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Cupp family tree

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Introduction and Summery


The file  here is extremely large. I have separated it into files at the children of  Jacob J. Cupp and Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding, who are listed  below. I descend from their son Isaac William Cupp.


Cupp Family Tree


My Father's maternal line




1. Jacob J. Cupp was born December 17, 1767 in Lancaster Co., Pa and died January 12, 1852 in Laurel Co., Ky. He married Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding June 10, 1788 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; married by John Konts. 
She was born 1770 in Shenandoah Co.., Virginia and died 1850 in Laurel, KY, daughter of Spencer (I) New River Breeding and Priscella (Elizabeth) Hurst. 
Other events in the life of Jacob J. Cupp 
Occupation : Farmer 
Both Jacob and Sibbie are buried in Laurel Co., Ky.


There is much debate as to who actually is the father of Jacob Cupp. The problem is that in Lancaster Co., PA, there are many different Kupp, Kopp families all with children born in the right time frame, all with the same names. There were three different books written about these families all using the same source documents resulting in different findings. From Jacob and Sibby back you need to do your own research resulting in your own findings. Good luck and if you find a real document.. Will/Tax record.. something official.. naming Jacob Cupp with his wife Sibitha.. so we actually know this is the right Jacob, and it names his father by all means.. Let everyone know..
Thank you

Children of Jacob J. Cupp and Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding: 
i. 2. Mary Margaret (Peggy) Cupp was born About 1791 in East TN.. 
ii. 3. Elizabeth Cupp was born November 25, 1792 in Grainger Co., TN., USA and died August 1883 in Powell Valley Claiborne Co., TN, USA. 
iii. 4. Sara Abigail (Abby) Cupp was born 1793/1800 in VA and died BEF 1860 24. 
iv. 5. Serilda Catherine (Katie) Cupp was born February 14, 1799 in Grayson Co., Va. and died December 30, 1873 in Powell Valley Claiborne Co., Tn.. 
v. 6. Isaac William Cupp was born February 14, 1800/01 in Grayson Co., VA and died September 3, 1873 in Keytesville, Chariton Co. Mo.. 
vi. 7. Kesiah Cupp was born December 16, 1802 in VA and died August 10, 1842 in Wort-Sheridan, Chariton Co., Mo.. 
vii. 8. George Washington Cupp was born 1804 in VA and died 1856 in MO. 
viii. 9. Abraham M. (Aham) Cupp was born December 16, 1805 in Shenandoah Valley, Va. and died December 9, 1881 in Benton Co., Ark.. 
ix. 10. Valentine (#1) Cupp was born About 1809 in VA and died September 14, 1861 in Blues Mills Landing, Jackson Co., MO. 
x. 11. Adeline (#1) Cupp was born About 1815 in Claiborne Co., TN and died May 28, 1902 in Brown Co., ILL. 
xi. 12. Ransom Cupp was born October 19, 1817 in Tazewell Claiborne Co TN and died February 9, 1887 in The Barrens, Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN.. 

Notes on Jacob J. Cupp 
1850 census has the couple living with their daughter Adeline Cupp and her husband, Martin S. Edwards and their family..
Reference Note 117
Cupp, Jacob/Sibby Breeding: Grayson County, VA tax list for 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800; Lists Jacob. Jacob does not show up again until the year 1804; He is missing again until 1807, then missing 1808,1809 then shows up again 1810 Grainger County TN census list. He shows up again in the Grayson County Tax list in 1813, 1814, 1815, then not again until 1820 Wythe Co., VA census, 1840 Claiborne Co., TN census, 1850 Laural County, KY Census Living in the home of their daughter Mrs. Edwards. they are listed as living in household # 269, Jacob Cupp age 85 born PA and S Cupp age 80 born N. Carolina...nlp as copied from Patricia's work..
Reference Note 344
Cupp, Jacob: These notes were taken from Patrica Collins nee Cupp's file, she was given them by Marilyn Weinrich;
Personal Property tax lists, 1794-1850 Author: Virginia Commissioner of the Revenue Grayson Co., ) LDS Film #2024555 covers 1794-1827; In this particular film of tax lists for the years 1794-1827 Jacob Cupp is listed as follows: 1794- 1795 not found, 19 July 1787 Jacob Cupp, 1 pol, 2 horses or mules; 23 apr 1798 Jacob Cupp, 1 poll, 2 horses or mules; 29 may 1799 Jacob Cupp 1 poll, 1 horse or mule; 1800 Jacob Cupp, 1 pol, 1 horse or mule; 1801, 1802, 1803 not found.1804 Jacob Cupp 1 poll 4 horses or mules, . 48; 1805, 1806 not found, 6 Apr 1807 Jacob Cupp 1 poll, 4 horses or mules, . 48; 1808, 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, not found. 1813 Jacob Cupp, 1 poll, 4 horses or mules,.64; 1814 Jacob Cupp, 1 poll 3 horses or mules, .63; 1815 Jacob Cupp, 1 poll, 4 horses or mules, 6 cattle,.81; 1816 not found (Jacob Cupp purchased land in Claiborne Co., 1817). 
The 1800 Tax list did confirm for me the birth of Isaac Cupp in Grayson Co., as his bible record stated. 
Also documented was a marriage date for Henry Meyer and Caty Cup as they were both in residence in 1815. Film #1928595- Marriage bonds, v.2-4 1809-1937 13 jun 1815 item 15-12 is a handwritten permission to marry and reads as follows: "These few lines may certify that I have granted licenses for Henry Meyer to marry my daughter Caty Cup. This given from under my hand and seal. Signed by their individual marks, Jacob Cup and Sibby Cup. Item 15-12a is the actual marriage bond/license which shows a one hundred fifty dollar bond was posted with a Joseph Tipton named as bondsman "sealed with a note and dated the 13th day of June 1815." Henry Meyer's signature is bold and clear. Joseph Tipton signed right below Henry's signature. The fact that Henry Meyer is shown on the 1817 tax list recorded four days prior to the birth date of 1st son Jacob Meyers confirms that Jacob was born in Grayson Co., VA.
Marilyn Meyers Weinrich, 
Reference Note 345
Cupp, Jacob: 1808 Indenture signed by Jacob Cupp and Sibitha Breeding his wife (and others) to sell land in Wythe Co., VA. (this land is Spencer Breeding's Sibitha's father).
1820 Wythe Co., VA census page 209 Jacob Cupp 3 male under 10 

Pat says these are William, Ransom, Charles); 1 male under 16 (Valentine); 1 male 16 under 18 (George Washington); 1 male 45 up (Jacob); 2 female under 10 (Adeline & Eva); 1 female 25 under 45 (Sibby) 

1824 Jacob Cupp sold 40 acres of land in Claiborne Co., TN on Straight Creek, to Stephen Owsley; 1828 Jacob bought 60 acres of land in Claiborne Co., TN near Thomas Alford on the ridge road from his son Isaac Cupp.; 
1830 Jacob Cupp on Claiborne Co., TN census; 
1831 Jacob Cupp sold the 60 acres he purchased in 1828 to his son in law George Washington Ford. 
1831 Jacob Cupp sold 50 acres of land in Claiborne Co., TN to Charles Shearman or Sherman; 
1834 Jacob Cupp bought 45 acres of land in Claiborne Co., TN., on Big Barren Creek , from John M. Burch; 
1834 Jacob Cupp bought 50 acres of land in Claiborne Co., TN on Trukey Branch, from John M. Burch; 
1840 Jacob Cupp on Claiborne Co., TN census; 
1842 Jacob Cupp sold the 50 acres and the 45 acres he purchased in 1834 to Edward Kelly. 
1850 Laurel Co., KY census living in household 269 with their daughter Adeline and her husband Martin Edwards: "Jacob Cupp age 85, born PA and S. Cupp, age 80, born N. Carolina." 

There is a Tombstone for a Jacob Cupp in a cemetery along the south fork of the Shenandoah at Port Republic, VA.  I believe this is a different Jacob Cupp and not the one that married Sibby Breeding.  This Jacob Cupp is the one listed as age 83 on the Rockingham Co., VA census in the 56th District, dwelling 366; at the same time the Jacob Cupp that married Sibby Breeding is listed on the Laurel Co., KY census in Dwelling 269 living with his granddaughter (I  think she meant daughter Adeline...nlp). The tombstone reads: Jacob Cupp, Who was born Dec'r 17 1767 in Lancaster Co., PA,  Jan 12 1852  Aged 84 yrs & 29 days. 

Patricia Collins found a birth record in the Cocalico Reformed Church, Ephrata, Lancaster Co., PA, showing John Jacob Kopf was born Dec 14, 1766 Lancaster, PA son of Conrad Kopf. It appears that this is the Jacob Cupp buried in Rockingham Co., VA and not our Jacob.
Reference Note 347
Cupp, Jacob: The following is part of a posting by Daniel Bly: The Jacob Capp- Cupp who married Sibby Breeding in Va in 1788 is not a son of Andrew Capp- Copp who died in Shenandoah Co., VA in 1801. That Andrew had a son Jacob, but he was only born in 1780 and was still unmarried in 1807 when he sold his land in Shenandoah Co., All Descendants of Andrew of VA have gone by the name COPP. Roy Bowman shows Jacob and Sylvia left Claiborne Co., sometime after 1840 and prior to 1850and moved to Laurel County, KY. They were living in Laurel County when the 1850 census was taken.
Reference Note 351
Cupp, Jacob: Census, 1810 Augusta Co., VA pg 329; 
1820 Wythe Co., VA pg 128; 1830/1840 Claiborne Co., TN pgs ?; 
1850 Laurel Co., KY; Early Settlers of Lee County, VA and Adjacent Counties Vol II, complied by Hattie Bales 5/97
Reference Note 352
Cupp, Jacob/Sibitha Breeding: Note of interest: One of the rumors told about Jacob is that he sold the property left to Sibitha Breeding by her father and disappeared for 10 yrs; Jacob could not have been gone for 10 yrs straight as they had children born during this time. He could have been gone off and on or even a shorter period of time. But there is no proof to this. Another states that Sibitha was left money and Jacob went to collect it and never returned. This rumor has him being found later living in Claiborne Co., TN where he had bought land. Sibitha joined him there and they finished raising the children. Then there is another that Jacob drove a team and wagon to Marceline, MO to see Isaac and Abraham. He stayed for a while and then left for home. He was seen on the West side of the Mississippi River and never arrived on the East bank. Untrue as his grave has been found.

Jacob and Sibbie's children and links to their lineages:


Mary Margaret (Peggy) Cupp,    Elizabeth Cupp,  

Sara Abigail (Abby) Cupp,    Serilda Catherine (Katie) Cupp,  

Isaac William Cupp,    Kesiah Cupp,     George Washington Cupp,  

Abraham M. (Aham) Cupp,    Valentine (#1) Cupp,  

Adeline (#1) Cupp,    Ransom Cupp


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