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They had 4 sons, 1 dau.; and 33 grandchildren! Son, Cornelius, was
baptized at the Conewego Colony Dutch church 12 Nov 1786.

Executors Estate of Rev. Cornelius Cozine to Garret Cozine, 18 Sep

Listed in the 1790 Census, York Co., PA

Garret Couzine and wife Margaret (who signed with a mark) to Peter
Canine, unrecorded sheep skin deed possession of Arthur Weaner (?)
dated 9 May 1791. 26 acres 2 roods 16 perch, Strabaan Township. Out of
Rev. Cornelius Cozine "G" tract, being the land fronting on the south
side of U.S. 30 between present day (1983) Snyder and Tucker
properties, formerly the buildings of Harris & Stipe Pheasant Farms.

Garret Cozine is included on the 1794 "List of Taxable Property Within
the District of James Clark Commissioner," Mercer Co. - On 15 May he
is listed as having one white person over the age of 21 in his
household, as well as 4 horses, and 11 cattle.

Garrett Couzine is included on the "List of lands Taken by James
Clark, Commissioner of Mercer Co., KY for year 1795" - 100 acres on
the Salt River. Tax rate "3"

3 Jan 1797, Mercer Co., KY - "Hugh McGary Esq returned that Garret
Cozine has taken up sandy sow marked with a crop split and under bit
in the left ear and a swallow forke in the right. appraised to fifteen

When Rev. Cozine died in 1788, Rev. Brinkerhoff succeeded him and was
the pastor until 1793. The Colony was practically broken up by that
time, some of its settlers going to Cayuga Lake, NY, and some to White
Oak Spring in Mercer Co., KY. There they founded the "Low Dutch Tract
Company". The Cozine family were among those who went to KY. Gerret
and Margaret saw their sons marry. The family bought some land. They
are on record as owning land in Mercer Co. in 1797. They and their
children were on the tax lists of 1831 and 1838, but they had moved on
by 1836 and had settled in Hendericks Co., IN. In 1845 when Gerret was
79, his 2d son John J. went to Missouri with his wife and children.
Gerret and Margaret did not move with them. His first son, Cornelius,
had died in KY (1838). His 3rd son, Peter, had stayed in Mercer Co.,
KY, and his 4th son, George, was not to stay with his parents much
longer for he and his family were headed for Carrol Co., Missouri.

He is listed in the 1800 Census in Mercer Co., KY.

1824 Tax List, Mercer Co. - Garret Cozine

see Draper MSS 5CC53,54, 1812: There is a list of donations made in
Harrodsburg to be sent to the volunteers in the Northwestern Army
under command of Gen. Harrison. Names with items they were giving

Henry Banta - 1 blanket, 1 pr. socks

Cornelius Westerfield - socks

Polly Brewer - overhalls, 2 waistcoats, mittens

Daniel Brewer - 1 blanket

Garrett Cozine - blanket, shoes, mittens

Cornelius Cousine - socks, shoes