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In trying to find out the origin of the Surname Lewis, I have only been able to find a Celtic origin.  The name Lewis is the translation of the Celtic name

 LYSACH or "Great Warrior". 

Quoted from a posting by Jonathan Lewis May.   



There are many different branches of the Lewis surname. I have seen Irish, Welsh, and English. Our line from George Goodman Lewis so far has been traced to England. We also have Zadock Lewis who was a Rev. War Soldier.

Below you will find various Coats of Arms for the different Lewis lineages.





Notice the mantels, these are assigned and not just artistic license. Each position the helmets are in mean different things. I would say the first two are related where the third might or might not be. Remember, Just Because your surname is Lewis does not mean you can use a Lewis coat of arms. Why not you ask??  Not all COA's are inheritable, and When they are it is only by the first son of a first son, and so forth.. Some COA's represent ownership of a particular place. It wasn't until about the 1500's that COA's became register to a particular family. Although, they defiantly were used much earlier then that. Some believe Signet stamps were the first recognized use of a COA. Not all Nobility could read or write. Even King John of England in 1214 could not and used his stamp when signing the Magna Carta.






The first one on this row I would say might be French...Notice the Flu de Leas? The next two I think are related because the charge is the same as is the field. (the charge in this case is the lion, the field is the back ground.)

Normally the colors used in a mantel were the livery colors. What's that? The colors used in the servants clothes and or tabards, the colors used in a horse's blankets, flags, table linens. 






If you are interested in learning more about COA's I suggest you use and in put Coat of Arms or Heraldry. 




Notice the last 4? No they are not the same is the coloring of the charges are different. I would say they are related though.



I still haven't found a Motto.




Please send me your Lewis family pictures for the web site.. Thanks....... Nelda



More Lewis pictures



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