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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 148
page 68Miss Margery Bodine Latimer.147214
Born in Columbia County, Wis.
Descendant of John Bodine, Thomas Cotton, Jr., Willard Cotton, Elisha
Gallup, and Peter Ervin, as follows:
1. Clark W. Latimer (b. 1859) m. 1890 Laurie Bodine (b. 1858).
2. Abram Bodine (1821-81) m. 1848 Cordelia M. Chamberlain (1824-1905).
3. Peter Bodine (1784-1844) m. 1814 Susan Ervin (1796-1868); Samuel
Chamberlain (1788-1863) m. 1814 Mercy Cotton (1792-1880).
4. John Bodine m. 1766 Lementje Cozine (1744-1828); Willard Cotton m. 1781
Mercy Gallup (1753-1838); Peter Ervin m. Elizabeth Armstrong (1764-1848).
5. Thomas Cotton, Jr., m. 1st 1753 Sarah Holbrook (1733-77); Elisha Gallup
m. 1747 Mercy Dennison (b. 1729).
[p.68] John Bodine served as a minute man in the Burlington County, New
Jersey militia. He was born, 1743, in Somerset County; died in Pennsylvania.
Thomas Cotton, Jr. (1730-1808), served as private in Capt. John Pertin's
company, Colonel Huntington's Connecticut regiment, for the relief of
Boston. He also served in the New York campaign under Capt. Caleb Clark,
1776. He was born in Pomfret, Conn.; died in Hartland, Vt.
Also No. 126705.
Willard Cotton (1757-1828) served in Captain Weld's company, Windsor County,
Vermont militia, 1780. He was born in Pomfret, Conn.; died in Lenox, N. Y.
Elisha Gallup (1727-1800) was a minute man at the Royalton Alarm in the
Vermont militia. He was born in Stonington, Conn.; died in Hartford, Vt.
Peter Ervin (1752-1846) served as private in the New Jersey troops under
Captains Voorhees and Forman. He was born in England; died in Plymouth,

From: Jenny [Jennylg at]
Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2006
Subject: Latimer

I am doing research on Margery Latimer, a local Wisconsin author. Her father was Clark W Latimer and her mother was Laurie Bodine Latimer. You have her listed here as Margerie Latimer.

My research mentions a sister, Rachel Latimer. Can you help me with this? She would probably have been born in Columbia county Wi, too unless she was Clarks child and not Laurie's.

Margery Married the author Jean Toomer in 1931 , and died in childbirth in 1932. This was in Chicago. She is buried in Portage Wisconsin. The child Margery Latimer Toomer lived, and is still alive, I believe, and Edits works by Toomer and other scholarly work.

Can you give me any more info on Clark W Latimer?

Jenny L Glatch