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Based on DNA results, Ronny Bodine thinks John Bodine is probably a grandson or great-grandson of John Bodine and Maria Crocheron.

Boydston-Bodine Cemetery Restoration. Bodine researchers will be happy to know that the people in Wayne County, Ohio are on the ball. An abandoned cemetery there is now the subject of the efforts of the Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society. One of the most researched Bodines is buried in that graveyard, John Bodine, husband of Ann Dils. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. His stone is missing, but it may be buried there under the ground somewhere. It was there in March of 1905 when the following article came out in the Orrville (Ohio) Courier Crescent:


There is a little cemetery in East Union Twp., about 3/4 mile north of Milbourn School. Here was erected about 1822 or 1823, probably the first church in this section a Methodist Church as all these settlers the Boydstones, Bodines, Thomases being Methodist, of hewed logs. In this little graveyard are some old stones.
Bodine Sr., d. Dec. 24, 1836 95 yrs (he would have been born in 1741)
Samuel Bodine. d. Apr. 30, 1872 84 yrs 9 mo 23 da
George Boydstone. d. Nov. 18, 1825 88 yrs (he would have been born in 1737)
-End of article.

We give a special word of thanks to co-directors Jean Westover and Bonnie Knox of the Cemetery Preservation Society (as well as the rest of those involved) in this noble effort.

The picture above was taken at the site of the cemetery. The whole area in front of the tree is where the stones used to be. Many may still be buried in the ground. I hope to have more on this project later on.

Here is some census info from Joan Best concerning Wayne County, Ohio. The comments marked "Notes" are by me.

In Greene County, Pennsylvania:

1800 Census:
John Bodine and wife, over 45 in 1800 (born before abt. 1755), with 2 m and 1 f under 10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m & 2 f 16-26.
Note: Based on this census, we might assume that John and his wife had at least seven children. Some older ones might have moved off by the time of the 1800 Census, but I doubt any children were born after 1800 since John's wife was already over 45 years old. Here are the approximate birth years of their children:
Two males born about 1790-1800
One female born about 1790-1800
One male born about 1784-1790 (This is probably Samuel, b. 1787)
One male born about 1774-1784 (This is probably John Jr. He was born 1780-1790.)
Two females born about 1774-1784

1820 Census:
John Bodine: 1 f under 10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m, 1 f 16-26, 1 f 26-45, 1 m, 1 f 45+ (born before abt. 1775).
Note: I'm not sure this would be our John Bodine. This John seems to have too many young children; although, they could be grandchildren. This John Bodine was on the same census page in Whiteley Township as Joseph Fox, William Fox, Mary Fox, and Levi Bodine - all heads of households. Levi could probably be John's son. And Joseph Fox would be Levi's father-in-law. Levi married Rebecca Fox, Joseph's daughter.

Levi Bodine: 3 m, 2 f under 10, 1 f 16-26 (born abt. 1794-1804), 1 m 26-45 (born abt. 1775-1794).
Note: According to the Fox genealogy book, Levi died in 1825. And Rebecca was born in 1794.

In Wayne County, Ohio:

Samuel Bodine: 1m, 4 f under 10; 1 m 10-16; 1 m, 1f 26-45 (born abt. 1775-1794)
At the same time there was another Samuel in the 26-45 age group in Fayette Co. Cousins?

Samuel Bodine - Wayne Co. East Union Twp
1m under 5; 1m 1f 5-10; 1m 2f 10-15; 1 f 15-20; 3 f 20-30; 1m 1f 40-50 (born abt. 1780-1790)

John Bodine - Wayne Co. Canaan Twp.
1m 1f under 5; 1m 3f 5-10; 2m 10-15; 1m 1f 15-20; 1f 30-40; 1m 40-50 (born abt. 1780-1790)

Martha Bodine - Wayne Co., Baughman Twp.
1m 1f 5-10 and 1 f 70-80 (born abt. 1750-1760).
Note: I'm not sure who this Martha could be. She is old enough to be John's widow, but John supposedly did not die until 1836. Maybe she is the widow of John's brother or maybe she is a spinster sister.

Joan also found this from Augusta Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. This is northwest of Greene County, Pennsylvania:

Thomas Bodin: 1m, 1f under 5; 1m, 1f 5-10; 1m, 1f 10-15; 1 m 15-20; 1 m, 1 f 40-50 (born abt. 1780-1790).
Note: I'm not sure who this is, but he could be another of John's sons.

End of info from Joan Best.

Information at a Dils web site lists this John as having been born about April 1717 and having died in 1741. No sources were given. I find this doubtful, but I will check with Douglas Weaver (genealogy at about this. The web site is his. He wrote me back later saying his source was Hank Z. Jones' book, More Palatine Families: Who Arrived In Colonial New York In 1710, pp. 75 and 76. I would need to check that out, but I still doubt it says that this John Bodine was born in 1717.

I did have this John Bodine's father listed as John Bodine, the son of Jacob Bodine and Elizabeth Sebring. However, I have no evidence for that and I'm not sure where that idea came from. Therefore, I have unlinked them in my data. (I also have John listed as the brother of Jacob Bodine, but I am not sure where that info came from either. I will leave it for now, though.) I found a letter of administration for an Abraham Bodine in the Greene County, Pennsylvania Courthouse (Will Book 1, p. 40). It was dated July 5, 1803. It was granted to John Mills and bound as securities were Joseph Archer and William Roberts. Abraham was already deceased by that time. If Abraham were older when he died in 1803, maybe eighty years old, then he would have been born around 1723. That would put him at an age where he could be this John's father (this John being born about 1741). If Abraham were younger when he died, then he could very well be this John's brother. That should be considered as a very good possibility.

Joan Best found some info from the book History of Hardin County, Ohio, page 991, about one of Samuel's grandchildren, Rev. A. C. Barnes. It says that Samuel was born in Rockingham County, Virginia. This is quite a little ways south of Greene County, Pennsylvania. It seems to be pretty good information. This would mean that this John was there in 1787 when Samuel was born. If this is true, what was John doing there?

Note: The main problem I see with some of the information below is that there is nothing to tie it all together. How is it known that all of this applies to one John Bodine or even that any of it applies to this John Bodine? The links and proof are very weak. In fact, the data from the 1800 Census mentioned below would seem to fit more a man born about 1753, not 1741.

The following information about John Bodine comes from notes written down by Theodore A. Bodine. On November 2, 1769, John was named the executor of his father-in-law's (Peter Diltz) will. In mid February 1778, he was at Valley Forge, enlisted in the Continental Army. He was discharged in January of 1781 at Morristown, New Jersey. On January 1, 1785, he was a witness on the will of William Gano in Alexandria Township. On May 9, 1787, he is mentioned in the final settlement of Peter Diltz's will in Amwell Township. John received 117. 03. 08. lbs., as a legacy in right of his wife, and a commission of 32. 12. 03. lbs. It is not clear if his wife was still alive at that time.

The 1790 Census of New Jersey was destroyed during the War of 1812 when the Capitol was burned by the British. Fortunately, the Militia List of 1792 contains the names of every free male residing in Hunterdon County between the ages of 18 and 45. John Bodine is listed in the 1792 Militia list of Alexandria Township. This was compiled by Hiram Deats, secretary of the Hunterdon County Historical Society, Flemington, New Jersey, 1936. John also has children listed in the Baptismal Records of the German Reformed Church of Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1753 to 1802. These were contributed by Henry Race M.D. to the Jerseyman, Flemington, New Jersey, v. 3, no. 4, June 1897. This lists 506 baptismal records between the above mentioned dates.

There is a John Bodine listed in the Rockingham Co., VA Minute Book for 1778-1792 (Part III, 1789-1792). I saw an abstract of this. He is involved in various legal proceedings.
- Judgements and Orders: On Dec. 28, 1789, John did not appear in court as a defendant against John Laning whom he may have owed some money.
- Judgements and Orders 1786-1791: On Oct. 25, 1790, John Bodine did not show up in court as a plaintiff against Joseph Davis whom he may have owed some money.
- Judgements and Orders(?) for Dec. 27, 1790: This one may be a mistake. I only saw a John Breedin, not a John Bodine listed.
- p. 70 (Nov. 23, 1789). This date not listed in Judgements and Orders Book.
- p. 84 (Aug. 23, 1790). This date not listed in Judgements and Orders Book.
- p. 64, John Burdine, (Aug. 24, 1789). This date not listed in Judgements and Orders Book.

I did not see any Bodine listed in the other books for earlier and later time periods in Rockingham County. My guess is that John Bodine was only in Rockingham County around the years 1788 until 1791 or so.

Info on John Bodine in the 1800 Census of Whiteley Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania supposedly lists 3 males under 10 (Nicholas could be one of these), 1 male 10-16 (Samuel?), 1 male 16-26 (Abraham?), 1 male 45+ (John himself), 1 female under 10 (Ruth?), and 1 female 10-16 (Amy?), and 1 female 45+ (Ann Dilts, John's wife). This would give them seven children. Note: I later looked at a transcription of this list at the Greene County GenWeb site and it listed two girls under 10 and none ages 10-16. Otherwise, the transcription did match the info above.

It is quite probable one of his children was Samuel, but the other names are not so certain. He may have also had a son named Nicholas, but that is probably not accurate. The names Samuel, Abraham, Levi, and Jans Baptist come from the Lineage record of Mrs. Rose Ann (Bodine) Gilbert at the DAR in Washington, D.C. Her address was 2105 Lishe Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15214.

Sifting through all the information in this file, I began to think that this John may have been first married to Ann Dilts. I had the feeling Ann could have died in the 1780's and that John then married someone else and started a late family. This was just a guess, though. Later I visited the Heritage Center in Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA and read some correspondence between Miss Elizabeth D. Madill of Monogahela, PA and a researcher, Mrs. Marguerite B. Priode, from the Heritage Center. Miss Madill said that Samuel was born in "Rockingham Co., east of the mountains." In her correspondence in the Bodine file at the Heritage Center, Miss Madill said that John is buried in the Bodine-Boydston Cemetery on Samuel's first farm in Wayne Co., OH. Samuel was buried there, too. Miss Madill said that John, Sr. was born in New Jersey. He fought as a private in the American Revoution with the Eastern Pennsylvania forces. She says that according to a family sketch that recently came to her, John had six children by his first wife, who then died as well as all of those six children. He then married Nancy Fedrow (nee Wood). Nancy was a widow who had six children of her own and then had six more children by John. She says John lived only a short time in Virginia and then moved to West Virginia [note: WV didn't exist yet]. From there, in about 1800, he settled in Greene Co., Whitely Twp., PA where he bought a farm. In 1824, his son Samuel took him to Wayne Co., OH. He died there in 1836.

When I looked at the marrriage abstracts in Rockingham Co., VA, one says John married a Nancy Lirow in --, --, 1789. She was a widow. Bond was put up by Henry Ewin. It also says John married a Nancy Fulerton in --, --, 1789. She was the widow of Reuben Fulerton (source: VA Historic Marriage Register, Rockingham Co. Marriages 1778-1850). Another book of abstracts called Marriages in Rockingham Co., VA, 1778-1816, says John Bodine married Nancy "Lirow? wd. (See Fulerton)." Bond was Henry Ewin. From the looks of it, Nancy's last name must have been hard to read in these records. The researcher, Mrs. Priode, must have found a clearer record where it gave Nancy's last name as Fedrow and her maiden name as Wood.

I don't know if this is related, but in the Baptism Records of St. James Lutheran ("Straw") Church in Greenwich, Warren County, New Jersey, there is a Jacob Bodine and wife Anna who baptized a son on October 1, 1786. The son's name was "Lea" and he was born on August 21, 1786. The sponsor was the mother of the child. The name "Lea" sounds strange to me. I wonder if it wasn't Levi and it was misread. And maybe "Jacob" could be this John. It's only a wild guess, but something to check out.

In a letter from Mary (and Theodore?) Bodine (41 Marshall Avenue, Akron, OH 44303) from May 21, 1979 found the following. It came from the third or fourth floor of the annex across from somewhere in Waynesburg.

Under Green Township 1797-1810 (Whitely Township was still in Green in 1797):

1797, 98, 99
Anthony Asher.....100 acres..........George Boydston.....200 acres
Steven Gapen.....4000 acres..........John Bowldin........144 acres
Peter Fox.........180 acres..........Samuel Bowldin......200 acres
John Taylor.......1 cabin

The following information comes from a Greene County Courthouse deed of March 9, 1805:
Purchased from Stephen Gapen, 63 acres in Stephen Green - "...beginning at a post corner to John Daniels and by land of John Bodine." The deed also says, "Received of John Bodine and Anthony Asher one hundred dollars." This is peculiar since no deed of a previous purchase of an land can be found. And what was John Bodine's association to Anthony Asher?

There is no record of a John Bodine in the Tax Assessment Roll until 1812; although, his son Samuel is in the 1808 Assessment. In the following info, I believe John Bordyne was sometimes reported to be John Jr. The name was spelled Bordoyne, Bodyne, and Bodine.

1812: John Bordyne, land by - 33.00, 1 cabin - 3.00.
1813: 67 acres - 33.00, 1 cabin - 3.00, 1 horse - 15.00, 1 cow - 6.00.
1814-1816: Same.
1817: 164 acres of land - 164.00, 1 cabin - 3.00, 2 horses - 20.00, a cow - 10.00 (197.00).
1818: Same (195.00).
1820: Same (252.00).
1821: Same (241.00).
1822: Same plus 1 more cow (237.00).
1823: Removed.

No more deeds could be found for the purchase of additional land. Although, on December 9, 1823, John Bodine sold to Isaac Lemley the same 63 acres he purchased from Stephen Gapen in 1805. This is recorded on January 8, 1824. The 1824 Tax Assessment Roll states, "Rem. transferred 146 acres to Isaac Lemley and 1 cabin." There is no deed for this transaction that can be found.

Jan Alpert found that a John Bodine had an original grant in 1825 of 80 acres in Canaan Township (Wayne Co., OH). She also found several deeds for Samuel Bodine (this John's probable son).

Jan Alpert pointed out that in 1812 this John's last name was listed as "Bordyne." This could prove to be a link to other Bodines/Bordines who had that "r" in their name.

The following comes from the Orville Courier Crescent, Orville, Ohio, March, 1905:

There is a little cemetery in East Union Twp., about 3/4 mile north of Milbourn School. Here was erected about 1822 or 1823, probably the first church in this section a Methodist Church as all these settlers the Boydstones, Bodines, Thomases being Methodist, of hewed logs. In this little graveyard are some old stones.

Bodine Sr., d. Dec. 24, 1836 95 yrs (he would have been born in 1741)
Samuel Bodine. d. Apr. 30, 1872 84 yrs 9 mo 23 da
George Boydstone. d. Nov. 18, 1825 88 yrs (he would have been born in 1737)

***It is interesting that a George Boydstone is also listed on the 1800 Census of Whiteley Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. This is the same census John Bodine is listed on.

Jim Berdine forwarded some info having to do with this John. I'm not sure what it means or how it fits though. He wrote, "I have been going through documents, etc. and found a letter I copied from the Gen. library in Waynesburg. It is to a Mrs. Hennen for a Mrs T. Bodine, 41 Marshall Ave., Akron, OH 44303, dated May 21, 1979. Quote." We are trying to prove that this John was the John married to Dils daughter, same locality in Hunterdon Co. NJ. This was the only Bodine family there. He was administrator of Peter Dils Will, and collected in 1787 for wife. We do not know her name or if she was dead at this time. From census in Greene Co., 1800, he seems to have started a late family. If he is our Jacob's father, Jacob named a son Samuel also."

There is a John Bodine who was offering his farm for sale in February of 1787. It was marked as lot #88 in Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I believe this appeared in the February 9 or 19, 1787 issue of the "Independent Gazetteer" in Philadelphia. See also the "New Jersey Journal" (Elizabethtown) of February 28, 1787. I wonder if this isn't land belonging to this John Bodine, husband of Ann Diltz. Maybe he later sold his land and moved away. These articles were abstracted in "Notes from NJ Newspapers, 1781-1790."

Regarding the name of his wife, the DAR Patriot Index gives the following:
Bodine, John: b 1741 d 12-24-1836 m Ann Pvt PA (Second Supplement, page 7).

In Juanita Rogers Brown's DAR application, there are three children listed for John: John Baptist (m. Jane Mariah), Samuel (m. Mary Fox), and Levi (m. Rebecca Fox). No proof is given, though. It also says John, the father, was married to Ann. For references to this generation, Mrs. Brown may have attached a supplement (443064 + 463) for proof. This wasn't attached, but it would be interesting to see what it is.

Since it's possible that this family passed some time in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, here are some results of research there.

Subject: Re: Bodines
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001
From: EDelva7334 at

I saw your name as a lookup volunteer at the Columbia County, Pennsylvania GenWeb site. I was wondering if you could see if you have any cemetery info on Bodine / Berdine / Bordine / Burdine / Bodein in your books. I'm interested in any and all data you might have.


Hi Dave,
Sorry, none of the variations of your surname appear in the Cemeteries of Centralia, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Good luck in your research.

Here's an interesting message I got from Joan Best:

From: Joan Best
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2002
Subject: John S. Bodine, Rev. War vet from Northumberland

I have found an old note in my records that says:
John S. Bodine
In Bodine Cemetery in East Union Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio
Enlisted Northumberland, PA 1777
born 8/15/1748, died 12/24/1836 OH
married Ann

I can now find reference to some of this but not the enlistment part or the wife part, on the internet. I did find a reference to a 1990 DAR Patriot reference. This is probably connected to Samuel of the same location.

End of message.

About the message above, Jan Alpert wrote the following. She is looking into the possibility that John's father was Abraham Bodine

From: JanAlpert at
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003
Cc: kennaw at
Subject: Re: Bodine

Thanks Dave. If John Bodine who lived in Ohio was born Aug. 15, 1748, he would have been 20 years old 10 months and 29 days when his [possible] father wrote his will. Not yet 21 but close. That would be a good fit. I will write Somerset Co. for a copy of the entire probate record. It should also show the payments to him at 21 and his sisters when they married.

End of message.

I haven't seen a birth date for John before or that he enlisted from Northumberland County. This needs to be checked out. I have a feeling it may have come from his pension file. If that can be located, it would be invaluable.

It's possible that this John and Peter, the husband of Sabillah Ent, could be related. That is only guess, though.

Here is some interesting info:

From: crownover [crownover at]
Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2006
Subject: website "ten most wanted"

I found your website through a Google search.

I am working on continuing my mother in law's research on Covenhoven/Covenhover/Cownover/Crownover. I'm in Huntingdon county, PA where one of the Berkeley county Covenhovens settled. I wrote to Stan Ball this evening also because of a comment he had in the "notes" of your John Bodine, #5 of the "ten most wanted" regarding the Covenhoven migration.

John Covenhoven b 1719 married Lydia Predmore in New Jersey 1752. They were in Chester county PA in 1768, and John bought land in central Pennsylvania and Berkeley county 1772. His eldest son John (possibly from a previous marriage) lived on the Pennsylvania property and is my husband's line.

John died 1778. Will book 1, page 122, dated 24 February 1778, presented 17 March 1778

He names wife Lydia's share, gives sons Daniel and Joseph the plantation that he now lives on containing one hundred fifty acres. They must pay daughters Ann, Ruth, Betty and Polly fifty pounds Pennsylvania currency as they come of age. Wife Lydia, sons Benjamin and William are executors, they divide the rest of the estate. To son John "over and above what I formerly gave him the sum of five shillings Sterling."

witnesses are Samuel Oldham, John
Walker, John Jasper, William Cunningham, Abram Morelat(Marlatt?)

John's son William died in Berkeley county in 1834, naming his (possibly second) wife Sophia. His children moved to Ohio and Indiana.
Benjamin married Rachel Jasper and went to South Carolina, then Illinois. His son John is among Austin's Original colony in Texas.
Joseph b 1759 married Sarah/Sally Prigmore. They moved to South Carolina, then Tennessee.
Daniel b1763 married Martha "Patsy" ____. They lived in South Carolina, then Arkansas.
Of the daughters, Ann is still unknown, Ruth married James Prather in 1784, lived in Clear sring, Washington county, MD. Polly married Jonathan Nesbitt, lived in Clear Spring also. Betty married Thomas Smith, may also be in Clear Spring.
Lydia remarried Richard Prather in 1782 and lived in Clear Spring. He was the father of James Prather

Book 1, page 139. John and Lydia bought 324 acres in Berkeley county 16 June, 1772 from John and Ann Borden.

could they be Bodine and connected to your "most wanted" #5?

I also have a sheet provided to my mother in law by Don Wood, historian of Berkeley county in the early 1980's. It contains the history of the property. The Bordens bought it in two parcels April 1762, recorded 4 August 1762 book 7, pages 301 and 305 (Frederick county) The original owner was John Lindsey," Gent", March 1752, 424 acres. In May 1756 he transferred 213 acres to James & Ruth Lindsey, 212 acres to Sarah and Thomas Speake, "Gent". After the Bordens bought both parcels, they sold 100 acres 4 June 1766 to John Shebley, "late of F".

It's getting late, and my typing is getting sloppy.
I will share all that I can.

Rosemary Crownover

What this suggests to me is that if this John and Ann Borden is this John and Ann Bodine, then we now have a connection to Berkeley Co., VA (WV now). This would probably link them to the Jacob Bodine who married Jane Marlatt.

The following comes from Ronny Bodine. It may or may not refer to this John Bodine as the one who committed the fornication mentioned below. It is only a wild guess at this time and more likely refers to one of a couple of other John Bodines from New Jersey.

The Docket of Jacob Van Noorstrand was published in the Genealogy Magazine of New Jersey, vol. 42, p. 100 and included the following entry:

son, born 30 September 1765. On 3 February 1766, Hannah Van Sickeln appeared before Jacob Van Noorstrand, of the Somerset County court and stated she was delivered of a male child on 30th Sept last and John Bodyne of Hunterdon County, cooper, is the father. A warrant was sworn for Bodyne. On 17 February 1766, John Bodine of Reading, Hunterdon County, was directed to appear at the next quarter session in Somerset County to answer to charges of fornication. Peter Bodine, of Hunterdon County, acted as surety.

From: acacat17 at
Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello Dave,

I happened upon this Dilts Family website that I thought I should refer to your attention, just in case there is something of interest to you here. As you already know in your own records, this site mentions a John Bodine who was executor of the February 20, 1788 Will of Heinrich/Henry Dilts/Dils/Diltz - possibly the same John Bodine who married Mary Dils (she was born about 1750). However, of particular interest to me is that there were a few of these Dils children who were born in Warren County, Ohio --- I just wonder if there may have been some association with our John Bodine and Jane Marlatt who were also living there???

Best Wishes, Jan Bodine

Ronny Bodine sent me the following:

From: The Courier-Crescent (Orrville, Ohio) of Wednesday, 24 Nov 1971.

Since the celebration of the bicentennial of the United States has already begun, I wish to commend the Courier-Crescent for space given to further an appreciation of local and national history.

After Miss Mary Studer published my desire to correspond with descendants of our ancestors, I have almost completed the family tree. Names of those to whom we are indebted are too numerous to mention except Miss Alta Bartel, granddaughter of James Bodine, who sent me the family sketch. This obviously was the work of Miss Elizabeth Freeman of Ashland. That it is authentic has been proved by the fact that I recently procured a copy of the marriage license of John and Nancy Bodine, our third great grandparents, from Harrisonburg, Va.

John Bodine Sr., after selling his farm in Greene County, Pa., moved to Canaan Township, Wayne County, Ohio, in 1824. His daughter, Ann, (Mrs. Thomas Eldridge) accompanied him. Does anyone know whether his daughter, Mary (Mrs. Boltus Wiggins) accompanied him or whether his wife, Nancy, died
before the family's migration to Wayne County, Ohio?

John Bodine Sr. is buried in the Boydston-Bodine Cemetery in East Union Township. Inscribed on the memorial still legible in the 1950's (See Dr. Anna Yoder's Scrapbook in the Wayne County Library, page 4) 1741-1836. His son, Levi, and family did not go with the father to Ohio, but through the years their name has been corrupted to Berdine." Now I am trying to trace those descendants, who live in Waynesburg, Pa.

Samuel Bodine, oldest son of John, moved, in 1815 with his family to Wayne County, East Union Township, where he bought his farm from George Boydston in 1824 (see II - 452). In 1828 (Vol. 22-353) he added another 120 acres to his farm. Again in 1847, he bought lots 186, 187 and 188 in Wooster from George Brimble; also see Vol. 43, 609, concerning the transactions with George Wilcox and wife in Wooster. Therefore it was in Wooster that Samuel's wife, Mary Fox Bodine, and their daughter, Jane, died in September 1851. Both are buried in the family plot (N.E. Quarter, Sec. 4, Range 12, Twp. 16, S. E. corner of aforementioned farm). Methodists, please note that four churches in Wayne County began at this corner or roughly in this area. Samuel became a group leader and had quarterly meetings in his barn that lasted for two days. (See Dr. Anna Yoder's Scrapbook).

After his wife's death, Samuel and his daughter, Lovina, moved to Smithville (see "Pioneer Homes of Wayne County") where the father had purchased a large red brick house of Federal design on what was originally Lot 1. He died April 30,1872 and was buried in the family plot. The stone is still legible but is no longer upright.

His immediate family of 11 children were: Joseph (married Elizabeth Thomas), Nancy (Mrs. John Freeman), Jane, Lovina, John (married Esther Freeman), Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob Arnsberger), Eliza (Mrs. Henry Stirk), James (married Elizabeth Brenneman) and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Orrville; Mary Ann (Mrs. George F. A. Tarn) predeceased her father; Samuel (married Mary Taylor).

To compound the difficulties in tracing the Bodines, several Bodine families immigrated directly from France to Wayne County, Ohio, about 1860. This I discovered when I received Joseph's Civil War Record, because a Joseph D. Bodine also served in the Union Army. These families should not be confused because our line is descended from John Bodine who appears in the census of Staten Island in 1694. A staunch Huguenot, he fled from France to England, where he married his second wife, Esther Bridon daughter of Francois Bridon. (Baird: Emigration of Huguenots, Vol. 1, and History of the Huguenots in America, Vol. 1.)

Although the Lewis Freeman and his wife, Ann Noe, lines have been traced by certified genealogists and are voluminous, I shall try to be brief. Lewis's branch of the Freemans has been traced to 1639 in America. Ann Noe's goes back to 1663 when Pierre Noue arrived in America with other Waldensians in 1663. Among Lewis's ancestors is Judge Henry Freeman of Middlesex County, New Jersey, and a sergeant in the Colonial Wars.

Lewis Freeman and his family moved from New Jersey to Greene County, Pennsylvania. In 1834 the family moved to Wayne County, Ohio. There he bought his property in Township 16, Range 12, Northwestern quarter containing 160 acres (Deed Vol. II, p. 640).

Their children were as follows: Anneliza (Mrs. John F. Simpkins), Benjamin Noe, MD, (married Compton); John (married Nancy Bodine), Lewis (married Christanna Garrel), Edgar (married Mary McFann), both he and his son were merchants in Wooster; Harriet (Mrs. Ephraim Seargent), Esther
(marriecl John Bodine); Sarah (marriea John H. Ray), Fanny (married James Clubine).

Nearly all of the family is buried in the Old Cemetery in Orrville. Nancy rests in the Boydston-Bodine plot (we have a picture of her headstone), but her husband, John Freeman, is interred somewhere in Michigan. Esther and her husband, John Bodine, were buried in the Bodine plot in Pleasantville, Pa.
They are our great grandparents. As can be seen at Lewis Freeman's grave in Orrville, he fought in the War of 1812.

Several months ago I sent to the Wayne Co. Wooster Library a pamphlet entitled "Colonial Families of America" by Frances M. Smith and Frank Allaben, published by the Genealogical Company, 3 W. 42nd St., New York, N.Y. on the Freeman Family. This contains the coat-of-arms attributed to Henry Freeman of Woodbridge, N.J. Because the company had only two copies, I shall try to reorder. In this booklet are listed the descendants (of Wayne County) from Judge Henry; but because I became ill, further work was halted.

The Bodines, Freemans, and Noes eventually settled in New Jersey until they, like all pioneers, moved westward. The greatest heritage or sense of American spirit that parents can give their children is the nowledge of the accomplishments and perseverance of their forefathers. Let's begin to celebrate the bicentennial at home.

Miss Eliubetb D. Madill
450 Carson Street
Monongahela, Pa. 15063