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I listed this Jacob as the son of John Bodine and Ann Dils based on some notes from Theodore Bodine, but now that I look back on these, I'm not sure they say that Jacob was one of John's sons. Whatever the case, there isn't any evidence given for any of John and Ann's children. They're all pretty questionable.

I'm beginning to wonder if this Jacob isn't actually the John Bodine who married Jane Marlatt. They were both born in 1765. Maybe his name was actually John Jacob Bodine. This is just a hunch right now.

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Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello Dave,

I happened upon this Dilts Family website that I thought I should refer to your attention, just in case there is something of interest to you here. As you already know in your own records, this site mentions a John Bodine who was executor of the February 20, 1788 Will of Heinrich/Henry Dilts/Dils/Diltz - possibly the same John Bodine who married Mary Dils (she was born about 1750). However, of particular interest to me is that there were a few of these Dils children who were born in Warren County, Ohio --- I just wonder if there may have been some association with our John Bodine and Jane Marlatt who were also living there???

Best Wishes, Jan Bodine

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I found some undocumented information at the Pickel web site which lists Jacob as the husband of Mary Pickel and Jacob Bodine's parents as Jacob and Catherine. They appear to be referring to the Jacob Bodine who married Catherine Bogart. That Jacob I have listed as the son of Jacob Bodine and Elizabeth Sebring. He was born about 1744. This Jacob I have listed as being born about 1765. I don't have a source for that; so it could be wrong. It's possible the dates could work, but I would tend to think that this Jacob (the husband of Mary Pickel) was born around 1760 and not around 1744. That would be a strike against the Pickel information, but it is something to consider.

It is interesting that Mary Pickel's parents, Balthazar and Anna Barbara Pickel, had a child (name unknown) baptized at the St. James Lutheran ("Straw") Church in Greenwich, Warren Co., NJ. (That child must have been either Mary or Nicholas Pickel.) A pillar of that church seems to have been Catherine (Bodine) Hendershot, the daughter of Jacob Bodine and Elizabeth Sebring. I would think that this connection makes it very likely that this Jacob Bodine is a grandson or great-grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth (Sebring) Bodine.

The 1790 Census of New Jersey was destroyed during the War of 1812 when the Capitol was burned by the British. Fortunately, the Militia List of 1792 contains the names of every free male residing in Hunterdon County between the ages of 18 and 45.

Jacob Bodine is listed in the 1792 Militia list of Alexandria Township. This was compiled by Hiram Deats, secretary of the Hunterdon County Historical Society, Flemington, New Jersey, 1936. Jacob also has children listed in the Baptismal Records of the German Reformed Church of Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1763 to 1802. These were contributed by Henry Race M.D. to the Jerseyman, Flemington, New Jersey, v. 3, no. 4, June 1897. This lists 506 baptismal records between the above mentioned dates.

The names of Jacob and Mary's children first came from a web site on the Internet. As of September 1998, this site was located at For questions about this site, write to glad at See below for the names of Jacob and Mary's children as listed in Mary's mother's will.

In a note at, it says the following: A John Bodine family had children born about the same time and baptized in the same church as Jacob. See the baptisms for the German Reformed Church in Alexandria, Hunterdon Co., NJ, 1763-1802 (mentioned above) and "Some Records of Old Hunterdon County, 1701-1838," by Phyllis B. D'Autrech. In Henry Jones, "Palatine Families of NY," p. 942, he mentions the will of Jacob Bodine Jr. of Hunterdon County in 1748 (NJ Archives). In the baptisms from the German Reformed church, there is only one child baptized for John (and wife, Mary). Her name was Anna. She was born on June 6, 1798 and baptized on March 3, 1799. The years could be 1797 and 1798.

Another note said: According to IGI, Jacob Bodine's wife and mother of his children was Mary Pickel. According to Henry Jones, Palatines of New York , the Pickel family from New York moved, in part, to New Jersey (p. 767).

The will of Jacob's mother-in-law, Anna Pickel, made in 1805 lists "Granddaughters, Elizabeth Bodine and Sarah Bodine, household furniture, when of age. Grandsons, John Bodine, Frederick Bodine, William Bodine and Samuel Bodine, bonds and notes..." This appears to be the only known reference so far for Jacob and Mary having a son named Samuel. I don't know if there is any significance to the ordering or not, but it would appear that Samuel was the last son. It's not definitive, though. The reference for this will is "New Jersey Colonial Documents: Calendar of Wills, 1801-1805," v. 39, p. 352.

Here is part of Anna Barbara Pickel's will:

In the Name of God Amen~

I Anna Barbara Pickel of the Township of Alexandria County of Hunterdon and State of New Jersey Being weak of Body but of Sound mind and memory Do make and Ordain this my Last will and Testament~

In the first Place I recommend my Soul into the Hands of its master Depending entirely on His Goodness and mercy, and my Body I recommend to the Dust to be Buried in a Christian and Decent Manner; Secondly it is my will that all my Debts and Funeral Expences be paid and Satisfied, and Respecting my Worldly Estate wherewith it has Pleased God to bless me it is my will & I do Hereby Order it to be Disposed of in the following Manner~

First, I do Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Bodine My Negroe wench Rachel to be Sold if She has no use for her and the Money to be put to Interest and Divided as She Sees Proper among the Heirs of Her Body also my young wench Hetty after She arrives at the age of Eighteen years to be Disposed of as my Daughter Mary Sees Proper and Divided as aforesaid.

Item, I do Give and Bequeath unto my Grand Daughters Elizabeth Bodine and Sarah Bodine my two feather Beds Bedding *** to be Equally Divided in Value Between them by my Executors Hereafter Named Also my two Tin Plate Stoves to be Divided in the Same Manner~ also I Give and Bequeath to my Grandaughters Elizabeth and Sarah all my Household Furniture of Whatsoever Kind to be Equally Divided Between them Share and Share alike when they arrive to the age of Eighteen (crossed out, but I believe it says Eighteen) years of age but if it So Happens that Either of them Should Die Before they arrive at that age or Should Die Leaving no Heirs then I Give and Bequeath Such Share to the Survivor of them and their Heirs forever.

Page 2

Item, It is my will that all the money and Bonds or Notes with the Amount thereof that i shall Die Possessed of Shall be first out and *** at *** the Principal and Interest Arising therefrom Shall be Divided Equally Between my Four Grandsons as they Arrive at the age of Twenty-one Years (Vigt* John Bodine, Frederick Bodine, William Bodine, and Samuel Bodine) Share and Share alike~

Lastly, I do Constitute and Appoint my Friend John Eckle executor and my Beloved Daughter Mary Bodine Executrix of this my Last will and Testament hereby Giving and Granting to them or the Survivors of them every Power and Authority Necessary for Executing the Same, Hereby now revoking all former wills my me made~

In Testimony whereof I have Hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Sixteenth Day of April in the Year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and five (1805 is written after this, but may have been added by someone).

Signed Sealed and Declared to be her Last will and Testament in the Presence of us

David Everitt
Ann Everitt

The mark
Anna Barbara X Pickle (Seal)

*The word "Vigt" that comes before John Bodine's name occurs quite a bit in some other wills I've seen. I'm not sure what it means, but it doesn't seem that important - some kind of abbreviation.

An interesting thing that someone has pointed out about this will is that Mary is not called "Mrs. Jacob Bodine" or "wife of Jacob Bodine." I'm not sure how common it was to skip this protocol if the husband was still alive at the time of the will. It could indicate that Jacob had died by then or that he had left. This should be checked out better with someone who understands the protocol of wills at that time in history.

I received the following messages from Joan Best about this Jacob:

From: "Joan Best" (joanbest1 at
Subject: Bodines of Elgin Co. Ontario
Date: Friday, January 25, 2002

In looking over your material, I think the most likely candidate for the father of the Canadian brood of Bodines is Jacob, son of Jacob (1719-1748) and Catherine Bogart (How do we know what her maiden name was?). This is my reasoning:

Jacob and Catherine had only two sons: Jacob, b. abt 1744 and Nicholas, b. abt. 1746.

There are only two Nicholas Bodines, one in the Canadian family, and one here. You speculate that Nicholas Shipman may be related to Catherine, as he is named with Catherine and John Bodine as guarantors for Jacob's estate.

The children became wards of their uncle, Cornelius Bodine. There is a Cornelius Bodine who married Mary Cadman on 1 Jan 1811 in Willimsburg, Dundas Co., Ontario who may be a sibling of my Elgin Co. Bodines.

Nicholas took over the Hunterdon estate of the father and we don't know where Jacob went, but he is the right age, and the right name and the right place to be the father of Catherine (cal 1780), Abraham (b. 1781), Cornelius (cal. 1782), Elizabeth (b. 1784), Amy (b. 1785), Ruth (cal 1787) Nicholas (cal 1788), Peter (b. 1793 and Rachel (cal. 1795) Bodine.

Catherine, Peter and Rachel stayed in Columbia Co. PA. The rest moved to Canada. The letter about these families plus the known location of their departure from PA to Ontario is what ties the two groups together, plus their origin in Hunterdon Co. NJ.

Let me know what you think. If we can get ahold of Jacob's will in what was then Northumberland Co., PA maybe it will give us the answers.

Regards, Joan Best

From: "Joan Best" (joanbest1 at
Subject: Elizabeth Bodine McIntyre, Elgin co. Ontario
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002


I have been out of circulation for a while, but am back. I have discovered another Bodine in Elgin Co. Ontario. Her name is Elizabeth Bodine. She was born 26 Nov 1784 and died 22 Sept 1839 in Iona, Southwold Twp., Elgin Co. Ontario. [tombstone] She was married in April 1815 in Canada to Daniel McIntyre, son of Samuel McIntyre and Dorcas Whitman, b. 15 Jun 1790 in Nova Scotia, Canada, and died on 13 Aug 1857 in Southwold Twp., etc. They had the following children: Sarah, Jacob, Mary, Abraham, Catherine. In Daniel's will he requests that a stone be placed on the grave of his first wife, Elizabeth Bodine. This family lived very close to James Best/Amy Bodine, my ancestors and the families intermarried.

Daniel McIntyre's sister Catherine married John Philpott. Their daughter, Dorcas Philpott, married James & Amy (Bodine) Best's son, Elisha Best.

Also Daniel & Elizabeth (Bodine) McIntyre's son Jacob married Ann McColl, aunt (I believe) to Christina McColl who married Elisha & Dorcas Best's son James Henry Best.

I think it most likely that this is another sibling to Abraham, Amy, Ruth and Nicholas. Abraham, Amy, Ruth and Elizabeth all settled in Southwold Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario. Nicholas, who was the youngest and married later, settled in the next county over.

What is interesting about Elizabeth is that she married after coming to Elgin Co. (abt. 1813) at the age of 29. The tombstone information may be wrong. Either it was transcribed wrong or the kids got it wrong. She may be the Elizabeth Bodine born Feb 11, 1794, daughter of Jacob Bodine and wife Mary Pickel. This would make her 21 at marriage, rather than 31, a more likely s The McIntire connection stated that Elizabeth's father's name was Jacob, but I could not confirm, as his information was from another descendant of the McIntyre who did not respond to my letter. Jacob Bodine/Mary Pickel were from Hunterdon Co., NJ. That is where James Best was born, and most of the others who went from NY to Jerseytown, (in what is now Columbia Co. but was, at the time, Northumberland Co., PA), and then migrated as a group to Elgin Co. when the land was open for homesteading in 1810/12. Many of the names can be found in the 1810 Greenwood Twp., Columbia Co. Pa census, but not in the 1800. They apparently moved from NJ to PA between these two dates. Some members of each family stayed in central PA and others moved to Ontario.

Daniel McIntyre's father was from Scotland and mother from Mass.. They married in Nova Scotia before coming to Elgin when the land opened up.

This, combined with what you have, makes Jacob & Mary (Pickel) Bodine of Hunterdon, NJ strong candidates for the parents of this brood.

Joan Best found the following Bodines in the area of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania:

In 1820, 1830 John Bodine in Turbut Twp, Northumberland Co., PA
In 1850 in Montour Co., Danville Borough (was part of Northumberland)
1830 Frederick in Turbut Twp., Northumberland
1850 Henry in Lower Augusta Twp, Northumberland

She thinks these Bodines are related also. Lycoming Co. used to be part of Northumberland and is adjacent to Columbia.

1810 Abraham, Lycoming Twp (this could be our Abraham,* as he had two children by this time)
1810 Isaac, Mifflin Twp.
1810 Frederick, Mifflin Twp.
1820 Isaac, Dunstable Twp.
1820 John, Dunstable Twp.
1840, 1850 Isaac, Jersey Shore Borough
1830 Abraham, Muncy Creek Twp.
1840 Abraham, Wolf Twp.
1840, 1850 Charles, Wolf Twp.
1850 George, Wolf Twp.
1850 Edward, Lycoming Twp.
1850 Samuel, Lewis Twp. Lycoming Co.
1850 John, Lewis Twp.
1840 Jacob, Hepburn Twp
1840 John, Hepburn Twp.
1850 James, Washington Twp.
1850 Richard, Porter Twp.

*"Our Abraham" refers to Abraham Bodine

Two Jacob Bodines are located in Derry Township in Northumberland County in 1810. Derry Township is contiguous to Madison Township in Columbia, County. Madison is in the middle. Derry is west toward Danville. Greenwood is east. They are on an old route, now Highway 254. The Bodines, Girtons, Hendershots and Bests lived within thirty miles of each other in 1810 in Pennsylvania.

Supposedly, has an image of a census with Jacob Bodine on it. It is from 1790 in Northumberland County, PA. The reference number (some time ago) was "image 0266, roll M637_9". This would be good to check. Cornelius Bodine is on the same roll, but image 0277.

There are also some Bodines mentioned in Northumberland County Administrations 1772-1813 (related to wills). There were three:

Dr. Charlies H. Bodine (or Bodie) 1811
Isaac Bodine 1784
William Bodine 1801

BODIE [shows as "Bodie" in the abstracts], Dr. Charles H. of Buffalo Twp.: letters of administration granted to Jac. Stern and Sim. Snyder; sureties: John Cummings and Jas. Lechner.

BODINE, Isaac: letters of admin. granted 7/8/1784 to Richard Manning; sureties: Ludwig Goss and John Mead

BODINE, William: letters of admin granted 6/5/1801 to Jacob Bodine; sureties: Jacob Shipman and Aaron Thomas

For copies, contact:
Northumberland County Court House
Register of Wills--Room 6
201 Market Street
Sunbury, PA 17801

You can call ahead to see how much it will cost. Be sure to ask for copies of not only the will/admin. papers, but the estate file as well. It may contain inventories, executor's accounts listing payments to heirs, etc.

As of 7-11-2000, fees are: $5.00 search fee (per name) and $.25 per page copy fee, plus include S.A.S.E.

From Ronny Bodine:

Will of Baltis Pickle of Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County dated 26 July 1796, proved 23 Nov 1796, names wife Barbara, daughter Mary Bodine to receive profits from 45 acres, son Nicholas. (NJ Archives, 1st Series, Vol. 38, p. 284)

Will of Anna Barbara Pickle of Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County dated 16 April 1805, proved 23 Oct 1805, names daughter Mary Bodine, granddaughters Elizabeth Bodine and Sarah Bodine "when of age," grandsons John Bodine, Frederick Bodine, William Bodine and Samuel Bodine,"when of age," executors friend John Eckel and daughter Mary Bodine. On 23 Oct 1805, John Eckle declined to serve as administrator. An inventory taken on 7 Oct 1805, valed her estate at $293.45. (New Jersey Estate Files, Hunterdon County, File 2160J)

From The Parish Register of the German Reformed Church of Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey 1763-1802.
John, born 29 March 1788, bapt. 4 June 1788, Parents: Jacob Badein and Maria.
Fredericus, born 28 July 1791, bapt. 30 Aug 1791, Parents: Jacob Bedein and Maria.
Elisabetha, born 11 Feb 1794, bapt. 19 March 1794, Parents: Jacob Bodine and Maria.
Sarah, born 4 Sept 1796, bapt. 13 Nov 1796, Parents: Jacob Bodine and Mary.
William, born 14 July 1798, bapt. 3 March 1799, Parents: Jacob Bodine and wife.

Estate of Jacob Bodine, late of the Township of Alexandria, Hunterdon County. Inventory taken 29 April 1801 and filed 17 May 1802 by Nicholas Pickle. Estate was valued at $206.76 or £77.10.8. John Bodine, a creditor, was paid £0.5.9 on 1 March 1802. Nicholas Pickle appointed administrator on 6 May 1801 with bond by Nicholas Pickle, David Everitt and John Eckle. (New Jersey Estate Files, Hunterdon County, 1955J)

Mary Pickle Bodine survived her husband's death in April 1802 and served as administrator of her mother's estate in Oct 1805. On 31 Dec 1805, Ebenezer Petty married Mrs. Mary Bodine as per the following record of marriage filed in Hunterdon County, New Jersey: "December the thirty first In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five I joined In the hold bonds of matrimony Mr. Ebenezer petty To Mrs. mary Bodine of the townships of Alexandria In the County of hunterdon State of New Jersey. Benjamin Wright Justice of the Peace"

Ebenezer Petty was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His pension application file (No. R. 8156) notes he was born 17 Feb 1751 in Mansfield Township, Sussex County, New Jersey and died 24 Dec 1836 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and that his widow, Mary, died 2 February 1851. Their son, Jonathan Petty, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, applied for a survivor pension and therein named the children of Ebenezer and Mary Petty as Jonathan Petty, Jacob Petty, John petty, Jane, wife of William Conover, Rebecca, wife of Bartholomew Lott, Mary, wife of Daniel Wolverton, Matilda, wife of William Stout, Anna, wife of Thomas Queen, and Catharine Petty. His claim was not allowed because he could not provide proof these were the children of Ebenezer and Mary Petty.

Ebenezer Petty died 24 Dec 1836 and on 30 Dec 1836, Jonathan Petty was appointed administrator of his estate (Hunterdon Co. Letters of Administration, 3: 342).

Burials in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County.

Ebenezer Petty died Dec. 25, 1836 in his 84th year.
Mary Petty died Feb. 21, 1851 aged 81.7.3. (=18 July 1769)

1850 (11 Sept) Alexandria Twp., Hunterdon Co: Mary PETTY 81 NJ in household of William and Matilda Stought.

For reference, here is a list of Bodines in Hunterdon Co.,, NJ which Ronny Bodine sent me:

By Act approved 30 Nov 1792, “every free and able-bodied white male citizen between the ages of eighteen and forty-five.” Thus born 1747-1774.

Alexandria Township: Formed 5 March 1765 from Bethlehem Townshp.
JACOB BODINE (c1767-1801) parents unknown; h/o Mary Pickel. Tax 1789, 1790 (Bordine); Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE (1754-1806) s/o Frederick Bodine + Elsie Bogart; h/o Mary. Tax 1785, 1786, 1789 \ 1790 (Bordine), 1803 (Bodeyn) 100 acres; Militia 1792.
GARRETT BODINE (1781- ?) s/o John Bodine + Mary. Tax 1803 (Bodeyn) 100 acres.
MARY BODINE. [d/o John Bodine + Mary?] Tax 1803 (Bodeyn) 38 acres.

Amwell Township: Formed 1708.
DAVID BODINE. Tax 1789; Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE. Tax 1780, 1784, 1786, 1789: 105 acres, 1802; Militia 1792.
JOHN BODINE. Tax 1789: 16 acres.
PETER BODINE (1756-1810) parents unknown; h/o Isabella Ent. Tax 1780, 1784, 1786, 1790, 1802: 16 acres, 1803: 16 acres; Militia 1792.
PETER BODINE (1774-fl. 1850) parents unknown. Militia 1792, 1803; Tax 1802, 1803.
WILLIAM BODINE (?Married 1801 to Catherine Groonindyke). Tax 1802.
JACOB BODINE (1781-?), single man, living with PETER BODINE SR. 1802.
GAB[RIEL] BODINE, single man, living with PETER BODINE JR. 1802. [Brothers?]

Kingwood Township: Formed 1746 from Bethlehem Township.
JOHN BODINE. Father of Jacob Bodine 1806-1867. Tax 1797, 1802, 1803.
JOHN BODINE (1801/10-?): 1830 Census male 1(20-29).
WILLIAM BODINE: 1830 census males 1(20-29), 1(60-69), 1(80-89), 1(90-99); females 1(40-49), 1(70-79).

Lebanon Township: Formed c1731 from Amwell Township.
GILBERT BODINE (1763-1838) s/o Frederick Bodine + Elsie Bogart; h/o Catherine Dean. Tax 1790: 12 acres, 1803: 115 acres; Militia 1792.

Reading Township: Formed 15 July 1730 from Anwell Township.
JOHN BODINE. Militia 1792.
PETER BODINE (d. 1796). h/o Esther (d. 1800). Tax 1778: 310 acres, 1779: 310 acres, 1780: 310 acres, 1781: 310 acres, 1785: 285 acres, 1789: 284 acres, 1790: 284 acres (next 1802-no).