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T.H. Bolden Family - Recollections of Thomas Edward Bolden

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also ended with a drink, with constant sips in between all day.

One of daddy’s 1st cousin’s husband, a farmer,
had sold his crop and came by daddy’s to purchase a drink or two. His name was Carl Rust. I don’t know exactly how much he had sold his crop for, but Carl’s wife Alma (Smith) Rust stated it was less than $100.00. Alma was Daddy’s 1st cousin, as Alma’s mother & daddy’s mother were sisters- Carl had a few drinks at our house or took a bottle with him (or both) & started home in his wagon- I guess the sight of Carls crop money incited a little envy in daddy & and some of our cousins, the Holidays and one or more drinking buddy friends. Some one conceived the bright idea of relieving Carl Rust of his crop money. The whole scheme back fired when Carl or his helper took the weapon from the would be robber & hit him on the head with it and sending him running. He was later arrested as were daddy and all of the would be robbers.

At the time these events took place,
grandfather Tom was reaching the end of his life, suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. He died while daddy was incarcerated pending his trial for highway robbery. I understand Daddy could have attended the funeral ceremony but only with cuffs on, which he refused- I was 10 yrs. old at the time.

I loved Grandpa Tom very much.
I was named after him and called him "Papa" and he liked to hear me say that. He introduced me to his friends in such a way it made me feel important. I was so sorry to see him go.
He was only 55.
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these arrests.

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