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Ronny believes this John Bodine is the son of John Bodine and Ann Dils. The evidence, though circumstancial, does seem to point that way. I will go with this connection for now, but it really does need more proof.

Here are my original notes on John (Baptist?) Bodine, son of John Bodine and Ann Dils:

His wife's name might be Jane Mariah. This comes from the DAR records of Mrs. Rose Ann (Bodine) Gilbert. It is also mentioned again in the DAR application by Juanita Rogers Brown. She mentions John Baptist, Samuel, and Levi (m. Rebecca Fox) in her application - three people.

I am guessing that the John Bodine mentioned in the 1830 Census of Canaan Township in Wayne County, Ohio is the son of this John.

John Bodine - Wayne Co. Canaan Twp.
1m 1f under 5; 1m 3f 5-10; 2m 10-15; 1m 1f 15-20; 1f 30-40 (born abt. 1790-1800); 1m 40-50 (born abt. 1780-1790).

***End of original notes.

I had John Baptist Bodine born between 1780 and 1790 based on the 1830 Census of Canaan Twp., Wayne Co., OH - age 40-50.

From Ronny Bodine:

Based upon the birthplaces of his children, it appears John and Jane Bodine married in Pennsylvania, moved to Ohio in 1820-1822 and to Wisconsin in 1829-1831. In Oct 1850, John Bodine, age 66, born in Pennsylvania, a farmer, lived in Grant County, Wisconsin with his wife Jane and 11 children--Mary 35 PA, Frederick 33 PA blacksmith, Elizabeth 27 PA, Sarah J. 25 Ohio, Margaret 23 Ohio, Fanny 22 Ohio, Thomas 21 Ohio, John 19 Ohio, Lucinda 17 Ohio, Isaac N. 15 Ohio, William 12 Ohio. In July 1860, the family lived in Ellenboro, Grant County and now comprised John 74, Elizabeth 39 , Sarah J. 37, Margaret 35, Fanny 33, Isaac N. 25, William 21. In July 1870, the family was yet living in Ellenboro and consisted of John 79, Lizzie 47, Margaret 45, Isaac 34, William 32. John and Jane Bodine were buried in Lima Union Cemetery, Grant County. Their joint gravestone includes the names of four of their children--Ezra, Mary, Frederick and James, although it appears likely none of these were actually buried in that cemetery.