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Peter Bodine administered on the estate of John Bodine, his son, on April 9, 1747 (NJ Probate Records, Book E, 24) and executed a quit-claim deed for property in Piscataway on November 10, 1747. This had formerly belonged to John.

I have seen this administration posted online (see messages further below), but I don't see anything much in the way of genealogical information in it. The Peter Bodine who administered it was probably his father, but that is only a guess.

John may have been baptized at Three Mile Run.

John is profiled at the web site "". See more on this site on Peter Bodine's Notes page. And he is mentioned quite a bit in Rebecca Yamin's doctoral dissertation on the Raritan Landing traders. See Peter Bodine's Notes page for more on that as well. According to the information in this book and at the web site, John Bodine was a trader and freighter like his father, Peter Bodine. Like his father, John did quite a bit of business with the Janeway and Broughton store in Bound Brook, seven miles west of Raritan Landing. For instance, in 1737, he and his partner, Paul LeBoyteaux, were paid by the Janeway and Broughton Store for an order of a load of wheat, 455 gallons of rum bought at New Brunswick, another 100 1/2 gallons, and for freighting seven hogshead. In the 1740's, they handled molasses and other imported goods like stoneware and cotton (RLT: 83-84). John and his partner apparently supplied the Janeway store with grain from the hinterland as well as imports (like the molasses from New Brunswick).

John had a good house along the causeway (now Landing Lane) between the river and the Road up Raritan. It was on the upriver or west side of the causeway. The ruins of the foundation of his probable house and warehouse are inside part of the Rutgers excavation corridor on Landing Lane. The foundation walls of the house appear to have been made of fieldstone (cut shale blocks) resting on a lower foundation of cobbles laid in a shallow trench. There are also large 1.2 foot diameter post holes spaced at regular intervals indicate that the building was framed in wood. The upper portions may have been included brick and there may have also been a brick floor support (RLT: 160). A 1738 British coin was also discovered in the rubble of this foundation.

John lived there with his wife, Catherine LeBoyteaux, his partner's sister. They had three children who were all baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Brunswick: Gabriel, Caterena, and Johannes. Catherine's family lived close by in Piscataway and John's family was right there in Raritan Landing.

Here is some new information:

From: Audrey Shields Hancock [AudreyShieldsHancock at]
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 Subject: BODINE-LABOYTEAUX marriage?


Do you know anything about this BODINE family? I am a LABOYTEAUX researcher. I have been trying to find information on Jean/John BODINE and his family.


Little is known of John Bodine and thus little is written of him. His BODINE parents and family members are unknown at this time. It is appears he was married perhaps around 1730 to Catherine LeBoiteaux/Laboyteaux, dau/o Gabriel LeBoiteaux/Laboyteaux and Agnes Constance LeBrun. Their children are given as: Gabriel (probably named for his maternal grandfather), Caterena, and Johannes, but nothing is known of the children either.

See: Traders at Raritan Landing

Under John Bodine...mentions Paul Laboyteaux (partner of John Bodine) and Paul's sister, Catherine (John Bodine's wife) and John's & Catherine's children: Gabriel, Caterena, and Johannes, all baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Brunswick as it indicates, " We were as close to Catherine's people in Piscataway as we were to my own right here at the Landing. " John & Paul were in business together by 1737, and John speaks of his wife, Catherine, being sister of his partner.

It appears that John Bodine died young, for it is said that Catherine is believed to have married perhaps about 1740 to Daniel Sebring and by her had no heirs. It would seem also that Daniel could have been married previously, but no other record indicates this as Daniel appears to be about 30 years Catherine's senior, and Daniel is said to have had no heirs listed in his will. A joint sponsorship of a child being baptized and witnessed by Daniel Sebring and Catherine Laboyteaux would appear to provide some legitimacy to the marriage.

Catherine's mother, Agnes (Lebrun) Laboyteaux/Leboiteaux married as her second husband, Roelof Sebring.

Audrey later sent me information on three more children:

From: Audrey Shields Hancock
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004
Subject: BODINE-LABOYTEAUX children


We have two seasoned LABOYTEAUX researchers and with information from one plus the latest information from "Traders of Raritan Landing" it appears 6 children have been identified for John Bodine and Catherine Laboyteaux. I imagine the first three were found in baptismal records, but she does not give sources in her manuscript although she is cautious to validate her information. She does not give the other three children as listed on the "Traders at Raritan Landing" site.


Children of John & Catherine are given as:

Maria Bodine b ca 29 March 1732
Angenette Bodine b ca May 1734
Petrus / Peter Bodine b ca 11 April 1736
Source: ...Privately Published Booklet Manuscript...


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Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010
Subject: John Bodine & Catherine LeBoyteulx of Raritan Landing

I'm a LABOYTEAUX family researcher and I'm creating a timeline for John Bodine and his wife Catherine LeBoyteulx of Raritan Landing, Piscatawy, NJ. SEE the following link:

There is somthing that has me puzzled and I was hoping you can help me make things a little clearer.

According to sources John Bodine's brother Peter was married to Agnes Constance De Bruyn, born perhaps about 1712.

Now the mother of Catherine LeBoyteulx was name Agnes Constance LeBrun (born about 1672). These are variants of the same name.

Sources give that the first child of Peter Bodine and Agnes Constance De Bruyn was Marie, born 8 December, 1731... I'm wondering if this information was taken from a baptismal record and that maybe the record was mis-transcribed. Could it be that "Agnes Constance De Bruyn" was not the mother, but the witness/sponsor at the baptism and that this was in reality Agnes Constance LeBrun, the widow of Gabriel LeBoyteulx.

Also note that Marie Bodine (born 1731) married Cornelius Ten Broeck and that Catherine LeBoyeulx was the godmother to their son John in 1755.

Thanks in advance for any light you might be able to shine on the subject!

Jim Maxwell

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Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010
Subject: RE: John Bodine & Catherine LeBoyteulx of Raritan Landing

Hi Dave, I think we have communicated in the past regarding a NJ Supreme Court record between Joseph Laboyteaux and Nicholas and _______ Bodine.

Regarding the birth date for Marie the Daughter of Peter Bodine and Agnes Constance DeBruyn... I can't find a primary source for her birth date. I got the date from two or more published genealogies for BODINE, but those didn' give the primary source. DO YOU HAVE THE PRIMARY SOURCE ? My suspicion is that it comes from the register of the New Brunswick, DRC, but why would they give the birth date and not the date of baptism... so perhaps the record comes from a family bible. I will let you know if and when I find something.

I have the Administration records for the estate of John Bodine, husband of Catherine LeBoyteulx, who died c1747.
Here's the link to that document:

Feel free to copy those image and use them as you wish... or I can email you my original images which are about twice as large---just let me know if you want me to email those two pages to you.

Regarding my timelines, I try to give all the sources for my information and much comes from the Internet... if you follow the source links I provide you will often be guided to an online source. The following is my source for the Harlingen Baptisms along with the link to the online source:

[99] Source: New York Genelogical & Biographical Record, Volume XL (1909); "Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingen (Reformed Dutch) of New Jersey, 1727-1734."

I plan to acquire several more documents regarding John Bodine, so check my documents page in two or three weeks (link given above).

Happy Hunting,
Jim Maxwell