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The family group sheets of Isabella and Perry both have information in the notes and both of these will have to be printed to get all of the information that is available about their family. Records found in San Augustine show Perry married Isabella a short time after John Bodine's death. Isabella was next to the youngest child of John and Nancy. The probates of both John and Nancy have information about her inheritance. As determined from the probates of John and Nancy Bodine, Isabella inherited almost 900 acres of land.

Here is some tax roll information on Perry and Isabella (Bodine) Anderson that Jim Bodine looked up. Jim wrote, "A part of yesterday was spent in the Library in downtown Dallas and the early tax rolls of Shelby and San Augustine county TX were viewed and the quality of same were pretty miserable. Some areas of the film were totally unreadable but I am 98% sure that the data that I am attaching is correct. I failed to take a magnifying glass with me but I really don't think that it would have been of much help. It seems that the attachment provides a pretty good history on the location of this couple over a span of several years."

nderson Information

Updated on Aug - 5 - 2004

The information listed on this page and possibly any to follow was found on the tax rolls contained in the Johnson Library in Dallas, Texas on the above date. I checked back and started from the year 1846 and worked forward until I was no longer able to find Perry on the San Augustine county record and then located him on the Shelby County records and proceeded from there.

In 1846 only Wm G. and S. G. Anderson were found listed in the record. In 1847 there was a W. G., I. C. and Perry with very little additional information. No Andersons were found on the 1848 and 1849. On the 1850 only a M. G. and W. G. were found. The 1851 listed a M. G., Mary, Wm G.. 1852 and 1853 only listed an M. S.. Mary again appears on the 1854 through 1857 with Perry also appearing on the 1856. Mary again on the 1857. On the 1858 there is Perry, Joseph and Mary.

The 1859 and 1860 list a Mary and Joseph. 1861 lists a John W. , Perry, Joseph and Mary. 1863 and 64 shows Perry. 1865 could not be read. 1866 shows Mary and 1867 shows a Mrs. M. A.. Perry did not again appear on the San Augustine tax roll and I did not persue Andersons further on that reel.

I then started on the tax roll of Shelby county. In 1865 F. A. E. Anderson was listed and he also had four entries on the 1866 and there S. A. Anderson was also listed.

The 1867 which was unreadable and I then moved to the 1868 and there found Perry and John. The 1869 and 1870 were not readable and then two Andersons were found on the 1872. The film was dark but one name appeared to be Jim B. and the other was Perry. There were other Andersons on the film but it was too dark to read. On the 1873 the Anderson entries were John, Perry, W. P., L. A. and Susan P.. (The P is not certain).

The 1874 was not readable. The 1875 was dark and faint but there appeared to be a W. P. Anderson on it and also a John, Perry Anderson est., and I. Anderson. (poss. Isabella ?) No other Andersons listed on the 1875. I am assuming that the Est. following the name of Perry was indicating it was his estate. On either the 1875 or 1876 there was an entry Anderson I. to J. B. Tucker. There were no other Anderson entries on the 1876.

The 1877 showed J. H., K. L., W. P., Susan C., S. C. C., and Anderson, Isabella Mrs., (this indicates to me that Isabella was still living.) John Anderson was also listed in this tax year. Since there was no later entries for Isabella she probably died in this year and the flurry of activity might indicate that the division of property took place. The property indicated on the tax roll did not appear to be enough to warrant very much activity. It is also possible that Isabella no longer owned property and that she lived in the home of one of the children but if so, she was not found on the 1880 census.

This information was prepared from data derived from the early tax rolls of Shelby and San Augustine counties by James M. (Jim) Bodine 8-5-2004 in Dallas, TX.

From Ronny Bodine:

Children: John S. (27 Aug 1844), Jonathan A. (1846), Nancy Permelia (16 April 1849), William Pinckney (3 Sept 1850), Elizabeth (1852), Amanda A. (17 June 1856), Archibald A. (14 March 1857).