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The name "Sebring" has been spelled many ways, including: Cebring, Seaborn, Sebering, Sebrant, Sebrige, Sebrink, Sebryng, Seubering, Subring, and Sybrink. All of these are the result of phonetic spelling and translation from the Dutch language.

Elizabeth's grandfather was Roelof Lukassen Sebring, born about 1595 in Beyle, Drenth, Netherlands. He had five known children.

Her father, Jan Roeloffsen Sebring, was born in 1631 at Beyle, Drenth, Netherlands. He married Adrianna Polhemius abt 1660. Jan came to the New World sometime between 1650 and 1660. Some records indicate he arrived in New Amsterdam on April 15, 1660 on the ship De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow); however, some records indicated he may have been there as early as 1654. It is possible that either the Jan Soubanick that was listed on De Bonte Koe was not the same as Jan Sueberingh, listed in these records. More likely, Jan may have returned to his home country and made a second trip back. He died about 1703.

Elizabeth's mother, Adrianna Polhemius, was born at Island of Itamarca, Brazil about 1644 where her father was a minister. She was actually of European descent. She probably came to New Amsterdam with her father in 1654. According to "Immigrants," he came from Holland to New Amsterdam before 1680. She died about 1685 to 1702 in New York.

Adrianna's father was Johannes Theodorus Polhemius and her mother was Catharine Van Der Werven. Johannes was born in 1598, most likely in Boikirchen, Germany. He was probably born at Boikirchen, a small community that no longer exists. It was probably near the present Wolfstein in Rhenish Bavaria (NGS: 43:125). At some point, he moved to Amsterdam. Johannes may have been married twice, with a daughter from the first marriage, name unknown. His daughter was baptized in Meppel in 1629. Then there is a fifteen year interval before his next child is recorded. His first wife must have died and he remarried later. He married Catharine about 1643 in Brazil. He died on September 9, 1676 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York. His father was Johann Theodor Polhemius. Catharine was born about 1612 and died around 1702 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Her father was Daniel Van Der Werven.

The names of and information concerning Elizabeth's Sebring relatives came from a web site on the Internet. As of September 1998, this site was located at "". The names of her siblings and their spouses were there as well as her parents and her parents' families. Most of this information apparently came from a D. L. Durham. But this does not appear to be her web site. An email contact address from this site was "".

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Subject: Baptism of Elisabeth Sebring (Seuberinge), Wife of Jacob Bodine

Dave, I have a source for baptism of Elisabeth Janse Seuberinge (or Seubering) on 8 June 1687 (not 1677). My old notes indicate that you had questioned her correct date (1677 or 1687) in the past.

Theodore M. Banta (Secretary), Year Book Of The Holland Society Of New York 1897 (New York, New York, The Holland Society of New York), Internet Archive <>, First Book Of Records Of The Dutch Reformed Church Of Brooklyn, New York; pp. 133-194. "Baptisms. . . . First List. . . . 1687. . . . June 8. Elisabeth. Jan Roelofsen Seubering, Ariaentje Polhemius, parents. Witnesses: Cornelis Barentsen, Margriet Polhemius. . . .".


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