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Ronny Bodine has this Abraham Bodine as the son of Isaac Bodine. That is very possible and should be taken into serious consideration.

This family is discussed in Edson Payson Bodine's article "The History of the Branch of the Bodine Family Founded by Cornelius Bodine, A Soldier of the Revolution, and a Pioneer of the Lake Country of Central New York" (1897). It is not a well-documented article, but the later genealogies are probably pretty accurate. His earlier genealogies may have more mistakes. It lists these seven children of Abraham and Mary Low. He says five of them were baptized in the Church of the North Branch.

In the book History of the West Branch Valley, p. 522, it says that this Abraham was the son of a John Bodine who in 1727 was living on his plantation west of the North Branch of the Raritan, known as No. 67 in the "Elizabeth Town Bill in Chancery." I believe this is correct. The big question is this: Who was that John Bodine? I think it was John Bodine, the son of John Bodine and Maria Crocheron.

Looking at the naming pattern of Abraham's children, I would guess that this Abraham was the son of a John and Mary Bodine and not an Isaac or anyone else. The first girl and boy were named John and Mary. The next girl and boy were named Judith and Cornelius. Those are the names of Mary Low's parents. It does look like Abraham and Mary followed typical Dutch naming patterns in that day.

His wife is Mary Lowe. Some have thought that Mary Lowe was the wife of Cornelius, the son of Abraham, but that is highly doubtful. Some family Bible has said that Mary Law married a Cornelius Bodine. Based on the baptism info mentioned below, that must be a mistake. His wife's last name is based on her name given at the baptism of John, their first child. She was listed as Mary Lou. It is also backed up from the will of her probable father. An abstract of this is given below. It comes from the Somerset County Historical Quarterly, v. 6, pp. 205-6:

The Readington Lowe (Low) Family. The will of Cornelis Lowe dated Mar 24, 1863, probat. Aug 16 1763, mentions his wife Judith; sons Derick, Cornelis, John and Garret; and daus. Marytie, wife of Abraham Bodine, Judith, wife of Johannis Van Nest, and Antje (Trenton Wills, Book II, p 468).


Marytie (dau of Derrick Low), bapt. Apr 14, 1721, at Readington; sponsors, Albert Lou and wife Susanna; m. Abraham (or Cornelius?) Bodine.

And from v. 7, p. 172:

Neshanic Church and Its Builders (Somerset County)
Cash Contributions Received by Dirck Low
Abraham Bodine, 1761
Frederick Bodine, 1761

There is a Middagh genealogy which says Mary Low's husband was Abraham Bodine and that they had five children.

Author: Middagh, Jack C.
Title: Middaugh Family History, Families of Ulster County Volume II
Abbrev: Middaugh Family (UCGS Chart)
Publication: Ulster County Genealogical Society, 1995
Note: Published by the Ulster County Genealogical Society: Families of Ulster County Volume II. (7704 Sundown Ct., Bayonet Point, FL 34667).

All of Abraham's children were living at the time his will was written on June 14, 1769. It was proven on July 3, 1769. It leaves to his wife "all that money given her by her father," with the use of his "whole estate, real and personal, during her natural life or re-marriage," (sic) or until Cornelius should become of age, when he was to inherit the real estate; John was to have fifty pounds, and each of his daughters twenty-five pounds. His wife was to have also his Dutch Bible, a bed and bedding, the best cupboard, etc. His personal property was to be divided equally among all his children. This info comes from page 522 of History of the West Branch Valley.

Jan Alpert sent me the following on his will:

I have not worked on this line for a long time so hopefully you still have the same email addresses. I had a business trip to Salt Lake this week and took a day's vacation to do research. The following is a will abstract for Abraham Bodine from the printed New Jersey Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills 1761-1770 p. 47-48.

1769, June 14. Bodine, Abraham, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, use of real and personal, till my younger son, Cornelius, is 21. Son, Cornelius, all real. Eldest son, John, 50 pounds when 21. Daughters Mary, Jane and Sarah, each 25 pounds when married. To all my children, John, Cornelius, Judith, Mary, Catrine, Jane and Sarah, moveables. Executors--Peter Van Nest and John Van Nest, both sons of Peter Van Nest, deceased, of North Branch of Raritan. Witnesses--Jacob V: Nor Strand, Aurie Lane, and William Lane. Proved Jul 3, 1769. 1769, July 1, inventory 150.17 pounds, made by Peter Dumont, Abraham Ten Eick and Aurie Lane. Lib K, p. 112.

End of info from Jan.

The descendants and wife of his son, John, are only a guess as of this date, August 29, 1999. [Note: I'm not sure this comment is accurate or what exactly it may refer to, but I've left it in for reference.]

From Ronny Bodine:

From: Ronny Bodine [rbodine996 at]
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011
Subject: Abraham Bodine 1717-1769

Hi Dave--

I was looking at Abraham Bodine who died in 1769 and see at your site you show him as the son of John Bodine, son of John and Maria Crocheron. Permit me to point out that Abraham Bodine was baptized at the RDC at Raritan on 31 July 1717 as son of Isaack Bodien & wife. Now, you do show this Abraham as the son of Isaac Bodine, son of John and Maria. But a witness to the baptism was Piere Van Nest who was surely identical with Peter Van Nest, one of the executors of the will of Abraham Bodine in 1769. Would it not be more appropriate that the Abraham bapt. in 1717 as son of Isaac was the same person as Abraham who died in 1769? Since Mary Low was bapt. in 1721, her age is appropriate for Abraham bapt. in 1717.

Also, you show a daughter of Abraham and Mary (Low) Bodine as named Maria and bapt. 10 June 1744. They did have a daughter of that name, but the baptism at the North Branch RDC names her parents as Abraham Bodyn and Adriaentje Janse.

Best regards as always,