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I think one important Bodine genealogical study has his wife as Margaret Smith, but that is probably a mistake.

There is an administration for an Isaac Bodine in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1784. It does not necessarily have to do with this Isaac, but it is a possibility. I also found a Frederick Bodine who applied for a Revolutionary War pension from Buffalo, Erie Co., NY on December 6, 1832. Frederick was 68 at the time, making his birth date be about 1764. The pension file also says that he enlisted from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Isaac had a son Frederick born in 1762. That is the only Frederick in my data who could match the data of the Frederick who applied for the pension.

Here is some info from Joan Best which may or may not apply to this Isaac Bodine:

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Now to answer your question. I have since found that much, if not all of the probate papers for Columbia Co. are on LDS film. [A fellow Best researcher looking for something else ran across some Bodine info that I had not found and passed it on, telling me where she got it.] The same may be true for Northumberland. However, I got the Bodine information that I did get from Northumberland by calling the clerk's office. The person in charge of old documents told me how to send for them from their office [in Columbia Co. I had to hire someone to go through the record.] It was quite inexpensive. That is how I got the William Bodine probate. But at the same time I got the Dr. Bodie record and I think, Isaac's probate, including inventory. I believe I sent those to you. Also, I emailed you quite a bit of information on the Indian and the Revolutionary War skirmishes in that part of PA, including references to the early Bodine family that settled there before the Revolution, which was, I think, Isaac's and Frederick's family. Look in your old files and you should run across it. That was at the time before I found Jacob and Nancy.

The file you set is some pretty impressive researching. I think the issue about where the earliest Bodines in her file were born [NJ or PA] is because this Bodine family came up the Susquehannah River when it was first being settled, in the mid-1700s during the time their was a dispute with Connecticut over whose territory it was. The Connecticut claimants teamed up with some Indians and killed some of the settlers who had to flee down river. The early Bodines are mentioned in the records and histories of that period. No doubt this is the Bodine family the Frederick was part of as described in his pension records. It was the only Bodine family that I could find that was in this part of PA before the Revolution.

Keep up the good work.