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1945 Diary of Jessie Velma (Durham) Bolden

[The following is written on the torn inside front cover in a child’s printing:]

There was a man from P---

Who owned a bad bucke—

He rode him one da[y]

And landed to stay

He was buried in --

[The following is written in an adult’s handwriting, and is not Jessie’s handwriting. It looks very much like our dad’s handwriting back in the 40’s. He could have been living in Louisville, KY at one time. Or, it could be another Thomas Edward]

Thomas Edw—

944 So. 5th

Louisville, K---


Mar 18th, 1945

William Henry Bolden Born Jan 26, 1904 he’s 41 years old now.

Mar 18, 1945

Jessie Velma Durham Bolden Born Oct-5-1904 41 this Oct 5

Mar 18th, 1945

Thomas Edward Bolden Born Feb 10 1923 he [no further entry made]

Mar 18th, 1945

Mildred Leona Bolden Born Oct 16 – 1924 she’ll be 21 yrs old Oct of this year.

Mar 18th, 1945

Barara* Christina Wilson Born May 3rd 1942 she’ll be 3 yrs old this May.

[*should read Barbara]

Mar 18th, 1945

Jo Ann Dodson Born April – 21 1944 she’ll be one yr old this year

Mar 18th, 1945

Tony Richard Bolden Born Oct 17 – 1925

Edith Marie Bolden Born Dec 19th 1922

Lillian Irene Bolden Born Sept 18 – 1923

Mrs Susan Templeton dies after long illness

Mar 25, 1945

Granny Templeton Born Sept 18th 1847 died Mar 20th 1945

Sept 4, 1945

[date out of sequence on original]

to day Elizabeth Conn is 18 yrs old.

Apr 9th, 1945

to day is our 23rd wedding anniversary

William Henry Bolden married Jessie Velma Durham Apr 9th 1922 we remarried Apr 10th, 1944 in Huntsville Ala Houston Hardy attended

Apr 10th, 1945

to day is our one year wedding anniversary

[26 blank pages, then the following entry]

Mar 26, 1945

[out of sequence on original, no entry made, only date was entered]

Mar 27, 1945

I got my glasses from Dr Sampson Nanie called Mama is no better I spent the night with her come home Tue on bus 9:3- Henry had a spell with his legs this morn he was high last night I planted seeds in the garden Wed

Mar 28, 1945

came home from Mama & worked in garden setting onions cabbage & seeds.

Mar 29, 1945

[no entry made, date only]

Mar 30, 1945

went to the Dr Henry paid bill 3.00

Mar 31, 1945

Henry R.L. & I went to the show saw [crossed out: Keys of the Kingdom] correction saw a wild west picture Pearline come out of Bob Goode restaurant with a soldier

Apr 1, 1945

Henry & I were home all day went to the show in the eve saw Key of the Kingdom Easter Sunday

April 2nd, 1945

Eddie called Jo he was sailing from Key West to Panama.

April 2, 1945

I was home all day Henry went out to Ben Smith & to Manchester I wrote letters & called Stella. Mildred & Henry went to Winchester this morn Mama is better & wants to come over this week end. Mildred went to see Dr Smith

Apr 3, 1945

I put up fresh shades in the front doors this morn went to the eye Dr to get my glasses adjusted. Went out on the farm took the lady back that lives there on the farm

Apr 4th, 1945

Henry went out to help plant potatoes Mrs Womack was at his mothers & rode in train[?] with him her & husband are seperated

Apr 5th, 1945

Henry went out on farm to plant potatoes again to-day. We went over to Winchester to night stayed a while with Mama carried her some fresh fish peaches cooney & pickles. I got a letter from Tommy[?] to day



Apr 6th, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry paid Bill $3.00 cooked dinner & washed 150 Beer Bottles. Got a letter from Jo & Marie Jo said Eddie called her Mon Apr 2nd said they were sailing in a bout 1 hr for Panama she thought he might be there 2 wks be fore sailing on possible to Pacific Eddie left a memorandum[?] to contact him at sea when his baby arrives Henry & R.L. has gone out to Ben Smith to night I’m very tired think I’ll read the paper & go to Bed good night

Apr 7, 1945

we went to a picture show Bobbye spent the night with me Marie called me to night she’s come in from Clinton this wk end.

Apr 8, 1945

I stayed home all day Bobbye spent to day & is staying to night with me & Ducky[?] she’s not well she has a cold & cant sleep for coughing Henry went to the mountain to night Marie is staying with me & Bobbye is sleeping better now I give her some cough medicine

Apr 9, 1945

Mildred come over & got Bobbye this eve she said Raymond said she couldn’t let me keep Bobbye it would please me to much Bobbye & I went in town to-day I got her a sun Bonnet to play in 2 pr anklets 2 pr pants a Hand bag & a nice little Sunday hat & got her some vitamin tablets medicine for worms & some pills for her cough Bobbye left crying this eve she didn’t want to go home. She wants to stay with Ma. Mildred is giving Bobbye the vitamin pills & etc To day is mine & Dads 23rd wedding anniversary first marriage Apr 9, 1922. Henry carried R.L. & his mother to Winchester to-day Henry & R.L. got teeth filled

Apr 10th, 1945

remarried Henry 1 yr ago to-day in Huntsville Ala (only attendance) was Houston Hardy. Mildred give Bobbye one dose of Dr Gattis’s worm medicine this morn & one worm passed about 5 in" long Mildred, Bobby, Dorthy [Darthy?] & Dorthy Warden all rode up town with me & Dad this eve they did some shopping I went to the show Dad’s clutch caused the car to jump to quick & Bobbye Bumped her little mouth & she was crying when Mildred took[?] her out of the car I had the frame’s of my glasse’s adjusted a gain to day & Dad waited for me & we come on home Dad carried Raymond & Tommy Warden over to Winchester to night his Bro Herman Dodson phoned this eve for Raymond to come over to night

Apr 11, 1945

Jo went to the Hospital at 5 oclock this morn. I washed some cloths to day Wilson[?] Durham came in on leave Navey[?].

Apr 12, 1945

Mrs D’urso called me about 9 oclock this morn to announce the arrival of Eddie & Jo Son at 7.05 this morn 7 lb 9 oz. Our great President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died unexpect this eve at 3:35 p.m. (4:35 p.m. E.W.T) Mr Roosevelt last words was I have a terrific head ache at 1:15 he died at Warm Springs Ga. Age 63 yers [sic]

Mama come over to day & spent the night with us & leaved home to-day Henry put new floor in the back porch to-day & painted it

Apr 13, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry carried[?] me up & waited for me paid bill $3.00 Henry carried Mama home this eve.


April 14, 1945

Henry went to the farm to day carried dry Bread to us some [work?] he got high[?] after he come home about 3 oclock this eve & we missed going to the show.

April 15, 1945

We went over to see Mama a while to-day She’s feeling better & to the show to night

Apr 16, 1945

Put fur coat in storage to day I went up town & wired Jo 1 day Red Rose’s & sent Baby a Blue Shawl. Henry was at Manchester all day for court Mr & Mrs Fletcher carred me up town & back I kept Jo Ann for Mildred to go to Winchester to get Bobbye & Darthe Sandels Bobbye’s are tan & Dot White

Apr 17, 1945

I got a letter from Jo to-day first one since Baby arrived they both are doing fine. Henry got Judy & Cindy dress each silk pants to-day Judys dress 195 & 89 Pants and dress 149 & 89 Pants total $5.22

Apr 18, 1945

Henry his mother & Bozo went to Manchester Henry give me $7.00 I went to Winchester on 11.30 bus went to the Dentist to discuss having my teeth pulled Dr Templeton will make a new set for $100. Put rings in shop at Nortons went to the paper office to turn in news of Baby Jr arrival walked out to Mollie’s with Mrs Donelson came back on 4 oclock bus Henry started a argument because I left Home about 11 & the Bus wasn’t due before 11.30

Apr 19, 1945

I stayed home all day sew on a Black Jumper Dress for my self. Henry carried (Dry Bread) a Negro man out on farm to do some carpenter work come about 1 oclock & negro Raymond & Henry went fishing stayed til 8 oclock.

Apr 20, 1945

Radio Broad cast this is ADOLPh Hitler Birthday he 56 yrs old. I went to Dr I paid Bill $3.00 out of $7. Henry give me Wed 18th got $1.25 Gro as we came thru town Henry & R.L. has gone back to town since we came in Mildred Raymond Bobby & Jo Ann had gone to Winchester to day I got a letter from Eddie their mascot on his sub got drowned "STINKY" they called him. I don’t feel so well to-day Nanie & Fredie come over to spent night the night [sic] we went to the picture show. Mildred & family spent the night on their farm with Dot & Tommy[?].

Apr 21, 1945

we went by Mrs Bolden’s on our way to take Nanie & Fredie home this morn. Henry & I went to the show this eve. City Police raided at Raymonds & got 2 or 3 pints

Apr 22, 1945

My period was on this morn when I got up Henry went out to Mr Gueyr[?] to see about Borrowing a cotton planter Ray was caught with 6# lb sugar in his car in front of Mr. Fletchers at 2:15 this eve Mrs Bolden & Nales[?] Dodson signed his Bond $200. He came home about 2:45[?] this eve. We didn’t go to the show this eve car wouldn’t start Hallis[?] Penn[?] was arrested to-day for stealing sugar from Battery Co.

[this entry written then crossed out: Apr 30, 1945 Virgil Fletcher had to go up for questioning about sugar Raymond was caught with]


Apr 23, 1945

Henry has gone up town to get started fixed on car. He set out some tomatoe plants this morn. The weather is nice to-day for transplanting it’s been raining Virgill Fletcher had to go up for questioning about sugar Raymond was caught with [this is identical to the entry above that she crossed out]

Apr 27, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry pd Bill $3.00 Haniel come her & I told her not to come in she told me to kiss her ass & asked me to come out she would beat hell out of me Mr & Mrs Fletcher Houston Hardy hear Haniel say as she was leaving (Henry) the son of a Bitch I’ll show him I’m not afraid of her (Jessie) I’ll Kill her by accident but it’ll be on purpose. Harold Mayes[?] & a girl was with her here

Apr 28, 1945

went to the show

Apr 29, 1945 Sunday

we spent the day with Herman & family his son Wilson is in from the Navy[?] served dinner on the ground for about 50 guest Bro Steveson come after church I played the organ for them to sing in the after noon Henry & Herman went to Winchester & got Mollie & Mama after we got them we brought them back home on our way home Henry got a young crow at Hermans. We went to the show after we came home

May 1st, 1945 May

Henry went out on farm his mother is sick she thinks she has malairia [sic]

May 2, 1945

we went to the show Lucille called after we got back & said Tillman was arrested there McMinnville[?] & was taken to Manchester on a whiskey charge. Henry invited her & family for Sunday dinner

May 3, 1945

Henry & I (Jessie) went to Manchester & got Tillman out on Bond & took him to his mother’s Mrs Bolden is not well but she says she feels better to-day.

May 4th, 1945

went to Winchester got my rings out at Marton[?] & got them pieced[?] went to the Dr Henry pd Bill $3.00 we rode over to Winchester with Raymond & he drove us in town & waited for me to see Dr.

May 6, 1945

went to winchester to see Mama Henry stayed in town to watch Boys was working come home went to the show made chocolate pies after 7 oclock got thru about 10.30 we went to a sale between here & town bought quilts ward robe[?], chimes closet & dresser we was on our way to the show when we seen this sale on

May 6, 1945

Had Mr & Mrs Geibel & family Mrs Bolden & family Mildred & family for dinner names were Mrs Bolden Marie Tillman R.L. Mr & Mrs Geibel Boodle[?] & Bunny, Mildred, Bobbye & Jo Ann & Dorthy Dodson. We went to the show this eve. Henry & I. Henry was high as usual. Marie cloths are here she washed some & ironed them to-day she works at town pump & rooms at Sanders she says.


May 7, 1945

Rumors of Germanys unconditional Surender. No letter from Eddie since he wrote me 12 of Apr. Wish I would get one to-day. Henry & Raymond went to the Mountain came back High. I worked in the garden and planted flowers Dalia’s larkspur Batchlar[?] Buttons colors[cosmo?]. Eat supper & read the paper Henry & Raymond got back about 9:30 got a coat from Hattie to day thru the mail but it’s to small guess I’ll return it.

May 8th, 1945

V.E. DAY Unconditional Surrender of Germany. Mildred is sick Mr & Mrs Fletcher has gone with her to the Dr. her side & stomach is giving her trouble Mollie went to Clarkville to visit with Estill

May 9th, 1945

went to the show & I expected Wilson Durham to spend the night on his way to report back to Station in the Navy but he didn’t come.

May 10, 1945

we went over to Winchester to see Mama she was at Nanie she looking better but Dr said her Blood Pressure was still high. Come back thru Tullahoma seen a show "The Kiss That Kills." It sure was a good show for young people to see just what will happen when they act out of turn & get veneral disease

May 11, 1945

I went to the Dr to-day Henry paid Bill 3.00 come home & Henry w[---?] on the shoulders[?] Ha[???] they was getting skippers[?] in them I set out some collards plants & Tomato plants also set out some petunia & snap dragons. Henry & Raymond has gone out to Ben Smith to night I got my first letter to day from Eddie since he received news of his babys arrival Apr 12 1945 his letter was written Apr 30. he received the cable gram that Mrs D’Urso sent when baby arrived in 3 days 15th of Apr

May 12, 1945

Mollie is soposed to come home to day from Clarksville.

May 15th, 1945

Mothers day we spent a few hrs with our mothers to-day carried back a Box of soap a towel[?] & $1.00 in money back Henry was high & fussed at me because he thought I only gave Mama a dollar but I gave each a dollar. Henry is on a trade to buy a house & lot from Lewis Stewart & avery time he goes to buy a place he through a fit he don’t want us to have any thing in our name he wants[?] his mother & his people to have charge of every thing we [beg?]. he’s has bought stock & bonds[?] for the farm & put that all in his mothers name. I wonder what else he’ll do next.

May 16th, 1945

Raymond & Pops Henry & R.L. all went to the mountain got lost from each other & didn’t get any thing

May 16th, 1945

Lucille called & said Mr. Geibel had a stroke Sun night May 13th & he was carried to the hospital to-day.

May 17, 1945

R.L. Henry & I went to a show in the after noon.


May 18, 1945

got a letter from Eddie it was written 7 of May he’s well & wants to see his Baby went to the Dr Henry paid Bill $3.00 Mama & Mollie spent the day Freddie & Nanie spent the night with us & went back on 11.30 bus Mildred came home to stay & spent to night

May 19, 1945

Henry Bobby & I went to the show Raymond sent Wilson[?] Costell over for Mildred to come home he promised if she would stay home he would quit drinking

May 20, 1945

we went to Mc Minnville[?] to see Mr Geibel he’s a very sick man we wasn’t allowed in to see him the nurse said he wouldnt no us any way. Went to a show in Tullahoma Conns home & eat supper & stayed a while with Mrs Bolden

May 21, 1945

Court at Winchester Virgil Fletcher & Ray [Roy?] Lustell [Custell?] has a case this court Henry, Raymond & Houston Hardy carried them over this morn. I have gathered my first spinach to day out of the garden. also received a $15.00 money order from Hattie for fur coat. Virgil Fletcher got 2 yrs in prison for whiskey Roy[?] got 2 mo in Fayetteville Jail for telling a lie.

May 22, 1945

Henry went to Winchester to hear some of the trials Mildred & Raymond also went over to-day.

May 23, 1945

I went over to Winchester to-day with Henry to see Mama.

May 24, 1945

Henry & I carried Ray [Roy?] Costell over for court to-day he got his sentence to-day for 60 days in Fayetteville Jail we came home & went to Fayetteville with Raymond & Mildred & Mrs. Fletcher to see her husband & to the show to night to see a Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

May 25, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry Pd Bill 3.00 he went out to his mothers at 9:30 & was soposed to come home to take me to the Dr this morn but it was 11:55 we went up there but the Dr had all ready gone for lunch & he carried me back about 3 this eve Bunny & Boodle come home with Henry to-day from Mrs Bolden Lucille come last night about 10 oclock Mr Geibel is no better Irene called from Utah to-day

May 26, 1945

Henry, Boodle & Bunny & Ma went to the show this eve. Got back & Henry went out to gather Bottles & he went over a round Armstongs house. Its pitiful he’s children Judy & Cindy are not allowed to come see Henry & he’s slips a round to see them any way he can get a peek at them.

May 27, 1945

I stay home all day & made 2 apple pies for dinner had Beans Potatoes lettuce & ham. Til & Lucille came for a short stay in the early evening & had supper. She ask me to take Bunny to Dr Jack Farrar[?] to take vacine Rabies


May 28, 1945

I went to town this morn to take Bunny to Dr Jack Farrar by his mothers request after I got in the Dr office & phoned her whether or not to start on the vacine Rabies & she said yes Dr & Rabies Vacine all will cost $26.00 got a card from Mama she’s not doing so well this sick spell to day the Famous quintuplets are 11 yrs old.

May 29, 1945

I gathered Green for dinner out of our garden to-day I was being all morn cooking dinner & cleaning house. Henry carried Bunny to the Dr this morn for me. He took his second Rabies treatment to-day. This after noon I dug up a row by the side of the garden fence & planted Pale Beans. Henry also Planted some beans down in the other garden & cucumbers Mildred went to the Dentist to-day & had one tooth pulled & one filled her Jaw was swollen a lot when she came home. I hope I get to go see Mama to-morrow.

May 31, 1945

Henry went to a sale bought 72 acre farm 4 room house & 2 barns. come in high we had words. Henry said he would have deed made to us & heir he said he had too & me 2.

June 1st, 1945

Henry & I went to his mothers come back thru town & had deed made out in our name by Lawyer Mitchell Neal[?]in Tullahoma. Maggie came in from Jerrys [way?] come from pickin[?] I’ll [no further entry]

June 2, 1945

we went to a show Henry & I Boodle & Bunny[?]

June 3, 1945

we went over to Winchester to see Mama she not any better Maggie came over & spent the night with us she (Maggie) went over to see Pearline Pearline said she got a got a wire from Hary[?] Sat June 2nd that he was back in the stater. Lucille & Till come by for a few min Mr Geibel is still better.

June 4, 1945

Henry went out to the farm twice I worked in the garden & flowers. Henry & Bunny got a hair cut to day.

June 5, 1945

I worked in my flowers this morn Henry Boodle Bunny, & Bobbye all went to the farm this morn left about 8 oclock got back at 12.30 Boodle carried Bunny to the Dr for his Rabies vacaine Henry & Bunny went to Mrs Bolden at 7 to night also to Jack Beavers got back at 11:30 Horrice[Harvie?] Durham come home this morn on 30 da leave I went over at Pearline this eve about 3 oclock & told her to stop calling on my phone for Henry & to stay a way from him.

June 6, 1945

I got a letter from Irene she went to the Hospital for operation yesterday June 5th Harvey Durham got home from war on 6 [60?] day leave.

June 7, 1945

Harvey & family moved from Monroe St on old[?] Manchester Highway


June 8th, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry paid Bill 3.00 Henry & I Mr & Mrs Gilliam[?] all went to Winchester Henry signed up [--?] farm Because we also give our deed to Thomas Gregory to have registered 8 records went down to Mollie’s a few minutes.

June 9, 1945

Henry & I went back to Winchester this morn & got Deed from Thomas Gregory we went out to Nannie’s eat dinner & stay a while with them also W---dy[?] & wife come home & went to a show in Tullahoma 2-10. gallons was stolen out of Mrs Boldens Smoke house Romurs that R.L. was the purchaser he’s gone from home since to night

June 10, 1945

Henry & I went to a show Boodle & Bunny went out to Mrs Bolden with their mother & Tillman R.L. hasn’t come home yet to-day.

June 11, 1945

I was home all day Henry went out to his mother come back in a bad humor we had a pass & ask him to put my heirs to his property if he’s willing for his other 2 children to be heirs to what we’ve made he should be willing for my too children We heirs to what he made with his other heirs but he wont give my children a thing off what he had when he married it still made to his mother & her heirs (my son & Daughter) (Mildred & Edward) you’ll never no how badly I’m hurt to have your father say he only has to heirs that’s his children by Haniel to-day you only have my share of what we’ve made he has give all of his to his other children if Henry never acknowledges you children in my life time I’ll die hurt.

June 12, 1945

Bunny got thru with his Rabies Vacine to-day & he went out to Mrs Bolden late this eve with Jack Beaver[?] he & Boodle both.

June 13, 1945

Mr. Geibel went home from Hospital to-day

June 14, 1945

Lucille called to see if Henry would bring Boodle & Bunny home but he wasn’t here he had gone to a sale on old Manchester Highway Tillman was[?] after children & I ask him not to drink & drive the children he said he wouldn’t & for me to shut up. he was all ready drinking some but guess he made it home o.k. as I would have heard about it. Edna Mai Fletcher helped me clean all the windows to-day got picture of Jo & Jr to day See but he’s sweet & a fine baby. Henry set out Tobbacco plants yesterday or to-day (correction) 11th or 12th

June 15, 1945

I went to the Dr in Taxi $1.00 Dr Bill $3.00 money paid he went out on the farm & didn’t get back till about 3 in the after noon I mopped 4 rooms & waxed the floors & got 4 more snap shots of baby Eddie to-day.

June 16, 1945

I went to dentist had 6 upper teeth pulled by Dr. Karnes[?] [---?] Henry & I went to a show this eve come by to Dentist to get Blood stoped Henry went to the Dentist with me paid $6.00 for teeth [--?] pulled

June 17, 1945

Fathers day Jo sent Henry a card & Bill folder he has gone out to the farm soposed to still be setting out tobacco plants my gums was still Bleeding some this morn I had a cup coffee I feel pretty weak.

Henry & Houston went on the mountain this morn by way of Decherd guess they stoped out at Andersons or Finchum one both husbands are in pen for whiskey I don’t even believe they set out tobacco to-day they left here at 6 this morn yet back at 1 this after noon stayed a round a while went off (Henry Raymond & Houston) soposed to be hunting young Rabbits[?] but they went in the direction of Anderson & Finchum.

June 18, 1945

Mrs Fletcher picked off beans for me to string & can this morn. Went out with Henry & got tobacco plants to replant with come back & strung beans to can.

June 19, 1945

Henry got a letter from Jesse Finchum[?] wife said for him to come see her. canned 9 qts Beans.

June 20, 1945

Went out & worked in garden on our place. We picked 4 qts Huckle berry’s also Mrs Bolden went up to our place with us & picked H. Berrys & canned 3 qts beans. to-day Wilburn left to night for camp in Calif he’s 15 da leave was out Francis his wife is staying in Winchester till baby arrives. Mildred went to the Dr to-day Raymond give her xxx[?] else.

June 21, 1945

we went out to our farm Henry worked in Garden Mrs Bolden & I picked Huckle berries on way home Henry & I picked a few Black berries mixed with H Berrys 7 qts to-day in all canned. Got a letter from Jo to-day with Eddie picture he sure does look sweet & Handsome.

June 22, 1945

I went to the Dr Henry paid Bill $3.00 we went on over to Winchester Nanie & Freddie left this eve on 405 Train to go to Detroit Mildred & Raymond went to their farm to dig Potatoes went to the show this eve Mama stayed at Mildreds with Mrs Fletcher till we got back.

June 23rd, 1945

canned 3 pints peas to-day went to the Dentist had 5 mo teeth pulled. Kept Bobbye for Mildred to go back to farm to dig potatoes after had teeth pulled Henry & I Mama & Bobbye all went to Mrs Bolden’s for a while to carry sour[?] Beans to plant for hay we went to the show this eve Mama & Bobbye stayed with Mrs Fletcher Henry pd Bill $5.00 for 5 teeth to be pulled.

June 24th, 1945

carried Mama back to Mollie’s this eve Dick Cook come be fore we left & rode over to Winchester with us got back home about 5 & we went to the show.

June 25, 1945

Henry has gone to see a lawyer the man we bought farm from is taking off wood & Plums off the place. he’s going out to his mothers before he come’s back.

June 26, 1945

I was home all day don’t feel well from having 5 teeth taken out Sat 23rd sent laundry out Henry went out to his mothers


June 27, 1945

I feel better to-day I cleaned house moped kitchen floor & waxed. Henry & Raymond had words about business (curring[?] Barrel) I thought they was going to fight we went to the show after their fuss 8:45

June 28, 1945

I I [sic] caned some to-day Henry went out on the farm at his mothers went on up to our farm & picked off peaches & peeled some to make Preserves. he’s gone to get Fertilize to carry to his mother’s for Mrs Gilliam to use to-morrow.

June 29, 1945

went to the Dr Henry pd Bill 3.00. Bill Bolden come in from over Sea’s to-day come by to see us in while D[---?] Durham come in also Bill & D[---?] come far as Manchester to gather. Henry & I went to Manchester this morn to get Beans for Hay got 5 doz qts & 3 doz pint jars.

June 30, 1945

went to the Dentist my Gums are not getting a long so well so I didn’t have any more teeth pulled went to see Mama a few min in Winchester then we went to the Show. Tommy Warden quit work to-day on Raymonds farm. he also left his wife Dorthy again.

July 1, 1945

Lucille called & said she & Mr Geibel Bunny & Boodle & Till would be over for dinner I made dinner & Henry went after his mother for dinner Mr Geibel sure is in a bad condition his left side is paralyzed Henry & Till helped him out of the car to the house & back to the car. We carried Mrs Bolden home about 6 oclock. We had a good rain while we was down to Mrs Bolden’s.

July 2, 1945

I canned Beets to-day had 5 qts 3 pints Mrs Bolden sent me 1 Bushel beans

July 3, 1945

we went over to Winchester to see Mama went out by Mrs Bolden’s Mrs Dunn was there making Kraut. we picked up a soldier to ride just out off town he said he lives at Awalt[?] he rode as far as Winchester spr[?] school

July 4th, 1945

Canned 14 qts Beans Peeled peaches for preserves we went out on the farm picked picked [sic] up potatoes a little while gathered Beets & beans & picked 1 ½ gallon Black berries we got home about 4:45 Mr Gilliam started digging potatoes this morn.

July 5, 1945

Cooked beets to-day made 9 pints peach Preserves put sticks around tomatoes planted 2 rows beans. Henry, Houston & I went to Decherd to see about selling Potatoes we went to the show to night Mildred & Raymond carried Dorthy to the farm to get some things since since [sic] her husband left she staying with her mother Mrs. Relafard[?].

July 6th, 1945

Went to the Dr to day Henry pd Bill 3.00 come by the fruit stand over by the shoe factory to see Mr Nelson about selling the potatoes Mr Gilliam will get thru digging to day. Mildred started taking shots this morn at 8 oclock she takes 1 avery 3-hr for 5 shots for same thing Raymond give her. I worked Button hole’s in Bobbye’s Sun suit Henry has gone out to take potato sacks to Mr Gilliam Henry just called me said he had got back in town at the filling sta Ward & Martin.

Mildred will get her last Shot to night at 8 oclock. They Plan on moving to their farm Monday hope little Bobbye likes down there.

To day July 6th Eddie & Jo’s 1st wedding anniversary.

June [July] 7, 1945

We went to the Show. I planted Bunch beans Put sticks to tomatoes.

June [July] 8, 1945

Henry & I & Mrs Bolden spent the day with Lucille & Mr. Geibel in Mc Minnville. Carried Mrs Bolden home when we got back & then went to a show. Jack Chapman & wife Mary was here to day we got back just before they left to go home. Mildred & Raymond wont get to move to their farm to morrow their House Burned down this morn

July 10, 1945

Nanie & Freddie got back from their visit to Detroit with Hattie & family & Clinton[?] Mama told Nanie when she got back to-day I’m going home with you

July 11, 1945

Mama went home with Nanie this morn said she was going to make her home with her Henry & I picked Berry for 6 quarts & 6 pints Jam. got large picture of Tommy Jr to-day

July 12, 1945

We went over to Winchester to see Mama she is at Nanie’s now Mama & Nanie come home with us to spent the night Mama has Rheumatism in one leg difficult to get up & down as well. I canned 8 qts Beans for Mildred this morn.

July 13, 1945

Henry went out Hunting got stuck & didn’t get back in time to drive Mama & Nanie home they went on 3:30 Bus this eve. I went as far as town in Taxi

[the following is in Jessie’s writing] This is 1945 July 13th.

[in child’s writing] 1941 Ruby Marlin October 30, 1941 12 years old.

[it then continues in Jessie’s writing]

with them & I went on to the Dr Henry pd Bill $3.00 & Taxi there & back 1.00 Purchased 2 gallon berries to-day $1.10

July 14, 1945

I made 8 pints B. Berry Jelly 5 pints Jam to-day dressed to chickens We went to the Show this eve got back home Henry went out to help Raymond & Houston out they was stuck in mud hale gone 3 hrs. I strung Beans to can while he’s gone.

July 15, 1945

cooked dinner for Lucille & Mr. Geibel & family to day also Mrs Bolden we had fried chicken & vegetables peaches & cake for desert. We carried Mrs Bolden home about 6:30 we didn’t like show so we come on home & had supper & went to bed early about 9 oclock. I canned 6 quart Beans to-day

July 16, 1945

I canned 4 qts Beans to day & I wrote Eddie Jo, Irene & Hattie a letter also. dinner is ready so I’ll stop & eat dinner. Henry has gone up town to get our washer. Got a nice letter from Irene to-day.

July 17, 1945

We went over to Winchester to-day Mama was at Mollie’s they was quilting come home & went out & got some peache’s & apple’s out where no one lives

July 18, 1945

I canned some peache’s to-day & made some peach pickle Henry put car in Garage to have over hauled Henry bought a nice Bushel Tomatoe’s I canned 12 qts to-day of Tomatoes Mildred & Raymond moved down on our farm to-day.

July 19, 1945

I canned 5 qts Tomatoes to-day 37 qts peache’s Mildred & Raymond & little Dorthy went to the carnival to night left Bobbye & Jo Ann with Mrs. Fletcher & went up & got them to come over here to go to bed correction they went to carnival July 20th

July 20, 1945

I dont feel well to-day I worked to hard yesterday canning went to the Dr to-day as usual Henry paid Bill $3.00 Mrs Fletcher made Kraut to day 16 qts Mildred & Raymond come by & left Bobbye & Jo Ann with Mrs Fletcher they took Dorthy & went to carnival to-night we waited up for them to come by & get children till 10 oclock & I went up there & got Bobbye & put her to bed poor darling was so tired & sleepy.

July 21, 1945

I caned 3 qts & 1 pint tomatoes this morn. & 7 qts apple’s 9 qts peache’s Raymond Houston Hardy, Jack Beaver got caught to-day at the still working. Henry carried his mother Mrs Bolden & Rily Smith to Winchester to go on their Bond Raymond & Mildred then come after Jo Ann & Bobbye about 6 oclock this eve. Henry & Raymond made run & Delivered them we went to the show about 9:15

July 22, 1945

Ray Custell [Costell?] got out of Fayetteville Jail to-day from serving 60 day’s for getting caught at outfit with Virgil Fletcher we went to Winchester to-day & up on the mountain to see Mary & Jack Champion[?] come back by Mildred’s & she had been crying Raymond was gone till 3 oclock this eve & no[?] Ill[?] babys[?] milk[?] was soured Poor darling Mildred has her Hands full & heart also. Mama was at Nannie to-day she’s feeling very well Nanie had a heart attack Fri & is pretty poorly

July 23, 1945

Mon Morn. I have a Bushel apple’s to work on to-day also my house to get in order so I’ll get started now on dishes. Hope Mildred & children come to see me to-day. My Brother Joe Durham got seriously hurt to day while Hitchin up mule’s to work on nursery for Chatten [Chattin?] at Winchester the mule drug him about 50 feet & a tooth to the harrow or what ever it was stuck in his leg he’s in Smith’s Hospital now.

July 24th, 1945

I stayed home all day to-day scrubbed 2 rooms & waxed Mildred & Raymond went to see Joe to-day at Hospital


July 25, 1945

I went out to Mildreds this morn for a while Henry went out to Jack Beavers while I was there Jo Ann is not well her Bowels are in bad shape guess she’s teething & also this is her second summer[?] I went to see Joe Henry & I this afternoon he said he was getting a long very well Wilmer [Wilma?] was at Hospital also Doreenie’s[?] wife come in while we was there she had her Baby with her the Baby’s name is Barabara seen Kate Davis in town I sent Mollie the sifter by Kate from Mildred got my self a new Blouse in Winchester to wear with my Brown Shark Skin skirt I’m making Henry has gone Hunting 5 oclock eve.

July 26, 1945

Jo received a Telegram from Eddie to day saying Happy anniversary you are in my thoughts more than ever Now regards to every one. July 6th their 1st wedding anniversay Bless his heart he’s many, many miles away

July 27th, 1945

Went to the Dr Henry pd Bill $3.00 Henry had a flat tire Raymond carried us up town & brought Henry back when he got tire fixed I walked back. Went out to Mildreds this eve about 5 oclock Me & Raymond had a fuss about Bobbye. (he) Raymond was trying to make Bobbye stop crying & I took it up because Bobbye has a real bad sore toe & I no it was painful he called me bad names & said I didn’t have any sence I was a fool & I wasn’t nothing Henry stood by & didn’t say a word he told me not to come there any more but as long as Bobbye & Mildred & Jo Ann are with him I am going there. Tillman came here from Lucille this eve he said he wasn’t going back

July 28, 1945 Sat

I went down to Mildreds this morn Bobbye’s toe looks a little bit better but it’s still bad. come home & I cleaned house & cooked dinner Henry went off to town about 3 oclock & got back about 6 he was with Houston Hardy Harold Armstrong guess they spent the eve at town pump we went to the Show to night I kept Bobbye this eve about 4 hrs & give her medicine every 3 hr’s & bathed her toe in epsom salts solution while Mildred & Raymond were gone to Manchester & Winchester got a letter from Jo this after noon saying she got a wire from Eddie. Happy anniversary.

July 29, 1945

Henry went out to Mildreds about 8 oclock this morn they was gone come back & had Breakfast we went up on the mountain this after noon to see Garners They wasn’t home then we went to Sherwood to see the Champions. Come back by Mildreds & they still wasn’t home Tillman is still here he stayed out side while we was gone to-day for we had to lock the door Tillman went up to Mrs Fletchers while we was gone & gossiped about me he said I was sneaking in what I done etc & I would drink too if I could sneak a round & do it etc Mrs Fletcher got him told too a bout me Mrs Fletcher told him she know I wasn’t sneaking & she hadn’t seen things going on here since I had been here that she had seen previous time’s we stoped over at the hospital to see my Bro Joe he’s some better. Hattie & Ruby come in from Detroit last night

July 30, 1945

Went out to see Mildred & children this morn Bobbye’s toe is some better they spent the day at Hermans yesterday. Estill & Kallie[?] Hunter was here to-day Estill said Hattie & Ruby come in last night & Odie & Jr is on their way. Mildred & Raymond Henry & Tillman has gone off to night to try to get some stuff Tillman went to town pump this morn to try for work he didn’t get any he says he’s going home to stay with his mother Henry was up at Sta Wards & Martin this morn Marie come by said the F.B.I. picked her up this morn said a soldier out at Camp had turned her in

July 31, 1945

Henry went out to Mildreds brought Mrs Bolden in to sign Marie Bond ($1,000) Mildred & Raymond carried her over to Winchester (Mrs Bolden) & would of signed Bond but they couldn’t qualify for $2,000 that’s required for $1,000 Bond.

Aug 1st, 1945

I went out to Mildreds this morn with Henry. Mrs Bolden Jumped at me for saying she heard I sad she was playing Mildred with the Gossip that’s going in the neighborhood out there Jack run’s a round with Mildreds husband Raymond & Mildred told him to stay out of their car she worked & helped pay for it I haven’t said it yet But Mrs Bolden & the whole family of them knockes[?] on me & Mildred


[the following entry is in a child’s handwriting]

Odie Junior Marlin November 20, 1941, 14 years old.

[continued in Jessie’s writing]

too but we don’t care they have enough to do to take care of their own Business

Aug 2, 1945

Henry went down to ask Robert Harris to sign Marie’s Bond he refused to sign about a year a go Mrs Bolden Borrowed an envelope to mail Marie $5.00 Robert Harris give Mrs Bolden to send Marie when Marie was working in Nashville[?] if I had been Mrs Bolden I would a told Robert Harris I wouldn’t except money from a married man to send my Daughter in the first place. Henry got a letter from Marie to-day asking him to get some one to sign her Bond. We went to the show to night seen [written, then crossed out: "Sign of the Cross" it’s a Bible Picture & was really good.]

Aug 3, 1945

Henry carried me to the Dr pd Bill $3.00 early this morn we went out to Mildreds for a while Mildred & Raymond went to Shelbyville to see a lawyer for Raymond I kept Bobbye Jo Ann & Dorthy here. Mildred Costells Baby a (Boy) was Born this eve about 2 oclock we went to the show to night (seen sign of the cross) a Bible picture it was good.

Aug 4, 1945

We went out to Mildreds this morn got back about 11 oclock I canned tomatoes & 4 pints corn. correction Mildreds Costelle Baby was Born to-day about 2 oclock also Mildred & Raymond went to Shelbyville to-day to see Lawyer. we went to the show to night Raymond & Houston Hardy went to [--?] the Lawyer to Fayetteville to see Demar[?] Lamb[?] he thought he could help out in Raymonds case. it comes up about 13th of this mo. Aug. got a letter from Eddie to day dated July 26th.

Aug 5, 1945

Harvie[?] Durham is sopose to go back to the Army to-day he hopes to get a discharge I went out to Mildreds this morn with Henry Bobbye’s sore toe look some better she cryed when I left to come home with me Jo Ann’s bowels are worse this morn she’ll be better than worse this is her 2nd summer & she’s a teething


Aug 6, 1945

Henry went out to the farm [crossed out: carried] come home caried me to the Dentist Dr Karnes. about 10.30 Got 4 teeth pulled & my Impression made got a letter from sweet Eddie to-day dated July 28th he’s well. Henry give me money $4.00 to pay for having 4 teeth pulled I come home in a taxi 50 I got a letter from Eddie to-day dated July 28

Aug 7, 1945

Henry went out to Mildreds carried Mrs Fletcher to help her to-day Jo Anns no better he brought Mildred Raymond & Jo Ann & Tillman in town Mildred took Jo Ann back to Dr because he give her some more medicine she’s a very sick baby. I went to the Dentist in a taxi he tryed my teeth they dont feel so good they seem to large [crossed out: I came home in a taxi] I walked back home. Tillman left this eve with a Parks boy & Harold Armstrong I dont no if they carried him home or not Henry Raymond & Houston has gone off to get something to night its 11.15: Now hope they haven’t had any trouble I got a letter from Jo to-day she got a letter from Eddie also Jo has been sick not well at all since baby was Born Apr 12th the Dentist told me to-day he thought he whould have my teeth ready by Fri the 10th of Aug [is underlined on original]

Mrs Esabelle Bergeson mailed Marie some money to-day [crossed out: that] at Fayetteville Jail that Mrs Dave[?] Rasuner[?] was keeping for her she earned as tips while working for the Rasners[?] at Air Craft Club Henry give me $75.00 to-day for my teeth I paid $38.00 down this morn. & I’ll pay Bal when I get my teeth finished

Aug 8, 1945

Eddie 2 wks leave is out to-day some where in Pacific he wrote on second day of his leave 26th & said he had 2 wks leave & that was 2nd day of it Poor darling wish he could come home. he’s never seen his Baby. Henry & I went to the Show to night. Seen God is My Co Pilot it was a good picture

Aug 9, 1945

Tillman come by this eve with J.L. Parks. J.L. said he was taking him home. Henry & I went out to Mildreds this morn. Mildred & children came home with us this morn. she took Edna Mai out to keep the children for her she & Raymond come back in town & went to the show

Aug 10, 1945

Henry & I went out to Mildreds this morn come back & I cooked dinner for Sis & children went to the Dr & Dentist Henry carried me & waited for me. Henry pd Dr Bill $3.00 also I got my teeth this afternoon. Henry pd Bal of Bill to Dentist $37.00[?] in all my teeth cost $75.00 for plate $1.00 each for back tooth I had pulled I had 15 teeth in all total $15.00 for pulling of teeth when I got back from Dentist Bobbye looked at me & seen my teeth she said you got some good teeth now

Aug 11, 1945

We went out to Mildreds this morn come home & straightened out the house Mildred left children here she & Raymond went off to Buy a place a opposite[?] the farm they all ready have. Henry & I went to the Show this after noon Mildred & children stayed here till we got back. Boodle & Bunny come up from Mc Minnville with the colored girl that works for them (Josephine.) Boodle & Bunny rode out to Mrs Bolden with Mildred & Raymond as they went home. Henry brought Jack & Elmer Bowen[?] in town this morn Henry told me that Elmer Beowen[?] little Boy Larry has a dam good chance of being[?] his[?]


Aug 12, 1945

Henry & I went out to Mildreds this morn carried Tillman home & Houston out to help Raymond milk brought Boodle & Bunny home with us. Josephine has gone up to put Boodle & Bunny on bus to go home Josephine has promised she would go to Lucille’s in the morn. be there by 10 oclock Jack Beower[?] has been here all day Henry & Jack & Houston went off some where gone about 2 hr. Houston, Jack & Raymond went to get a load of ___ [blank on original] to night

Aug 13, 1945

Raymond had to be in court to-day at Manchester Mildred & Mrs Fletcher went with him but his trial dont come up untill next Monday Henry carried Tillman up to-day for court at Manchester his is put off for a week[?] also.

Aug 14, 1945

Japs Surrendered unconditionally to-day. We went out to Mildreds to-day for a while

Aug 15, 1945

Henry left early this morn to meet Bruce Dunn at Wards & Martin Sta to go to Winchester to sign Marie’s Bond. Avery thing was closed Holiday to-day & to morrow. Celebrating Japs Surrender guess they will go Fri to sign her Bond.

Aug 16, 1945

We went out to Mildreds this morn. Raymond made Bobbye go out in Dew with her sore feet to pick up paper with Faye & Dorthy I carried Bobbye in my arms & let her reach down & pick up paper in order to get her Sore feet out off the Dew he told me Raymond if I didn’t stop petting Bobbye he was going to stop me from coming out there. I wasn’t petting Bobby when I picked her up out off the Dew with her sore feet I did it to keep Dew poison out off her sore’s Mildred is afraid of Raymond & he knows it & Raymond dont want me a round because he dont want me to know how he treats Bobbye because he knows I will tell the truth when it’s settled in court between Mildred & Tommy Bobbye’s daddy who gets[?] Bobbye.

Aug 17, 1945

Henry carried Bruce Dunn[?] to Winchester this morn to sign Marie’s Bond Bruce couldn’t sign with out his wife so Henry & Bruce had to go get her. Henry carried them home & then he came home I made apply Jelly while he was gone we drove over to Fayetteville & brought Marie home. Henry stoped off at Dr. with me as we come thru town Henry went over to Sta Ward & Martin & waited for me Henry Pd Bill $3.00 we come on home Henry & Houston carried Marie out to Mrs Bolden’s

Aug 18, 1945

Henry & I went out to Mildreds this morn come home & I cleaned house we went to the show about 6 oclock this eve.

Aug 19, 1945 Sun

Henry & I went out to Mildreds for a while got home at about 10:45 washed dishes Hattie Odie Jr & Ruby Nanie & Freddie all come over to spend the day I cooked dinner for them Okra potatoes Ham cornBread & opened[?] Pork & Beans. Mildred & family came out to see them here. Raymond & Houston went out to their farm to spy[?] [spray?] tobbacco was gone all eve. Me & Henry went to Winchester this eve to see a Mr Ecaff[?] about 2 tractor dinner[?] tables he had all ready let some one have them come by Mollie she had gone to Nashville to meet Estell Mama looks well. Seen Uncle Bill Durham on highway his mind is bad


Aug 20, 1945

Court again to-day Tillman whiskey case come up he dont no yet if he’ll get off with just paying cost he went up to Mr Geibels to day to get him to come down to morrow to help him out by talking to Judge. R.L. left this after noon 4:35 to go to Pearl Harbor to work. Raymonds trial was put off till Dec. about the sugar. his trial comes up in Nov. 1945 about whiskey

Aug 21, 1945

Henry has gone out to Mildreds I dont feel well this morn I have a head ache I took a dose of epsom salts this morn. I’ll stop now & write Eddie & Jo. hope Sis & Bobbye & Jo Ann will come in town to day or I wont get to see them as I didn’t go out this morn. I just finished writing Jo & Eddie we went out to Mrs Bolden’s to night to take her chill[?] to[??] up to Mildreds a while she’s not well

Aug 22, 1945

Henry went Hunting this morn out on Claude Thomas Calfs[?] place. he got back about 9:30 had breakfast & went a round to see customers went out to Mildreds & missed Raymond & Houston Mildred & children come in town with Raymond Mildred went to the Dr. she’s been sick since Mon (20th) vomiting back & head ache Dr told her to-day her baby had dropped & for her to stay in bed a few days & take medicine he give her.

Aug 23, 1945

Henry & Houston went a round while I cooked Breakfast this morn now they are gone out to Mrs Boldens & Mildreds hope Mildred come’s here to-day as Raymond come’s in she might get bad sick out there a lone & no one to go for the Dr. Mrs Bolden is not well. She’s having chills avery other day Raymond beat Mildred up last night she & Bobbye & Jo Ann walked over to Granny Boldens & spent the night Henry brought her & children home this morn from Grannys. Houston & Raymond went off some where to-day said they was going to Fla. Henry spent night at Mildreds Raymonds home to take care of stuff

Aug 24th, 1945

Sis & I went to the Dr to-day Henry paid my Bill $3.00 I dont half to go back until Oct 1st. Dr has to give Mildred some more treatments for same thing Raymond is responsible for Raymond & Houston still gone. Henry spent night at Mildred & Raymonds home.

Aug 25, 1945

Henry is taking care of Business while Raymond & houston is gone. [crossed out: he spent night there] Mildred & Raymonds home. Mildred dont feel well this morn. but some better than she was when she come. Went by the show to night but didn’t go in we had seen the Show. "Pistol Packing Mama."

Aug 26, 1945

Sis is still some better to-day. Raymond & Houston is [crossed out: still off Henry is picking Carl] come in last night they was there when Henry went out to stay all night [-?] & Raymond was in bed drunk as a fiddle Mildred went out to see Granny Bolden this eve with Henry. Maggie & Hattie & family was by a few min to day they had been to see Pearline she’s in Hospital with same thing

Aug 27, 1945

Mildred & children are still here Raymond come by every morn to see if she’ll go back he’s still drinking as bad as ever


Aug 28, 1945

Raymond come by here taking Lucilles Gro to her seen Mildred on way to store he followed her down there & promised to drive her back here he went on out the highway with her arguing all the time for her to come back & he was drunk than he told Mildred he aught to get out & take a rock to beat her head in he kept Mildred out from 1 oclock to 5- 4 hrs I was all most crazy from worry he’s so mean I was afraid he would kill her in his drunk rage. I think Mildred half way promised she would go back if he would quite drinking & get some medical care for him self.

Aug 29, 1945

Mildred children are still here. she has an appointment to take her treatment’s to morrow from Dr King Raymond apoliged [apologized?] to me this eve for calling me all kinds of names a son of a Bitch etc over our argument when he was mistreating Barbara when she had sore feet I will exapt [sic] his apoligee[?] but I’ll never for get he called me a son of a bitch & to ocp[?] it all my Husband Henry was standing there listening to him

Aug 30, 1945

Mildred [crossed out: took] taken treatments to-day from Dr King she’s taking one at 8 & 5 this eve they are stronger than usual. May be she’ll be all right Her & Raymond seems to be getting thing’s patched up he’s promised to quit drinking & a lot of things a long with begging[?] her back I hope he will live better & not beat her up a gain & they go back to gather they Mildred & Raymond Bobbye & Jo Ann have just got back from store looks like they all getting awful friendly.

Aug 31, 1945

Sis dont feel well to-day in fact she was soposed to go back to Dr but dont feel able. she & Raymond went to the Show to night I kept Bobby & Jo Ann.

Sept 1, 1945 Sat

Mildred is gathering up her belongings since Raymond is coming after her yes, he here now they are going home. when she went out the door I said I hope you no what you are doing Sis I’m sure I cant tell you what to do but take care of your self & children I was lonesome all day for Sis & children we went to the Show this eve. also went out to Mrs Bolden’s brought her a broom & sack of feed. went up to Mildreds for a few min Bobbye cryed when I left to go home. signing of Jap Surrender to night about 8:30

Sept 2, [1945] Sun

Henry went out to Mildred this morn with out me Bobbye was mad because Henry didn’t bring Ma out. Henry went down to Mrs Boldens & stay from 10 in the morn till 1 oclock I was worried about him afraid he had been caught with a drink we went to the show this eve. it was very good. Jim Yaunt, Claude Cobb got arrested to-day called Henry he paid fine $105.00

Sep 3, [1945] Mon

Henry has gone out on farm I guess to his mothers & Mildreds Haniel[?] Bolden Briggs come in about 6 oclock this morn from N.Y. I hear she’s going back Fri 7th Sept 1945 to take her children Judy & Cindy to make their home I canned 7 pints corn to-day & 15 pints tomatoes


Sep 4th, 1945

Henry, Houston & I went out to Mildreds for a short while on back by Mrs Boldens to leave tools to cut hay with I got 3 letters from Eddie to-day he will have 44 points for discharge Oct 3rd & he said he would be home by Xmas at the latest not the earliest we went over to Winchester to-day seen Mama Mollie Elizabeth Conn my neice[?] come home with us to-day is Libby’s birthday 18 yrs old we come by Hatties new home for a few min we went to the show to night

Sept 5, 1945

Libby went home on bus to-day 11:30 she’s staying with Mollie & Present[?] Mildred & children come over to-day before she left Mildred & I gave Elizabeth $1.00 for birthday present Sept 6 – 1945 Thurs. Mildred & childred come to-day to spend the day Haniel, Nell, Judy & Cindy passed here about 2 oclock this eve & her husbands Bro a Briggs boy come in with her (Haniel) this Boy went with her most every place but to-night Haniel passed here a lone she was seen go in show with a Brewer Boy to night Sept 7 – 1945 Haniel & kids left this morn for New York about 9 oclock. Henry seems lone some recently

[The following entries are out of sequence, and are transcribed in the order as written in original diary. We can only guess as to why she started her journal on the latter pages of the book.]

Jan 8, 1945 Monday

Mrs Luella Bolden moved to their farm.

Jan 9th, 1945 Tue

Houston Hardy stayed in the house she moved out off home 8th Tuesday night

Jan 10th, 1945 Wed

Henry bought a bed room[?] suit[?] $270.00 & moved in the other house.

Jan 11, 1945 Thurs

I Jessie Bolden went to the Dr for Blood test

Jan 12, 1945 Fri

Cut out Bobbye 3 dresse’s in the morn sick in bed in the eve Henry went to the mountain

Jan 13th, 1945 Sat

Made Bobbye’s 3 dresse’s brought Henry down the little days[?] to feed he was out most all night & days all most froze

Jan 14th, 1945 Sun

Made Button Hole’s in Bobby’s dresse’s

Jan 15th, 1945 Mon

I went to Winchester seen Mrs Dodson & Faye.

Jan 16th, 1945

I come down to the other house & stayed with Henry. he didn’t want me but I’m still staying

Jan 17th, 1945

We moved some furniture down here from the other house.

Jan 26, 1945

Henry’s Birthday Born 1904 he’s 41 yrs old

Feb 2nd, 1945

Went to the Dr. Henry Paid Bill $3.00

Feb 3rd, 1945

Henry gave me $15.00

Feb 9th, 1945

Went to the Dr. Henry paid Bill $3.00 & taxi 50 [cents] Henry went to a sale.

Feb 10th, 1945

Henry went to Fayetteville to take Raymond to get his car Henry lent Raymond $550.00 he’s paid all back except $50. Thomas Edward Bolden’s Birthday 22 yrs old Eddie Born Feb 10th 1923.

Feb 16th, 1945

Went to the Dr I paid the Bill $3.00 Mama come over to spend a wk.

Feb 29th, 1945

Carried Mama to Winchester to see Dr Smith he give a shot for high Blood pressure.

Feb 17, 1945

[original entry is out of sequence, and is correctly transcribed as written]

Mildred, Raymond, Dot & Tommy went to Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Feb 21, 1945

[original entry is out of sequence]

Mildred & Ray had a quarrel Pearline went to work at shoe factory Henry went out to feed [crossed out: Houston quit work on the farm to day]

Feb 20th, 1945

[original entry is out of sequence]

Jo Birthday she’s 22 ys old. Born Feb 20, 1923.

Feb 22nd, 1945

Went over to Winchester carried Mama home.

Feb 23rd, 1945

Went to the Dr. I paid Dr Bill $3.00 & $1.00 taxi went to Winchester seen Mrs. Emma Smith & Finchum[?] girls in 10 [cent] store they said Granny Templeton was awful feeble.

Feb 24, 1945

Henry has gone out to feed this morn.

Feb 25, 1945

Went to Winchester to see Mama & Mollie they thought Pearline was moving next door to them Henry said he would tell us more than we knew sure enough she went to work 21st at the shoe factory

Feb 26, 1945

Houston & Henry dessolved working partnership to-day.


Feb 27, 1945

Henry went out to feed a call while he was gone from Wall Street Tavern Pearline was there in the Tavern with a Black headed girl a man called & said some partner was there to see Henry we had a quarrel he said so terrible words to me what do you want me to do "run you off."

Mar 1st, 1945

Henry went to feed night & morn. went to Tavern Pearline was seen go in wall[?] at town[?]

Mar 2nd, 1945

Went to the Dr Henry give me $4.00 paid $3.00 Dr Bill & 50 [cents] taxi Henry went to Manchester [Winchester?] to see Judge Keele[?] about R.L. He said Henry would half to see Judge Smart[?] in McMinnville Henry, mother & I went to see Judge Smart[?] same eve got there about 6 oclock

Mar 3rd, 1945

Mr Gilliam[?] moved on the farm to work

Mar 4th, 1945

boys got tore up outfit[?] Roy[?], Pops[?] went over to Winchester seen Lucy & Ellis at Mollie’s

Mar 6th, 1945

Went to Manchester got dress material also brought R.L. back with us from the Jail

Mar 7th, 1945

Went to Winchester got Mama she spent 3 days with us

Mar 8th, 1945

I washed & Ironed some cloths

Mar 9th, 1945

Went to the Dr Henry paid Dr Bill $3.00 Herman come over we went Home with him & spent the night Mama Henry & I.

Mar 10th, 1945

Come home from Hermans Mama[?] stoped off at Mollie’s

Mar 11th, 1945

Oma Mai Birthday 22 ys old Born 1923. Mildred & family spent the night with Tommy & Dot.

Mar 12, 1945

Went to Winchester to see about Disque[?] also went to see Mama she’s well as usual

Mar 13, 1945

went to the picture show

Mar 14, 1945

Went to the farm carried 4 ducks


Mar 15, 1945

Henry moved piano refrigerator down from other house carried disque out to the farm we carried out 11 guinie[?] this eve.

Mar 16, 1945

Still to wet to plow the Garden. went to Dr to-day Henry paid Bill $3.00 I got some garden seeds to-day up town also soap dish & material to make curtains for kitchen

Mar 17th, 1945

Henry went out on the farm & brought R.L. home with him to spend the night we went to the picture show to night

Mar 18, 1945 Sun eve.

we stayed home all day Henry & R.L. have gone to the mountain to night I’m home all a lone. Mildred & family spent the day on their farm.

Mar 19th, 1945

Henry & Raymond & R.L. went fishing in the afternoon got home about 7:30

Mar 20th, 1945

Henry, R.L. & me went to the picture show I got my eye’s tested for glasses up town by Dr. Sampson.

Mar 21st, 1945

I sewed one kitchen curtains & cut my self out a dress.

Mar 22, 1945

Henry carried R.L. home Henry & I Raymond & Mildred went to a picture show at Winchester in the eve.

Mar 23rd, 1945

Henry & Houston went to Decherd & bought a mule $65.00 I went to the Dr. Henry Paid Bill $3.00 & 50 [cents] cash for a taxi he carried me up town I sowed some tomato seeds in a tub for plants also some lettuce & sweet peppers in a box for plants

Mar 24, 1945

Me & Henry went to the picture show in the after noon he got the car washed at the Garage while we were in the show got a letter from Eddie today. he’s sending some cloths home guess he’s sailing a gain soon.

Mar 25, 1945

Henry carried me over to see Mama she’s pretty sick had a chill Fri 23 had Dr Gattis[?] he said it was her kidneys Henry, Raymond & Pops[?]& Ray[Roy?] Costell[?] has gone fishing this eve.

[end of transcription]