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Mitochondrial DNA Report






In Laymans' terms so we all understand:


1. mt-dna Haplogroups are not the same as y-dna Haplogroups.


2. A mt-dna report is different then a y-dna report in that a mtdna report tests abound 17000 SNP markers.





 more markers then the y-dna test. Instead of giving you the results they give you the differences you have from the model they use. Referred to as the Cambridge Reference Sequence, or CRS. The tests for mt-dna are called HyperVariable Region. They are HVR1, HVR2, HVR3, and the coding region. 


A little explanation here: First mt-dna is not really a chromosome. It lays outside the nucleus of the cell. It produces and directs the power that the cell needs. It does have its own DNA string, but it is circular, instead of a string like all other DNA. Due to this, mtdna is arranged in a circle like a clock. there are 16,569 base pairs, these locations are like the seconds in time. If you picture a clock these positions run from 11:59 to noon, 16569 being at 11:59 and position one being noon. This is called the "D-Loop"or diagnostic loop. The rest is the Coding Region. The coding region is where it gets the instructions for energy production and absorption. Although mutations (changes) in the coding region are rare, they do occur.


MT-DNA is only passed to descendants from the mother. This is done via the egg. This is why it is associated with the sex chromosome. As we all know the egg is impregnated by the sperm. The sperm cell has its own mtdna (inherited from his mother) most or all of the sperm mtdna is in the tail, which drops off as the head enters the egg. If any remaining mtdna of the sperm enters the egg, the defensive system of the egg kills it off and the egg develops with the mother's mtdna. 

See Chart:




Ok Your father is red and your mother is pink.  Notice how the pink mtdna is passed down through the females, you also see this in the males side his mom's mtdna purple is passed down to him but not on to his children. Remember the male's mtdna dies off in his is not passed on.


A mt-dna tutorial which may be helpful.. 



Now our Gilpin female mtdna test results:


G1 - Haplogroup H3

from additional  testing at 

results not shown


Your test results for the range 15890 to 16569 and 1 to 583 are:
location  16519   152   263   309.1   315.1 
your sequence C C G C C
reference T T A -- --


Maternal lineage


Person tested


Parents: Nellie Bonstein b. 1914 OK ; Ernest T. Gilpin, b. 1901 KS

Parents: Nellie Esther Gillock b. 1896 OK, George T. Bonstein b. 1885 KS

Parents: Sara Ellen Watson b 1854 IN Carter Likens Gillock b 1854 IN

Parents: Priscilla Margaret Craft b. 1834, VA  Sanford Vincent Watson b. 1829 SC

Parents: Jane Stevenson b. 1811 VA John R. Craft b. 1806 PA

Her parents are unknown




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