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Descendants of Herman Maurer 

First Generation

1. Herman MAURER was born Bef 1733 in Germany.

Herman married Anna Maria.

They had the following children:

  2 F i Catharine MAURER died.
        Catharine married Philip HETZER. Philip died.
  3 M ii John MAURER died.
        John married Martha ALBERT 17 Apr 1775 in Creutz Creek, York, Pa. Martha died.
+ 4 M iii George MAURER
  5 F iv Anna Margaret MAURER died.
        Anna married George SCHNEIDER. George died.
  6 F v Julianna MAURER was christened 18 Feb 1764 in Dover, York, Pa.
        Julianna married Valentive EHRHART 16 Oct 1785/1786 in York, York, Pa.
  7 F vi Anna Elizabeth MAURER died.
        Anna married Carl GROSS 21 May 1771 in York, York, Pa. Carl died.
  8 F vii Anna Maria MAURER was christened 18 Feb 1764 in Strayer's Reformed Church, Dover, Pa.
  9 M viii Johann Adam MAURER was christened 17 Oct 1766.

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