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I have never seen any original sources listing the names of John Bodine and Mary Crocheron's children. As far as I can tell, the best list of these children would be John, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Catherine, Peter, and Abraham. However, one should realize that this is only an educated guess. Hopefully, more information will come to light on who John and Mary's children were, but it is not likely. These children were probably born on Staten Island, but there is no source for this information either.

One record at the LDS site had Sarah as a daughter of a Peter Bodine. He was supposedly born on Staten Island in 1661. There are some more possibilities for this family at the Okerson site at The contact person is John R. Okerson at jokerso1 at

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No way Robert could have lived 100 years. Mary was definitely born 26 April, 1709 as I'm a descendant of her brother, Jacob Vaneter. All the VanMeter records for this branch of the family are in the Hardin County Courthouse and have been definitely identified and are correct and they also agree with the records of the kentucky Historical Society.

The other siblings which you don't have listed are:
- Rebecca Van Meter-b-1711, Somerset, NJ. Married Solomon Hedges, brother of Ruth Hedges.
- Isaac VanMeter-b. 1713,Somerset, NJ. Married Alice (Elsie) Scholl. Isaac died in 1745.
- Elizabeth VanMeter-b 1715, Salem, NJ.Married Thomas Sheperd.
- Henry Van Meter-b1717,Salem, NJ. 1st wife:Eva Pyle, 2nd wife-Hannah Pyle. 3rd wife-Elizabeth Pyle.
- Rachel VanMeter-b-1719, Salem, NJ. Married John Lessige.
- Abraham Van Meter-b-1721,Salem, NJ. Married Ruth Hodges. 2nd wife-Martha Wheeler. It is believed Rachel died prior to 1744.
- Jacob Van Meter-b.16 March,1723. Married Letitia Stroud-b-3-Aug.-1725. Died !2 December-1799. Married 30-August-1741. Buried in Hardin County, Kentucky in the Elizabethtown City Cemetery.
- Magadalena Van Meter-b-1723. NJ. Married Roberty Pusey

This should complete this line. hope this is beneficial.

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