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I share genetics with every person and their descendants (from first introduction of that surname to present.) whose name is in color. I could share a measurable segment of SNP markers with any of them depending on how the autosomal and X chromosomes combined and recombined. 

So you understand, first, you inherit these 22 pairs of Autosomal chromosomes and the "X" chromosome from all your past ancestors (X chromosome inheritance pattern is a little different then the autosomals), second you might think you inherit 50% from each parent. NOPE…you inherit the  equal to 50%.  Since the X chromosome and the autosomal chromosomes  combine and recombine randomly, (x to x; auto to auto) the  further away from the common ancestor the lower the chance you have a measurable segment remaining from that ancestor. One problem that I see with this testing is that a negative result of a measurable segment from a common ancestor does not mean your not related, just that the part inherited is not measurable at this time.  



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Ancestors of

Nelda Lorraine Gilpin



1. Nelda Lorraine1 Gilpin, born 1945 in Ft Scott, KS, daughter of 2. Ernest Thedore Gilpin and 3. Nellie Bonstein. 

Generation 2

2. Ernest Thedore2 Gilpin, born 9 Dec 1901 in Chase, Rice Co. KS; christened in died of complications of prostate cancer surgery; died 3 Jun 1975 in Ft Scott, Bourbon Co., KS; 73 yrs, 5 months, 24 days; buried 5 Jun 1975 in Evergreen Cemetery, Ft Scott, Bourbon Co., KS, son of 4. John Thomas Gilpin and 5. Martha Jane (Mattie) Cupp. Gilpin Link  Cupp Link

He married (1) on 29 Apr 1922 in divorced Margaret Lousia (Maggie) Gardner, born 11 Sep 1902 in Ft. Scott, Bourbon Co., KS; died 3 Jul 1970, daughter of William A. Gardner and Mary Catherine Nelson;  Gardner Link

(2) on 31 Mar 1936 in Ft Scott, KS; married by JP C.E.Hulett, probate judge, divorced 3. Nellie Bonstein, born 12 Nov 1916 in Pawnee, OK; died 16 Jun 1974 in Seattle Wa, lived at Mc Cleary, WA; buried in McCleary City Cemetery, McCleary, Grays Harbor Co., WA, daughter of 6. George Torrence (I) Bonstein and 7. Nellie Esther Gillock. Bonstein Link  Gillock Link

Generation 3


4. John Thomas3 Gilpin, born 17 Dec 1865 in Carmel, Hamilton Co., Indiana; died 22 Oct 1959 in Ft. Scott, Bourbon Co. KA; buried 25 Oct 1959 in Evergreen Cem.Row 4, Ft Scott, Bourbon Co., KS, son of 8. John G. Gilpin and 9. Mariann Graves. He married (1) on 30 Oct 1890 in Salisburg, Chariton Co., MO 5. Martha Jane (Mattie) Cupp, born 21 Sep 1866 in Chariton Cty MO; died 15 May 1932 in Ft Scott, Bourbon Co., KA; 65 yrs, 8 months, 24 days; buried in Evergreen Cemetery., Ft Scott, Bourbon Co., KS, daughter of 10. Francis Marion (Marian) Cupp and 11. Agnes Jane Howe; (2) on 20 Dec 1941 in Springfield, Mo. Ora Lee Booker, born 27 Jan 1878 in Hughes Spring, TX; died 25 Dec 1962 in Nevada, Mo., City Hospital, Nevada, MO; buried 27 Dec 1962 in White Memorial Cem.Springfield, Mo., daughter of George Booker. 

Gilpin Link  Cupp Link  Graves Link  Howe Link

6. George Torrence (I)3 Bonstein, born 24 Mar 1885 in Stockdale, Ks.; died 10 Nov 1942 in Pacific Ocean, off the beach of Venture, CA, son of 12. William Bovard I (Will) Bonstein and 13. Selena Ann (Lena) Lewis. Bonstein Link   Lewis Link He married (1) abt 1909 Lenora Marie Kassel, born 1893 in MO; died 1969 in MO, daughter of First name unk. Kassel and First name unk. Kassel, Maiden Name Unk. Kassel Link; (2) on 14 Mar 1916 in Pawnee, Ok Nellie Esther Gillock, born 24 Mar 1896 in Pawnee, OK; christened in DIV 1930 from bonstein; died 25 Sep 1981 in Elma, Grays Harbor, WA; buried in McCleary City Cem., McCleary, Grays Harbor Co., WA, daughter of Carter Likens Gillock and Sara Ellen Watson; Gillock Link  Watson Link

Generation 4

8. John G.4 Gilpin, born 14 Aug 1827 in Montgomery Co., Ohio; died 30 Jan 1880 in Clay Township, Hamilton Co., Indiana; buried in Old Little Eagle Creek Cemetery, Carmel, IN, son of 16. Thomas (G17) Gilpin and 17. Rebecca (G17a) Van Horne. Gilpin Link  He married (1) on 31 Jan 1850 in Wayne Co., IN; book E page 400 9. Mariann Graves,  born 1 Jul 1830 in Potsdam, Lawrence Co., NY; died 17 Jan 1872 in Clay township, Hamilton Co, IN; buried in Old Little Eagle Creek cemetery, Carmel, IN, daughter of 18. John Graves and 19. Mary Frances Donelan; Graves Link   (2) on 29 Nov 1873 in Hamilton County IN Bk.4, p.350 Lucy C. Clayton, born 23 Jul 1846 in IN; died 30 Oct 1935 in Sparks, Nevada, daughter of Evan Benbow Clayton and Mary B. Mills. Clayton Link  Donelan Link 

10. Francis Marion (Marian)4 Cupp, born 5 Mar 1837 in Salisbury, Chariton Co., MO; died Feb 1879 in Marceline CharitonCo., Mo.; buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery, Chariton Co., MO, son of 20. Isaac William Cupp and 21. Nancy Rosetta Bridges. He married (1) on 1 Sep 1859 in Linn Co., MO Agnes Jane Howe, born 28 Dec 1841 in Chariton Co., MO; christened in Died of Food poisoning; died 11 Sep 1933 in Marcelene, Chariton Co., MO, at age 92; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Marceline, Mo., daughter of William M. (Billy) Howe and Nancy Dorrell; (2) on 1 Sep 1859 in Linn Co., MO 11. Agnes Jane Howe, born 28 Dec 1841 in Chariton Co., MO; christened in Died of Food poisoning; died 11 Sep 1933 in Marceline, Chariton Co., MO, at age 92; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Marceline, Mo., daughter of 22. William M. (Billy) Howe and 23. Nancy Dorrell. Cupp Link, Howe Link, Bridges Link, Dorrell Link

12. William Bovard I (Will)4 Bonstein, born 1851 in West Pittston, Pa; died 19 Mar 1896 in Stockdale, Riley Co., KA.; buried in Mill Creek Cemetery, Grandview near Riley, Riley Co., KS, son of 24. John Bonstein and 25. Mary Jane Bovard. He married (1) bef 1880 in after 1870 - 2nd marriage for her Selena Ann (Lena) Lewis, born 6 Aug 1849 in Jennings Co, Indiana; died 12 Mar 1928 in Wamego, KS; buried 13 Mar 1928 in Wamego City Cemetery, Wamego, Riley Co., KS., daughter of Timothy B. (Baker?) Lewis and Mahala Mahalia (III) Lett; 

14. Carter Likens4 Gillock, born 6 Feb 1854 in Sanburn Indiana; died 5 Dec 1931 in Pawnee, OK.; buried in Old Bethel Cemetery just outside of Pawnee, son of 28. Nimrod Gillock and 29. Elizabeth (Eliza) Getz. He married (1) on 7 Aug 1872 in Richland Co., ILL, Vol 2 no pg number, lic # 45 Sara Ellen Watson, born 18 Mar 1854 in Newberry, Greene Co., Indiana; died 23 Jul 1919 in Pawnee, OK; buried in Old Bethel Cemetery, North of Pawnee, daughter of Sanford Vincent Watson and Priscilla Margaret Craft; 
Generation 5

16. Thomas (G17)5 Gilpin, born 1805 in Center Co., Pennsylvania; died 5 Feb 1890 in Hamilton Co., IN, son of 32. Thomas (G1 & G17) Gilpin and 33. Mary (G17a) Fletcher. He married on 24 Aug 1826 in Clinton Co., Ohio, USA 17. Rebecca (G17a) Van Horne, born 11 May 1806 in Ohio, USA. 

18. John5 Graves, born 9 Jun 1802 in Oswego or Otsego Co., NY; died 14 Jul 1874 in Hamilton Co., IN; buried in Old Little Eagle Creek Cem. Outside of Carmel, IN, son of 36. Robert Graves and 37. Edy MNU Graves. He married (1) bef 1824 in NY 19. Mary Frances Donelan, born 2 Jun 1791 in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland; died 30 Jan 1852 in Wayne Co., IN, daughter of 38. First name unk. Donlan and 39. FNU MNU Donlan; (2) on 5 Mar 1854 Susan Scott, born 27 Dec 1822 in NC; died 19 Dec 1892 in Hamilton Co., IN; buried in Little Eagle Creek Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IN. 

20. Isaac William5 Cupp, born 14 Feb 1800/01 in Grayson Co., VA; died 3 Sep 1873 in Keytesville, Chariton Co. Mo., son of 40. Jacob J. Cupp and 41. Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding. He married (1) abt 1820 in TN Sarah Bridges, born 1798 in Tenn; died in Chariton Co. Mo., daughter of William Bridges and Sarah Bennett; (2) in Common-law; 2nd Nancy Rosetta (#1) Bridges, born 1806/07 in Tenn, daughter of William Bridges and Sarah Bennett; 

22. William M. (Billy)5 Howe, born 23 Mar 1814 in Kentucky; christened 21 Oct 1883 in Macon Co., Mo.; died 21 Oct 1883 in Macon Co., Mo.; buried in High Hill Cemetery (no stone), son of 44. Joseph Howe and 45. Rachael Hood. He married (1) on 7 Dec 1834 in Paris, Monroe Co., Mo. 23. Nancy Dorrell, born 7 Aug 1814 in Kentucky; died Jun 1859 in Bucklin, Mo., daughter of 46. James Dorrell and 47. Eliza Waggoner; (2) on 1 Sep 1859 in met &married Ky. Angeline (Angle) J. Fuqua, born 1843 in IN; died 19 Jun 1900 in Macon cty., Mo., daughter of Father Fuqua and Mother Fuqua, maiden name unk.. 

24. John5 Bonstein, born 13 Jul 1822 in Hecktown, PA; died 7 Jun 1897 in West Pittston, PA, son of 48. Jacob Bonstein and 49. Mary (Anna Maria) Borum Boorem. He married on 17 May 1850 in Pittston, Sureme Co., PA, by John H.Wovell, Minister 25. Mary Jane Bovard, born 1831 in PA; died 1 Sep 1904 in Borough of West Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, daughter of 50. Alexander Bovard and 51. Susanna Brobst. 

26. Timothy B. (Baker?)5 Lewis, born 1819 in Stueben County, NY; died 20 Jul 1878 in Riley County, KS, son of 52. William Lewis and 53. Sarah Jane Miller. He married on 23 Apr 1840 in Jennings Co., IN 27. Mahala Mahalia Lett, born 23 Apr 1821 in KY/GA; died 25 Nov 1895 in Bellingham, WA, daughter of 54. Daniel Lett and 55. Mariah Osbourne. 

28. Nimrod5 Gillock, born 18 Jan 1808 in Woodstock, VA; died Dec 1883 in Daviess Co. IN, at son's home; buried in Thought to be at his son William Taylor's place, IN, son of 56. John Gillock and 57. Mary (Polly) Fetzer. He married on 23 Jan 1834 in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co. Va. 29. Elizabeth (Eliza) Getz, born 1813/15; died 1 Feb 1883 in at son William Taylor's home in IN; buried in at sons's place Daviess Co., IN, daughter of 58. Phillip Getz and 59. Terrice Ann MNU Getz. 

30. Sanford Vincent5 Watson, born 25 Jan 1829 in Marion, SC; died 4 Apr 1904 in Sanborn, Knox Co., IN, son of 60. William Watson and 61. FNU Aulder. He married on 29 Mar 1853 in Greene Co., IN 31. Priscilla Margaret Craft, born 13 May 1834 in VA; died 24 Nov 1901 in Sanborn, Knox Co., In, daughter of 62. John R. Craft and 63. Jane Stevenson. 

Generation 6

32. Thomas (G1 & G17)6 Gilpin, born 1772 in N. Ireland, son of 64. John (G1 & G17) Gilpin and 65. Rebecca MNU (G17a) Gilpin. He married (1) 33. Mary (G17a) Fletcher, born Est 1773; (2) Tacy (G17a) Plummer. 

36. Robert6 Graves, born abt 1765; died aft 1830. He married 37. Edy MNU Graves, born 20 Feb 1779. 

38. First name unk.6 Donlan, born in I have no information on him. He married 39. FNU MNU Donlan, born in I have no information on her. 

40. Jacob J.6 Cupp, born 14 Dec 1766 in Lancaster Co., Pa; died 12 Jan 1852 in Laurel Co., Ky. He married on 10 Jun 1788 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; married by John Konts 41. Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding, born 1770 in Shenandoah Co.., Virginia; died 1850 in Laurel, KY; buried in unk., daughter of 82. Spencer (I) New River Breeding and 83. Priscella (Elizabeth) Hurst. 

42. William6 Bridges. He married 43. Sarah Bennett

44. Joseph6 Howe, born 12 Sep 1783 in Mason, Co., KY/Montgomery, VA; died in MO, son of 88. John William Howe and 89. Mary Ann Waggoneer. He married on 10 Dec 1810 in Greenup, KY 45. Rachael Hood, born 1786 in Clark, KY, daughter of 90. Andrew Hood and 91. Massa Sudduth. 

46. James6 Dorrell, born in I have no information on him. He married 47. Eliza Waggoner, born in I have no information on her.. 

48. Jacob6 Bonstein, born 1790 in Penn; died 1865 in Penn.; buried in Harlington Cemetery, Washington Twp, Waverly, Iowa, son of 96. Johann Jacob (I) Bonstein and 97. Katarina Catharine Schnable. He married (1) in 1819 in Northumberland Co., PA marriage Records Anna Maria (Mary) Borum, Boorem, born 1795 in Pa; died 1872 in Waverly Iowa; buried in Harlington Cemetery, Washington Twp, Waverly, IO, daughter of John Boorem and Catherine E. Fry;

50. Alexander6 Bovard, born 28 Nov 1788 in Union Co. PA; died 18 Mar 1842; buried in Presbyterian church-yard now leveled off, son of 100. James Boevard Beauvert Bovard Capt. and 101. Hannah Beatty. He married (1) in 1815 in PA Susanna Brobst, born 1795 in Berks Co., PA; died 18 Feb 1871 in Muncy ? PA; buried in Muncy, PA cemetery, daughter of Johannes John Brobst and Catherine Stumpf; 

52. William6 Lewis, born 1783 in Uster County, NY; died 1879 in Jackson County, IN, son of 104. Zadock Lewis and 105. Comfort MNU Lewis. He married in 1810 53. Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of 106. Martin Miller and 107. FNU MNU Miller. 

54. Daniel6 Lett, born 1791 in GA; died Jul 1837 in Jennings Co., IN, son of 108. Daniel (I) Lett and 109. Cynthia Mary Sinta. He married (1) in 1816 in KY 55. Mariah Osbourne, born 1793 in KY; died in unk; (2) on 12 Feb 1824 in Owen Co., KY Mary Winscott, born in unk; died in unk. 

56. John6 Gillock, born 1 May 1778 in Orange Co., VA; died 21 Mar 1856 in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA; buried in Massanutten Cemetery, Woodstock, Va., son of 112. John (I) Gillock and 113. Hannah L. Wolfensbarger. He married on 10 Apr 1806 in Woodstock, Orange Co., VA 57. Mary (Polly) Fetzer, born 13 Apr 1783 in Woodstock, VA; died 1850/60; buried in It is suposed that she is buried at Massanutten Cemetery, daughter of 114. Joachim Fetzer and 115. Maria MNU Fetzer. 

58. Phillip6 Getz, son of 116. FNU Getz and 117. FNU MNU Getz. He married 59. Terrice Ann MNU Getz

60. William6 Watson. He married 61. FNU Aulder. 

62. John R.6 Craft, born 11 Jul 1806 in PA; died 18 Jun 1852 in Greene Co., IN, son of 124. William Craft and 125. Sarah Alward. He married 63. Jane Stevenson, born abt 1811 in PA; died 1872. 

Generation 7

64. John (G1 & G17)7 Gilpin, born Est 1737 in N. Ireland. He married 65. Rebecca MNU (G17a) Gilpin, born Est 1747. 

82. Spencer (I) New River7 Breeding, born 1730 in England; died 1808 in Wythe Co., Va., son of 164. Bryant (#1) Breeding and 165. Elizabeth Quinn, (O'quinn). He married (1) Priscella (Elizabeth) Hurst, born 12 Jun 1745 in Stafford Co., VA, daughter of Thomas Hurst and Mary MNU Hurst. 

88. John William7 Howe, born in Hamshire, VA; died 30 Apr 1835 in Oldtown, Greenup Co., KY; buried in Oldtown Burial Ground, Greenup Co., KY, son of 176. Joseph William Howe and 177. Eleanor (Ellen) Dunbar. He married on 19 Sep 1782 in Montgomery, West Virginia 89. Mary Ann Waggoneer, born abt 1756 in Montgomery, VA/TN (?). 

90. Andrew7 Hood, born abt 1746 in Unknown; died in unk date, KY, son of 180. Luykas Hoed, Hood and 181. Johannah Van Stockholm. He married in 1769 in VA 91. Massa Sudduth, born 1748 in Jefferson, W.VA; died in KY, unk date, daughter of 182. FNU Sudduth and 183. Ann MNU Sudduth. 

96. Johann Jacob (I)7 Bonstein, born 27 Feb 1754 in Grossropperhausen, Germany; christened 1 Mar 1754 in Grossropperhausen, Germany; confirmed Easter 1767; died 1840 in Northhampton Co., PA.; buried in Drylands Cemetery, Northampton Co., PA, son of 192. Laurentius (Lorenz) Bonstein and 193. Hedwig Lingemann. He married (1) Katarina Catharine Schnable, born 4 Mar 1764 in Hecktown, PA; christened 22 Apr 1764 in Dryland Union Church, Hecktown, PA; died 27 Jan 1803; buried in Drylands Cemetery, Northampton Co., PA, daughter of George Schnable and Margretha Barbara Schnable, maiden name unk; 

98. John7 Boorem, born 7 Mar 1771; died 23 Apr 1810 in North Hampton Co., PA. He married (1) Catherine E. Fry, born 27 Feb 1792; 

100. James Boevard Beauvert7 Bovard Capt., born 1751 in Ireland; died 1808 in Dry Valley, E. Buffalo Twp, Union Co., PA; buried in unmarked grave, beside his wife, see wife's cemetery listing, son of 200. Robert Boevard Bovard Beauvert Breveard and 201. Hannah MNU Bovard. He married bef 1778 in Union, PA 101. Hannah Beatty, born abt 1756 in Co Down, Ireland; died 20 Nov 1847 in Union Co., PA, at age 91; buried in New Berlin Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery, Union Co., PA, daughter of 202. Alexander Beatty and 203. Susanna MNU Beatty. 

102. Johannes John7 Brobst, born 15 Oct 1759 in Albany twp, Berks Co., PA; died 19 Aug 1834 in New Berlin, Union twp, Union Co., PA., son of 204. Jean Martin Brobst and 205. Anna Elisabeth Heckler. He married on 26 Oct 1780 in Reading, Berks Co., PA 103. Catherine Stumpf, born Jul 1759 in Berks Co., PA; died aft 23 Dec 1836 in Union Co., PA, daughter of 206. Wilhelm Stumpf and 207. Anna Magdalena Hagenbuch. 

104. Zadock7 Lewis, born 1750 in probably NY; died in ?, son of 208. Cornelius Lewis and 209. Sarah Green. He married 105. Comfort MNU Lewis, born in ?; died in ?. 

106. Martin7 Miller. He married 107. FNU MNU Miller. 

108. Daniel (I)7 Lett, born 1766 in Bertie Co., NC; died 1820 in Owen Co., KY, son of 216. James Isham Lett and 217. Martha Whitefield. He married 109. Cynthia Mary Sinta, born in unk. 

112. John (I)7 Gillock, born 1750 in Orange Co., VA; died 7 Apr 1783 in Woodstock, VA, will probated; buried in Massanutten Cem, Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA, son of 224. Laurence Gillock and 225. Jane Elizabeth (Lindsay) MNU Gillock. He married on 7 Jan 1778 in St Thomas Church / Parrish, Orange Co., VA 113. Hannah L. Wolfensbarger, born 1760 in Lebanon Co., PA; died 7 Feb 1788, daughter of 226. John (I) Wolfensbarger and 227. Hannah Sumner. 

114. Joachim7 Fetzer, born Jul 1752 in PA; christened 22 Jun 1772 in Woodstock, Dunmore/Shenandoah Co., VA; died 17 Jan 1827 in Woodstock, Va., son of 228. George (Gerg) Fetzer and 229. Mary MNU Fetzer. He married abt 1780 115. Maria MNU Fetzer. 

116. FNU7 Getz, born in I have no information on him. He married 117. FNU MNU Getz, born in I have no information on her.. 

124. William7 Craft, born 25 Jun 1758 in Dutchess Co., NY, son of 248. John Craft and 249. Sarah Youngman. He married in 1795 in Lycoming or Nothumberland Co PA 125. Sarah Alward, born 1 Jun 1776 in Fishskill, Dutchess Co., NY, daughter of 250. John Alward and 251. Priscilla Taylor. 

Generation 8


164. Bryant (#1)8 Breeding, born 1700/05 in England; died bef 1750 in England. He married 165. Elizabeth Quinn, (O'quinn), born in I have no info on her. 

166. Thomas8 Hurst, born bef 1747 of Stafford, VA, son of 332. John Hurst and 333. Jane MNU Hurst. He married 167. Mary MNU Hurst

176. Joseph William8 Howe, born 1720 in Warwickshire, England; died 1790 in Sunnyside, Pulaski Co., VA, son of 352. John Howe and 353. FNU Howe. He married in 1748 in Boston, Massachusetts 177. Eleanor (Ellen) Dunbar, born 1730 in Boston, Massachusetts; died abt 1790 in buried at Sunnyside, Pulaski County, Virginia, USA., daughter of 354. John Dunbar and 355. Mary Anderson. 

180. Luykas8 Hoed, Hood, born 2 Oct 1708 in date baptized, not born..New York, NY Co., NY; christened 2 Oct 1708 in Church not named; died Apr 1771 in Berkeley, W.VA, son of 360. Jasper Hood and 361. Catherina Andries. He married bef 1742 181. Johannah Van Stockholm, daughter of 362. FNU Van Stockholm and 363. FNU MNU VanStockholm. 

182. FNU8 Sudduth. He married 183. Ann MNU Sudduth. 

192. Laurentius (Lorenz)8 Bonstein, born 5 Feb 1716 in Grossropperhausen, Cassel, Germany; christened 9 Feb 1716 in Grossropperhausen, Germany, son of 384. Johann Paulus (Paul) Bonnstein and 385. Elizabeth Teutscher. He married (1) FNU MNU Bonstein; (2) on 8 Mar 1740 in Grossropperhausen, Cassell, Germany Hedwig Lingemann, born May 1717 in Grossropperhausen Cassel, Germany; christened 9 May 1717 in Grossropperhausen, Germany; died 27 Dec 1775 in Germany at age 58; buried 29 Dec 1775, daughter of Johannes L. Lingemann and Barbara Nickel; 

194. George8 Schnable, born in I have no information on him.. He married 195. Margretha Barbara MNU Schnable. 

198. John Philip8 Fry, born 20 Mar 1757 in North Hampton Co., PA; died 19 Apr 1836 in Lower Saucon Township, Northampton, Penn, USA, son of 396. John Henry Frey Fry and 397. Dorthea Pope. He married 199. Anna Margaretta MNU Fry, born abt 1761 in PA (?). 

200. Robert Boevard Bovard Beauvert8 Breveard, born bef 1730 in Ireland; died Feb 1775 in West Pennsborough, Cumberland County, PA, son of 400. William Bovaird Boevard Beauvert Bovard and 401. FNU MNU Boevard. He married bef 1740 in Ireland 201. Hannah MNU Bovard, born bef 1740 in Ireland. 

202. Alexander8 Beatty, born abt 1725 in Ireland; died 1787 in Northumberland County, PA, will probated 6/25/1787, son of 404. James Beatty and 405. Agnes MNU Beatty. He married (1) in 1747 in IRL Susanna MNU Beatty, died in Ireland; (2) in 1759 in Union Co., PA Agnes (Susana) Brobst, died aft 1787; 

204. Jean Martin8 Brobst, born Dec 1726 in Oberseebach, Alsace, France; christened 29 Dec 1726 in Oberseebach, France; died Jul 1766 in Albany twp, Berks Co., PA, son of 408. Phillip Jacob Brobst and 409. Cerine Catharine Christ. He married (1) bef 1756 in Berks Co., PA Maria Fuss; (2) in 1757/58 in Albany Twp, Berks Co., PA 205. Anna Elisabeth Heckler, born 1733 in Exeter twp, Berks Co., PA; died Oct 1772 in Albany Twp, PA, daughter of 410. Christian Rudolph Hechler and 411. FNU MNU Hechler. 

206. Wilhelm8 Stumpf, born 5 Apr 1725 in Germany; died 28 Jun 1805 in Berks Co., PA, son of 412. Johann George Stumpf and 413. Anna MNU Stumpf. He married on 3 Oct 1751 in Germany 207. Anna Magdalena Hagenbuch, born abt 1730 in Germany, daughter of 414. Andreas Hagenbuch and 415. Catharina MNU Hagenbuch. 

208. Cornelius8 Lewis, born 1700 in Massachusetts, son of 416. Samuel Lewis and 417. FNU MNU Lewis. He married in 1726 209. Sarah Green. 

216. James Isham8 Lett, born 1747 in Edgecomb, Co., NC; died 20 Nov 1838 in Spartanburg, SC, son of 432. John (II) Lett and 433. FNU MNU Lett. He married on 14 Feb 1767 217. Martha Whitefield

224. Laurence8 Gillock, born abt 1728 in Forteviot, Perth, Scotland; christened 21 Jul 1728 in Forteviot, Perth Co., Scotland; died Apr 1786 in Orange Co., VA, believed to be buried here., son of 448. John Gillock, Gilloch and 449. Sarah Brown. He married in 1750 in Orange Co., VA 225. Jane Elizabeth (Lindsay) MNU Gillock

226. John (I)8 Wolfensbarger, born 1730/41 in Alasce France; died 18 Nov 1788 in Shanendoah, VA, son of 452. John Adam Wolfensbarger and 453. Anna Margaret Entzminger. He married in 1751 227. Hannah Sumner, born 1734 in Shenandoah, VA; died 1 Dec 1775 in Shenandoah, VA. 

228. George (Gerg)8 Fetzer, born 1730 in Aulm, Germany; died bef 11 Jun 1792 in Woodstock, Shenandoa Co., VA, son of 456. Mathaus Fetzer and 457. Anna Agatha Eberhardt. He married 229. Mary MNU Fetzer

248. John8 Craft, born bef 1758 in place unk; died unknown in place unk. He married 249. Sarah Youngman, born bef 1758 in place unk; died unknown in place unk. 

250. John8 Alward, born bef 1776. He married 251. Priscilla Taylor, born before 1776. 

Generation 9

332. John9 Hurst, born Est 1700 of Stafford Co, Va; died 6 Dec 1747 in assumed VA(?), son of 664. Henry (Jr.) Hurst. He married 333. Jane MNU Hurst. 

352. John9 Howe, born in Warwickshire Co., England., son of 704. John Howe and 705. FNU MNU Howe. He married 353. FNU Howe. 

354. John9 Dunbar, born 1701 in Brechin Parish, Scotland, son of 708. Robert Dunbar and 709. Jean Gray. He married abt 1727 in Boston, MA 355. Mary Anderson, daughter of 710. John Anderson and 711. FNU MNU Anderson. 

360. Jasper9 Hood, born Est 1670 in unk place; died in unk date and place, son of 720. Jan Johannes Hood, Hoed, Hude and 721. First name unk. Jasper. He married on 7 Jun 1696 in New York, NY Co., NY 361. Catherina Andries, born 1673 in New York City (then New Amsterdam) and not Holland; christened 23 Jul 1673 in Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, Holand; died in unk date and place, daughter of 722. Lucas Andrieszen and 723. Aefje Laurens. 

362. FNU9 Van Stockholm, born in I have no information on him. He married 363. FNU MNU VanStockholm, born in I have no information on her.. 

384. Johann Paulus (Paul)9 Bonnstein, born 1692 in Germany; christened 1692 in on the 17th Sunday after Trinity 1692; died 19 Oct 1781 in Germany, 88 yrs 10 months, son of 768. Christian Bonnstein and 769. Barbara MNU Bonstein. He married (1) on 26 Oct 1714 Elizabeth Teutscher, born 1685; died 28 Dec 1739 in Germany at the age of 54 yrs 9 months 14 days, daughter of Gerherd Teutscher and Anna Eva Wenchenberg; (2) on 12 Dec 1740 Anna Margretha Sauer, born Aug 1700 in Grossropperhausen, Germany; christened 15 Aug 1700 in Grossropperhausen, Germany; died 9 Jan 1774 in Grossropperhausen, Germany, daughter of Johannes S. Sauer and Anna Catharina Vogel

386. Johannes L.9 Lingemann, born abt 1670 in Grossropperhausen Cassel, Germany, son of 772. Caspar Lingemann and 773. FNU MNU Lingemann. He married 387. Barbara Nickel, born abt 1680 in Grossropperhausen Cassel, Germany, daughter of 774. Adam Nickel and 775. FNU MNU Nickel. 

396. John Henry Frey9 Fry, born 1732; died 11 Sep 1819 in Salem Township, Westmoreland Co., PA, USA. He married 397. Dorthea Pope, born 1730 in Germany; died abt 1769 in Northhampton Co., or Bucks Co., PA, daughter of 794. Nicholas Pope and 795. FNU MNU Pope. 

400. William Bovaird Boevard Beauvert9 Bovard, born abt 1680 in No information, son of 800. FNU Beauvert and 801. FNU MNU Beauvert. He married 401. FNU MNU Boevard. 

404. James9 Beatty, born abt 1670 in Ayrshire, Scotland; died 1745 in Hillsborough-Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, Co Down, IRE, son of 808. John Beatty and 809. Jane Ross. He married (1) in 1st marriage, Ireland 405. Agnes MNU Beatty, born 1684 in Ayrshire, Scotland?; (2) in 2nd Sarah Ross, daughter of John Ross and First name unk. Ross, maiden name unk.;

408. Phillip Jacob9 Brobst, born 30 Nov 1692 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 1747/58 in Albany twp, PA; buried ®15, son of 816. Christophel Probst, Brobst and 817. Eva Christina Hofmann. He married in 1720 in Oberseebach, Alsace-Lorraine Province, France 409. Cerine Catharine Christ, born 10 Nov 1696 in Niederseebach, Alsace, France, or Bern, Switzerland; died abt Jan 1760 in Albany Twp, PA, daughter of 818. Johann Heinrich Christ and Unknown. 

410. Christian Rudolph9 Hechler, born abt 1700 in Germany; died BET 1759 AND 1775 in Oley Hills, Exeter Twp, Berks Co, PA. He married abt 1720 411. FNU MNU Hechler. 

412. Johann George9 Stumpf, born abt 1690 in Darmstadt, Germany, son of 824. Wilhelm Stumpf and 825. FNU MNU Stumpf. He married 413. Anna MNU Stumpf. 

414. Andreas9 Hagenbuch, born 11 Apr 1711 in Lomersheim, Wurttemberg, Germany; died 9 Apr 1785 in Albany Twp, Berks Co., PA, son of 828. Hans Michael Hagenbuch and 829. Anna Christina Fritzle. He married (1) abt 1730 in Wurttemburg, Germany Catharina MNU Hagenbuch, born abt 1712 in Germany; (2) Maria Magdalena Schmutz; (3) between 1748 & 1749 in Albany Twp, Berks Co., PA Anna Maria Margaretha Friedler, born between 1725 & 1730 in Lomersheim, Der Pfalz, Germany; 

416. Samuel9 Lewis, born 14 May 1662 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA; died in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA, son of 832. Thomas Lewis and 833. Mary Davis. He married 417. FNU MNU Lewis

432. John (II)9 Lett, son of 864. John (I) Lett and 865. Elizabeth Hardaway. He married 433. FNU MNU Lett

448. John9 Gillock, Gilloch, born in Thought to be born in Scotland, son of 896. John Gillock, Gilloch and 897. Margrat Walker. He married in 1727 in Dron, Perth Co., Scotland 449. Sarah Brown, born in Scotland?. 

452. John Adam9 Wolfensbarger, born abt 1694 in Wolscheim, Alsace, Germany; died 6 Jul 1761 in Lebanon Co., PA, son of 904. Johannes Erhart Wolfensbarger and 905. Ursula Emm. He married on 27 Jan 1721 in Mattstall, Alsace, Germany 453. Anna Margaret Entzminger, born 21 Sep 1697 in Waldhambach, B-Rn, France; died 21 Sep 1777 in Shafferstown, Lancester, PA, daughter of 906. Phillip Entsminger and 907. Elizabeth MNU Entsminger. 

456. Mathaus9 Fetzer, born 23 Nov 1693 in Wuettemburg, Germany. He married 457. Anna Agatha Eberhardt, born 17 Mar 1689/90 in Wuettemburg, Germany. 

Generation 10

664. Henry (Jr.)10 Hurst, born Est 1670, son of 1328. Henry Hurst and 1329. FNU MNU Hurst. He married unknown

704. John10 Howe, born in Hodin Hall, England. He married 705. FNU MNU Howe. 

708. Robert10 Dunbar. He married 709. Jean Gray. 

710. John10 Anderson. He married 711. FNU MNU Anderson. 

720. Jan Johannes10 Hood, Hoed, Hude, born abt 1649 in probably Denmark; died 1660/61. He married abt 1668 721. First name unk. Jasper. 

722. Lucas10 Andrieszen, born in I have no info on him.. He married (1) Aefje Laurens, born in I have no info on her.; 

768. Christian10 Bonnstein, born 1665 in Kranners, Princedom Brunswik, Germany; died 22 Apr 1740 in Grossroperhausen, Hess Cassel Princedom, Germany, son of 1536. Henning Bonnstein and 1537. FNU MNU Bonstein. He married (1) bef 1688 769. Barbara MNU Bonstein, born 1665 in Kranners, Princedom Brunswik, Germany; died 8 Mar 1712; (2) on 6 Oct 1713 in Kranners, Braunschweigischen, Germany Anna Eva Becker, born 1677 in Germany?; died 1752 in at age 75; buried 31 Oct 1752, daughter of Henrich Becker and FNU MNU Becker;

770. Gerherd10 Teutscher, born bef 1685 in Germany?; died in unknown. He married bef 1685 in Germany 771. Anna Eva Wenchenberg, born bef 1685 in Willingshain, Germany; died 28 Dec 1739 in Germany, at 54 yrs, 9 months, 14 days, daughter of 1542. Johannes Wenchenberg and 1543. FNU Wenchenberg. 

772. Caspar10 Lingemann, born abt 1640 in Germany. He married 773. FNU MNU Lingemann, born in I have no info on her.. 

774. Adam10 Nickel, born abt 1650. He married 775. FNU MNU Nickel, born in I have no info on her.. 

794. Nicholas10 Pope, born unknown. He married 795. FNU MNU Pope

800. FNU10 Beauvert, born abt 1650, son of 1600. FNU Beauvert and 1601. FNU MNU Beauvert. He married 801. FNU MNU Beauvert. 

808. John10 Beatty, born 1621 in Ayrshire, Scotland, son of 1616. John Beatty and 1617. Margaret Thompson. He married abt 1664 in Scotland 809. Jane Ross, born in Scotland. 

816. Christophel10 Probst, Brobst, born 31 Mar 1661 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 14 Feb 1719 in Kendel, Germany, son of 1632. Bartholomew "Barthel" Probst and 1633. Susanna Fischer. He married on 31 Jan 1690 in Kandel, Germany 817. Eva Christina Hofmann, born 25 Sep 1670 in Kendel, Germany; died 2 Mar 1727 in Kendel, Germany, daughter of 1634. Hans Michael Hofmann and 1635. Anna Maria Rimpler. 

818. Johann Heinrich10 Christ, born bef 1665 in Kanton Berne, Switzerland; died in Niederseebach, Alsace, France. He married unknown. 

824. Wilhelm10 Stumpf, born bef 1670 in Germany. He married 825. FNU MNU Stumpf, born in no information. 

828. Hans Michael10 Hagenbuch, born abt Jul 1682 in Schwaigern, Germany; died between 1733 & 1737 in Gross Gartach, Germany, son of 1656. Hans Hagenbuch and 1657. Anna Catharina MNU Hagenbuch. He married (1) Anna Christina Fritzle, born aft 1682 in Germany; died 18 Dec 1727 in Gross Gartach, Germany ??; (2) abt 1729 Anna Margaretha Hagenbuch; 

832. Thomas10 Lewis, born 5 Jan 1629/30 in Brenchley, Kent, England; died aft 1662 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass., son of 1664. George (Jr.) Lewis and 1665. Mary Doggett. He married on 15 Jun 1653 833. Mary Davis, born 9 Aug 1631 in Kent Co., England; died bef Apr 1673 in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, daughter of 1666. Dolar (Dams?) Davis and 1667. Margery Williard. 

864. John (I)10 Lett, son of 1728. Francis Lett and 1729. Amy MNU Lett. He married 865. Elizabeth Hardaway. 

896. John10 Gillock, Gilloch, born in Scotland?, son of 1792. John Gilloch and 1793. Elspeth Scot. He married on 7 Jul 1706 in Dron, Perth Co., Scotland 897. Margrat Walker, born in Scotland?. 

904. Johannes Erhart10 Wolfensbarger, born 18 Nov 1666 in Ettenhausen, Tg Swt, Wetzikon Parrish, France; died 12 Jul 1740 in Wolscheim, Alsace, France, son of 1808. Ulrich Wolfensbarger and 1809. Anna Kagi. He married on 8 May 1689 in Wolscheim, Alsace, France 905. Ursula Emm, born abt 1670 in Ettenhausen, Tg, Swt; died 12 Jul 1740. 

906. Phillip10 Entsminger. He married 907. Elizabeth MNU Entsminger. 

Generation 11

1328. Henry11 Hurst, born Est 1640 of Northumberland Co., VA, USA. He married 1329. FNU MNU Hurst

1536. Henning11 Bonnstein, born 1640 in Grossropperhausen, Germany, son of 3072. Cuntz Bonnstein and 3073. Gela MNU Bonnstein. He married bef 1665 1537. FNU MNU Bonstein. 

1542. Johannes11 Wenchenberg, born in I have no info on him.. He married 1543. FNU Wenchenberg, born in I have no info on her.. 

1600. FNU11 Beauvert, born abt 1620, son of 3200. FNU Beauvert and 3201. FNU MNU Beauvert. He married 1601. FNU MNU Beauvert. 

1616. John11 Beatty, born 1587 in Scotland. He married in 1619 in Scotland 1617. Margaret Thompson, born Est 1599 in Scotland. 

1632. Bartholomew "Barthel"11 Probst, born 1626 in Ettischweyl, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany; died 12 Apr 1689 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, son of 3264. Rudolph Probst and 3265. FNU MNU Probst. He married on 18 Jan 1653 in Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany 1633. Susanna Fischer, born 14 Feb 1630 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 25 Apr 1705 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, daughter of 3266. Peter Fischer and 3267. Ottilla Fischer. 

1634. Hans Michael11 Hofmann, born 29 May 1646 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 26 Oct 1684 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, son of 3268. Christoffel Hofmann and 3269. Catharina Nortwein. He married on 28 Aug 1666 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany 1635. Anna Maria Rimpler, born 31 Aug 1645 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 3 Jul 1693 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, daughter of 3270. Simon Rimpler and 3271. Anna Hieronymus. 

1656. Hans11 Hagenbuch, born bef 1660 in Schwaigern, Germany. He married (1) Anna Catharina MNU Hagenbuch, born in I have no info for her.

1664. George (Jr.)11 Lewis, born 31 Aug 1600 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England; died bef 3 Mar 1663/64 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA, son of 3328. George Lewis Lewes and 3329. Denise Forman. He married on 1 Nov 1624 in Horsemonden, Kent, England 1665. Mary Doggett, born 21 Sep 1600 in Horsmonden, Kent, England; died aft 1670 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA, daughter of 3330. Thomas Doggett and 3331. Isabell Martine. 

1666. Dolar (Dams?)11 Davis, born 1593 in Bennefield, Northampton, England; died Jun 1673 in Barnstable, Banstable Co., MA; buried 16 Jun 1673 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA., son of 3332. Ichabod Davis and 3333. Susy MNU Davis. He married (1) on 29 Mar 1624 in 1st Parish Church, E. Farleigh, Kent, England 1667. Margery Williard, born bef 6 Nov 1602 in Horsemonden, Kent, England; christened 7 Nov 1602 in Horsmonden, Kent, England; died 1673/85 in Concord, Middlesex Co., MA, daughter of 3334. Richard Williard and 3335. Margaret Humphrie, Humphrey; (2) in 1660/63 in 2nd Barnstable, Banstable Co., MA Joanna Hull, born 1620 in Devonshire, England; died 1686/1731 in Barnstable, Banstable Co., MA, daughter of Joseph Hull Reverand and Joane Peson. 

1728. Francis11 Lett. He married 1729. Amy MNU Lett. 

1792. John11 Gilloch, born bef 1687 in Dron, Perth Co., Scotland. He married on 11 Jul 1687 in Dron, Perth Co., Scotland 1793. Elspeth Scot, born bef 1687 in Dron, Perth Co., Scotland. 

1808. Ulrich11 Wolfensbarger, born 14 Nov 1637 in Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Switzerland; died 1678 in Ettenhausen, Tg Swt Switzerland, son of 3616. Hans (I) Wolfensbarger and 3617. Margaret Banwart. He married on 3 Apr 1655 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland 1809. Anna Kagi, born in Ettenhausen, Tg Swt; died 13 Jan 1673 in Ettenhausen, Tgm Swt Wetzikon Parrish, Switzerland. 

Generation 12

3072. Cuntz12 Bonnstein, born Est 1600 in lived in Ropperhausen, Germany., son of 6144. FNU Bonnstein and 6145. FNU MNU Bonnstein. He married bef 1630 in Germany 3073. Gela MNU Bonnstein, born Est 1600 in lived in Ropperhausen, Germany. 

3200. FNU12 Beauvert, born abt 1590 in England / Scotland / Ireland, son of 6400. Jacques Beauvert and 6401. FNU MNU Beauvert. He married 3201. FNU MNU Beauvert. 

3264. Rudolph12 Probst, born 24 Sep 1595 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland; died bef 18 Jan 1653 in Ettischweyl, Wangen, Allgau, Germany, son of 6528. Niklaus Probst and 6529. Margreth MNU Probst. He married abt 1624 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland 3265. FNU MNU Probst, born abt 1600 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. 

3266. Peter12 Fischer, born BET 1600 AND 1605 in Germany. He married 3267. Ottilla MNU Fischer, born abt 1605 in no information. 

3268. Christoffel12 Hofmann, born 1613 in Germany; died 16 Nov 1669 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, son of 6536. Adam Hofmann and 6537. FNU MNU Hofmann. He married on 12 Oct 1640 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany 3269. Catharina Nortwein, born 1615 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 2 Apr 1668 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany. 

3270. Simon12 Rimpler, born 1600 in Frankenland (Franconia) Germany; died 1645. He married (1) on 6 Jun 1627 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany Veronica Mahlmeister, born 1600 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; (2) on 8 Feb 1642 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany 3271. Anna Hieronymus, born 1607 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany; died 24 Jul 1661 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, daughter of 6542. Wendel Hieronymus. 

3328. George Lewis12 Lewes, born abt 1575 in England; died 11 Jul 1631 in Brenchley, Kent, England. He married on 24 May 1596 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England 3329. Denise Forman, born abt 16 May in Brenchley, Kent, England; died 10 Jun 1626 in Brenchley, Kent, England, daughter of 6658. Clement Forman and 6659. Margery Boldock. 

3330. Thomas12 Doggett, born 1573 in England, son of 6660. Robert Doggett and 6661. Dennice Aparke. He married 3331. Isabell Martine, born 1575 in England. 

3332. Ichabod12 Davis, born 1548 in Bennefield, Northampton, England; died 1603 in England, son of 6664. Rees or Reeze (Esquire) Davis and 6665. FNU MNU Davis. He married abt 1592 in Bennefield, Northampton, England 3333. Susy MNU Davis, born 1556 in England; died 1603 in England. 

3334. Richard12 Williard, born 10 Mar 1581 in Goudhurst,, Kent, England; died 20 Feb 1617 in Horsmonden, Kent, England, son of 6668. Simon Williard and 6669. Elizabeth Waterman. He married (1) bef 1581 Catherine Davis, buried 11 Mar 1597/98 in Horsmonden, Kent, England; (2) on 28 Sep 1601 in Westgate, Margate, Kent, England 3335. Margaret Humphrie, Humphrey, born 1578; buried 12 Dec 1608 in Horsmonden, Kent, England, daughter of 6670. Raynold Humphrey and 6671. FNU MNU Humprey; (3) on 17 Jan 1609 in St Mgt Church, Horsmonden, Kent Joan MNU Morebread, buried 25 Feb 1617 in Horsmonden, Kent, England. 

3616. Hans (I)12 Wolfensbarger, born 24 Dec 1615 in Ettenhausen Switzerland; died 15 Feb 1688 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland, son of 7232. Erhart Wolfensbarger and 7233. Margaretha Lutz. He married on 28 Apr 1635 3617. Margaret Banwart, died 23 Sep 1669. 

Generation 13

6144. FNU13 Bonnstein. He married 6145. FNU MNU Bonnstein. 

6400. Jacques13 Beauvert, born abt 1560 in Paris, France, son of 12800. Jacques Beauvert and 12801. Marie MNU Beauvert. He married 6401. FNU MNU Beauvert, born in possibly England. 

6528. Niklaus13 Probst, born 4 Nov 1554 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland; died unknown, son of 13056. Hans Michel Probst and 13057. FNU MNU Probst. He married in 1577 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland 6529. Margreth MNU Probst, born 1556 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. 

6536. Adam13 Hofmann, born 1580; died 1639 in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany. He married 6537. FNU MNU Hofmann, born in No information. 

6542. Wendel13 Hieronymus, born 1580 in Weissenburg, Germany. He married unknown. 

6658. Clement13 Forman, born abt 1537 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England; died 11 Feb 1639/40 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England, son of 13316. William Forman and 13317. Agnes MNU Forman. He married on 16 Feb 1567/68 in Lamberhurst, Kent Co., England 6659. Margery Boldock, born 1552 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England; died aft 5 May 1610 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England, daughter of 13318. Thomas Boldock and 13319. FNU MNU Boldock. 

6660. Robert13 Doggett, born Est 1548 in England, son of 13320. father Doggett. He married on 20 Jul 1566 in Horsmonden, Kent, England 6661. Dennice Aparke. 

6664. Rees or Reeze (Esquire)13 Davis, born in I have no information on him., son of 13328. William Davis and 13329. FNU MNU Davis. He married 6665. FNU MNU Davis, born in I have no information on her.. 

6668. Simon13 Williard, born 18 Sep 1530 in Horsmonden, Kent, England; died 26 Feb 1584 in Goudhurst, Kent, England, son of 13336. Richard Williard and 13337. Elizabeth Fremingham. He married 6669. Elizabeth Waterman, born 1532. 

6670. Raynold13 Humphrey, born 1542 in England; died 1578. He married 6671. FNU MNU Humprey, born 1546. 

7232. Erhart13 Wolfensbarger, born 12 Feb 1581 in Ettenhausen, Zuerich, Switzerland; died 1622 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland, son of 14464. Jakob Wolfensbarger and 14465. Elsbeth Knect. He married on 26 Nov 1611 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland 7233. Margaretha Lutz, born 1585 in Hinwil, Switzerland. 

Generation 14

12800. Jacques14 Beauvert, born abt 1530 in France. He married 12801. Marie MNU Beauvert. 

13056. Hans Michel14 Probst, born abt 1531 in Kanton, Berne, Switzerland; died abt 1577 in Switzerland, son of 26112. Alt Herr Probst and 26113. Alt Frau MNU Probst. He married abt 1552 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland 13057. FNU MNU Probst, born abt 1533 in Switzerland. 

13316. William14 Forman, born abt 1511 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England; died 18 Dec 1556 in Brenchley, Kent Co., England. He married 13317. Agnes MNU Forman. 

13318. Thomas14 Boldock, born abt 1530 in Horsmonden, Kent Co., England; died bef 9 May 1571 in Horsmonden Kent Co., England. He married 13319. FNU MNU Boldock. 

13320. father14 Doggett. He married unknown. 

13328. William14 Davis, born in I have no information on him.. He married 13329. FNU MNU Davis. 

13336. Richard14 Williard, born 1500 in Brenchley, Kent, England; died 18 Sep 1558 in Brenchley, Kent, England, son of 26672. William Willard and 26673. Johan Williams. He married 13337. Elizabeth Fremingham, born 1502 in England (?); died 1537. 

14464. Jakob14 Wolfensbarger, born abt 1550 in Ettenhausen, Zuerich, Switzerland; died aft 1588 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland, son of 28928. Mr. FNU Wolfensbarger and 28929. FNU MNU Wolfensbarger. He married on 2 Oct 1575 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland 14465. Elsbeth Knect, born 1554 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland; died aft 1588 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland, daughter of 28930. Jakob Knect and 28931. Margaretha Sporri. 

Generation 15

26112. Alt Herr15 Probst, born bef 1510. He married 26113. Alt Frau MNU Probst, born abt 1515. 

26672. William15 Willard, born 1470 in England, son of 53344. Thomas Willard and 53345. Heylwich MNU Willard. He married 26673. Johan Williams, born 1474 in England (?). 

28928. Mr. FNU15 Wolfensbarger, born abt 1510 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland. He married 28929. FNU MNU Wolfensbarger, born 1512 in Ettenhausen, Switzerland. 

28930. Jakob15 Knect. He married 28931. Margaretha Sporri. 

Generation 16

53344. Thomas16 Willard, born 1458 in Tonbridge, Kent, England; died 1502 in Brenchley, Kent, England, son of 106688. FNU Willard and 106689. FNU MNU Willard. He married 53345. Heylwich MNU Willard, born Est 1450 in England (?). 

Generation 17

106688. FNU17 Willard, born Est 1415 in England, son of 213376. FNU Willard and 213377. FNU MNU Willard. He married 106689. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1425 in England (?). 

Generation 18

213376. FNU18 Willard, born Est 1380 in England, son of 426752. FNU Willard and 426753. FNU MNU Willard. He married 213377. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1370 in England (?). 

Generation 19

426752. FNU19 Willard, born Est 1350 in England, son of 853504. FNU (Count?) Willard and 853505. FNU MNU Willard. He married 426753. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1360 in England (?). 

Generation 20

853504. FNU (Count?)20 Willard, born Est 1320 in England, son of 1707008. FNU (Count) Willard and 1707009. FNU MNU Willard. He married 853505. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1330 in England (?). 

Generation 21

1707008. FNU (Count)21 Willard, born Est 1290 in England, son of 3414016. FNU (Count) Willard and 3414017. FNU MNU Willard. He married 1707009. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1300 in England (?). 

Generation 22

3414016. FNU (Count)22 Willard, born Est 1260 in England, son of 6828032. Ortho (Count Henri Willard) Villard and 6828033. FNU MNU Villard. He married 3414017. FNU MNU Willard, born Est 1270 in England. 

Generation 23

6828032. Ortho (Count Henri Willard)23 Villard, born Est 1230 in France; died in England, son of 13656064. Humbert (Count- Italian court) di Villard and 13656065. FNU MNU di Villard. He married 6828033. FNU MNU Villard, born Est 1240 in France (?). 

Generation 24

13656064. Humbert (Count- Italian court)24 di Villard, born Est 1210 in Italy; died 1260 in Lyon, France, son of 27312128. Ortho (Count-Itialian Court) di Villard and 27312129. FNU MNU di Vallard. He married 13656065. FNU MNU di Villard. 

Generation 25

27312128. Ortho (Count-Itialian Court)25 di Villard, born Est 1170 in Italy. He married 27312129. FNU MNU di Vallard, born Est 1180 in Italy (?). 








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