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Sinnott listed this person as a male with the name St. Jantien. However, the name "Jantien" in the Dutch churches in that area was always a female. It appears to be a nickname for Ariaentje (which also has many spelling variations). I'm not sure where the "St." part came from. The baptismal record just has "Bodien, Jacob and wife--Jaentien. Witnesses: Ouke Jansen and wife."

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Subject: John (Jaentien) Bodine

Hi Dave,

I don't know if this will help you or make things worse. I am not a Bodine researcher but I have been studying the Raritan Dutch Reformed Church baptismal records a good deal lately.

I noticed that on both of the following pages:
Isaac Bodine & Jannetje Maurits
Jacob Bodine and Elizabeth Sebring

you list a John (Jaentien) Bodine for both families. In the Raritan records, Jaentien is always a female name, not a male name. It appears to be a nickname for Ariaentje (with many spelling variations). Ariaentje in turn has been erroneously equated with Adrianetje (also with many spelling variations). It is the name of Elizabeth Sebring's mother.

This is the baptismal record from the Raritan Church for the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Bodine:

Bodien, Jacob and wife--Jaentien. Witnesses: Ouke Jansen and wife

The witness is Ouke Jansen and his wife, Catryntje Sebring. Catrynte is the sister of Elizabeth. Ouke (Auke) and his wife also named a daughter Ariaentje. Here is her baptismal record:
- Jansen, Ouke and wife--Jaentien. Witnesses: Jacob and Maria Sebrige.

This is the young woman, Arriantje Janse, who will eventually marry Jacob Bodine's younger brother, Abraham Bodine.

I don't know what became of either of the Ariaentje(Jantien) daughters at this time but it might help to know that you should be looking for a female rather than a male and that the name may be given as Ariaentje rather than by the nickname Jantien or it may have been Anglized into Adrientje.

Oh...and the Peter Bodine that is often included in the family of Jacob and Elizabeth may not have existed. As far as I have been able to learn, the only evidence for him is from Daniel Sebring's will in which Daniel refers to his "nephews" and his "son-in-law". Just as hislanguage in the case of "son-in-law" actually refers to his step-son, Peter Bodine, I think that his language of "nephew" may actually include the category of "grand-nephew". Thus the Peter Bodine who is called a nephew is actually a grand-nephew, the son of Abraham Bodine and Ariaentje Janse. Abraham and Ariaentje can be proven to have had a son named Peter and Ariaentje was a daughter of Daniel's sister, Catryntje. Ariaentje was a niece to Daniel and any of her children would have been his grand-nephew.

Renee L. Dauven


I did have that this John Bodine was the father of Jacob Bodine (b. abt. 1739) and John Bodine (b. 1741, m. Ann Diltz). However, I'm not sure where that information came from and neither does it sound accurate. At the least, it does not seem to be proven. In none of his administration papers does it appear to say that this John Bodine had a wife, children, or heirs or any kind. I will assume, for now, that nothing is really known of who his children were. More evidence is needed.

Signature of John Bodine

This is John Bodine's signature made on May 23, 1748 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey when he signed an inventory for his deceased brother, Jacob Bodine.

The "Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly," December of 1985, pages 233-237, lists this child as "Jannetje" Bodine instead of "Jantien." This must be a mistake. The original, or whatever is left, should be checked to make sure.

Theodore A. Bodine says that John (Jantien) Bodine resided in Bethlehem Township also (the same as his father, Jacob Bodine). This comes from The Jerseyman, v. 3, no. 1, by Henry Race M.D., 1895, pages 4-5 (From Emley's MMS., 1757):

John Bodine resided west of Pierce's Road, which runs from Pittstown to Bloomsbury (now Hickory Road), separating Alexandria Township from the present Bethlehem Township.

Item 1: In the WPA records, an abstract of John Bodine's Inventory has been made. It is dated September 9, 1757 (maybe September 19). His personal estate was valued at L40, 5.8. It was made by John Hall and John Hinderhit (possibly Hendershot misspelled). This may be the same as item 3, the information at hand was not very clear. I believe item 1 refers to the following (Hunterdon Co., NJ #393J):

INVENTORY OF JOHN BODINE who died intestate, 1757, returned by John Hall.
CORNELIUS BODINE was appointed Administrator and posted bond, "Cornelius Bodine Adm. of the Goods Chattels Rights & Credits of the within named John Bodine Deceased being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of almighty God and Deposeth that the within Writing Containing a True and perfect Inentory of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased to ___ as came to his knowledge or possession or view or to the possession of any other persons for his life

Cornelius Bodine (his signature)

Sworn the 19th day of Sep 1757

Item 2: Shortly afterwards (or on the same day), Cornelius Bodine testified that John Bodine died without a will. The date copied by the WPA was September 19, 1759, but that is incorrect. It should be 1757. It is all handwritten in the original:

Be it Remembered that on the Nineteenth day of September 1757 personally appeared before me Theo. Severns duly authorized to qualifie Administrators for their _____ _____ Cornelius Bodine who being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God did depose that John Bodine died without a will as far as he knows and as he verily believes and that he will well and truly Administer all and singular the Goods Chattels Rights and Credits of the said Deceased which have or shall come to his hands or possession or to the hands or possession of any person or persons for his use and that he will make a true & perfect Inventory of the said Goods Chattels Rights and Credits and Exhibit the Same into the prerogative office at Burlington and render a just and true "account when Accounts Lawfully Exercised" (uncertain of this phrase) of his Administration.

Sworn before me Theo. Severns Sumo.

Cornelius Bodine (his signature)

There is a note in the margin that says "Cornelius Bodine _____? of John Bodine Bond & Inventy, Hunterdon County 1757. Ent in Lib 8, f'o 515. This was probably added by some archiver.

Item 3: The Inventory follows the bond. Much of the spelling and many of the words are of questionable accuracy. The photocopy was very hard to read. It is handwritten:

(This part of the Inventory is in the left column of the page.)

The Account of Cornelius Bodine administrator of all and Singular the Goods ... Rights and Credits which were of John Bodine late of Lebanon in the County of Hunterdon ... as well of and for so much of the said Goods and Chattels rights and Credits of the ... which came to his hands to be administered as of and for his payments and Disbursed of the Same.

This account chargeth himself ______ Per Contra this account ...

This account chargeth himself with all and Singular the Goods Chattels rights and Credits which were of the said Deceased Mentioned & Specified in an Inventory & Appraisement thereof made and Exhibited in the Registry of the prerogative office in Burlington _____ing as by the Same Inventory to a sum of

Additional Inventory of Sundry Goods belonging to said(?) Estate Same(?) The first appraisements come to the possession of said Administrator & appraised by John Hall and _____ Henderich(sp?) filed in said(?) Inventory(?) office
107.3.4 (total)

The Balance due to said Administrator from said Deceased's Estate
198.4.5 (total)

(This next part of the inventory is in the right column of the page.)

By cash paid for Diging Grave 000.06.00
By D'o paid coffin 000.10.00
By D'o paid Expenses Funeral 001.00.00
By D'o paid Secretary & Somo lett' admin 002.00.00
By D'o paid appraisors 000.10.00
By D'o paid Barry Lagrange for David Cox 19.11.2 York money 021.03.09
is money at 8 for (?)
By D'o paid John Hall & Ex'er 003.04.10
By D'o paid these Blaire Bond prin & interest _____ 010.00.07
By D'o paid Andrew Lake as judgment prin & int. 015.10.00
By D'o paid Ladswicks Landers & _____ in Execution 002.10.02
proil' 2.3 at 8 _____
By cash paid Cornelius Happak for Francis Quick 001.16.10
By cash paid said Ex'er ...? 000.11.03
By D'o paid Edward Willet a Bond prin besides Int. 008.00.00
By cash paid Jacob Bodine & _____ 100.00.00
By cash paid Hugh Shardin for _____ & _____ 000.12.03


By a debt due to Cornelius Bodine adm'er 015.15.00

By Commissions on 184.10.08 at ... to said Adm'er 013.13.09

By Balance & Contra 091.01.01
By cash paid for _____ _____ _____ 001.05.00


Item 4: This is the bond of John Bodine's estate. It is dated September 19, 1757.

KNOW ALL MEN by these Presents, That We Cornelius Bodine and John Hall of Lebanon in the County of Hunterdon and province of New Jersey are held and firmly bound unto the Honorable John Reading Esq'r. President of His Majestie's Councell & Commander in Chief of Jew jersey in the sum of 500 pounds, Proclamation Money, to be paid to the said John Reading Esq'r. his Successors or Assigns: To which Payment well and truly to be made; We bind us, our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals and Dated the Nineteenth Day of September Anno Domini One thousand Seven Hundred and fifty Seven.

THE CONDITION of the above Obligation is such, That if the Above-bound Cornelius Bodine Administrator of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of John Bodine late of Lebanon In the County of s'd deceased, do make or cause to be made, a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the Hands, Possession or Knowledge of the said Cornelius Bodine or into the Hands of any other Person or Persons for his Use, and the same so made, exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Registry of the Prerogative Court, in the Secretary's-Office at Burlington on or before the Nineteenth Day of January next ensuing; and the same Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased, at the Time of his Death, or which at any Time after, shall come to the Hands or Possession of the said Cornelius Bodine, or unto the Hands or Possession of any other person or Persons, for his Use, do well and truly administer according to Law; and farther do make or cause to be made, a just and true Account of his Administration, on or before the Nineteenth Day of September now next ensuing the Date thereof; and all the Rest and Residue of the said goods, chattels and Credits; which shall be found remaining upon the Account of the said Administrator the same being first examined and allowed of, by the Judge, for the time being, of the said Prerogative Court, shall deliver and pay unto such Person or Persons respectively, as the said Judge for the Time being, of the said Court, by his Decree or Sentence, pursuant to the true Intent and Meaning of an Act of Parliament, made in the 22nd and 23rd Years of the Reign of King Charles II, entitled An Act of Settling Intestates Estates (estates without wills), shall limit and appoint. And if it shall hereafter appear, that any last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named, do exhibit the same into the said Prerogative Court, making Request to have it allowed and approved accordingly; If the said Cornelius Bodine being thereunto required do render and deliver up the said Letters of Administration, Approbation of such Testament being first had and made in the said Court, then the above Obligation to be void, or else it shall stand in full Force and Virtue.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of
Theo. Severns (The "Theo." is an abbreviation.)
Cornelius Bodine
John Hul(sp?)

Item 5: The next item is dated August 25, 1758. The following was copied from the original at Trenton:

Cornelius Bodine, administrator of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits which were of John Bodine, died, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God did Depose that he both well and surely administered all and singular the said goods and chattels of the said deceased."

This was signed on the 25th day of August, 1758.