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Mowersville is located in Lurgan Township, Franklin County, Pa. John Mower, son of George Mower, settled here in 1814, according to a "History of Franklin County--1887."  John's son Joseph Mower laid out the town of Mowersville and together they operated a carriage factory there from 1837 to 1864. The town also consisted of a blacksmith shop, creamery, general store and a Post Office.  The town is surrounded with acres and acres of farms and of course the shops that once thrived there no longer exist.  This past summer (2000) I had the opportunity to meet with my cousin Wayne Mower and took these pictures of Mowersville.

Located on Mowersville Road


Standing on Mowersville Road in the middle of the town you can see some of the farm land right across the one lane bridge. 
Mowersville when the carriage factory was in operation. 
Looking in the opposite direction on Mowersville Road you can view the remainder of this small community.
The house (middle right) belonged to John Ward Mower, son of Joseph Mower who laid out the town of Mowersville about 1867. The building at the bottom was the Blacksmith shop, owned and operated by Edward Mudd.                                   
This is the house built by John Mouer about 1814. The original structure is the left side. Additions have been built on through the years. 

The Mower Carriage Factory