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Ronny Bodine believes this could very well be the Abraham Bodine who died in Somerset County, NJ in 1769. I think we need more evidence of that, but it is a distinct possibility.

From Ronny Bodine:

James P. Snell in his History of Hunterdon and Somerset counties, New Jersey, with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers (1881), p. 490 writes "John Bodine had a plantation, early in the last century, on the west side of the North Branch. This John Bodine had a son Abraham, who married Mary Low. John Franklin Meginness in his Otzinachson: a history of the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna, Williamsport: 1889, p. 522, writes that this Abraham was the son of a John Bodine, a descendant of the Huguenot Jean Bodin, who in 1727 was living on his plantation west of the North Branch of the Raritan, known as No. 67 in the "Elizabeth Town Bill in Chancery." The same claim is made by Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers in The early Germans of New Jersey : their history, churches, and genealogies. (1895), p. 268.

Abraham Bodine married Mary Low, daughter of Cornelius and Judith (Middaugh) Low (see Somerset County Historical Society Quarterly, VI, for an account of the Low family). The will of Cornelis Lowe dated Mar 24, 1863, probat. Aug 16 1763, mentions his wife Judith; sons Derick, Cornelis, John and Garret; and daus. Marytie, wife of Abraham Bodine, Judith, wife of Johannis Van Nest, and Antje (Trenton Wills, Book II, p 468). On 15 May 1777, Mary Low Bodine witnessed the will of Jacob Bogart of Bridgewater Township (New Jersey Archives, Series 1, 34: 50).

In 1753, Abraham Bodine was a Freeholder in Somerset County (Gen. Mag. of New Jersey, 17: 89-91).

Will abstract of Abraham Bodine, New Jersey Archives, 1st Series, Vol. 33 (1928), Abstracts of Wills 1761-1770, p. 47-48.
1769, June 14. Bodine, Abraham, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, use of real and personal, till my younger son, Cornelius, is 21. Son, Cornelius, all real. Eldest son, John, 50 pounds when 21. Daughters Mary, Jane and Sarah, each 25 pounds when married. To all my children, John, Cornelius, Judith, Mary, Catrine, Jane and Sarah, moveables. Executors--Peter Van Nest and John Van Nest, both sons of Peter Van Nest, deceased, of North Branch of Raritan. Witnesses--Jacob V: Nor Strand, Aurie Lane, and William Lane. Proved Jul 3, 1769. 1769, July 1, inventory 150.17 pounds, made by Peter Dumont, Abraham Ten Eick and Aurie Lane. Lib K, p. 112.

Baptisms from North Branch (now Readington) Dutch Reformed Church, Hunterdon County, New Jersey:
bapt. 15 May 1743: Jan to Abraham Bodyn and Marytje Lou
bapt. 31 Mar 1745: Judick to Abraham Bodyn and Marytje Lou
bapt. 3 Sept 1749: Cathelyntje to Abraham Bodyn and Marytje
bapt. 10 Aug 1755: Saertje to Abraham Bodyn and Marytje

Baptisms from Reformed Dutch Church of Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey:
bapt. Nov 1757: Corneles to Aberaem Bodeyn and Mareyte

From: Ronny Bodine
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011
Subject: Abraham Bodine Again

Hi Dave--

As a followup to my last, I looked at the Abraham Bodines who lived before 1750. There weren't that many. I suggested that the Abraham Bodine who was bapt. 21 July 1717 at the Raritan DRC as son of Isaac Bodine (1681-1752) was the same as the one who died in Somerset County in 1769. That goes against the original source for Abraham being the son of John and grandson of Jean--Snell's 1881 history of Somerset and Hunterdon County which both Meginness (1889) and Chambers (1895) drew upon for their works. We don't know what evidence caused Snell to declare Abraham was the son of John.

At your site you included Abraham, bapt. 31 July 1717 as the son of Isaac, but show nothing more of him. In the Minutes of the First Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Township of Bridgewater on 12 March 1750, one of the newly appointed Assessors for the Poor is "Abraham Bodine, Isaac's son." This appeared in Abraham Messler's Centennial History of Somerset County, 1878, p. 5. This could only be the same Abraham Bodine of Somerset County who died in 1769.

Your thoughts?


From: Ronny Bodine
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011
Subject: Re: Abraham Bodine Again and Again


I do believe more evidence is from the list of Freeholders of Somerset County for 1750:

John Bodine
Frederick Bodine
Abraham Bodine
Peter Bodine

If there were two Abrahams they would have been listed. In this case this Abraham is surely Abraham, son of Isaac, who became Assessor of the Poor and thus the one who died in 1769.


***End of info from Ronny.

Frelinghuysen, in "Early Germans," says that this Abraham is the son of John Bodine, son of the Isaac who married an Engeltje (p. 268). I believe that is a mistake.

Information at says that an Abraham Bodine was baptized on October 14, 1719 ("of Hunterdon, NJ") and that he was the son of Isaac Bodine and Engentje Maurits. Another LDS records says he was baptized at the Dutch Church of the North Branch in Raritan. However, I have the following entries from the baptismal records of the First Reformed Church of the Raritan which probably refer to this Abraham's father, Isaac Bodine: Therefore, I believe this Abraham was actually baptized on July 31, 1717.

Sept. 26, 1700 Middage, Derck and wife--Piter. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn and wife.

Mar. 11, 1701 Van Neste, Piter and wife--Jan. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn and wife.

Oct. 19, 1703 Bodyn, Isack and wife--Jan. Witnesses: Piter Van Neste and wife.

Apr. 30, 1707 Bodyn, Isack and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Joris Haall and wife.

Apr. 28, 1708 Joosten, Jan and wife--Johannes. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn, Van (Jan?) Kocke.

Apr. 26, 1709 Bodyn, Isack and wife--Fredrick. Witnesses: Abraham Merlet, Arientien Van Neste.

Apr. 25, 1711 Muelenaer, Hendrick and wife--Jan. Witnesses: Isaack Bodien and wife.

Nov. 2, 1711 Bodien, Isack and wife--Kateleyn. Witnesses: Jacop Bodien and wife.

Apr. 30, 1712 Bodyn, Piter and wife--Jan. Witnesses: Isack and Cataleyn Bodyn.

Apr. 30, 1712 Haell, Joris and wife--Elisabet. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn and wife.

Aug. 6, 1712 Vroom, Hans and wife--Jesyntien. Witnesses: Isack Bodien and wife.

June 3, 1714 Vroom, Kors and wife--Petrus. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn and wife.

Oct. 9, 1714 Bodyn, Jacob and wife--Jan. Witnesses: Isack Bodyn and wife.

May 18, 1715 Bodyn, Isaack and wife--Isaack. Witnesses: Abraham Bodyn; Kataryna Van Neste.

July 31, 1717 Bodien, Isaack and wife--Abraham. Witnesses: Piere v. Neste; Engeltien Daent.
Oct. 14, 1719 Bodyn, Isak and wife--Elisabet. Witnesses: Pieter Bodyn and wife.

Dec. 25, 1723 Bodyin, Isaac and Jannetje--Hester.