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T.H. Bolden Family - Recollections of Thomas Edward Bolden


Transcriber Notes:
The following is a transcription of my father’s memories as a boy.  He was the grandson of Thomas Henry Bolden an Lou Ella (Smith).

It was written in his own hand on 24 September 1995. It has been transcribed exactly as written in order to preserve the integrity of the document.

The only changes I have made are to formatting. I have inserted new paragraphs, and highlighted names, places and dates to facilitate genealogical research and reference. Page numbers are typed on the transcription to indicate the actual page breaks in the original document.

Transcribed by Josephine Bolden-Pani July 1999.  Revised 5/14/02.

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According to Alma Rust, Nanie Mae Bouldin used to date Rafus Childres. Railroad Sta called "Roddy Springs" was near "Flat Broach" where Nanie Mae family lived. Aunt Nanie Mae was married very young, Alma said she (Alma) was 10 years old at the time. Aunt Nanie Mae was approx. 2 years older than Alma, so she would only have been about 12 years old. Mama, Jessie Womack, told me also that Nanie Mae said Grampa Tom bought her a new dress but that she Nanie Mae didn’t want to marry the man in question, for he was quite a bit older than her (more nearer her father’s age) but that she felt that Grampa wanted her to marry him. I don’t know the man’s name yet, but don’t think it lasted too long (the marriage) Aunt Hattie Mae (Durham) Marlin said the man was named Jim Pruitt. I did check the Franklin Co. marriage records. (Could find no record of Pruitt to Nanie Mae Bouldin marriage, but did find record of marriage of Anderton "Dick" Cook to Annie (Nanie) Mae Bouldin 15 May - 1923. She was 16 yrs old at time of marriage. Aunt Nanie Mae was a very small woman but what she lacked in size, she made up for in toughness. She & my mother didn’t get along well. There was something about my mother that easily activated Aunt Nanie Mae’s aggressive streak in "Go To War" mode. I remember one particular incident.

In Fall of 1932, we returned from Akron, Ohio to Tenn. Because as long as we stayed in the Akron area, the long arms of the Law were evidently keeping close tabs on Daddy’s moonshining activities. He decided to go back to Tenn and we went to Grandpa & Grandma's (Bolden) house.

We enrolled in the local school about 2 mi.
thru the woods on the country roads to school. It was situated atop a small but very steep hill. At the bottom of the hill was a beautiful spring with cool, clear water that fed a small creek, along with other small springs. The name of the area was referred to as Spring Creek. All 8 grades were taught in a one room school house. If you did well on your lessons, recitations the teacher might allow two of the boys to go down the steep hill & bring a bucket of fresh drinking water back for the class. It was considered a treat to get out of school for


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