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ancy Ann Gunnels is probably John's second wife. Very little is known of her early life. Tradition says that she was of black Dutch descent. She may have been born on June 6, 1784, in South Carolina (notarized document mentioned earlier). However, it looks more possible that she was from Oglethorpe County, Georgia. One person gives her birth date as July of 1793. That must come from one of the censuses. This same document gives their marriage date as December 24, 1802, but this is probably incorrect. No solid proof has been found yet that would give a marriage date earlier than that of December 25, 1810, in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Wm. Herndon, minister of the Gospel, entered certification of this marriage into the Oglethorpe County Record on February 4, 1811. It reads "I hereby certify that on the 25th Dec. 1810, I joined in holy wedlock John Bodine and Nancy Gunnols."

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Dave: Great job on your Bodine free pages. I thought you might like to have some info for update. My name is Lamar Welch and I am a Gunnells descendant. Your listing for Nancy Ann Gunnels married to John Bodine has an error for her parents.

Father: John King Gunnells
born 1769 Granville, SC
died 1817 GA

Mother Mahala Unknown
born 1759
died after 1860 GA
She last appears in the Oglethorpe Co, GA 1860 Census in her daughter's household as age 90.


I later contacted Lamar about sources for this information, but haven't heard back from him yet. Personally, I would be surprised that John Gunnells had married a woman ten years younger than he was. It does happen, though.

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... I was in Dallas this week and did a bit of research with what bit of info that he had previously sent. The 1860 Oglethorpe Census did show a Mahala Gunnils in the household of a farmer named Jacob Busbin. Jacobs wife was named Dolly R. and her age was shown as 51. There were two daughters in the household. Sarah, age 32 was the oldest and Salena, age 27 was the other. Mahala was shown as age 90 and she was shown as blind. Jacob was listed as bn. in S. C. and all others were listed as bn. in GA. I have contacted and organization that publishes some Oglethorpe County records and ordered a record that would have covered the time of Jacobs marriage to Dolly R. It should provide us with another possibility. The age of Dolly R. would fit into the age range of Nancy but she would have been quiet a bit younger. I did find the 1830 census of Oglethorpe county on the net and Jacobs name was spelled Busdin on it. I will keep in touch.


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My name is Stanley E. Gunnels, Archie, Mo. I am very interested in talking with each of the cousins, I know you are pretty busy right now. I am a member of the Sons of the Revolution and a officer in the Kansas City Chapter. I am a state officer also.
I am still searching for more information on the Gunnels. The following is my ancestors:
1. Daniel Gunnels (Gunnells)(Gunnell) born in North Carolina 1742, died in Oglethorpe County, Georgia in 1806. Daniel had a son named:
2. Joseph Daniel Gunnels born in North or South Carolina 1761 died in Overton County, Tennessee in 1829. Daniel had fought in the Revolutionary War and the DAR in Tennessee has recognized him along with a brother for helping save New Orleans from a tragic fire during the war. He married Margaret Joiner in Georgia in 1762, died in Overton County Tennessee in 1830.
3. The said William Gunnels son of Joseph Daniel Gunnels was born in Wilkes County GA (later Elbert Co.) about 1785, died in Bates County, MO on April 27, 1848. He had married Mary who died in Bates Co. on March 6, 1856.
4. The said Carroll Gunnels son of William Gunnels. Carroll Gunnels, born in Libery Twp., Stoddard County, Mo. April 13, 1829, died in Miami County, Kansas July 23, 1904. He married Mary Benson, 1858. She was born in Miami County, Kansas August 12, 1856??? and died in Miami County, Kansas on November 4,1901.
5. The said Samuel John Gunnels son of Carroll Gunnels. Samuel Gunnels, born December 13, 1875 and died December 23, 1943. Born and died in Miami County, Sugar Creek Township, KS. He married Francis D. Clifton, born 1876 in Bates County, MO and died in Miami County, Kansas 1968.
6. The said Harry Sterling Gunnels son of Samuel John Gunnels. Harry Gunnels, born April 26, 1911 in Miami County, Sugar Creek Township, KS. Born in the same house and attended Star School Dist. No. 48, the same as his father. He died in Bates County, MO March 30, 2003. He married Dora Esther Mills, born June 30, 1912 in Linn County, Ks. Died in Bates County, MO May 31, 1988.
7. The said Stanley Eugene Gunnels son of Harry Sterling Gunnels. Stanley Gunnels, born June 7, 1934 in Miami County, Sugar Creek Township, KS (with a Merwin, MO mailing address) in the same house as his father and grandfather. Stanley also attended Star School Dist. No. 48, the same as his father and grandfather. He married Mildred Elaine Christiansen, born March 8, 1937 in Cass County, MO and married June 16, 1961.

I would like to hear from you and know who you are and what branch you are from. I am retired but still active in Safety Consulting, as well as working part time for Parsons who has a 10 year contract with the FAA, where I go out and oversee, answer and responsible for a project. Installing Engine Generators, building towers, installing Digital Radar Systems, etc.

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Here is some info from WorldConnect on this Nancy Ann Gunnels:

Name: Nancy Ann Gunnels Sex: F Birth: 6 APR 1784 in , , Georgia Death: ABT. 1 APR 1865 in , San Augustine Co., Texas Burial: , San Augustine Co., Texas Census: 1835: Sabine District of Rep. of Texas.

Name: Nancy Ann GUNNELS 1 Sex: F Birth: 25 DEC 1793 in ,Oglethorpe Co.,,GA,USA Death: 27 APR 1863 in San Augustine,San Augustine Co.,TX,USA Burial: San Augustine,San Augustine Co.,TX,USA