo of 48 students)

(photo of 56 students)


Page 25

Lewin Stone, Helen McKenney, Muriel Bashor, Thelma Boggs, May Jarvis

Opal Davis, Verna Fields, Iola Bixby, Ralph Boyd, Priscilla Oatman,


Page 26

Freshman Class

(photo of 49 students)

(photo of 63 students)


page 27


Miss Olson


Page 28

Cont of calendar


Page 29

Cont of calendar

Blanche Johansen, Clara Ziegler, Leone Smith, Fred Johnson, L. S.


Page 30

Alda Adams


Page 31



page 32

cont of Literary


page 33

cont of Literary; Edgar Payne, Walter Doxsie, Robley King


page 34



page 35

cont of Abaddon; Cecil Kinder, R.P.G.


page 36

Earl Taylor, Clark Newell, Theodore Edmunds


page 37



page 38

Alvin Jones, Harold Letsinger, Mina Letsinger, Frances Slater, Pete Miller, B.J.


page 39

(photo- 14 students, Bugle staff)

Walter C. Doxsie, Carl Moore, Lucille Hedrick, Margaret Lord, Miss Louisa Eckhart, W.C.D.


page 40

(photo- 24 young men, Letterman's Club)

(photo- 6 young ladies, Girl's K Club)


page 41

Harold Letsinger, Millard Crabtree, Pete Miller, R.P.G.

Junita McLeod, Bertha Lee Rachow, Miss baird, Mona Smith, Margaret Shirley, Alice Orem, Florence Hose, Deloyce Young


page 42

(photo- 13 students, K.H.S. Orchestra)

(photo- 19 ladies, K.H.S. Glee Club)


page 43

(photo- 4 ladies, Girls Quartette)

Myrna Ward, Alice Orem, Harry Jewett, Grace Cunningham, Frank Libby, Carlton Travis, Ernest Duff, Lewin Stone

Clyde Dale, William Armitage, Roy Stillmant, John Dickson, Gwendolyn Bacon, Frances Slatter, Gladys Bashor

Irene Dunton, Naomi Payne, Miss Bertha King, Eva Gray, Gillian Jennings, Bernice Parrott, Florence Rothwell, G.L.B.

Miss Mackenzie, Frances Slater, Clyde Dale, Frank Wagner, John Dickson, T.W. Bishop, William Armitage, Harry Jewett

Aline Carroll, Irene Johnson, Helen Sears, Frances Slater


page 44

(photo- 28 students, Dramatics Club)

(photo- 20 students, Latin Club)


page 45

Mary Pickfords, John Barrymores, Margaret Shirley, Alvin Jones, Frances Slater, Walter Doxsie

Pete Miller, Amelia Simato, Mina Letsinger, Barbara Rogers, Agnes Kizer, Lucille Herick

Joe Payne, Esther Dukes, Floyd Snyder, Nathan Goldberg, Dora Harte, Eva Gray


page 46

Senior Class Play

(photo- 9 students)

(photo- 14 students)


page 47

Blanche Johansen, Archie Mowrey, Frank Libby, Orville Fields, Frederick Elwell

Lucille Hedrick, Millard Crabtree, Kathryn Peters, Robley King, Ellen Murray, L.H.


page 48 49

(18 photos of the Tamahnawus Staff)

Mina Letsinger, Orville Fields, Edgar Payne, Lorna M. Buchanan, Lois Payne, Frank Libby

Blanche Johanasen, Pete Miller, Margaret Shirley, Richard Roche, Alvin Jones, Cleo Mooney

Millard Crabtree, Robert Grewelle, Evelyn Bennett, Myrna Ward, Iola Bixby, Floyd Snyder


page 50

Harry Jewett, Lois Jeffers, Frances Slater, Clyde Dale, Bill Armitage, Leona Benedict, George Carroll,  Louisa Eckhart, G.B.


page 51

sport intro


page 52

(photo's of Coaches Leo Morgan and Dallas Carlile)

Gerald Hardy, Walter Doxsie, P.M.


page 53

(photo of Capt. Medlock)

Morgan, Carlile, Eubanks


page 54

(photo of 17 footballs players, K.H.S. Champs)



page 55Frank Medlock, Arvy Lothamn, Millard Crabtree, Oren Eubanks, Harold Letsinger, Pete Miller, Bob Grewelle, Ralph Boyd

Gilbert Martin, Raymond Byrnes, Roy Phillips, Clyde Dale, Andy Anderson, Ed Payne, Fred Elwell, Charles Baker, Harold McCorkle


page 56

(photo of Capt Letsinger)

Medlock, Joe Merrill, Janzig, McDowell


page 57

Medlock, Letsinger


page 58

(individual photos of all but H. Letsinger)

Harold Letsinger, Frank Medlock, Dillard Storie, Clyde Dale, Roy Phillips, Earl Taylor, Oren Eubanks, Pete Miller


page 59

(photo- 9 ladies, Girls Basketball)

Coach Ethel Baird, Bertha Lee Rachow, Margaret Shirley, Florence Hose, Mona Smith, Alice Orem

Deloyce Young, Josephine Barlow, Anna Wagonhoffer, Helen Thornton, Luella Klawitter, M.S.


page 60

Morgan, Carlile, C. Shepard, M. Shepard, Ed Payne, Pete Miller, Frank Medlock

Oren Eubanks, Bob Grewelle, E. Garlick, Fred Elwell, C. Baker


page 61

(photo- 13 men, Baseball Team)

Frank Medlock, Edgar payne, Pete Miller, Helge Johnson, Roy Phillips, Harold Letsinger

Bob Grewelle, Fred Elwell, Howard Reynolds, Mel Shepard, "Cutey" Caswell


page 62

(photo of Capt. Jones)

Jones, McFarland, Woodland, Bozarth, Barr, Medlock, Letsinger, Gray, Miller

Johnson, Edmunds, Tohill, Martin, Storie, Caswell, Lothman


page 63

(photo- 13 men, Track Squad)

Johnson, Jones, Gould, Eubanks, Dumas, King, Crabtree, Bolin, Blan

Miller, Edmunds, Boyd, Taylor, Roche, Walters, Plomasen, Martin, Craig


page 64

(16 mini photo's)


page 65

Harold L., Mildred P., Miss Boggs, Gilbert M., Priscilla O., Miss Buchanan

Cedric R., Burnsie, Henry, Earl B., Margery S., Miss Eckhart, Gerald Hardy


page 66

Bonnie, Lothman

ads- Clark Hobbs Meat Market; Hotel Chinook, Fred McKenney


page 67

ads- First National Bank, G.L. Buland, E.S. Collins, J.A. Byerly, Dr. A.F.V. Davis, John H. Larson, C.C. Bashor, L.C. Wallace


page 68

Dale, Andy A.

ads- F.J. Wolf & Co.; Welch's clothing, Dan Welch


page 69

Martin, Harold Letsinger

ads- Farmers' Market; Kelso Feed & Fuel Co., R.A. Henriot; Kelso Photo Shop


page 70

ads- The Leader Attire, I. Garber; O.J. Cullom Machine Shop; Kelso Soda Water Works, John B. Gregory; Wilson Cheverolet


page 71

Miss Baird, John Dixon (Dickson), Ted Plomasen

ads- M. Redmond & Co. Building Materials; Richter's Store


page 72

(20 mini snap shots)


page 73

( 19 mini snap shots)


page 74

Alvin Jones, Dale, Francis, Salstrom

ads- Kelso Realty Co.; Buford & Davis Insurance; Dr. A.N. Pearson


page 75

ads- Ostrander Store; Ostrander Railway and Timber Company


page 76

Baker, Arvy L., Harold, Frankie, Joe B.

ads- William Stuart, Esq.; Kelso Drug Company; Dr. Helena M. Winters; H.C.R. Norriss, M.D.


page 77

Miss Olsen, Frosh, Doxie (Doxsie), Mildred

ads- Pacific Coast Furnitue Company; Nat R. Smith; Cowlitz Ice Cream


page 78

Miss Pallette, Clark Newell, Ignatz, Mr. Morgan, Leo

ads- Lawrence Perry Real Estate; City Transfer & Storage Co.


page 79

Bob, Mugs,Harold L. Mary L., Eubanks, Rov

ads- Hutton's Grocery; Gabel & Gabel; J.E. Batson Sanitary Public Market


page 80

ads- Longview Company; Kelso Creamery Co.; Hal Smith Printer and Publisher


page 81

Miss Pallette, Mr. Carlile, Herbert W., Rats B.

ads- Fred Hess Motor Co.; Dr. E.C. Hackett


page 82

ads- Rex Drug Co.; Empire Drug Co.; Russell T. Brennan & Co.


page 83

Marg S., Bob Grewelle, Lois H., Frankie, Miss Pallette, Richard

ads- Cowlitz Music Co., G.E. Cooper; G.F. Johnson Piano Co.


page 84

(photos- 26 mini shots of Frosh)

Captain, Pete, Walters, Pat, Wales, Swede, Gould, Traskie, Ted, M. Boggs, E.J.I., Frankie, Don, Polly


page 85

(photos- 29 mini shots of Juniors)


page 86

Miss Pallette, Miss Buchanan, Clair B., Bonnie

ads- Kelso Grocery, A.A. Jones; Ross & Sainsbury Hardware; Lee & Grim Groceries


page 87

ads- Adams & Company Hardware and Furniture; Lotus Cafe; G.H. Umbaugh Printer


page 88

Herbert W., Mr. Morgan, Carlile, Scroggin

ads- Phylo Hotel; Fisk & McCarthy Attorneys


page 89

ad- Western Engraving & Colortype Co.


page 90-

Matters, Miss Scroggin, Morgan, Miss Pallette

ads- W.C. Wortman & Co.; Kelsonian-Tribune; Oatman's Paint Store


page 91

ads- The Silver Grill; Cinderella Beauty Shop; Indian Motor & Bicycle Co.; The Sweets Fountain Service


page 92

ads- O.K. Barber Shop; Bowers' Cigar Store; Dr. G.W. Zeren; Joe Merrill's Men's Store


page 93

ads- Longview Buisness College; J.A. Shaffer Plumbing and Heating; Kelso Baking Co.


page 94

ads- J.C. Penney Co.; The Cruikshank Stores; Flagg's Jewelry Store