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Mary Sinnott list this person as a male. However, the name "Jantien" in the Dutch churches in that area was always a female. It appears to be a nickname for Ariaentje (which also has many spelling variations).

From: Renee Dauven [promine at]
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Subject: John (Jaentien) Bodine

Hi Dave,

I don't know if this will help you or make things worse. I am not a Bodine researcher but I have been studying the Raritan Dutch Reformed Church baptismal records a good deal lately.

I noticed that on both of the following pages:
Isaac Bodine & Jannetje Maurits
Jacob Bodine and Elizabeth Sebring

you list a John (Jaentien) Bodine for both families. In the Raritan records, Jaentien is always a female name, not a male name. It appears to be a nickname for Ariaentje (with many spelling variations). Ariaentje in turn has been erroneously equated with Adrianetje (also with many spelling variations). It is the name of Elizabeth Sebring's mother.

This is the baptismal record from the Raritan Church for the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Bodine:

Bodien, Jacob and wife--Jaentien. Witnesses: Ouke Jansen and wife

The witness is Ouke Jansen and his wife, Catryntje Sebring. Catrynte is the sister of Elizabeth. Ouke (Auke) and his wife also named a daughter Ariaentje. Here is her baptismal record:
- Jansen, Ouke and wife--Jaentien. Witnesses: Jacob and Maria Sebrige.

This is the young woman, Arriantje Janse, who will eventually marry Jacob Bodine's younger brother, Abraham Bodine.

I don't know what became of either of the Ariaentje(Jantien) daughters at this time but it might help to know that you should be looking for a female rather than a male and that the name may be given as Ariaentje rather than by the nickname Jantien or it may have been Anglized into Adrientje.

Oh...and the Peter Bodine that is often included in the family of Jacob and Elizabeth may not have existed. As far as I have been able to learn, the only evidence for him is from Daniel Sebring's will in which Daniel refers to his "nephews" and his "son-in-law". Just as hislanguage in the case of "son-in-law" actually refers to his step-son, Peter Bodine, I think that his language of "nephew" may actually include the category of "grand-nephew". Thus the Peter Bodine who is called a nephew is actually a grand-nephew, the son of Abraham Bodine and Ariaentje Janse. Abraham and Ariaentje can be proven to have had a son named Peter and Ariaentje was a daughter of Daniel's sister, Catryntje. Ariaentje was a niece to Daniel and any of her children would have been his grand-nephew.

Renee L. Dauven


Sinnott said Jantien died without issue in June of 1741. His (sic) will was probated on June 26. Sinnott also says he (sic) married Margaret __________ (see New Jersey Probate Records at Trenton, Book E, pp. 424-425).

From Ronny Bodine:

Sinnott says he probably died young, but she made the mistake of thinking this John's sibling, Jaentien, was a male and another name for John. However, Jaentien was a girl's name.