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It is now known from the estate papers of Jacob Bodine, Sr. that he had at least four sons: Jacob Jr., Abraham, Nicholas, and James. These four are mentioned as heirs; although, Jacob Jr. was deceased at the time Jacob Sr.'s estate was administered (Jacob Jr. had five children mentioned as heirs). Jacob Sr. probably had one other son who died without children before Jacob Sr.'s estate was administered on. This other son was not mentioned in the estate papers. The 1790 and 1800 census information does seem to imply that there were five sons. We also know that a Jacob Bodine did administer on the estate of a William Bodine in 1801 in Derry Township, Northumberland County (this later became Columbia County). It is not known who this William was, but Jacob Bodine must have been either Jacob Sr. or Jacob Jr. So William would have been a close relative. He could very well have been Jacob, Sr.'s son or Jacob Jr.'s brother.

The following ideas are based on the 1790, 1800, and 1810 Censuses for Jacob Bodine in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Between these censuses and the estate papers, we can make some pretty good assumptions at who those sons were.

The 1790 Census of Northumberland County lists four males under 16 (born about 1774-1790). We will assume they were Jacob's four oldest sons: Jacob Jr., William, Abraham, and Nicholas. All four of them would have been born by 1790.

The 1800 Census of Northumberland County lists two males under 10 (born about 1790-1800), and one male 16-26 (born about 1774-1784). According to this 1800 Census, Jacob had two males under ten. This would normally make you think that they were both born since the 1790 Census. As far as we know, Jacob may have had five sons: Jacob Jr., William, Abraham, Nicholas, and James; however, we don't know of any sixth son. I'm guessing that Nicholas would be one of the sons under 10. We know that he was born right about 1790; so depending on when the censuses were taken, he could have been nine years old at the time of the 1800 Census. Or we could imagine that Jacob and Nancy didn't remember his age exactly and just assumed that he was under ten when he actually was ten. Therefore, of the two sons under ten in the 1800 Census, only one was new. That would have been James. The two older sons, Jacob Jr. and William, would have been out of the house by then trying to start their own farms. Abraham was the son who was listed as 16-26. It would be good if Jacob Jr. and William could be found in an 1800 census, but I don't know of anything.

Jacob Jr.: Listed in 1790 (born 1774-1790). Not listed in 1800; so he was born about 1774-1790.
William: Listed in 1790 (born 1774-1790). Not listed in 1800; so he was born about 1774-1790.
Abraham: Listed in 1790 (born 1774-1790) and in 1800 (born 1774-1784); so he was born 1774-1784.
Nicholas: Listed in 1790 (born 1774-1790) and in 1800 (born 1790-1800); so he was born about 1790.
James: Not listed in 1790. Listed as under 10 (born 1790-1800) in 1800; so he was born 1790-1800.

The 1810 Census of Derry Township, Northumberland County lists two males: one 10-16 (born about 1794-1800) and one other 16-26 (born about 1784-1794). This must refer to the two youngest males who were on the 1800 Census: Nicholas and James. The one who is 10-16 would refer to James. He was born about 1793/1794-1800. This means James was probably no older than six or seven at the time of the 1800 Census. The one who was 16-26 in the 1810 Census probably refers to Nicholas since all the others were too old. William was dead by 1810 and Jacob Jr. and Abraham had their own families by then. Jacob is listed in a separate household in 1810, but Abraham is not. Therefore, we have the following:

Jacob Jr.: Listed in 1790, but not in 1800 or 1810. Born about 1774-1790.
.....Jacob Bodine, Jr. does seem to be one of the older males. He had his first child in 1803. If this family followed Dutch naming customs, and if Jacob Sr.'s father was also a Jacob (which we think he might have been), then Jacob Jr. would have probably been the oldest son. Dutch families usually named their first son after the paternal grandfather.

William: Listed in 1790, but not in 1800 or 1810. Born about 1774-1790.
.....This is probably the William Bodine who died in Derry Township, Northumberland County about 1800/1801. I mentioned him at the beginning of this discussion. William's inventory does not include any furniture, real estate, linens, bedding, dishes, etc. - just his tools, horse and horse stuff, four beehives, and clothes. This suggests that he was a young and probably unmarried man, but of age, i. e., at least 21. (Otherwise, there would be no administration of his estate. The belongings of minors are presumed to be the belongings of their parents.) If William were at least 21 when he died about 1800, then he would have been born before about 1779. No wife is mentioned, so he probably had not yet married. He was likely a relatively young man when he died, not a whole lot older than 21.

Abraham: Listed in 1790 & 1800 Censuses, but not in 1810. Born 1774-1790 & 1774-1784. Born about 1774-1784.
.....We know that Abraham Bodine was born about 1781. This would fit the census info. His first child may have been born about 1806. Jacob's first was born in 1803. William was probably 21 years old by 1801. Therefore, Abraham is probably younger than Jacob Jr. and William.

Nicholas: Listed in 1790, 1800, & 1810. Born about 1774-1790, 1790-1800, & 1784-1794. Born about 1790.
.....We know that Nicholas was born about 1790. This fits the census info.

James: Not listed in 1790. Listed in 1800 & 1810 Censues. Born 1790-1800 & 1794-1800. Born 1794-1800.
.....James Bodine administered his father's estate. He had to be born between about 1793/1794 and 1800. He was the youngest son. None of his older brothers were around to take up the responsibility of administering Jacob Sr.'s will. William and Jacob were dead. And Abraham and Nicholas were both probably in Canada. Based on the fact that he probably had sisters born in 1794 and 1795, I would venture to guess that he was born about 1793. If that is true, James could have been as old as 25 at the time he was named to administer his father's estate in 1817.

We don't know much about a Bodine who married an Abigail Welliver, but it's possible he is James. Joan Best sent the following:

Male Bodine who married Abigail Welliver, daughter of Daniel and Charity (Robbins) Welliver. In the 1800 census for Derry Township, there are 2 Robans families and 8 Woliver families. Daniel Woliver's family consisted of man and woman 45+, 1 m, 1 f, under 10, 4 f. 10-16, and 1 m, 1 f 16-26. I have left a message on the Welliver board trying to find out more on Abigail and maybe where they went, what happened to them. They could be the male and female 16-26 in the Daniel Woliver family in 1800. This could be Jacob but I think not, since widow Catherine shows up when Jacob Jr. disappears from the scene and he fits in the census data.

See more on the connection between James and the Welliver family further below.

Joan then sent me the following which I think was sent to her by Judy Laylon:

Jacob Bodine Deceased Administration
Be it remembered that on the 13th day of August AD 1817 letters of Administration in due and common form of Law were granted unto James Bodine of all and singular the goods and chattles rights and credits which were of Jacob Bodine late of Derry Township, deceased. The widow having renounced in the following words [Viz] I do hereby certify that I have relinquished all my right by Law and otherwise of Administering on the estate of my husband Jacob Bodine decd and it is my desire that you grant letters of Administration to my son James Bodine who is the bearer hereof July 19th 1817,
Nancy X [her mark] Bodine
witness present Richard Demott, Mr. Josiah McClure, Reg. who hath put in sureties Valentine Christian [see more on Valentine Christian further below] and Moses Crawford in the some of $500.00

Note from Dave: Notice in the entry above that James was granted letters of administration on his father's estate. If James were born in 1793, then he could have been as old as 25 in 1817.

Notes from Joan Best: Nancy appears in the 1820 census as a widow:

1820 Columbia Co., Madison Twp.
Nancy Bodin
(no males)
1 female 26-45
1 female 45+

Included in Joan's message was this:

From the index you sent me, it appears that James Bodine died in or before 1822 and Thomas Laird was his Administrator [Letters of Administration were not included] and he had not yet finished administering his father's estate (Jacob). Therefore his brother-in-law, Thomas Girton, Rachel Bodine's husband, took over and finished administering the estate. He refers to its near completion in his last letter to Martha. That is what the following is about:

Letter number 3: October the 19th, 1823. Sent from Thomas and Rachel (Bodine) Girton to Martha (Bodine) Beers, New Landcaster, Ohio

Address on envelope is:
John Beers
New Landcaster
State of Ohio

Madison Township Columbia County October the 19, 1823
Dear Brother and Sister I take this oppertunity to Inform you that we are all well at presant Thanks be to God for his Mercys to us hopeing these lines May find you all in the same wen they come to hand William Girton and family is well Margaret Bodine lives with us us [sic] and is Reasonable well, we are sorry to here of your ill heth, By Mr. Obediah Welever, for he says you was very Sick But we are in hopes God will have Mecy on you and raise you up to the honour and glory of his great name (sp?) Our country here is very sickly & grate Many has died of the fever, we had a very fine season, Ry, Corn and Buckneat, and all kinds of grain is plenty, I have sold the Real Estate of father Bodine By order of the Cort and the last payment is not due till April first 1826 We have just Received letters from our Brothers and sisters in Cannaday Dated September the 22: 1823 and they are Reasonable well except James Best he was very sick Zelah is giting Better and in hopes of recouvering again

We add No more at presant but Remain your efectionate Brother and Sister untill Death

Thomas Girton
Rachel Girton
John an Martha

Notes from Joan Best:
James Best is the husband of Amy Bodine, sister to Martha and Rachel. They lived in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada.
Zelah is the wife of Abraham Bodine. Her maiden name is given in LDS records as Taylor. They lived in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. Abraham was Martha and Rachel's brother. William Girton is believed to be Thomas' uncle. His wife is Catherine Bodine, sister to Martha and Rachel. They lived in Columbia County, PA also. Margaret Bodine is [probably] the spinster sister of Rachel and Martha. The mother, Nancy, with whom she had lived, has apparently died by this time. Father Bodine is believed to be Jacob Bodine, based on census records of this family. He apparently died between 1810 and 1820. Obadiah Welliver lived in Ohio. He was the brother of Abigail Welliver, who married ________ Bodine. This reference is found in a Welliver biography.

Now here is another item on the administration of Jacob Bodine, Sr.'s estate:

Administration de bonis, non, of Jacob Bodine, decd.
Bond #9
Be it remembered that on the thirteenth day of November AD 1821. Letters of administration de bonis non, in due and common form of law, were granted unto Thomas Girton, administrator de bonis non, of Jacob Bodine late of Derry township deceased, who hath put in sureties, Marshall Girton and George A. Frick in the sum of two thousand dollars.
Witness my hand, the day aforesaid, Ellis Hugtess, Reg.

The meaning of the legal term: De Bonis Non. - If the administration on an estate becomes vacant by death, extinguishment, or revocation the probate court may grant administration on the estate not before administered to such person as the probate judge may think proper.

This means that James Bodine most likely died before 13 Nov. 1821.

End of information from Joan Best and Judy Laylon concerning the administration of Jacob Bodine.

In the Wills and Administrations of Columbia County, PA (Book 1, p. 145) is an entry for James Bodine. It says this:
James Bodine decd. Admn.
Bond #11
Be it remembered that on the 25th day of July Anno Domini 1822 Letters of Administration, in due and common form of Law, were granted unto Thomas Lairds of Madison Township, administrator of all and singular the goods & chattels, rights & credits, where were of James Bodine, late of the same township, in Columbia County, deceased, (the widow having refused to administer) who hath put in sureties, Andrew McReynolds and William Kitchen, Jr. in the sum of three hundred dollars.
Witness my hand, the day aforesaid Ellis HUGHES Register

A bond form was also filled out on July 25, 1822. It has the signatures of Thomas Laird, Andrew McReynolds, and William Kitchen, Jr. Joan sent me a copy of this.

From the administration of James' estate, we do know he was married, but we do not know if he had any children. If he did, we do not yet know what their names might have been. It's possible his children are some Bodines who went to Livingston County, New York: Abraham and Thomas, maybe John and Robert. Some of these moved on to Genesee and neighboring counties in Michigan.

Joan found the following about Valentine Christian. It comes from "".


Pension Deposition

DECLARATION was made in Columbia County Pennsylvania 1832 August 7th, Valentine Christian No S 2212, a resident of MADISON TOWNSHIP/ COUNTY OF COLUMBIA age 77 who applied under the Act of June 7, 1832.

States he enlisted at New Germantown(now Oldwick) in New Jersey in company of Lieut. Edward McMichael for one year in November 1775 and served under Col. Elias Drayton and Capt. Ross until April 1777 in New Jersey line and was discharged at Morristown New Jersey by Edward Cox, First Lieutenant, that he again entered the army under Capt. John Bell at Elizabethtown New Jersey in September 1777 and served one month and was discharged by said Capt. John Bell, and in October 1777 he entered the militia under Capt. Benjamin Cooper at Elizabethtown, that in the Fall of 1778, he was drafted in Capt. Gearhart company at Ackwackary New Jersey and served one month and was then dischd - that in the fall of 1777 he was drafted at Elizabethtown NJ and served one month in Capt. James Cliffords Company and was discharged at the end of the time; that in the winter of 1778 and 1779 he was engaged to cart provision under Arthur Henry, Wagonmaster in the service at Valley Forge and served 3 months.

Deponent was born in Hunterdon County New Jersey 1756 and that he has a record of his age at his home in Madison township, Columbia Co. in the family bible. States he lived in Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon Co. New Jersey when called into service and since has lived near Jerseytown in Columbia Co. Pennsylvania, a county formed out of Northumberland County.
Deponent enlisted in the service under Captain Rolf?/Ross? ? the first term to serve one year and the other terms of service (illegible). Deponent has already stated the names of his officers and the Circumstances of his Services. Deponant received a discharge from Lieutenant Edward Cox which he has mislaid or lost. Deponant has no documentary evidence and knows of no testimony that he can ? to testify to his Services. Deponant hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or anniuty except the presant? And declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any states.
? in open court

Jacob Eyerly? Valentine X Christian

We Rufus? Park and Caleb Thomas residing in Madison Township Columbia County hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Valentine Christian who has sworn subscribes to the above declaration that we believe him to be Seventy Seven years of age that he is respected and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and we concur in that opinion and we further certify that there is no clergyman residing in the vicinity of the said applicant.

Sworn & Subscribed
this day of ? aforsaid Rupel Rarhn? J. Eyisly? Peck? Caleb Thomas

And the said Court do hereby declare that their opinion after the investigation of the matter and putting the Interrogatories promise? and by the War department that the above applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and Served as he states. (illegible) further testify that ? Rufes? Park and (the next two lines are illegible) are credible persons and that there statements are entitled to credit.
I would refer to Jacob Swisher Esquire, John Furston, James Lavina Esquire of Madison township, Uzal? Hopkins of Bloom township to testify as to character for accuracy?
Seth Chapman
Lionas M ?iupert?

Columbia County Set
I Jacob Eyerley? Prothonotory? Of the Court of Common pleas of Columbia County do hereby certify that the forgoing contains the original proceedings of the said Courts in the matter of the application of Valentine Christian for a pension - In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the said court at Danville the seventh day of August S.D. Eighteen hundred thirty two - Jacob Eyirly? Roth?/Park?

Listed in the Pennsylvania Pensioners of 1835
County: Columbia Co.
Name: Valentine Christian
Rank: Private
Annual Allowance: 50 00
Sums Received: 150 00
Description of service: Pennsylvania continental troops
When placed on the pension roll: October 29, 1832
Commencement of pension: March 4, 1831
Age: 77

Now here are some comments from Joan Best about how James Bodine, son of Abraham and Nancy, is probably related to Valentine Christian:

Note that Valentine Christian was surety for James Bodine as administrator for his father's estate.

Valentine Christian was married to Rebecca Robbins, sister to Charity Robbins. Charity Robbins and Daniel Welliver were the parents of Abigail Welliver who married unknown Bodine. Thus Valentine Christian was uncle to Abigail Welliver Bodine.

This points to unknown Bodine possibly being James Bodine as the husband of Abigail Welliver.

Michael Best's daughter, Mary (sister to James Best husband of Amy Bodine) married John Robbins. This may be the John Robbins who is the son of Thomas who married Mary unknown. She was born in 1790 so they are about the same age. There is a John Robbins whose name appears a lot in the Elgin County Ontario area.

End of comments by Joan Best.